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  1. I love this song, even the title is so suitable for KIW. Every time KIW appears with this sound playing in the background I find myself subconsciously tensing up, I can tell my heart-rate has increased. Then the suspense levels up - I love it! Will he find her today? Spot on - Ma-Ri definitely needs therapy. Poor thing.
  2. @juli Well, the conjecture is that Ma-Ri shot IW. From my perspective, she is most likely the suspect, and I presume she has committed the crime in self-defence. I am concerned because she is going head to head against a powerful family who also has a lot of money. So if this is the case, I am not sure how she is going to prove her innocence. Such situations never bode well. There is an element of suspense which I like. As the drama progresses, I would like really like to witness Ma-Ri's transformation from someone who can defend herself and move on with her life. I kind of wish she doesn't end up with anyone; in fact, I'd prefer it that way.
  3. LOL - really - stepmother group? Here I thought I was a fan. Nothing more appealing than a converted playboy. I am so with you here. I'm not invested in the other characters. Although ZZR and ZM are sure pretty.
  4. Oh my goodness! I have never taken notice of Yang Xiao in the previous versions. Admittedly, I found him a little salty and wet. However, in this version, even when he first appeared on screen I was like - wow. Hello there?! Who's this guy?! I found this version of Yang Xiao to be suave, super cool and charismatic. I love, love their chemistry! I was a teensy weensy disappointed there wasn't a little more skinship between the two but I had savoured their every interaction and hoarding their scenes like a squirrel. So my favourite scenes are from Episodes 4 & 5
  5. Hmm not sure what you're implying here? Am I not allowed to feel compassion and sadness for the perpetrator? Considering I have witnessed his traumatic childhood I don't think it's unreasonable. I feel sorry for all the parties involved, but particularly for Ma-Ri.
  6. Thank you for the explanation. However, I see his act as another form of obsession. Not healthy either. Granted Ma-Ri did give him permission and there wouldn't be much of a storyline but he seems to be trying to resurrect something or perhaps even to redeem himself through Ma-Ri. Admittedly, I feel a little creep out.
  7. I am absolutely enthralled and gripped by this drama. It's like watching a fly buzzing around a venus fly trap. Admittedly, the most appealing is the antagonist. I am so conflicted. On one hand, I want Mar-Ri to be free from his abuse and controlling behaviour. He is definitely a tyrant. However, at the same time, I want him to find her. I'm glad they made the whole situation believable. He is relentless but you understand all the crazy and psychotic reasons behind it. Ru Soo Young is hitting every nail in the coffin with his acting. I dislike him intensely for the hurt and abuse he has subjected Ma-Ri but yet I feel compelled to feel compassion because he genuinely loves his wife - as warped as it is. Something I never can condone! I think it is the actor because as much as I hate the behaviour and I can never accept it I can't help but feel sorry for him. What can I say about the male lead - he's simply boring. I don't know if the director is trying to showcase the contrast with RSY obsessive love for his wife versus the gentle doctor but seriously it like watching paint dry whenever he appears. I know he's hurt by his wife's betrayal but why does he manage to look pathetic with this constant pained-looked on this face. I feel zero chemistry between him and Ma-Ri. You can't have a villain more compelling than the hero, in this case, the gap is just too wide. However, I am riveted and I can't wait for the next episode.
  8. Well I've finally finished Eternal Love 2. What's my verdict. I will admit that I didn't love it but I didn't hate it. In terms of a season 2 (incidentally my standards are very low with sequels) the production was good, you can certainly tell they had a much bigger budget, the costumes were lovely and even the hairstyles. Of course the chemistry was just as good in the previous season. The plot was what I've expected - I mean you couldn't take anything too seriously. MLC is definitely much better looking in S2. I liked his costumes and hairstyle. He looked as though he matured and all grown up. I really liked him playing two characters. He did an excellent job. But... I didn't catch myself smiling to random things MLC would say to XT. The cheesy lines made me laugh but I absolutely loved it. I would feel so warm and fuzzy. Their interaction in S1 was simply too CUTE!!! I would find my way to re-watch the 'good bits'. And dare I say it but I kind of miss 14th prince pom pom and pink feathers. Will I watch S3 - hell yeah!! I absolutely love this couple. So as an avid fan - no matter what dimension or how silly the plot is or hairstyle - I will find my way to watch Eternal Love!
  9. I am so pleased in both Seasons the chemistry is still there. This couple didn't disappoint and what I love most are the kisses! It's done with such sugary sweetness and cuteness you can't help but re-watch it. Never too old for sugar
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