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  1. Can someone tell if Wen Qing is dead or not? I remember when Wen Ning and Wen Qing surrendered to the other sects they said their bodies have been burned into ashes. Is this true? They never showed any of it. I also forgot how come Wen Ning survive but his sister didn't.
  2. Good for LGX to start working out and picking up new acting gigs. Cannot wait to see his handsome face on my TV again. I truly think that PA2 will never happen. All the lead actors/actresses are too busy with their own thing and it'll be impossible to negotiate a reasonable price to pay these artists. I have come to accept this news a long time ago.
  3. @jakey09 Um, it was around episode episode 9-10, after the boat party. I also didn't find Lee Dong Gun's scenes and flashbacks interesting.
  4. I started this drama two weeks ago and stopped because it got draggy. I might continue it just for the rain/wings/kiss scene!! L is sooooo pretty.
  5. Hey guys, I found the OST for this show. Sharing it here: https://ostcpop.wordpress.com/2019/02/25/ost-goodbye-my-princess-东宫-电视剧原声大碟/ Enjoy!
  6. I see so many spoiler videos/photos on Instagram!! I am only on episode 38. I want to watch all of it at once with Eng Subs. I am patiently anticipating all the tragic scenes. I am still hella annoyed about those deleted scenes.
  7. I'm glad to hear that this drama is a hit! This drama is my new addiction! Love the plot, acting, costume, OST and pace. I'm glad they casted two newcomers instead of someone famous. I've only seen clips of Chen Xingxu from Legend of the Condor Heroes 2017 and didn't find him handsome or special there. I must admit that he looks a lot better in GMP. He is only 22 years old, which is really young and already got to star in such a grand and successful project. As for Peng Xiaoran, I have never heard or seen any of her work. She is a such a great actress for someone so new. Not only that, she is freaking gorgeous! I recently jumped ship and stopped liking a certain female celeb because of all of her lies and denials so I am glad Peng Xiaoran was casted as Xiao Feng. Does anyone know where I can get the full OST for this show? Is it not out yet? I only have the song "愛殤" (Love Casualty) and its currently on repeat. Please do share!
  8. Have you seen any other Xian Xia (Fantasy novel) besides AOL? There are a lot of other good ones that are sad too.
  9. @angelangie @usagi1997 I think you guys feel more for the girls because you can relate or put yourselves into their shoes. I don't think you are necessarily into females.
  10. I know I am a little late but these two questions have been bothering me as well. I just finished the whole thing yesterday. @BaiZiHua I just watched Ep 60 at 29: 24 Old Moon guys said "she used her true form to carry it. Her true form is a Frost Flower." I don't think XF really understood that JM gave him a petal of her true form. The petal JM gave him looks like any regular flower petal and doesn't resemble a frost flower. Old Moon guy only said she used her true form to carry the light of Xuan Qiong. Does it explain clearer in the books? I completely agree with your explanation for the second question. I just feel that the first one is still unclear to me. Thank you for your help!
  11. I agree with you @rhaps I've always rooted for cool/badass characters. High five! Don't cry too much now. Just focus on a different drama and you'll be alright.
  12. I don't think YHY and MSS really looks down on SS. NQ be telling the world SS is his maid servant so of course they're going to treat her like one. Her looks a very average but they all know NQ thinks very highly of SS. In the clips here, YHY asked NQ if he knows how capable SS (or how high her abilities are) is after she taught SS how to call the fishes. Correct me if i'm wrong. My Mandarin is self taught. lol One more week of EN guys! Are you guys READY? After 60, we won't be seeing CFY as NQ anymore..
  13. Chao XiaoShu is one of my favorite characters from EN. He is so manly and is fully of integrity. MSS (I don't know her real name) sang this song as well. (The original version is a lot better imo) This proves how much they're trying to promote her. The song is pretty nice. https://v.qq.com/x/cover/rpup19lfbuf2skc/g0029lajqw6.html SYR is pretty silly in real life. LOL
  14. I just saw episode 54.. I fast forward all the boring folks like LQ, the Xi Ling folks, the general etc. I find myself fast forwarding NQ and SS scenes too. PLEASE DON'T SHOOT ME. This show is getting sooooo slow and draggy for me now. I hope I still understand and know what the heck is going on. I did enjoy Chao XiaoShu scenes and the widow. It looks like he decided to take care of her and travel together. They're my new favorite ship! @angelangie Thank you for the awesome pictures of YHY! I wonder why there's barely any news or photos of her when EN is doing so well. These are scenes of YHY from ep 54. I really feel sorry for YHY. NQ and SS have each other and the whole academy whenever they face trouble. This girl literally has no one. Anyone can easily bully you if you have no one to lean on. That curly haired guy that looks like Eason Chan is such a d-bag. I think that is why she is so obsessed with cultivating. Also, that attitude didn't just come out of nowhere. You gotta be a b***h so others won't mess with you.
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