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  1. I'm glad to hear that this drama is a hit! This drama is my new addiction! Love the plot, acting, costume, OST and pace. :D I'm glad they casted two newcomers instead of someone famous.


    I've only seen clips of Chen Xingxu from Legend of the Condor Heroes 2017 and didn't find him handsome or special there. I must admit that he looks a lot better in GMP. He is only 22 years old, which is really young and already got to star in such a grand and successful project.


    As for Peng Xiaoran, I have never heard or seen any of her work. She is a such a great actress for someone so new. Not only that, she is freaking gorgeous! I recently jumped ship and stopped liking a certain female celeb because of all of her lies and denials so I am glad Peng Xiaoran was casted as Xiao Feng. :w00t:


    Does anyone know where I can get the full OST for this show? Is it not out yet? I only have the song "愛殤" (Love Casualty) and its currently on repeat. :blush: Please do share!

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  2. On 12/23/2018 at 9:19 PM, angelangie said:

    i just re-watch the scenes where JinMi sacrifice herself to stop the war :( 

    This scene was sad too but the following scenes made me cry as well:


    1. RouRou dies again but in the mortal realm. Even though I hated RR in the mortal realm for poisoning JM, she redeemed herself by using her body to block the arrow. :tears:

    2. XuFeng drinks the poisonous wine to die next to JinMi's corpse in the mortal realm. 

    3. JinMi stabs XuFeng in the back and as he vanish she screams out "Phoenix" and spits out the Yun pill. (Also when she woke up and spat out blood from the pain.

    4. JinMi sees XuFeng proposing to SuiHe using a petal of her frost flower form and then crushes it. (Then it freaking snows blood. Man that was so unexpected. I was like OMG. She just destroyed a part of herself because it already belonged to him. :bawling: I would have destroyed my essence right then and there if I was JinMi.  I wouldn't be able to handle the pain.)


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  3. On 9/5/2018 at 6:27 AM, missnymeria said:

    *Did Xu Feng actually know the petal was a piece of Jin Mi's true form? If he didn't, does he ever learn the truth?


    *Why did he cough up blood after Jin Mi crushed the petal ? It is related to it or is it part of the pill having been tampered with?




    I know I am a little late but these two questions have been bothering me as well. I just finished the whole thing yesterday. @BaiZiHua I just watched Ep 60 at 29: 24 Old Moon guys said "she used her true form to carry it. Her true form is a Frost Flower."


    I don't think XF really understood that JM gave him a petal of her true form. The petal JM gave him looks like any regular flower petal and doesn't resemble a frost flower. Old Moon guy only said she used her true form to carry the light of Xuan Qiong. Does it explain clearer in the books? I completely agree with your explanation for the second question. I just feel that the first one is still unclear to me. Thank you for your help! :blush:

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  4. 9 minutes ago, rhaps said:



    thank you toooo for YHY goodies! I think I love YHY not just because she is pretty, but because she is really cool as a lady warrior, since I don't like her that much in her previous drama. I've always loved this kinda badas* no-nonsense, cold character (which she does naturally). I've seen lady warriors in other dramas/movies who are cool as well, but I don't really like them because I think they only  emphasize on the  badas*ness and sexiness, but lack the gracefulness, tenderness, and charm of an elegant lady. YHY here has everything.


    I agree with you @rhaps I've always rooted for cool/badass characters. :blush: High five! Don't cry too much now. Just focus on a different drama and you'll be alright. 

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  5. 4 hours ago, n3bula said:

    Loved that NQ makes sure they know she's the wife. YHY face was surprised. Poor SS both MSS and YHY kinda look down on her at first glance. Still she's the only one for NQ so it doesn't matter. :)

    I don't think YHY and MSS really looks down on SS. NQ be telling the world SS is his maid servant so of course they're going to treat her like one. Her looks a very average but they all know NQ thinks very highly of SS. In the clips here, YHY asked NQ if he knows how capable SS (or how high her abilities are) is after she taught SS how to call the fishes. Correct me if i'm wrong. My Mandarin is self taught. lol 

    One more week of EN guys! Are you guys READY? After 60, we won't be seeing CFY as NQ anymore.. :bawling: 

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  6. I just saw episode 54.. I fast forward all the boring folks like LQ, the Xi Ling folks, the general etc. I find myself fast forwarding NQ and SS scenes too. PLEASE DON'T SHOOT ME. :sweat: This show is getting sooooo slow and draggy for me now. I hope I still understand and know what the heck is going on. I did enjoy Chao XiaoShu scenes and the widow. It looks like he decided to take care of her and travel together. They're my new favorite ship! :heart: 


    @angelangie Thank you for the awesome pictures of YHY! I wonder why there's barely any news or photos of her when EN is doing so well. :blush: 


    These are scenes of YHY from ep 54. I really feel sorry for YHY. NQ and SS have each other and the whole academy whenever they face trouble. This girl literally has no one. Anyone can easily bully you if you have no one to lean on. That curly haired guy that looks like Eason Chan is such a d-bag. I think that is why she is so obsessed with cultivating. Also, that attitude didn't just come out of nowhere. You gotta be a b***h so others won't mess with you. :naughty: 





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  7. On 12/20/2018 at 7:02 AM, Snow Guardian said:

    Yup, it thinks YHY is cool! I really like  her. You know what, the aunts changed all the original characters in the novel. NQ and YHY's characters are almost the same, but somehow the aunts weaken almost 50% of the original's. So dont put too much hope in it. 

    Inmy view, among all the females in EN drama, she is the most beautiful one! *Runningaway*:P

    Btw, why you dragged 2nd brother into this?:tears::tears: I better prefer her ended up with NQ instead of 2nd bro. But, of course, that wont be happening because NQ only belongs to SS, LoL.


    Darn, why did they change the characters so much? Ayyyaaaah.. I agree with you. She is the prettiest in EN. :sweatingbullets: I prefer for her to end up with NQ too but from the looks of it, he's with SS already. That'y why I thought 2nd brother would be a good match since he's soooo perfect! :wub:


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  8. 7 hours ago, Snow Guardian said:

    YHY is back!!!!


    AND I am dying to see this scene coming on the screen this week!!! *Cheering*:heart:



    NQ: Sangsang, dont leave me again. I wanna marry you:heart: *heavysweetness*

    Man, I was super excited for YHY to be back... Does her character get better? I've been reading comments and it looks like she is just going be a sister to NQ. :( I know its not gonna happen but I was kind of hoping she would end up with 2nd brother instead. NQ looks like he's made up his mind about marrying SS.. I think i might just stop after Season 1 and not read the novel. I would be too sad!!! 

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  9. @rhaps Thank God no one likes the Tang Princess. LOL Yeah, doesn’t even wanna be in the same room for long. He knows the princess is too ambitious and will do anything to help her brother get the throne.  :unamused:


    I see. I have yet to finish the novel so maybe my like for SS might change. I just don’t think you can fall for someone you literally grow up with. They are indeed like family. They depend on one another and have gone through so much hardship together. I can’t help but pin these two as brother-sister. “I think MSS is great, she's just too boring and nice   . Plus, I don't know whether she is suitable for NQ or not, because she seems to be a very nice and honest girl from a very good environment, while NQ is .. well, NQ . I doubt it that MSS can adapt through his hard life. That's why I think that SS and YHY are more suitable for him.” Sang Sang is such an innocent and kind girl. Even more so than MSS in my opinion. :lol: Personally, I have always preferred characters from the demon sect or someone who isn’t super kind and innocent. MSS is indeed a boring character because she doesn't seem to have any flaws. However, i also kind of like her because she’s elegant and has a few cute scenes with NQ. If the directors gave more scenes towards NQ-MSS then they really just want to promote her as an actress. This often happens in C-entertainment. I remember in Princess Agents where they spent 2 plus whopping episodes on just Yan Xun being shot at. That was sooooo unnecessary and time consuming. :expressionless:


    @raziela You’re welcome! You can spell it whichever way you want! :relaxed: Kuo or Guo is pretty much the same. His Chinese name is Guo Ping Chao but I think whenever they use his English name, they prefer Dylan Kuo? It could be different because of Mandarin and Cantonese spelling. LOL yah, they messed up on the giant head piece thing. He’s already 6’2, there is no need to make him look even taller. He's also a singer.. Second brother is a triple threat! I love this song and MV so much. :heart:




    YAYY I'm so glad there are more YHY fans in here. I thought I would be all alone in this thread! I like her character because she's gorgeous, powerful, mysterious, straightforward and she has that IDGAF attitude. LOL Ye HongYu FTW!!






    Also, I haven’t read the entire novel so i am so confused about the different levels of cultivation.. Can someone please break it down for me since my cultivation level is so low? LOL :grimace:

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  10. 19 minutes ago, rhaps said:

    I ship YHY - NQ now, but it actually depends on the mood. I also ship NQ-SS, and there was a moment when I ship NQ-MSS *LOL - I'm flexible*. 


    Anyway, yeah I like NQ-YHY's bickering :P

    LOL! You ship all three girls. As long as no one here ships the FREAKING Tang princess. Ew. Now she is no good.  


    I wonder why everyone in this forum dislike MSS so much? She is actually a really good person. She saved NQ so many times and didn't mind that he hid behind her LOL. That scene where he ran off while they were facing YHY made me LOL so bad. :lol: She didn't do anything wrong guys! I think everyone has already picked the SS ship and never have her a chance.. I read comments about people fast forwarding her scenes. That kinda sucks for her. :wacko: The break-up in the snow scene actually made me feel REALLY sad for MSS. I could feel NQ's three swords stabbing her heart there. 


    I just binge watched episodes 43-48 in Vietnamese subtitles without any sleep. I had to pause many times to read the subs because my Vietnamese is so bad. LOL Better than no subs. :rolleyes: Anyways, I think i will go and continue reading the novel as I wait. 


    I AM STILL PISSED ABOUT THE CAST CHANGE. Chinese entertainment industry suck so bad. They need to stop toying with our hearts!! :tired: I don't want no Dylan Wang as NQ. UGHHHH. 

    @lynne22 What?! He's getting married? To who? I heard he was dating some really young girl. He's in his 40's now. Its time to settle down my love. LOL 

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  11. @raziela I've been Dylan Kuo's biggest fan since The Ousiders. He's so darn handsome and I heard he is super nice in real life! :heart: He's like 6'2 so he does well in the modeling world. Here is a link to his instagram account so we can all stalk him. LOL https://www.instagram.com/dylan_kuopinchao/

    Dylan will also be in the new "three lives three worlds the pillow book". PLEASE SUPPORT! :blush:


    Dylan also love working out. He's got muscles underneath! 



    Am I the only one that doesn't really ship Sang Sang? I feel like she's just NQ's younger sister. (PLEASE DON'T THROW ROCKS AT ME! :crazy:) I actually liked YHY from day one. I think her character is interesting and their bickering is funny. I can't wait for NQ/YHY scenes. :sweatingbullets:

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  12. @BellyButton I was also in awe of FGG's crazy imagination! Thank goodness for these amazing minds. They come up with the best stories. TJOF is definitely in my top 3 favorite dramas. :) 

    @ricenamja hahaha oh yeah, I forgot about Mo Yan. I believe he cared for BZH a little too much to be called a straight man. 

    @BaiZiHua I need some motivation to keep on reading! I tend to skip around and read the scenes that I like. I had a great new year! Hope you had a great one too. PS: Greetings to our Concubine Club. :D 

    Hello guys, its been a while. Ive been re-watching TJOF recently and I suddenly miss my lovely people in this forum! I had so much fun being with all of you. Hope everyone is doing wonderful! 

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  13. @ricenamja That's why I called those 3 girls jelly b**ches. lol Jelly b- #1 is Zi Xun, jelly b- #2 is NMT, and jelly b- #3 is QS. LOL I heard from a lot of people who has read the novel loved it more than the series. I need to get my butt to reading the novel. 

    PS: I love your gif! Found one of my favorite moment in gif. Xiao Gu falls into Shifu's loving arms and then BAMM!!! He blasts away the grey eyebrow guy. :heart: 



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  14. @ricenamja I'm glad that you too are joining TJOF ship as well as HuaYing ship. I think I dislike almost all females in this series, with the exception of Tang Bao. :D 

    @BaiZiHua Hello my lovely sister from the BZH Concubine Club!! I had a great holiday break, hope you did too. :) I will try my best to read this series but my Vietnamese is so-so. It will take me more than a few weeks I think. LOL Thanks to my obsession with TJOF, I've been reading Vietnamese more for news, storyline and translations. 

    Of course I remember @miaka fy! She was so active in this forum and she helped us with summaries and translations. I still remember the good old days when we all get on this forum 10x a day to check on anything TJOF related. Hope to hear back from everyone soon! Happy new year guys!

    @BellyButton I wasn't sure where or what site to buy from. I've tried to order online but they all seem to ship to Vietnam. Plus, the prices in Vietnam are like way cheaper. The Viet fans are super into ZLY and WH. All of their interviews have Viet subtitles. I usually get my news from them. 

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  15. Hello guys! I am so sorry I have not been active in our lovely forum. Ive been gone for over two months! I am trying my best to catch up with everyone's comments and i'm still on page 191. Cannot believe this forum is still going strong!

    Anyways, here are my replies to the last people who commented or @ me. :D 

    LOL! @thundergirl3 @LuMNaL You poor girls! Just don’t neglect your significant other too much. Be sure to pay some attention to them. hihi

    @mmrod_04 “I'm sure while watching over the mortals, he has seen some hanky panky here and there..LOL!!! Love me some Sexy & Jealous Shifu!!” HAHA! that is true. Now this makes total sense. 

    @bubblyb00 Im so jelly! You have it in 1080p?!! OK, thats it, I'm going to download it now. 

    Also, I am so sorry @missjade for not helping with you with the translations. I will get back to it as soon as I can. 

    I know some friends over in the US that went back to Vietnam for a vacation and of course I asked them to buy me a copy of TJOF book series. :) You cannot believe how hard it was to obtain the books. My friend said her cousin went to 2-3 bookstore at least 4-5 times to get all three copies. They were sold out everywhere! My goodness! So glad to be having my own copy. The downside is that I haven't read them yet. hihi I will wait for the uncut English Subtitles DVD to come out and buy that too. If anyone has links or any info, please share the good news! 


    Miss all of you guys! ^_^

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  16. Lord have mercy! Finally!!! The highly anticipated vampire kiss and passionate kiss scene has been leaked. Thank you all for sharing pics/clips. This totally made my day! :w00t:  

    Thoughts about the vampire kiss: Shifu looks like a monster thirsty for blood. Throwing Xiao Gu around... So rough! Scared the crap out of XG when he grabbed her shoulders from behind. :sweatingbullets: LOL The way he ripped off her bandage with his teeth was intense! I loved every second! 

    Thoughts about the passionate kiss: Alcohol turns DG back into XG for moment there. Calling herself XG again. OMG, Shifu totally ruined ZR's chances of kissing DG. Poor ZR. He almost got a kiss. :( I wonder why he didn't come after them. And once again, shifu lost his mind and forcefully kiss her (tossing her around).. Such a long kiss. They shouldn’t have to show her hands that long.. Show more of them kissing and rolling around on the bed! So Shifu is an immortal with no experience in women or dating.. My question is: where did her learn how to kiss like that?  :lol: HAHA Another question: How come these two aren’t dating yet? Clearly, they have a ton of chemistry on and off set. I can’t shake the feeling that they are more than just “friends” or “co-stars”. The way shifu crawled off the bed was so pathetic. I feel bad for him. Then i didn’t when he cut his scar off. 

    Also, I clearly remember MY pouring only like 1 drop of the emotionless water on shifu’s arm. How come the scar look so big? LOL :blink:

    Man this is making me want to go back and watch the whole thing all over again! Now we just have to wait for the FULL version to come out!!

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