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  1. I'm not sure if this is the proper place to ask this, but are EXO and GOT7 going to attend the Billboard Music Awards?
  2. Thank you so much !!!!! I love the way Tia sings that song it is what drew me into this drama, her voice was so soulful and you could feel all the emotions she put into it, the deep hidden sadness, strength, and passion. My favorite lines of that song are when she says, "Use this lifetime, these moments of encounters to trade for just one short instant when you can be with me. These words, sentences, sentiments, and intentions contain hopes that you and I can listen to the rain as we stand under the eave" @rhaps Thank you for the link... I'm still trying to locate the story that Euridite wrote can you please guide me to the posts. for September, so anxious to read them. Does he ever become King of his kingdom or does he give it up completely?
  3. I just read that filming just wrapped on this drama it is a costume drama. Ariel Lin is one of my favorite actresses~ I can't wait until we get a synopsis. Does anyone know what it is about?
  4. My heart can't take it - watching it episode for episode knowing this wonderful person is going to die for no reason than being too kind. I feel like I'm waiting for a funeral, I'm gonna marathon the rest of it this weekend so I can get it over with. The cliffhangers happen so suddenly it makes it hard to wait for the next episode.
  5. I finally finished the drama and still loved it. Wan Mei's character reminds me so much of La Femme Nikita. In that Drama Nikita was homeless, framed for a crime, put in jail, she was given a choice at a new life, her death was faked, she was taken out of jail then trained to fight, learn multiple languages and dress beautifully then she discovered the truth which was that she was trained by a government agency named section to be an assassin with no out and will be killed if she tried to leave and was disposable and could die on any mission. She did her best to live by her conscious and also had a male mentor name Michael who was just as stone-faced, who was hot and she loved, and he looked out for her when he could, protected her and tortured her to save her life when he had to. Wan Mei's character is so much like that, she did not know that she was going to be an assassin when she was taken there, She just wanted to live. She was trained by her Shadow, he taught her how to be beautiful, some fighting skills, and protected her both in front and behind the scenes and abandoned her when necessary so that she can fend for herself/ become stronger. I loved when she transitioned to accept her fate, and change her destiny and it didn't take her long and was believable, she looked even more beautiful and was strong-willed. I wish I could have seen her use her inter-power more. But in the end Chang An knew she could never leave and he couldn't stay. The way he parted with her was brillant. He gave her the last of his inner power to give her the extra strength to fight and save herself in the final battle, while putting an end to there ill fated romance without one of them having to die in the others arms, making the choice for her and forcing her to accept things. This drama was never really about wan mei becoming a top assassin. It was about her will to live without blackening her heart, her survival, and being able to live with the horrors she is seen without giving in completely to anger and resentment, and the efforts to try to make the city she lived in a better place without having to kill or force others to kill. She was finally able to make the place she despised a home to live her life. But most importantly it was about A prince who loved her but was not willing to give up everything for her and one who loved her and was willing to give his life so that she could live her own. But did Chang An establish a new kingdom or did he just take up residence someplace else? I have still yet to find the opening song, but the search continues
  6. I can't believe that I didn't find this drama until now!! I wish I found it sooner, it's so evenly paced and has a unique approach to telling the story that pulls at your heartstrings. I loved how they humanized Wan Mei by showing her inner turmoil with being an assassin and how it affects the people around her. The reveal of her shadows true identity was a big curveball that I did not see coming and neither did he I loved watching prince niang showed his sadness, pain and anger while he was being forced to torture her, that scene was beautifully done. He showed her his emotions while their enemy looked on thinking he was into it ! I'm on episode 20... must keep watching Does anyone know who sings the opening song and its title? that song draws you in It's so emotional
  7. I really love this drama but I'm dreading the move towards the end This is one time I wish I read nothing on the characters real-life history. The thought that-that evil concubine got away with everything in history, is an insane thought in itself. I really hope they find a way to find some Justice for everyone in the Drama, as hoping for a fictional or dream ending is not possible as one of SARFTS rules is history can not be changed.
  8. Thank you so much, the time stamp is 5:31, they're both side by side... The wuji on the right looks exactly like he did from the first time that he met FY until he returned back to his kingdom. The Wuji on the left looks like the one we see now ...It's as if he completely changed from the moment he rescued her from Ping Rong. Everytime I've watched this drama since he met her, I kept thinking he looks dramatically different but after seeing them side by side, now I realize why. I agree with you and also think that Wuji is much more serious then he was before. I also think that even though he told his father that he would give up being the crown prince, he had no intentions of doing so and most likely he had a plan but wanted to protect/ get her out of danger first. He reminds me of Baizihua from TJOF who can see what will happen before it happens. Wuji knows how far he can push his father and most likely already knows the possible outcomes of every decision he makes he truly is a brilliant strategist . I realized this in episode 36, When Zong Yue told Wuji that if she is a constant concern on your mind it can become his weakness. Wuji replied, "if I let myself worry and care for her she will become my weakness but if I wish to protect her and be with her forever, this weakness will become my armor. I have to become more powerful. because I have a yearning. It's even stronger than the yearning to be at the peak of all powers " So before FY he needed to gain power because it was what he was supposed to do, needed to do and was expected of him. Now that he has someone he must protect and is fearful of losing. He wants to be even more powerful so that he can protect and be with her forever, that desire to protect her will make him stronger so that he will not sway, yield or be defeated while achieving his goal. This makes that scene in episode 37 where she broke down about being on borrowed time all the more heartbreaking because Wuji realizes the that he may lose her because of the poison but he doesn't want her to give up even when she thinks there is no hope, which is why he cried so hard, and held on to her so tight and kept repeating to her over and over "trust me" and now she is no longer afraid to die as long as she can be with him. What I want to know is what is the consequences of that leaf? I hope he won't lose any memories of her. I don't think that Zong Yue is going to die soon, he said that he traded 40 years of his life. Who knows how long he was going to live to begin with and if he can get them back somehow.
  9. In addition, if wuji gets the evidence on Ping Rong he will be dead anyway because his father will be justified in killing Ping Rong, and still be able to protect the kingdom's reputation which he loves so much. That's why Ping Rong kept begging Wuji to let him off and tell there father that it was a misunderstanding and not to investigate. Wuji said give me the love lock poison antidote, Ping Rong played ignorant and clueless and now Wuji is going to crush him wuji style. I don't blame Wuji for not dirtying his hands with Ping Rong's death afterall he is the best strategist in all the 5 kingdoms and as he says he always gets what he wants. I've also noticed that since falling in love with FY Wuji has completely changed. He use to have this sinister emotionless look on his face and in his eyes whenever he met FY with his true feelings unable to be seen. Now his facial expressions are so soft, he looks so vulnerable when he is with FY almost as if he has no harden emotions anymore. You can see these two looks when wuji fights himself in ep 44 (if someone can post a screenshot of that image, I would greatly appreciate it). This shows the growth in his character, he went from strategizing and creating havoc so that the 5 kingdoms wouldn't be disrupted with the least sacrifices. and not having to worry or care about someone or if someone was hurt as long as the casualties were few -- to knowing what it means to deeply care for someone and think that perhaps there is another way to achieve those goals.
  10. I finally saw episode 39 & 40. I'm beginning to wonder if wuji is prince De's son
  11. Ohhhh! That explains it! So, that's why Wuji was so emotionally destroyed when she said that him because he promised her (in episode 22 I think) that he would never be late saving her again and this time she waited for him and spoke those words with her last breath even though she knew she may not live to see him again.
  12. Thank you so much for finding this picture for me it's my absolute favorite Is it just me? Because in episode 34 when Ethan looked MAD AS HELL, his presence and hotness was a thousand times Hotter!!!! When he walked through that gate with his smoldering eyes and flowing Hair!!!! He didn't even need a SWORD everyone could have just dropped dead with that look. I kept thinking never ever act in Modern Dramas AGAIN (after all to me he overacted as the lead in "fated to love you" but that's just my opinion). I must have watched those scenes that everyone is talking about in episode 34 like 10 times. If your watching the sub version on dramafever or viki, it's not cut the same as the live/ Raw version. They include a little bit of the next episode. It most likely has to do with the length of the episode. This has me wondering if Sarft cut something out ....?? Becuase Hunan is not airing it, I have high hopes for this drama not being heavily edited . I have yet to see todays episodes because of work but if it's anything like yesterdays I won't be able to get any sleep @poptartz Thank you soooo much for the recaps!!! It makes waiting for the next episode bearable and keeps us on the edge of our seats I feel that I can withstand the cliffhangers a little more easily.. .. In episode 34 were you able to hear what FY said to wuji before she passed out from her wounds What I've noticed and love about FY character is that she is not always waiting to be saved, she actually saves herself. She just can't escape after she's done it and then comes Wuji to sweep her off her feet. I love that she's a strong character and not playing the traditional Damsel in distress. But Wuji is almost all ways late by the time he gets to her He really needs to work on his timing
  13. Does anyone have a picture of the embrace between wuji and FY from episode 22? It's the scene where he is wearing a black robe and holding her in bed and she is clamoring onto him tightly because of the pain from her injuries during a fight. I love the way he tightly holds her in that scene, you can see the tension in his arms and the anger and fear on his face, then he couldn't take her suffering anymore than turned her around and gave her some of his internal energy.
  14. @lan_lan I like your post and agree I'm not going to jump the gun and say she turned evil just yet, after all he was kneeling down to her in that scene like he's guilty of something, it's possible that he betrayed her. I'm loving the Drama so far and marathoned all 8 episodes. I'm just mad that more episodes are not out because now I'm addicted and can't wait for the next episode I can't wait to find out the prince's real identity and see her respond to his feelings. And I love that YM has the same voice actress in this drama as she did in TMoPB/ Eternal love because she does a good job of making her sound vulnerable and empowered when her character needs to be I also love that she fights in this drama, she did very little in TMoPB, but I must say that my favorite scene was when she defeated he senior after he publicly turned on her....
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