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  1. I want see this: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av41532836?from=search&seid=4897881993293068299
  2. What make the last few eps worse is, that the cut so many scene out, that you cant follow the story. It is so confusing...
  3. Yes...but the good thing in the end is, she realized it herself. The letter, that she wrote him said everything. You could see how she grow up . She made her way.
  4. Oh yes...yesterday I bing-watch the last 8 eps in Vietsub. And I must say, I was so disappointed. Especially the last 5 eps. is a messy thing! The only good thing is, it has a HE. I hope that will come soon! That will make the drama better. My POV: The first 12 was very good and I loved it. Eps 13-18 it was OK not more. Eps 19-24 just confusing. First I was glad, that it will be only 24 Eps. I hope it was short and perfect drama. But now I just can said, the drama is not thorough. What disappointed me most is, that the character didn't changed much. I was hopping it will be a grow-up drama, where you can see how the student becomes adult. If someone like this kind of drama, I just can recommend In a good Way, even it has an OE! All the characters here a great and you will see how they develop. The Englisch title is: In a good way
  5. That is what I think too. Did any of you saw "In a good Way" from Taiwan. I think and hope this drama can be similar. It is about student, who grow up and learnd to be independent. The main character there handle the thing much more mature than this two, although they have the same base. First love! This drama and that "In a good Way" remember my youth - my friendship and that what we went through, how we grow up with everythin that happen in our life. I think it depends how old the viewer is, they will love an other character here and you will see every situation in a other way. I am looking forward to the sub, because I don't understand what they said, so I can't said now. How the character will develop. I just saw the last eps. and they are much more mature than. But the way to this , is what I am curious about. Lets talk about: When did ChengHe started to like XueTong and why?
  6. all 4 have there strongs and weaks, but at the moment XueTong is my favorite too. I have to waite until all eps. is sub and I can watch it, so I can understand all the character more. Especially this of QiQi and Xiao Tang. BaiLi is cute, but for me she is still a little girl. I hope she will grow up more. The reason why pick this bf is, because she still dream of an "oppa" - a boy with a good body. and this boy is an athlete. XueTong and ChengHe relationship is sweet but, because both didn't have any experience, I am missing some deeps there. And both didn't handle it so well.
  7. I bing watch it too even I didn't understand what they said, because I wanted to know if it is a HE! It was important for me that it is a HE! I hate drama which is too long and the relationship are too complicated. too all: Which character of this 4 girls do you like most
  8. That is the reason why I like this drama...it is different than the other romance drama at the moment. There a so many drama at the moment with a handsome and rich man/boy with a nice poor girl. It is always the same story.
  9. @forgottenSoul I only know, that it is subbed in Vietnamese until eps. 12. I didn't find the an English one I just send you a pm - you find it in Vietnamese sub on youtube
  10. It is a pity, that there is not more people like or watch this drama. Maybe it is the actors are not so famos and pretty. But that is exactly why I love it. It is closer to reallity
  11. I love how it started - first friendship which developed to something more. Not love at first sign.
  12. on which eps are you? I just finished eps 12 - and I like it so far
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