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  1. I am still very busy, as soon I have time, I will do it...
  2. so I am back and have to go and read all your comment....hahaha! Still rewatching the drama.... Here is my first FMV, that I made for this drama....hope you like it. v
  3. Yes, same feeling here. That what you miss in the book you will find in the drama and vice versa I like the end of the drama better, than that of the book. Every figures fit perfect in. I love the end, where they show a mature XiaoXiao. Even he is a love rival with LuYi, he wanted to rescue him from the jail. He didn't stay back and try to win JianXia, while LuYi was in jail, but went to the army so he can help his country. The end shows how everybody stay together in the same town....a perfect happy end.
  4. @angelangiethank you for all the information and discussion, it was a plasure to analyze the drama compare the book with you!
  5. yes....so sad. I was so busy the last few days I was so busy (work and family duty), that I couldn't watch all episode properNow it end. After this week I have more free time to watche it completely...hope some of you are still here for a discussion! Maybe I started from the beginning again.
  6. Some Viet-fans has started to translate some of the extras....
  7. Sad..because he coudn't do anything. It was the time, when he knew her identity and wanted let her go. But ChenFu told his brohter, that he never want to hear that (marry JinXia) again. <We all knew how loyal ChenFu toward LuYi is>
  8. right...first he argues a lot with JinXia, but laterr he started to love her. When LuYi started to be cold toward JinXia, he was very angry and told his brother. ChenFu asked him, if he wanted to marry JinXia...and ChenXiao said: Why not, if LuYi doesn't want to marry her, there are still some out, who will (the funniest thing ist, LuYi heard this conversation)
  9. The problem is the script-writer, did not understand the book or what the fans of them feels. And the main lead Gau Wei Guang played 3 characters from the book (DH, the prince and an other man in the dream land). In the book, this are 3 different person with 3 different characters. Sorry, Gau Wei Guang is not a first class actors, who could act 3 different character in one drama. Just as DH (the main person) he couldn't convienced me at all. Dilireba is very pretty and would be fit for the character, but her acting is so bad. I don't want to offend any fans of them here...but that is my only opinion. The only drama that I like, where she is the main leader was the flames daughter, but it is just because I love Vic Zhou in there. If it isn't because of him, I would droped this drama too. There are a lot of actress or actor, which I don't like but, but they are great actors. Like YanMi, don't like her at all - but I must say she is a great actress! Normaly I don't watch any drama with her, but if I watch a part, than she impresse me. Allen Ren and Seven Tan are not very famous, because they are not so handsome or pretty as Wei Guan/Dilireba or other actor/actress. But the point is, they could portrayed so well...that you could feel it.
  10. lets talk about JinXia flirty person...I always must laugh, when she sees pretty woman. she started to complement them or start to flirt with them, as like JinXai herself are a man! It is so funny to watch. What I love in this drama too is how, JinXia and LuYi funny relationship. How they prank each other, whenever they have the chance... This is a low-budget drama....I think the reason why it is so sucessful is, first of all the script-writer did a good job. than the main actors played their character perfect....about the chemistry btw. the main leads are super.
  11. I wont say that JinXia ist more intelligent than LuYi. Of course he has a better training than her. But if he hasn't basic, he wouldn't be their and could solve so many cases. I remember oen part where JinXia asked him, why he knows so much and then he told her, it is experience. Of course, he is older than her too. They are very equal intelligent and together they are very strong. What I love in this drama is, that both are equal. In one thing they are different: He could fight better than her - she handle people better than him. yes she has a very righteous feeling that somehow push her to do the correct thing I agree with both of you...but one thing should be clear, she already has feeling for him (she is not aware of it), befor he was poisoned. She has loves dreams about him... If you have facebook: go to this groupe...they have a lot of information. It is very funny their too. I am lucky I can read everything there... https://www.facebook.com/Cẩm-Y-Chi-Hạ-锦衣之下-VNFC-217785005630767/ When I first saw this pic month before the drama was broadcast - I suspected that this will be the End, because in the novel they describe the end like that.....
  12. me too...that is what make a good drama! Why am so disappointed about the pillow book. Did you read the novel....it is fantastic. I love it very much. It is one of my altime favorit. But I can't stand to watch the drama. in the drama he is more childish... I cried too...