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  1. Hello sugarplum892 :glasses:  I

    I was wondering if it was possible to unarchive this topic [Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] The Great Craftsman 筑梦情缘 https://forums.soompi.com/topic/420831-mainland-chinese-drama-2019-the-great-craftsman-筑梦情缘/


    They put all the videos on youtube and when I went to look for the thread to comment about it, it was gone :bawling: I thought  I was  loosing my mind because I had seen it before - but a quick google search found it :smile: So I wanted to ask if it's possible to unarchive the thread for comments? 


    A trillion thanks in advance for your response, 




    1. sugarplum892


      Hello carmolita!

      Unfortunately I do not have that ability to unarchive as I am not a mod.  please contact jillia as she is the mod.



    2. carmolita


      Thank you so much for your response and all the work you do in the Chinese drama section. :blush: I also wanted to ask if you know of any other dramas like this where the older brother/ brother's is protecting his younger sister? That was the best part of this drama. A trillion thanks in advance for your response

    3. sugarplum892



      No worries, sorry i am not too aware but keep an eye out in the section because ill always be creating new threads for new upcoming mainland dramas!

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