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  1. @Mikki- LOL!! I loved the photos of MY as HQG. Too funny. 

    @funnlimmsia I agree! I read somewhere that all the casts were on a diet.

    "To accommodate the scenery, the cast has heat rash. To look graceful, the cast is on a crazy diet. The reporter of Nandu Daily News interviewed Producer Tang Lijun and male and female leads Wallace Huo and Zhao Liying. They revealed the more beautiful the scenes are, the more money they’re burning... Wallace Huo, after joining Hua Qiangu, is trying hard to lose weight to look graceful to suit the Bai Zihua character as described in the novel. "He only has corns and eggs for dinner. He lost several pounds in a few days. He has finally achieved his ideal weight." Tang Lijun revealed that because of the warm weather, the crew have prepared many drinks for the cast. But many of them don't like sweet water. "Ma Ke is 1.85 meter tall but he is only 140 pounds and is keeping losing weight. The director ask them to look at the mirror every day. They can't join if they don't look 100% perfect. Actor Zhang Danfeng, who plays Dongfang Yuqing, has a baby face. He has lost 6 pounds after joining us." Is the whole crew on a weight losing contest?" - Credits to Wikipedia 

    This is a cute promo video of the JOF cast! 

    A lot of people cannot seem to get over the naked Sifu photo with QG on his shoulder. How about this one? She's leaning on his shoulder.. :D

     I still REALLY feel cheated for not seeing the full version of the bloody kiss. 

    Amazing drawing..

    So forceful Sifu! <3

    The caption for this drawing should be like: "MY TURN FOR THAT KISS!" 

    Sifu touching QG's face. :)

    A drawing of DF taking the hit for QHG

    Is Sifu finally looking for QG?

    Wallce, Fresh Guo Guo and Li Ying. So cute!  

    Let's just see this one one time. hehehe Li Ying is revealing her cleaving a little bit in here! Will Sifu be tempted?? :w00t: I am loving these spoiler pictures! Please post more pictures guys!!

    Crap. I thought that was a real photo.. It's photoshopped. I was tricked!! I think this is the real picture. Why would she wear something more underneath that beautiful red dress?! 


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  2. @Checkmate24601 Such adorable pictures!! I love the cat picture of Wallace and the scene where QG leaned in on Sifu to cool down. One of my favorites cute scenes!! Also, the scene of the two flying on the sword for the first time did actually reminded me of Titanic.. LOL Hands down Wallace Li Ying is gorgeous in any role, hairstyle, make up.. Li Ying's Vietnamese fans sure are incredible! They have almost everything on youtube Subbed. Hardcore ZLY fans here haha. I found the clip to the Li Ying and Wallace at the awards show thing! Wallace and Hu Ge are forever my two loves!! <3 LOL at Li Ying singing "Tung-nite" (tonight) 

    WOW. Li Ying won! She actually beat other super sucessful acresses like Yang Mi, Liu Shi Shi and Tong Li Ya! Very impressive.. BTW, has anyone seen Boss and Me (Shan Shan Comes to Eat)? That was my first Li Ying drama.. 

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  3. @thundergirl3  HAHAHA Yes, i am aware of the Asian culture and their ideal image. Pale, thin porcelain skin.. I really think Chinese celebrities are absolutely gorgeous but I think they could use like 10 perhaps 20 pounds.. They don't need to starve or diet so much. It's actually sad. 

    @YangD and @funnlimmsia you guys are sooo naughty!! LOLL Maybe I am too. I want more intimate scenes between sifu and pupil.. These pictures are definitely making us fangirls go a little loco! :w00t: WHAT?! QG sucks his blood??? Whahhh?! Payback for all the blood she lost previously?? LOL She gave him sooooo much blood and she's over here bleeding from left to right.. How much blood does QG have?? LOL Poor girl. I actually thought that is extremely cute whenever QG tugs on Sifu's long sleeve. And when she tugged his sleeve begging him to not use Abstain Thought on her.. MAN did I bawl.. It hit me in the heart like Abstain Thought!! :tears: I think I will go rewatch that scene again afterwork cause thinking about it is making me teary.. I think im having withdrawal symptoms right now! 

    @jly31 I think Sifu is heartless for not even trying to help her get out of that waste land where she was banished to. DF and SQM seem more concerned about her than Sifu sometimes. Thats some of us resents him. He should have know that she did EVERYTHING for his sake! Anyways, why does DF gotta go break the news to him? Its too obvious!

    This made me LOLed

    Li Ying as Sailor Moon!


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  4. Oh God.. I just spent like 2 hours catching up to this thread. LOL Lovely pictures guys! :D My laptop is lagging like crazy cause of all the pics. I just realized it was down to 2% just now. I had to quickly find my charger so i can continue with this thread! Also, is anyone losing sleep over this series or is it just me?? There is so much love, hate, sadness, anger etc.. Its hard to pull yourself away from this series. 

    @miaka_fy Holy cow, you just responded to everyone's comments and added like a hundred photos! Thank you so much! I loved all the new photos. Sha Jie Jie became old. I'm sure it had to do with trying to save QG.. :( I will probably cry when it happens. 

    The heck?! BZH took another disciple?!! I thought he will only take 1 disciple in his lifetime!! 

    @dominjoonssi I love the new photos of HQG in the blue cloak! She looks flawless as usual. OMG, QG will be stripping off Sifu's clothes?!! WHAT?!!! Cannot wait... 

    @Checkmate24601 Thank you so much for the translation! LOL.. They are too cute to not be together in real life! I would be so happy to know they are dating in real life! Its to make up their tragic roles in this series. hehe OH MAN. I LOVEEEE the fan art! These people are too talented.. LOL at the video with DF, Meng Ta Ge and SQM! 

    I quite like the red QG more than the purple QG.. She definitely stands out more in red than purple. 

    Someone please kill this wench already. I heard her arm will be chopped off. I will be toasting to this when it happens LOL. Look at her neck. Someone must have tried to hurt her. FINALLY!!

    Poor QG.. Her face has been disfigured. :( Still pretty though. 

    A big thank you to my fellow Vietnamese friends who have been actively posting pictures and news! We really appreciate your hard work! Cam on moi nguoi rat nhieu! :D

    Li Ying in a new drama? Looks dramatic!  



    I searched up Li Ying's profile and she's like 5'4 and weighing only 92 pounds?!! WTHHH?! No wonder Wallace could carry her like she is nothing. Asian actress/actors are too skinny sometimes its so unhealthy.. 


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  5. @mmrod_04 That was what I kind of thought too. Sifu seems protective of QG during the punishment scene. He wouldn't allow all 80 something nails to be thrown at her. He took the punishments into his own hands probably bc he knows it would keep her alive! And yes.. Abstain Thought sword has official acknowledged QG as its master during the battle with NMT. I would love to see that sword save her some more in the later future. The sword is like their baby. :D 

    @thundergirl3 You're very welcome! OMG I LOVE THAT PICTURE OF Demon QG hugging naked Sifu!! YAYY!! Finally some intimate scenes! Thank you! I love to look at beautiful pictures too! Everyone else is sharing so many wonderful photos as well. Thank you everyone! 

    As for the speculations of the two being close.. I think actors are just friends really. Almost all actors in Asia purposely draw a line so that they won't develop feelings with their co-stars. Unless some scandal broke out or they were seen at each other's apartment/house for hours.. We can safely assume that they are just friends, nothing more. :/ Plus, they're a little awkward off-screen. I want more chemistry!!! I just saw their Happy Camp segment last night and I think everything was scripted. The hostess even mentioned rehearsals. The whole cheating sifu and pupil was definitely staged. I want a more natural and REAL show! Well, at least Wallace was a gentleman enough to help Li Ying from falling by holding on to her and putting her weight on him, almost carrying her. 

    Look how adorably awkward they are in this video.. 

    Cute little animated BZH.. 

    Can someone translate what Wallace said here? Thank you in advance!


    Cute Li Ying. 


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  6. @Le_Amarant  I would be cray cray for 1000 years too if I were HQG. No one can blame QG. These so called "righteous sect" people are suppose to be kind, selfless and forgiving. Yet they always want to punish everyone for everything. Didn't a bunch of them rush to try and obtain the dark power from the portal???  I mean they were under some spell or whatever which made them fight, but still. 

    @LuMNaL I agree! No one can really hate BZH since he did take on the responsibility for QG's actions. You are right! BZH didn't even shed a tear when any of his friends died.. One of them even took a sword in his place too. It's crystal clear that HQG is the most important person in his heart. ZX said it too. "If HQG knows how important she is to him, she would die with no regrets" (something like that) LOL! I've always liked SMX! He's funny, caring and would be a great leader..  

    I think BZH feels shameful bc everyone holds him in such high regards. Being THE Bai Zhi Hua and the Sect leader of Chang Liu and the 7 Sects and all. HQG was only 15 or 16 years old when they met and he's like 1000+ years. It would be really gross if he had feelings for her when she was only that young. LOL Fortunately, she developed into a beautiful maiden and was no longer a child. Plus, all these unfortunate events FORCED them love each other even more. The bigger the sin, the stronger the love!! :wub: Kind of like forbidden love in The Return of the Condor Heroes.

    @dominjoonssi Thank you for that information about Wallace falling out of character! Its so cute. Maybe he doesn't see Li Ying as a young girl anymore. :D I can totally see them DATE!

    @BellyButton I also think Demon HQG will never be happy with BZH.. It's already too late to reconcile after all the pain and tears. I think SQM will forever be a sister figure to Demon HQG.. Her first love killed her made her coo coo for 1000.. She probably doesn't have the heart to love another man in her life. NO MORE LOVE LEFT TO GIVE!! This is making me sad!! :( I don't think the ending will be happy. 

    I think it was Qing Shui's birthday yesterday. Happy birthday to her! 

    I forgot what his name is but I find him pretty cute. Plus, he's totally likable for helping HQG with her wounds. 

    Sifu looks beautiful as always!

    This looks photoshopped to me but I still find it cute!! 

    Some amazing fanart! Wallace's eyes are so beautiful!! <3 


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  7. Thank you guys for clarifying that there is NO RAPING in this series.. I would die of sadness if HQG got rapped. She's already suffered enough. 

    @miaka fy hahaha Thanks! WOW that person who painted that pic is so talented then. I wouldn't know where to start.. I can't read Chinese characters so it'll be hard for me to like watch anything that's just aired. 

    @jolin_chan LOL!! Thank you for the reassurance! I am disappointed in sifu but I don't hate him.. I just expected that he would do more and be more caring considering their close relationship.. :( 

    @Cupcakeninja AHHH!!! Did i just read spoilers!?? NOO!!!! 

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  8. @jolin_chan Thank you for the translation! It was better than google translation. lol I think Lin Ying quoted HQG from the book. 

    @yinghualover_stv Thanks for letting us know that! We definitely want to see more of this series.. And I am shipping Wallace and Li Ying!! Their interactions are pretty awkward but you never know. Lots of people fall for co-stars.. 

    @LuMNaL My thought exactly! Just like Immortal XZ said "you are so heartless".. He's pretending to not know that she stole all the Deity Devices to save him. He is just indenial! 

    I saw one episode with barely any Eng subtitles last night and I was able to understand the majority of it. My Chinese is ok thanks to my addiction with dramas. :D

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  9. @miaka fy LOL!! Knee length?!! That is just too much maintenance! I am aware of Virtual Voyage.. I have read a few paragraphs of the translations but never got to read the whole thing BC I am afraid it won't 100% accurately translate the book to me. :/  I take a peek once in a while i am curious. :D 

    I just saw BZH capture QG and how SQM risked his life to saw Little One... OMG So sad!! TOO SADD!  :tears: I think out of all the men that love HQG, SQM is the one who's always selfless when it comes to her! I've always liked his character and how much he cared for her. TEAM SHA JIE JIE!!! 

    Ok. Now I will get back to the next episode. :D You guys are too fast. I have to take out a lot of time to catch up!  Keep going.  Thanks for all the pics guys. I love looking at the BEAUTIFUL casts!  


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  10. OMG. I couldn't take it anymore so i just read all the spoilers and recaps! The only reason I stayed away from this thread was so i won't be tempted to read the spoilers.. OH WELL. Now i am going to start ranting. LOL 

    #1. Please.. Someone. ANYONE! Skin that NMT wench alive for me! Or at least push her a$$ into the 3 life pool. I can't stand this character the most!!! When is she ever going to redeem all the pain and sorrow she's done to QG??! She is unworthy of SF's love. WHY?!!! I want to throw my bottle of wine at my TV whenever I see her. (Yes, I drink wine while I watch JOTF :D Who doesn't?)


    #2. DF.. It's kind of too late for you to give up your thought of revenge. You know that you are harming or condemning QG if you continue on this path!! :angry: Two immortals are dead and one is currently under your control. It's TOO LATE!!!! Even though DF tries to tell BZH to not be heartless and realize his affection towards QG, I feel like he is MORE at fault than BZH. 


    #3. I heard that stupid people are cutting important scenes out and crap. WTH?!!! I'm going to have to buy the full version when it comes out. I don't want to miss anything especially since I haven't read the books so I know that they are already cutting out a lot of the scenes.

    #4. I haven't seen anything past the part whee QG flies into the portal (not the place she was banished to). I only read the recaps and BZH is too heartless! How can he not protect QG after all the things she's done for him? I'm gonna get a lot of napkins for tonight.. Can't wait to be heartbroken like QG.. :tears: 


    #5: IDK chinese and I used google translate to try and understand this but Im still not quite sure I get it. Can someone translate this for me? THANKS! Zhao Li Ying posted this on her Weibo account: “我是爱笑的花千骨,可惜你们可能再也见不到我笑了…眼泪对于我来说很奢侈,很渴望,很珍贵。看到我的世界一点一点的崩塌,我痛彻心扉,手足无措…我愿意承受一切。我什么也不要,什么也不求,只想简单的活着…仅剩的,一点点的愿望” 


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  11. @Bella-Chimura Thank you for that clarification! Dang, that must be tough to act. Crying your heart out but cannot shed tears. How on earth does she do it?! They might have done photoshop to help i guess. 

    Since I posted pics of Xiao Gu, now it's Sifu's turn! 

    Sifu's hair is just so pretty in here! He is so graceful and flawless. :wub::wub: 

    This must have been an easy ep for Sifu.. All he did was sleep. LOL  


    Here it seems Zi Ling is having fun taking a selfie while Wallace is sleeping. hehe  



    Here is a short clip of the two hugging off screen. So awkward! 

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  12. @Checkmate24601 awww! Qian Gu's pain cannot be cured with medicine.. I want to see this scene now!!

    @miaka fy Thank you for all the cute manga pictures and the cool and pretty demon Qian Gu. Did someone paint that or just like photoshopped it to look like a painting? Cause that is too good to be true!! 

    For those of you who got to see the latest episodes, I envy you so much! Viki hasn't uploaded nor subbed ep 37 and up! :tears: This weekend was unbearable for me since I tend to spend my weekends looking forward to and watching Journey of the Flower! 

    I can't believe Dong Fang and Qian Gu shared a kiss! NICE!! At least I get to see some action. lol The so called "bloody kiss" scene was too short and didn't reveal anything. :tears: I hope Sifu will remember the events from that day.

    Credits to zhaoliying_lovers' instagram account. 

    Poor Xiao Gu.. She's always covered in injuries and blood. I swear, if it were me, I'd be dead 100 times ago. 

    ATTN guys! I have a really important question for my HQG fans! Those of you who who've read the books.. Does HQG actually have tears? I just heard from zhaoliying_lovers's instagram account that she doesn't have tears. No wonder I've never seen any tears roll down from her eyes. I mean I know she can act and I've seen her tears many times in other dramas. So it must mean that every time tears roll down or her nose starts running, she has to quickly wipe it off. Goshhhh! Imagine the pressure and inconvenience! 


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  13. @miaka fy thank you for the warm welcome! :) I have not seen a really good series in such a long time! I agree with you about Man Tian.. Someone should take MT out or make her die a horrible death! She's the worst character in the whole series. I can't believe she made it past the three life pool twice. She has always been super jealous of HQG and she calls herself HQG's good friend. I wanna see her a$$ get beaten so badly. 

    @kashie19 LOL!!!!! I agree man. I'd probably violate BZH as well. He is too irresistible! :lol:

    @periwinkle thank you for the awesome screenshots of demon HQG!! OMG, she gets to have golden wings?!!! SO BADASS!! I cannot wait till she becomes the most powerful demoness! Seeing all these photos are reading spoilers is making me even more anxious!!

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  14. @carmolita I do see that BZH can foresee a lot of things that most people can't. Like how he was always suspicious of DF since day one.. Naturally, he would understand 's personality as well has his underlinings. It's just that I am afraid he would forsake HQG for the sake of Chang Liu or to remain an immortal. He's always so black and white and fails to see the grey in most situations. I just hope it won't break my heart that's all. Thanks for reassuring me that this will be a happy ending. I think I might start reading the book version once this series is over. I want to get a better understanding as well as see things in a different angle. 

    @xXMzSmilesXx You're welcome! Wow, really? I didn't expect to guess it right!!

    I follow Zanilia Zhao on Weibo so I came across the photo. She reposts a lot of info about Hua Qian Gu.. Does anyone else follow her account? 

    I thought this picture look pretty cool. Zanilia looks really evil, unlike her usual characters. 


    More gorgeous photos of  HQG





    Yun Yin and HQG.. It's disappointing that he doesn't love HQG as well! Everyone else does, mind as well jump on the same ship. haha271168-53f4b1e265319.jpg

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  15. @IMOmusings ahhhh.. That's why! Thank you for clarifying!

    @xXMzSmilesXxI skimmed through @miaka fy's post about HQG's dream so i didn't get the three days dream at first. Thanks for the screencaps of the three days dream. I have not read the book nor do I know how the story goes, but I kind of see that it does made sense. The dream kind of foreshadows or symbolizes her life. :tears: 

    She was a rock = living a life with no friends nor family (except father). She wasn't happy because she lived a lonely and boring life. The bird in the sky with wings = BZH. She liked him when he came down to Earth and saved her. Then she enters Chang Liu to reunite with BZH. The sun = HQG becoming the Demon Goddess? I've seen some pictures of her in red, looking very unorthodox. 1432281139395.jpg

    This is my assumption. I am probably wrong here. I can't sleep and I still have the energy to analyze this series. hehehe :wub:


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  16. OMG, why did Viki not release episode 20???! Does anyone know why? :tears: I come home from work and immediately search for episode 20, but nothing.. 

    It's a so hard to resist from reading the spoilers you guys have posted. I really want to know what happens next but I am afraid that if i do read spoilers, I would go crazy from the hype!!! AHHH!! :vicx: The struggle!!! Like when my friends come over to hang out and I see that the subs are anywhere between 90-95% completed, I'd turn it on and immediately tell everyone to be quiet while I watch my drama!  LOL

    Thank you guys for sharing the new OST here! I like Zhang Bichen's Annual Ring. My favorite song would have to be Bu Ke Shuo 不可说. Wallace and Zanilia's duet is just beautiful. The song and MV is sooooooo effing sad.. Every single time I watch the MV, I end up feeling sad. Poor HQG.. She is the kindest most innocent character in the series and judging from the 15 min trailer, her life will end tragically. I want to like BZH b/c i love Wallace, but if he mistreats or betray HQG, I can't.. I just CANT!! :angry:

    The recent episode where HQG got drunk and displayed awesome skills in herbs/scent was too cute! (Episode 18 I think)  I have never seen a drunk girl behave like that! LOL She showed that other lady (forgot her name). DF joked about how she's not so smart, but if you ask me, she is pretty freaking smart to be able to surpass that lady. 


    There are a lot of scenes from the MV that's already happened. I cannot wait until the following two scenes air!!

    #1: When HQG hugs her master while on her knees. Awww.. She must have done something wrong and was begging for forgiveness from her master?? DONT TELL ME. I CANNOT BE SPOILED!! T__T

    Screen%20Shot%202015-07-10%20at%202.05.1#2: Is of course the infamous TRAGIC BLOODY KISS! OMG OMG OMG!! This is going to drain up a lot of my tears. I feel teary while reading some comments from everyone about the tragic future. 


    Oh and this one too. BZH is drinking HQG's blood like a vampire! So intense!!!


    Let us drama addicts gather up some energy and tears and patiently wait for the next episode to air cause who knows, maybe the coming episode will be CRAY CRAY. LOL 

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  17. This is my first post in this site...

    I don't really know people who love dramas/series as much as I do. I've decided to opt in this forum for everything Hua Qian Gu related. :D 

    I am totally in love with the storyline, beautiful scenery, characters, etc.. I love everything about the series so far. I am so sad that I have to wait for each episode to come out..

    As I slowly die from withdrawal symptoms from this drama, I will be following great posts from you guys! Please keep posting cool stuff about this series!


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