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  1. Hello sugarplum892 :glasses:  I

    I was wondering if it was possible to unarchive this topic [Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] The Great Craftsman 筑梦情缘 https://forums.soompi.com/topic/420831-mainland-chinese-drama-2019-the-great-craftsman-筑梦情缘/


    They put all the videos on youtube and when I went to look for the thread to comment about it, it was gone :bawling: I thought  I was  loosing my mind because I had seen it before - but a quick google search found it :smile: So I wanted to ask if it's possible to unarchive the thread for comments? 


    A trillion thanks in advance for your response, 




  2. I started watching this and got hooked. I marathon-ed all 10 episodes and saw the next 2 last night. It is addicting!! I can't stop watching the new episode clips . I'm so shocked there is a fake love triangle, but then again I wonder if Zuo Qing Luan is going to truly develop feelings for Jun Lin Yuan or if she is just going to truly use him? I loved the pacing of the relationship between Feng Wu and Jun Lin Yuan, and that she doesn't really need him to save her, she is capable of taking care of herself with her wits even though her spiritual power is still developing, and there no
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