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  1. I marathoned this drama over 3 days and I am so in love with it !!! It's like Nirvana in Fire 2 without the palace intrigue, but with focus on the pugilist world. I really like the cinematography (it makes it seem more real) and surprised that the editing wasn't bad either I really appreciate the Romance taking a back drop to the story, and the build up is evenly paced and doesn't over power the story. It's a break from the deep, i'm in love with you confession, chase+ save , chase+ save 7 episodes in. in this case it was episode 21 and 34, and it made it all the more meaningful and believable. I l love the way that Yi Qian forced her to become strong for herself, because he is unsure if he will be there forJing rong . I am getting ready to dread episode 42 and not ready for the misunderstanding . I hope they don't stray to far form their path, because i love there subtle romance and the schemes
  2. I'm not sure if this is the proper place to ask this, but are EXO and GOT7 going to attend the Billboard Music Awards?
  3. Thank you so much !!!!! I love the way Tia sings that song it is what drew me into this drama, her voice was so soulful and you could feel all the emotions she put into it, the deep hidden sadness, strength, and passion. My favorite lines of that song are when she says, "Use this lifetime, these moments of encounters to trade for just one short instant when you can be with me. These words, sentences, sentiments, and intentions contain hopes that you and I can listen to the rain as we stand under the eave" @rhaps Thank you for the link... I'm still trying to locate the story that Euridite wrote can you please guide me to the posts. for September, so anxious to read them. Does he ever become King of his kingdom or does he give it up completely?
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