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  1. @Bella-Chimura , @BaiZiHua LMAO!!! If only there was enough Wallace to go around!! I would like to have him Fridays and Saturdays. We can all be his concubines. LOL 

    OMG Imagine if you ran into him at a sushi bar!! FLAWLESS without any make up!! :wub::wub::wub::wub:

    6810686ejw1dp8uqjia1uj.jpgLook at that defining jawline, eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips, skin and super sexy hair! OH MY OH ME!! I can't contain myself. I'm gonna go to the gym to get rid of my frustrations.. LOL 

    9021a1b6gw1dpih28z8y9j.jpg*EDIT* @miaka fy I didn't know this was a competition!! I thought we sisters would be kind enough to share. T__T 

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  2. @BaiZiHua LOL I think I cried every few episodes. Im such a cry baby thanks to this series. I hope my neighbors don't think that i'm insane. I would have done the same with QS and Meng Ge's scenes! 

    HAHAHA This is too funny. Had to share. I believe our reactions were a lot more dramatic than Wallace's expression in here. 

    Just a random thought... Imagine if you had the powers/means to lock BZH up in your lair.. How much fun would that be? Boy toy for a 1000 years!! LOL 

    @nedayaj88 I’m sorry to hear that! It is definitely not easy to love someone like that. I’m glad you and him chose to let go instead of holding on. It must have not been easy at all. :( 

    @bubblyb00_stv Sorry! I'll go make the changes now. :D 

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  3. @thundergirl3 “We react so strongly to their relationship because we've invested time in these characters and we are involved but on a more personal level I believe that we recognise ourselves (certain elements) of our personality in these characters and we respond to them because it speaks to our heart at a deep and profound level. I can certainly speak for myself.” 

    I completely agree with you on this. Their relationship and all the events that occurred is just so intriguing. Even if you cannot relate, its just so addicting. 

    No worries about offending anyone! Everyone in this thread has different opinions and views. That is why its so interesting to read! I really like how kind everyone is on this thread. Taking out the time to answer questions, explain, translate and share things. It takes a lot of time and effort to do so. I really do appreciate each and everyone of you!! Although I don’t know what you guys look like or know anything about you, I feel a close connection with a lot of you in this thread.  I’m sure most of you also feel the same way! :D Why else would we all get on this thread at least 3 times a day, spending hours to catch up with everyone's posts?

    @IMOmusings I think we share different views so here are just my refutes towards some of the things you mention. Of course they’re purely my opinions and observations so feel free to disagree with me. I don’t mean to offend you if I did. 

    Ok so i’m picturing that BZH was the main character.. “Ignoring the fact that the only reason she stays at Changliu is for BZH, BZH from the very beginning of the drama has done nothing to warrant her attention." You can thank the Asian Fabio for the massacre of the Mount Zu sect. HQG was initially suppose to become a disciple there under Mount Zu’s sect leader’s protection.. Since the sect was annihilated, she has no where else to go. She can only search for her only friend/benefactor Mo Bing. Series of events lead BZH to HQG and they went through a lot together before she went to Chang Liu. I don’t disagree on the part where she lied about her reasons for entering CL. 

    “he KNOWS she's his fated calamity and that there is something strange about her. What better way to keep an eye on her than to keep her close." If you re-watch those first episodes, BZH actually doesn’t want to keep her close. He constantly discouraged her to leave CL. He told her that she was not qualified to student under CL. Why would you want to be near your fated calamity? The farther you are from them, the better it is. (BZH’s powers weaken when he’s near her) Wu Gong certainly didn’t want his fated calamity near him. LOL 

    “My view on HQG getting BZH to kill her isn't as virtuous as many others seem to think. I find it as her finally forcing his hand in subtle admission of his feelings for her. Again, she has manipulated him into a response that soothes her heartache.”  I don’t think DG tricking BZH to kill her was not virtuous. I guess many of us really do feel her pain and can understand why she chose that path.

    @thundergirl3 Again, you got me on this! I just read your response now and I feel like i just repeated what you said! haha I also thought IMOmusings words were a tad harsh so i felt like i had to add in my two cents! :D

    @LuMNaL I would love to have a debate/discussion with all of you too! Maybe one of these days we can Skype each other lol!

    @jolin_chan, @YangD and @jly31 I love reading you guys’ posts! Very insightful!! Keep it up! I want to read more. “I think whether BZH going to admit his love or not, QG still gonna kill herself, because she knows she can not control the Desolate Energy for long”  I had the same thought! The Desolate Energy will consume her eventually and she is known to be the type that would sacrifice her life for the world. Yup, HQG’s last words were certainly heart wrenching.  

    PS: We totally deserved the call out on using profanity. 


    I keep forgetting to add that DG knows that she is BZH's fated calamity and as long as she's alive his life is in danger. Also why she would choose to end her life no matter the result. 

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  4. @Asianfemale Texas is not that far from Alabama. I will swing by to meet you and Wallace look alike lollll :D

    LOL I used to live in Alabama.. Its a long drive. Now I live in Texas! Whahhh?! If anything, I will fly to China/Taiwan and meet the REAL Wallace! :wub: 

    My fellow Vietnamese fans of Nicky and Cecilia needs to calm their t*ts. Haters are going to hate. Just cause they're close doesn't mean they'll fall for one another. No one is stealing the 4th prince from Cecilia. 

    @thundergirl3 I think DG was protecting or saving BZH when she healed him. But I also want to believe that she did want him to suffer in some sort of way for being so heartless towards her when she cursed him. If she was selfish, she would just let him die with her. I truly believe that she did not want to be with him, even in death. 

    She had nothing at the end. The evil force was going to consume her eventually. She only want to see how important she was in his heart. How much he actually loves her. He chose to think the worst, and believe the worst. That she was completely taken over by the evil force and he chose to end her life. He was shocked that she took it willingly. Yes, she tricked him to do so, but if he realized it before and showed her his real feelings, she wouldn’t have chosen death. I guess it was left to how viewers  interpret it. I never once believed DG was evil even as DG. If she couldn't kill NMT, she's a SAINT to me. LOL 

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  5. @Soniya15 I just finished the whole series too. I've even re-watched the last 2 episodes because i didn’t feel like it has hit me because I kept stalling with the ending. I couldn’t agree with you more. If I were HQG, I would do the same thing. Well, with the exception of losing humanity and killing NMT and Catfish. I cannot believe how heartless BZH is! He is aware of HQG’s sufferings and he didn’t do anything to comfort her. Yes, sealing the darn powers up won’t do much. HE LOCKED HER IN THAT PLACE FOR YEARS. WTFF She lost all her loved ones (except Xiao Yue) and no one was there to get her through it. 

    She only wanted the one person she loves to admit that he loves her but nooooo. NOOOOO! NOOOOO!! Her most trusted, respected Sifu had to cut off the scar (proof that he loves her) right in front of her to spite her. I get that he feels that it is shameful and disgusting. The look on DG’s face when she realized he loves her made me cry. She was so darn happy. She finally knows that the person she love, loves her too!! T___T Its so sad!! Two seconds of bliss ended when he cuts off the scar on his arm to show her that loving her is his biggest SIN or something shameful. That was so cruel. 

    I can really understand why she choose death after what BZH did. It's as if she lost all hope to live. Who the heck will want to live after that?! First, there is no way to control the evil force inside her. She doesn’t want to risk going mad and killing everyone because she is kind by nature. Second, all her loved ones died because of her and the rest of the world hate her or wants her dead. Third, the person she love so dearly is a cold and heartless person who won’t acknowledge his love even if it kills him.. He never fails to break her heart. HE STABBED HER 3 TIMES. Just saying. 

    She gave him several chances near the end before he stabbed her with the sword that was suppose to make her soul disappear. He NEVER trusted her!! Never fully understood her sacrifice for him. She always put him first. She took all the punishments and did not complain one bit and refused to let him know even if she died. (When DF put the spell on her so that she would only tell the truth) He will always put the world and Chang Liu before her no matter what.

    I can understand why DG is heartbroken by this and chose to end her life. richard simmons, I would too. Preventing him from dying with her before she died was her way getting revenge on him. They say the person left behind will feel the most regret and pain. DG wanted him to feel all the pain and regret!! Its the worst type revenge. She knew he would regret it ("I've said it before, you would regret it"- DG). He sure did. No wonder he went crazy for 1000 years. He was too blinded "RIGHT AND WRONG"..  Couldn’t see clearly until SHE FREAKING DIED. TOO LATE BZH. TOO EFFING LATE.

    IDK why they made her forget her memories at the end. But i think when she fully recovers all her memories.. She will probably not stay with him. Sorry BZH fans, but I had to rant about the ending. 

    11990462_1663031180604321_60859505240898@hayuinblue Thanks! I think its a really good quote. 

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  6. @bubblyb00_stv Thanks for the recommendation! I will give it a try when I have more time, I am currently too obsessed with this series to start anything new. Wallace has such a great voice. I think he is a pretty good singer. I read somewhere that he initially wanted to become a singer but he didn’t succeed too well in that area so he became an actor instead. If anyone has heard his songs can tell he’s a pretty good singer. 

    @pristineqi and @Asianfemale LOL! I didn’t notice his eye until you pointed it out. No idk what happened to it. Perhaps an accident on set? 

    @funnlimmsia WHOOH!! This thread is getting really hot! So many leaked sexy scenes.. I must turn the AC down lol. 

    @BaiZiHua I noticed that part too! TB has been calling HQG Gu Tou for a long time. She called HQG Nian Qing right before she died. OMG T___T I thought DF’s death made me cry more. It was all those sad words that he said.. “I can’t bare to leave you.. I want to watch you receive the happiness you deserve.” OMG I started bawling!! :tears:

    I have not finished all of it yet. Still on the 2nd to last episode. Its all cause QS and Meng Ta Ge’s annoying scenes were too boring, hence i fell asleep. I hope they cut these two and Catfish out and replace them with our two main leads! 

    @jolin_chan Ohhh Thanks for clarifying that. I read what happens next after she attempts to erase his memories! 

    @cupcakeninja Awww! I didn't catch the hand holding part till you point it out. Must prove that these two are far more comfortable with one another than they claim or pretend to be. :wub:

    BTW, @BaiZiHua I think we were the ones who discussed about this.. But as i was watching the last few eps, I think BZH stabbed HQG 3 times instead of 2. He stabbed her during the punishment scene with Abstain from Thought sword, then when she came back in blue right before DF died and the Temple bell broke. And last but not least, the final scene where she curses him and he stabbed her with some sword. Yup. I think thats a total of 3 stabs instead of two. 

    JEEEE LOU EEEZZZZ!!! :sweatingbullets:So many hot, sexy leaked script and photos!! I need a glass of water! Keep going guys! I love you all for feeding into my obsession like this. :rolleyes:


    Since we are on the steamy topic.. DF in the bathtub. LOL 11707602_1018547861503899_14509545984036Catfish lookin' gross! HAHAHA


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  7. @Mikki- OH MY GOODNESS. Please tell me this is true! This is not some rumors right?! I think i might actually watch the rest of the 50 cut version now bc there is hope after all! *Tears of joy* :tears::tears::tears::tears::tears::tears: God has answered our prayers! Ok, I will trust in humanity again and finish the last 4 episodes. I will be back to this forum once I'm done. 

    @xnancly Thanks for the Safe and Sound MV.. Very nicely done! 


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  8. @bubblyb00_stv I thought the English parts were not appropriate as well. But at least in the drama they didn’t play the English parts. I have not seen Battle of ChangSha. Is it any good?

    @BaiZiHua You’re welcome! Through the Ages is my 4th favorite. Bu Ke Shuo is #1 always. Heart of Fire is #2 and Annual Ring is #3. 

    LOL at the MV with Asian Fabio and SHM. It seems to me Asian Fabio was really in love with SQM. He was always jealous of SQM’s affections towards HQG. I guess he couldn’t resist SQM’s beauty.. :D 

    @YangD A lot of us are on the same boat.. We thought the heartache was over and then BAM! We see more leaked scripts and how the story was altered.. Freaking sucks really bad. Let’s just accept it. That way you won’t be hurt or disappointed. 

    @BellyButton The OST is probably complete. Unfortunately, they did’t include any songs besides Bu Ke Shuo. Everything else is instrumental. 


    Someone asked for the book earlier. It’s in Chinese on Yesasia. 


    @jolin_chan You’re welcome! What scene of BZH are you referring to? LOL For sure they wanted to pull us drama addicts in with all those intense scenes! I remember I kept replaying the opening and ending theme and saw all those crazy scenes (Bloody kiss, DG’s Desolated Force blows up, Sifu’s bare back covered with scars and behind was DG in RED!)  I went crazy and tried to read the books bc I couldn't wait for the next episodes to come out. 

    @dominjoonssi GOD DANG IT. More banning? Good thing you told me cause I thought DG killed LSY.. So he actually committed suicide! Thanks again toilet channels. 

    @nedayaj88 LOL! That is why I cried listening to it. It brings back so many memories and feelings. Also, it reminded me of what could have been!  

    @Cupcakeninja I think he was “stalking” her bc he was worried for himself. She is his fated calamity right? He wants to know what her true intentions were and why she decided to come to Chang Liu. I guess he was slightly attracted or curious by her, plus she was his fated calamity. I'd be stalking the chick too if I were BZH. Making sure she won't pass the 3 tests. lol 

    @jolin_chan OMG Thank you for the translations!! We <3 you!! :w00t: DG was probably like now this is how you should kiss a woman! Not biting her till she bleeds and sucking her blood like a vampire!! (reference to the bloody kiss scene) I am reading them with the OST playing. SOOO WONDERFUL! What was the purple light coming out of her hand? Can someone explain?

    *EDIT* I just voted again. Wallace is in 2nd place.Screen%20Shot%202015-09-09%20at%207.14.4

    Here is the link to vote again incase we lost it and don't want to search for it. 


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  9. @kashie19 Yes, i agree with you! The beginning theme for the 1st half should have been "Through the Ages" and the 2nd half "Fire of the Heart" because the song was more dramatic and leaning towards DG's feelings. If only they did this differently! 

    @bubblyb00_stv hahaha! Aside from World's Finest, I've seen a bit of Hong Fu Nu, The Vigilantes in Masks and Chinese Paladin 3. He was sooo hot as Li Ge Xiao! :wub: I really like his character in there. Very human. Completely different than BZH.

    BTW, not sure if anyone has posted the live performance of "Through the Ages by Alan" yet but i'll do it anyways bc we are all recovering. 


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  10. @jolin_chan I fell in love with Wallace when I was a little girl. He was the super sexy Gu Hai Yi da in Tian Xa Di Yi (World’s Finest). Oh Wallace.. You are just too damn beautiful. :wub:




    Adding to the 100 lists, what number are we now?”  Let’s just start at 70. I have a few now.

    #70: When you take in a gulp of water and your friend Buddha palm blasts your back and you violently spit out water while grabbing your chest.. Pretending to be internal injured and spitting out blood. LOLLL I am sure many of you have done this! Don’t deny it!!! :D

    #71: You sit there listening to the OST over and over and all the wonderful scenes replay in your mind and tears just rolled down. 

    #72: You still cannot get yourself to watch the last 4 episodes because you are afraid that your weak heart cannot bare the disappointment and so you just wait it out as long as possible. 

    #73: You sit here for hours pressing the refresh button to see if anyone has posted any news about the leaked script and if the evil toilet channel will ever do this drama justice by releasing the ORIGINAL UNCUT FULL EFFING VERSION.

    #74: Your make up can no longer conceal your panda eyes. 

    @mmrod_04 You’re welcome! Did you have to be a premium user to hear the OST? I’m a premium user so IDK if others can listen to it with just the Free version. 

    @miaka fy Thank you for the photos again! I love DG’s cute smile and Sifu’s jealous expression.. Makes me want to see this scene more and more.. :( 

    @kashie19 You’re welcome my dear. I will be right there with you crying myself to sleep. I’ve played the whole OST at least 3-4 times already.  I love the instrumental where HQG was drunk and started dancing while she made ZX look like a fool. That was such a memorable moment for me bc I no longer think she’s useless and weak. haha She actually is talented and has great potential to be a great immortal!!

    @hentram Adding more curses here:

    #1. I curse the those people who are apathetic towards us obsessed souls to have 3 months of bad luck or no sleep. That’s cause we all lacked sleep and was crazily obsessed over this series for 3 months. An eye for an eye!! 

    #2. I also curse everyone to lose money because they were stupid by thinking that cutting out precious scenes would sell more DVDs. Well, guess what?!! If I cannot wait for the DVDs to ship to me, I will resort to illegal downloading!! I will not support you if you torture me like this.

    #3. Last but not least, they will never get anything better than TJOF! This is the best series will ever have the honor to produce. And they completely ruined it. I hope they all die from guilt and SHAME! (not literally die lol) SHAME to everyone! Dishonor to the whole family (Mulan lol)


    @dominjoonssi What part was this? What episode? I want to know when Sifu felt some love for HQG. Crap, they totally butchered this series didn't they? 

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  11. Guys! I am sooo excited to share this wonderful news! As I was still in recovery mode.. Laying in the dark, on my couch, all alone in my apartment, listening to depressing music. I decided to get on Spotify in search for more depressing songs and I decided to search for "花千骨" and to my surprise, they actually HAVE IT! All the instrumentals/background music of The Journey of Flower OST is on Spotify! I am soooo happy even with just the instrumentals and Bu Ke Shuo. I already have all the other songs weeks ago. hihi :D I was going to order from Yesasia but it would take 3-4 weeks to get here. YAY!! :P


    As for the companies deciding on whether to release the full version or bullsh*t version. I am actively reading, but i don't want to get my hopes up and have it crushed again. I will choose to accept it. Can't let this series toy with my emotions anymore. Ok, now i will go enjoy the OST!! Relive those wonderful memories of The Journey of Flower! Good night my lovely Soompiers! :D

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  12. @jolin_chan thank you for translating this! You are my hero! I feel a slightly consoled after reading what ZR said to BZH. Funny how a bad guy like ZR understands both DG and BZH so well. (Especially from DG’s perspective.)

    “The most pitiful is Qian Gu, she already know the result, still she go through the path of no return, letting you hurt her once again.” 

    OMG I love it!! THE PATH OF NO RETURN. I still feel very sad for HQG/DG.. She was never stubborn or obsessed until she turned into DG. She was going to leave Chang Liu that one time when she found out she was his fated calamity. It’s all because of the other characters like ZX and DFYQ who pushed her towards the point of no return.

    Think about it, if ZX was not so obsessed with BZH and accept the fact that he can never love her.. If she was not filled with hate and jealousy for HQG she would have never tried to kill HQG for the sake of BZH. I think its an excuse. She just wanted to rid of her because she's just purely jelly and afraid to have him stolen. Look at Tan Fan. His love for ZX was never selfish or imposing. He was always there to protect and save her when she needed it. ZX time and time again disobeyed BZH’s wishes and attempted to take HQG’s life. Her evil plots ended up hurting BZH. HQG sacrificed so much for BZH. She only wanted him to acknowledge his love for her. She never disobeyed his orders nor did anything dishonorable. Even if she disobeyed him, it was to save someone’s life (Sha Jie Jie) I know a lot of people find her annoying, reckless and too naive.. This girl is was like 16-19 years old. That’s still in the teens. How can a person in their teens be wise and strong enough to make careful and calculated decisions during a huge crisis? As for DF, he was too damn stubborn and obsessed with revenge so it blinded him from the right path. Well, at least he made up for his sins and we fans have forgiven him.

    Overall, I find HQG’s character very likable and cute. She just needs to be less forgiving in my opinion and should have cut ties with NMT the moment she get all jelly bc she became BZH’s one and only disciple. Oh and of course tortured her to death after capturing her. I have not seen DG yet.. Unfortunately for me, I am holding of this drama for a few more days. But judging from the clips and pics I find her awesome. I’m loving seductive and feisty DG. Who can resist her charm? Not even BZH. 

    “All this years, you still so persistent for all that you think is right, but you never put yourself in her shoes, never put her first. Now, forever and ever, you must see, the world that you guarding so much in exchange of the live of the person you loves the most.”

    So very on point. He forsake his only love for the sake of principles and the world. You can only have one, can’t have both. In the end he choose love, but it was too late. *Tears*

    @BaiZiHua, Once again, we share the same views! I agreed with all of your pros and cons girl. :D Except for the one about Catfish. I did not finish the series yet so I can’t agree. lol

    One specific point I really agree with: “2. I needed to see BZH go crazy after the HQG final battle ordeal (damn it he

    stabbed her twice in this drama) ..... I need to see him go crazy with my own eyes.

    Hearsay from SXM doesn't count hahaha. If I spent 50 eps seeing the female lead

    suffer at least let me see the main lead suffer and go crazy for a lil while. Grrrr.”

    YES!!! I forgot that he stabbed her twice. haha He should have tried harder to save her instead of sitting in Emotionless Hall all day water that purple flower and telling the Rocky beast to look out for her. That’s not enough for me. If ZR did not save her, imagine what would become of Little Bones! That ain’t the worst part! I was so angry when BZH tried to stop SQM & DF from saving her. The hell was he thinking? I thought he would have made some excuse like this to MY: “Oh senior brother, *coughs coughs* I'm still not fully healed from the poison from the caldron and those 60 something nails so i cannot aid you in the attack against the Seven Murder Factions. HAHAHA If BZH did not stop them, MY and his men wouldn’t be able to waste Sha Jie Jie’s powers and later cause him to die (but was later revived). 

    @miaka fy LOL! I tried my best to keep my rants rated PG-13. I don’t want to be banned! T_T  Someone please translate what Wallace said about the kiss scene being cut on Weibo! I really want to know. :D 

    PS: I changed my Avatar. Isn't it cute?! At least I can see them kiss as cartoons characters. :wub:

    I am not feeling HQG's new hairdo. 

    Regardless. These two are adorbs! <3 <3 <3

    @springfiry and @dominjoonssi  Thank you both for the translation and missing scenes. I am reading it over and over so that I can play it in my mind. It will help ease the withdrawal symptoms a bit. 


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  13. I was wayyyy too positive in my last post. It just hit me guys. I think that there are only two things that needs to happen in order to heal our broken hearts. 

    #1. Some kind soul out there will release the FULL UNCUT version with 58+ episodes with a cheery blossom on top and maybe some more. GIVE US CLOSURE. 

    #2. Wallace and Li Ying become real life couple and star in more dramas together as lovers with LOTS of intimate scenes. More kissing, hugging, nudity, etc..

    That's it. One or the other. I can't deal with this sudden withdrawal like this! I'm too scared to watch the ending now. My eyes and heart cannot withstand it. Just like HQG's name literally means 1000 flower bones. My heart is shattered into 1000 pieces. Must find a way to carry on with life now. :tears: :tears: :tears: 

    Here is a caption I made to help release anger and frustrations. Read it from bottom to top to make more sense. :angry:


    *EDIT* OMG I just ran into this picture between BZH and SQM. Someone added hilarious captions! I'm dying of laughter right now.. Look at SQM's face expression at the bottom. HAHAHA!!!!!! :D


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  14. Ok, I'm finally all caught up after 3 hours of hardcore reading. I've never tried this heard when it came to school LOL Talk about OBSESSION. Add this to my Top 100 Obsession list. The result is.. Now I want to throw a beer at the TV. YUP. I teared up reading you guys' angry and depressing rants. :tears: I feel the same way!! I had to go take a cold shower to cool down. I will not rant since it will only bring me stress and like I need more stress in my life right?! We will get through this unavoidable crisis my fellow Soompiers. Jia you!! 

    I really REALLY want to see the jealous scene. Thanks for all the clarifications about why Demon Goddess kiss ZR. So she was drunk and thought ZR was BZH? And so ZR just decided to play along and make BZH jealous? If so, how come drunk Demon Goddess just sobered up instantly and tried to calm Sifu down?? LOL I guess thats another perk of being the most power person in the world. Having super fast sobering up abilities? :D I feel like there is a little closure here. I think I've mentioned this before, but ZR is pretty cute! :wub:  

    Let's heal this pain with some beautiful pictures of the entire cast!  

    YAYY!!! Everyone looks super happy and close. :D OMG Wallace and Li Ying are standing close to each other! He's in the blue hat smiling behind Li Ying smiling with his mouth open. Thats very rare to see. He rarely reveals his teeth and opens his mouth that wide. Wallace's face is really red. Either from the alcohol or bc he's in love. I choose to believe that he is blushing bc he's close to Li Ying.



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  15. I know that i am really behind but I'm trying real hard to catch up and read everyone's post. So sorry if I posted a picture thats already posted or respond to something 10 pages older. 

    @BellyButton HAHAHA!! You’re right! I need to find a white Dwarf Gourami now. LOL Maybe I’ll have 3 fishes in my tank. The blue one will be Dong Fang. HQG will have two lovers! HAHAHA Let’s all re-watch this series and get back on the thread once the uncut version is out! Anyone else want to join us? :D 

    @mmrod_04 Hello fellow Texan! What part of Texas do you reside in? 

    Man, I really want to respond and give my two cents about some topics you guys brought up but there is too many posts so I will just talk about a few. 

    I haven’t even seen Dong Fang’s death scene yet and so my opinions are based on everyone’s recaps, translations and thoughts. I really am disappointed in QS! Cannot believe she hates HQG and even STABBED her! I thought QS would remain loyal and forever stay her good friend. Can’t believe it! It seems to me the females in the series are all jealous of HQG and the the males either love her to death, despise her to death or want to use her.

    Demon Goddess should not, i repeat should NOT give a rat’s a$$ about Shuo Feng said before he died and just torture that wench NMT. Who the heck does she think she is?!! She’s merely a Sect leader of a weak and worthless freaking clan. Her skills are not even pure. She disobeyed her late father and studied the forbidden skill which made her even more evil. This one thing that really bothers me in TJOF. All the good and righteous characters get punished, while the evil characters get away with so much! WHY?!!! I’ve lost count of the number of times I have screamed talked out loud every time MY and NMT does something evil. Its like there is no karma! T___T

    I love seeing all the clips, photos and GIFs of Sifu and DG’s reconciling scenes.. These two are truly talented! I tear up just by seeing a few clips of them embracing one another.. Imagine when I actually watch the whole episode. LOL My panda eyes will swell up for sure. I cannot believe the damn HunanTV cut out all the great scenes. IDK if i will want to watch the rest of this series anymore. Who am I kidding? I will no matter what. If they do make a movie version and cast different actors, I can already guarantee it won’t be such a huge hit. People have already accepted Wallace and Li Ying as BZH and HQG. NO ONE CAN REPLACE THEM! hihihi 

    I am getting dizzy due to the lack of sleep and the constant scrolling and reading. Will continue again later tonight! See you latter my lovely flowers! <3 Currently page 123. I have to document it so I can remember where i left off. 

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  16. @bubblyb00_stv 100 Reasons why you're obsessed with TJOF is TOOOO funny! OMG You and I probably the same page with the obsessive reasons.. 

    @miaka fy I think I love you. No really. I am so grateful for the photos and gifs!! AHHH!!!! :wub: I promised my friend to wait till Friday so that we can watch the ending together.. I don't know why the heck I promised. I am trying to keep up with the thread so that I can calm myself down and wait till Friday.. :( BUT THANK YOU FOR THE GIF.. I saw it like 10X.. 

    The 100 reasons to prove my obsession. (Not sure what number we are on so I will go back and add the numbers):

    # I too changed the wallpaper to TJOF on my phone and laptop. 

    # I ordered a “Chinese Sword Technique Book” and training sword so I can cultivate and become an immortal. LOL JK about the immortal part. 

    # Instead of actually working at work, I sometimes get on this thread. 

    # I tried to play the ending theme song on my piano, guitar and flute. 

    # I tried to read the novel in Vietnamese.. Unfortunately my Vietnamese is terrible and it takes me too long read and comprehend so I gave up. (I tried at least 10 times.)

    # That’s not all. I tried to listen to Audiobook version in Vietnamese and the lady reading it was too annoying I couldn’t focus and gave it up too. (I tried at least 5 times)

    # I convinced/forced my friends and family to watch this series. I lend my brother some money and told him that there is interest. And the interest is for him to watch this series. lol 

    # I just bought two fishes (Red and blue Dwarf Gouramis) for my new fish tank to decorate my apartment. I was really almost going to name them Zi Hua and Qian Gu but I was afraid people would make fun of me so i gave up the idea. lol 

    # I’ve seen almost all youtube videos relating to TJOF. 

    # I’ve fantasized about this drama multiple times a day. By fantasizing, I mean like imagining how things would go differently if this or that happened. 

    # I have stopped getting on this thread for a few weeks in fear of reading or seeing spoilers but end up back here again and again. 

    # It is unbearable to go a day without seeing or reading anything about TJOF. For example, I’ve rejected friends and coworker’s offers to go out because I want to be home to watch the next episode or re-watch my favorite scenes. 

    Here are some of my fav scenes: HQG battling with SQM’s underlining and BZH comes by to save her. HQG accidentally sees Sifu naked and confessed about it. Shifu rushed in because XG screamed because she had a nightmare and he stayed outside all night to play the harp. XG stabbed Sifu in the caldron and they almost died until she blasted some mysterious powers and saved them both. 

    I cannot wait till they release the uncut version. Please let me know when it comes out so I can download or buy the whole darn thing! 

    Now time for pictures!

    Its almost 4 Am. I have to work today. I'm so screwed. Oh well. I will continue to keep up tomorrow. On on page 116 now. This thread is moving at lighting speed.

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  17. @BellyButton  OMG yes! this series was a huge roller coaster to everyone  in this thread. We've all cried buckets of tears and felt all the angst and joy. This is such a memorable drama. It'll be hard to find something as good to watch in the future. :(

    @Cupcakeninja Howdy my fellow Texan!! This is awesome! I didn't think anyone in this thread would be from Texas as well. 

    I love the clip of Sifu removing DG's clothes! What is going on here?! I saw this earlier today while I was having lunch and I got so excited.. The people at the restaurant probably thought I was crazy. lol 

    @hayuinblue You're welcome! :D I cannot agree more! At this point in the series I really just prefer to see Sifu and DG together. They've been through so much and im sure everyone is just dying to see their intimate scenes together! We've all lost weight and sleep or gained weight due bench watching and keeping up with TJOF.. LOL Thank you for the costumes! I would totally love to be HQG for Halloween! haha

    @PUNG Thank you for the clarifications!! :)

    OK, I will pause for now and hit the gym.. LOL Yes, I think I gained weight from all the late night snacks and drinks while trying to keep up with this thread and series. Still trying to catch up with everyone. I'm only on Page 112. Be back soon my loves! 

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  18. Seeing such sweet posts from @jolin_chan and @BaiZiHua is making me happy but sad at the same time. I wish this series never ended! It was very fun being in this thread. I enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts and comments regarding TJOF. Thank you so much for taking out the time to make this thread so enjoyable and exciting! Hopefully we can run into each other in a different forum/thread one day. Some of us are actually meeting up for coffee and lunch thanks to this thread!! :D I would love to meet my fellow drama addicts if anyone is living in Austin Texas. 

    WOW! There are so many Aussies in this thread! Any Americans in here? @BellyButton LOL at the riding in kangaroo's pouch to get around. I'm from Texas and everyone thinks we ride horses to get around too! HAHA 

    What is that black box thing they're holding? A fan?? 

    For those who hate NMT.. She looks friendly here. Shoot the famous "splashing 3 life pool" water on QG. Probably cause Li Ying looks really scary with all the bloody make up.

    Bowing down to the one and only Demon Goddess!! BTW, Halloween is coming up. I would love to be Demon Goddess HQG! :rolleyes:

    Awww. QG snoring next to Sifu and he is unable to sleep. :wub: If only this was actually in the series! I want these too to at least become a cute couple in the series. In real life.. That is kind of impossible. I don't believe they are dating since Wallace said he would definitely reveal the person he's dating.  

    Demon Goddess: "BACK THE H3LL OFF MY SIFU NI MAN TIAN!!":angry:

    Xiao Yue's last breath.. 


    Demon Goddess: "Don't call me Xiao Gu" (I think that's what she said.. Based on my Mandarin knowledge)

    What does the caption say here?

    OK, time for some beautiful Wallace photos! <3 <3 <3

    OMG, he went blonde!! He just got 10X hotter. Is that even possible?!! :sweatingbullets::sweatingbullets:


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  19. @miaka fy Thank you the short clip with Xia Jie Jie and Demon Goddess! They're finally reunited. :D

    Fan art of Demon Goddess biting Sifu's neck. Payback is so nice! hihihi :P


    No way.. She actually bite him?! WHOAHH?!! Sorry, I've been MIA in this forum so this is new to me.. 


    This picture is extremely sad to me. Just look at both of their expressions.. Wallace's hand is filled with tears. :( 


    Can someone tell me why all the casts are doing this dance/form? 

    Tang Bao doing the same dance. lol

    Dong Fang looks super cute here. I think he's better looking in modern attire. 


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  20. @BaiZiHua LOL That's really big.. I was tempted to get the largest one but I already have a giant teddy bear. He's taking up a lot room in my apartment so I'll refrain from doing that hihi. :sweatingbullets:

    @jolin_chan i saw another one last night. It was longer and had more BTS with the other casts. I will check out Tian Tian's account! I like the feather but the bell looks a bit poorly made. 

    @YangD & @PUNG OMG OMG.. I was at work and I saw the translation to the picture and almost had a heart attack! So it's not real. Ya'll got me there lol. :crazy:

    Besides these merchandise, I am crossing fingers and praying that they release an OST!! I really like the OST in this series so hopefully we will be able to have them. If there really is a full uncut version of the series, I will definitely buy it!

    OH noo. Why do these fans have to fight? Why can't they all just get along? These fans are making things difficult for their idols. Ughhh. :angry:

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  21. @BaiZiHua You're very welcome! :D I do a lot of work on Amazon so of course I would search for the product there. hehe I placed an order today 9/4/2015 and it says the item will arrive in 10/1-10/something.. WTHH??!! I have to wait like a month to get Tang Bao toy?!!! Free shipping in exchange for a month of waiting. CRAP. :( 

    @BellyButton  I can see why the bell is becoming such a hit! The series is doing so well. I want one myself but aside from Chinese websites (TaoBao), I cannot find it anywhere else. I can't read Chinese so its hard for me to do anything there.. -_- 

    You know what I would be really cool to have?? All ten of the Magical Deity Devices! I especially want The Harp of Flowing Time! LOL Check out this blog. It talks about all the ten deity devices! 


    @funnlimmsia I think they sell in bulk from Alibaba and people in the US purchase them to sell on Amazon. The biggest one probably costs $44 if i'm not mistaken.

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  22. @BaiZiHua The Tang Bao toy is actually being sold on Amazon ranging from $10-44! There are 8 different toys to choose from. :D I hope this helps. I am going to get the 14'' Tang Bao Christmas Colorful LED Light Up Speaking Pillow Creative Caterpillars Doll. HAHA I think im a little too obsessed with this series. My excuse: It's only $20!! :lol:



    OMG, I hope it lights up like this! So cool!! :D


    @YangD AWW!! I think Li Ying was trying to go for the "blood sucking by vampire" expression there. LOL So cute! 

    @jolin_chan b Loving the videos you shared! I really want to see more BTS clips from this series. Li Ying's voice and the way she talks sounds very similar with the person dubbing over her. LOL at the lights turning off too. 

    @kashie19 As for the palace bell, I can't find the one you are referring to either.. I don't think these are available in America. :/

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  23. @YangD LOL!! I know what you mean. We're all adults here. hehehe

    @hentram Yes!! OMG, I want Sifu to remember that scene too! LM is such a busy body. Why go tattle tale? Just shut up before QG comes to take your life!!

    @dominjoonssi HAHAHA thanks for the rest of the white ferret and sifu collection! So cute!! :P

    @Le_Amarant  YESSSS! It would be really nice to see HQG get angry for once.. She's way too kind and puts everything on her shoulders. Maybe thats why later on she snapped and became demon goddess. She realized it un the end when everyone she cared about died.

    I am so excited for this week's new episodes. We finally see HQG in the blue hoodie. 

    Sifu and dinosaur/lizard/dog/rock demon. lol 

    DF bringing QG back! :D  


    OMGGGGG!! Sha Jie Jie has become OLDDDD!! NO!! Prepare the tissues!! :tears:


    Off topic. Li Ying in the new Legend of Zu series. I quite like the make up and wardrobe.


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