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  1. @BaiZiHua AWW! I miss you too dear. I miss our Concubine Club! :D Glad you could finally get Tang Bao. Thanks for sharing! 

    @kashie19 Ok, thanks! I will pass on The Place then. Where can i watch “Love Me If You Dare”? And what time?

    @BellyButton YESS! OMG, glad to know that i’m not the only one. hehe I doubt they are related at all. If they were, one of their Bio would mention it already. I still think they remove the scenes to get fans to buy the DVDs. Marketing tactics. Kissing is nothing. What century are we in now? Kids these days have been exposed to much more graphic stuff. 

    Thanks for the clip of Wallace caring and nagging to his fans to go home. I just love him more and more every time I learn new things about him. How can those fans stay so calm and only want his autograph?? I would have totally lost my s**t. I’ll be crying and tipping over cause i tend to lightheaded when i get too excited. :rolleyes: LOL He still looks absolutely beautiful in the clip. :wub:

    @tlt Yes m’am! I am Vietnamese. I added you in the Translating the TJOF Epilogue. I’ve been too busy lately to help @missjade and @IMOmusings proofread and translate. Hope we could use more help! :P

    I kind of guessed they wouldn’t air anything new so i didn’t watch the re-aired version. @kashie19 didn’t recommend The Palace. I heard that LY’s character is super evil and is not the main lead. Chen Xiao and another actress are the two main leads.

    @mmrod_04 I think they made it private bc of copy right infringement. Try viki.com instead. They have it in 720P! 

    LOL! I agree. Shifu was already living in the same house, fixing the house and eating meals together way before DF. I didn’t remember when he stared called HQG Xiao Gu. 

    @BaiZiHua Whoah. You’re part French? I know a few Viet/French people as well. Bonjour! :)

    @bubblyb00 Thanks for sharing the GREAT NEWS!! OMG maybe we will finally see the uncut version this time around. CROSSING FINGERS AND TOES!

    Cute selfies.. 


    Flawless. <3


    This would be a good opportunity to fall off the elevator so that Wallace can rush over and rescue me. LOLL @ConcubineClub

    @Sohu: A press event for Love Me If You Dare is to be held in Beijing on Oct 12 at 14:00. This series will air on Sohu on Oct 15 at 22:00.


    Love Me If You Dare stills



    LMIYD 14 minute trailer. 

    More Wallace artworks. 


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  2. @kklucybv101 haha Im telling you, Wallace is either going to make all of our BFs jealous or ruin it for us girls. Looking at him just makes everyone else look so ugly. 

    @BellyButton I looked him up cause i thought he looks a lot like Huang Xiao Ming and Zhu Ran. His name is Zhu Zi Xiao (朱梓骁). They are also in Ji Xiang Tian Bao together. Doesn’t seem like a good series. 

    “They took so long to cover up that his hands must be darn tired trying to hold up and not rest on LiYing.  LiYing's hanging out legs must be damn sore too.   And with hot lights shining on both of them, not easy.  This is indeed a darn hot scene and yes cannot figure out why those kisses between  couldn't make it to the screen but this bedroom scene could.” 

    LOL!! I didn’t notice until you pointed that out. The two are indeed professionals. It looks pretty darn cold and they had to shoot the scenes near water. The Palace is a movie, not an old drama. 

    @Cupcakeninja I agree too. But then if you had a hot teacher like Wallace, that’s like impossible. Sorry but i too would fall in love with my master and society can kiss it! LOL 

    Movie poster for Ji Xiang Tian Bao. He's the 2nd one from the right. He REALLY looks like Zhu Ran in this picture. 


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  3. @Cupcakeninja LOL!!! I know right?! I had to pause several times. It's insane how artists can shoot this kind of scene while so many people are present. LY always had cute and innocent roles. The behind the scenes are probably worse than actual bed scenes.. I was thinking of watching The Palace a while back but i didn't commit to watching it. Do you think its worth it? Wallace is indeed a God among mortals. He's definitely every girl's dream.. :rolleyes:

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  4. @tlt Really? They didn’t want to include REAL and crucial scenes in the actual HQG but the rip-off version instead? WOW. No un-cut scenes yet? :o NOO!!! Are you also Vietnamese?

    @nedayaj88 LOL! I completely agree with you. I re-watched this series many times and did catch somethings i didn’t the first time. The hatred, obsession, and tragedies is what made this an epic series.

    “It's interesting how much one can endure so much suffering and change so much too... It's sad because it's happens often in life, where we all grow up innocently and sweet, but through obstacles and challenges, some of us can change so much.” I can understand why she changed so much. Tang Bao’s death made her snap and the desolated force is naturally evil and made her bitter and easily agitated.. But then she never killed anyone bc should couldn't betray herself, her true nature. 

    I would have given up on BZH a long time ago too LOL! Maybe its bc we have a lot more pride than HQG. If someone does not love you back, why persist on trying to make him love you to that extent? I think after HQG was banished into Mang Hua, that would have been it for me. YUP EFF this.. Goodbye my beautiful, kind, yet cold Shifu.. I would just give up on everything.. I wouldn't be running to Chang Liu to see BZH after I was able to leave Mang Hua. I guess maybe we aren’t in her shoes and her love is like extremely deep.

    @mmrod_04 Yes, i just saw the first part of it. I think the voting thing ended.. 

    @tlt @Soniya15 “At least XLN and YG both admitted that they love each other. Whereas BZH lies to himself all the time that he is doing it for Chang Liu and his disciple HQG. What if she wasn't his disciple? What excuses will BHZ make up? I just don't like the fact that he lied to himself the whole time.”

    I think the reason for that is because XLN never spend her life outside of the Ancient Tomb so she could care less about rules and what society thinks of her. BZH is kind of like an icon for the whole 7 immortal sects so he has to go by the rules and care about his image. Its a huge burden he carries. 

    @IMOmusings You took the words out of my mouth! :) I believe the series you are referring to The Snow is Red. The one with Kristy Yang, Mimi Kung, Alice Chan and Andrew Yuen right? The feud actually went through 3 generations total. Watching HQG reminded me of this series as well!

    @bubblyb00  OMG. That is soooo awkward. I can't imagine LY filming such erotic scenes. I can't even watch it without flinching. :crazy: I would die if so many people were watching me film like that. Yup, that's some real sacrifices there people. LOL

    Wallace in a photoshoot. PERFECTION. :wub:



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  5. @tlt I am watching the aired version now after a week without reading up on this thread. I have seen this series 4-6 times, but mostly only the scene that I like.. They’re mostly scenes between or beloved BZH and HQG of course. :D I am currently at the scene where Xiao Yue and HQG are being imprisoned. Its about to get real sad. T__T I agree with you about ZX! She was the biggest cause for their tragedy.. She is extremely stubborn, jealous and arrogant. I have names for the 3 females i really dislike in this series.. Jelly b**ch #1 = NMT, Jelly b**ch #2 = ZX, and Jelly b**ch #3 is QS. I dislike all of them for their jealous and evil ways. lol

    Thank you for all the updates on this series! Everyone is still unable to let it go because it is simply that GOOD. This drama will definitely be one of my all time favorites. 

    mmrod_04 I thought the voting thing ended so i stopped voting. When will it end? Wallace is currently #1 again! :D

    Not sure if anyone saw this yet but I ran into this clip while suffering youtube.. Its the scene that was cut out where HQG recalls everything. HQG wakes up crying after drinking the potion that allows her to remember everything. She has been sleeping for 1000 years?? (According to my limited Mandarin) She also wants three days time to think before returning to Chang Liu. Oh and the song playing in the background is new. I have never heard it before.. PLEASE ADD MORE THE OST AND DRAMA. Lord, I beg of you. Please grant our wish! PLEASE!! :(:(

    PS: Anyone else understand Vietnamese willing to help @IMOmusings  and @missjade  translate the epilogue to English?  

    AHH!!!! HUNAN TV!! WHY DO YOU TORTURE US AGAIN?!! Just give us the darn uncut FULL version already. I can't do this again. I might just wait till the DVD comes out and purchase that. I don't want to be disappointed again.:tears::tears:

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  6. Hello my lovely soompiers! I am back after a few days. I went on a short vacation so i have not had a chance to post or reply to any of you. I was afraid everyone would stop getting on this thread. :sweatingbullets:

    @miaka fy LOL the scar guy is pretty handsome. I wouldn’t mind it if LY is dating him. As long as she’s still really close to Wallace and they are a couple in another series. :D 

    Crap, i do not remember the keychain.. ZR had something like that? I cannot remember! :( Nicolas Tse is still hot as ever. He’s actually very smart and successful now. He has the full package! Tang Bao actually lights up and says “Niang Qing” “I’m hungry” “I am Tang Bao”. Very cute. Did you order one? 

    I really like watching Up Idol. I’ve seen that dancing scene so many times and it still makes me laugh every time! Ada, Na Jie and LY are my three favorite bc they’re so funny. LY is getting more comfortable with the show compared to the first few episodes. I watch it every week when it airs. 

    OMG the passionate kiss scene!! If only there was a video. :( LOVING the GIF of Wallace and LY. They’re soo darn cute together! 

    @Mikki- OH NO!! Wallace is kissing guys! LOLL Nooo! Kiss females, not males. HAHA 

    “Sha Quian Mo and Lang Ge Ge couldn't make HQG fall for them so they've decided to fall for each other in a new drama adapted from a boys love novel. They have been confirmed as the male leads. Not kidding”  HAHAHA oh my goodness. I don’t think it would be good. 

    I love the GIF of Wallace having fun. He looks completely different from his usual self. So darn cute 

    @BellyButton I don’t actually like white pants or tight pants at all. LOL Glad you like them! 

    @denden18 OMG I know!!! Its sooooooo unfair. 

    @nedayaj88 YESS Wang Xiu Ze is indeed hot! I could already see his hotness under all that weird veiny make up lol. I was wondering what his name was so thank you! :D

    @xiao_lu @missjade Welcome to our crazy/obsessive thread! You are very welcome. I only know of this website that does English summaries. I doubt it is the actual translation cause the chapters seem a bit shorter. I too translate from Viet to English so if you need any help, feel free to ask me. My Viet is not up too great so it takes me a long time to translate. It’s good to know that there’s another person who can help us translate! Thank you in advance! :D

    Link to the translations in English  https://dorayakiz.wordpress.com/category/the-journey-of-flower-novel/

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  7. @thundergirl3 hahaha!!! OMG, thank you for helping me with my scheme to meet/touch Wallace. Concubine Club is so reliable. Make sure I look like I'm hurt enough to to be hospitalized.. :crazy: Maybe Wallace will contact me afterwards about my recovery. LOL 12 million girls?! Holy moly. Well, i doubt they are as devoted like the ladies in our Club. Look at all the schemes we came up to get rid of them! :D

    @BellyButton LOL!!!! I have tears in my eyes when i read your comment. If memory wiping isn’t going to work, we can always banish them to Man Huang!!! B) 

    @Bella-Chimura I like your idea. Taking the kinder route. hehehe 

    Some pics of the lovely cast!


    LY looks flawless in her new series. I still can't get myself to like William. He's not charming at all. :/ I'm not looking forward to this series cause of William. Boooo. 

    LY loves kissing females. LOL If only Wallace does too! <3

    Someone made a collection of Wallace's reaction to the kiss between LY and the host on Up Idol. LOL So cute OMG! 


    @funnlimmsia Oh, she looks like Tammy Chen so i assumed. Perhaps not. 

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  8. Aww. Thats so sweet of Wallace for caring for his fans. He looks so hot when he's yelling!! Whoooh!! :w00t: Shoot, i wouldn't mind a few bruises if I get to touch him. LOL :wub: Note to self: When i get a chance to see Wallace at any event, i will ask my friends or strangers to knock me over to get his attention. HAHAHA 

    Wallace with Tammy Chen. Not sure if this is a movie or ad. 



    More photos of Wallace at the SK-II








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  9. @denden18 I got Tang Bao doll on Amazon for $18.99. Shipping will take like 3 weeks but its free. There are 3 different sizes to choose from. Here is the direct link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B012CRXUZU?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00

    Going off topic here.. For those of you who watch Up Idol.. This is a really funny scene with LY and the other ladies dancing to Big Bang's Fantastic Baby. Really funny so i wanted to share. :D LY is completely a different person on this show. 

    Here is a collage of her "bluntness" or some people would say that she was being rude. lol I find it funny cause everyone is caught off guard by her comments. 


    Most of you are probably re-watching TJOF like me. Our obsession doesn't stop until the uncut version is released. I found this MV surfing the net. The quality is decent (720p) I don't think this is the actual MV but a fanmade. The song is called "In the Night". Enjoy! 

    Scratch that.. This one is way better! Better quality and it has the death scene. Gonna download both! :D


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  10. @YangD @tlt Thanks so much for the translations!! I remember the bromance between White Tofu and Jing Tian in Chinese Paladin 3. I would really like LY to star in a series with Hu Ge and Wallace at the same time! My dreams will totally come true. hihi :wub:

    Wallace is describing a Goddess (LY is this generation's Goddess).. I bet like 2% of the world's population meets his standards.. 

    @thundergirl3 You're welcome dear! I think Walace is getting too thin too. :( 

    On a positive note.. I just got my Tang Bao doll. It's smaller than I expected. Gosh, my arm looks so dark in this photo lol. Leave it to Texas to turn everyone into charcoal.  


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  11. @tlt Glad to know you’ve finally got it to activate! I just added you. :) 

    @bubblyb00 Yes! That was my first thought when I saw the boy too. He looks part white. I loveeeee Dylan Kuo!! He’s so handsome. <3  

    @miaka fy Wallace is sooo beautiful. But i think he’s getting way too skinny now. Im concerned! He should hurry up and get a GF so she can feed him. :D Nooo! I don’t want LY to date the scar face guy. T__T BTW, I don’t remember the flower keychain being in TJOF. 

    This is a cute GIF of LY. She's been extremely popular now a days. She' all over the TV and Weibo. Credits to https://cdramadevotee.wordpress.com/ If you're a fan of LY, follow this blog. She does a lot of posts relating LY. 


    Legend of Zu released a 15 minute trailer. 

    LY in variety show called "Chef Nic"with William 



    Wallace's new movie trailer, Inside or Outside. Jang Hyuk is in it too?!  Two eye candies!! I'm definitely watching this!



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  12. @eyeglass400 shared this on Weibo to me and i will share it with our Concubine Club. TA-DA! Our Peach Blossom soup! :D






    If LY and WH had babies, their kids would look like this! Some fan used a baby maker app or program to do this. I think the boy is super cute!!! They should use better pictures to do this. 

    0068SBA5jw1ew49gfoouzj309d0godgs.jpg    0068SBA5jw1ew49gf565tj309d0go0tp.jpg

    For those who created a weibo, add me! Username: tammywammy512


    UPDATES on Tang Bao doll.. It seems that my item was delivered on Wednesday but i was unaware! I can't pick up the package till Monday since the main office is closed on Sundays. T__T I will upload some photos of my doll to share with you guys once i get it. 

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  13. @BaiZiHua LOL! Thank you for the changes. :D Our club is getting crowded. 

    @eyeglass400 Thanks dear! I added you as well. :D You're welcome. Im glad I was able to help everyone understand.

    @LuMNaL Of course we do not mind SXM is all yours! You can join us anytime. hihi

    @thundergirl3 LOL at the Consort Club idea! Let’s invite Yun Yi, Yun Yin, Zhu Ran, Asian Fabio and his underlining (Scar face guy)!! Let’s take the party to the Seven Murder Faction’s lair.. This will be a more private, R-rated place for us ladies to do anything we please! 

    @YangD Love the pic of Wallace! Saved it. <3 Thanks love!! Thanks for the DVD news. 

    @tlt @Mikki I created the weibo account years ago. I don’t remember if you have to add in your phone number but i doubt its necessary. You can sign in you phone or any device using your username or email address. I can’t read Chinese either so i used google translate to make the account. Let me know whenever you guys create one. I’ll follow back! :D

    @BaiZiHua HAHAHA!!!! Too funny! Catfish is too obsessed with BZH. He should back up bc us wives won’t let him be if he dares to break us up!  

    “And we all live there with him and sometimes go chill with SXM and his his Consort Club. As you know we are not allowed to be bad (insert any or all of the naughty things you want to do to here) with BZH at Chang Liu cause it's a cultivating place so we all head of to Demon God Palace to spend time with Zi Hua (wink wink “ 

    LOL! You beat me to it. I mentioned that we should take the real partying to the Seven Murder Factions. Now we can do naughty things there too. hehehe :w00t: If we don't have our own chambers, do we at least have our own rooms? There should be plenty of room in the Emotionless Hall for 13 people right? 

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  14. Got a short clip of LY answering questions regarding her relationship with WH. 

    Reporters: This question is for WH. You guys are together isn't it? 

    Fans: No! No! No. (Not right!) (Dang, fans.. Calm down.)

    WH: The question you asked is very strange. 

    Reporters: Currently on Weibo, there are a lot of rumors, do you know?

    LY: I have seen them and though they were very strange. The movie has been shot a long time ago. Maybe the movie was too reverse/backwards. The love could not be expressed fully/contently so thats why audiences will have regrets. We genuinely thank you for your love.

    Reporter: Li Ying, Hua Ge is he really your ideal type in real life?

    LY: Yes! That’s right! (She answered without hesitation! :D Everyone laughs at her answer, even WH) Why? Is there something wrong? (Of course not. He's our ideal type too. hihihi)

    Reporter: If I'm not wrong, you mentioned that you would want to get married within this year. Whether.. 

    LY: (Cuts his off) Who said that?! Wait a minute, who said that? I’ve never confirmed that i would want to be married this year. I’ve never said such a thing!

    Reporter: Then do you never want to date/be in a relationship? 

    LY: I do! But then everyday, i am busy with work, i do not have the time.

    Reporter: With a man like WH, did you ever feel shaken? 

    LY: Working together with one another doesn’t mean that it would lead to feelings in the beginning. There has to be a time where you get to know the person, interact with one another in real life, right?

    LY starts laughing and covering her face with the cards.. Then looks over to WH. Maybe thats what her company told her to say. She's always been the blunt type so saying all these without hesitation can only mean that she was told to say them or practiced to how to answer before hand. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy!

    If there's a full version in Viet, please @ me and ill translate! :D

    @BaiZiHua I will gladly abide by the CC contract! I just thought we could like umm.. Call dibs for rankings or something. hihi Catfish is the villain so he should be excluded (along with NMT) from our family portrait! Plus NMT only wants SF.. 

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  15. @Bella-Chimura I would love to help translate the event.. Unfortunately, I can only understand Vietnamese. (I know a little Mandarin) but i am sure the Viet fans will upload the subbed version on youtube soon and I will gladly translate it! :D 

    @thundergirl3 LOL I think we have similar humor/thoughts of TJOF. Its so refreshing to find someone you don’t know who kind of gets you! <3 PS: Huomis will probably want our heads (Concubine Club) 

    @BaiZiHua OMG I LOVE YOU FOR MAKING THE CONCUBINE CLUB FAMILY PORTRAIT! HAHAHA!!! You beat me to it! I was thinking of making something that would represent our CC! HAHAHA OMG HAHAHA Yes! I am next to HQG! Does that mean I hold the 2nd place in terms of rankings (since I called dibs??) You made my night girl. HAHA Viewers would love this BZH 2.0 version. I will definitely watch this series. LOL 


    @BellyButton “concubines are entitled to their own special chambers right?  So they have eastern palace, southern palace, what should the concubines' palaces be called?” HAHA! Look at you already planning for our future! NMT will be the CC’s common enemy. I love the spa and wine idea. I’m in! hihi 

    @eyeglass400 You're welcome dear! I can’t understand Chinese either. I was only translating from Vietnamese to English. Vietnamese is rather close to Chinese so its pretty accurate. :D Welcome to our Concubine Club!! My weibo account is http://weibo.com/tammywammy. Feel free to add me! :) I hardly post anything though. 

    This is a different clip from the banquet. They look super awkward getting up on stage. I will wait for the Viet subbed version to come out and then ill translate it for you guys. <3


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  16. Not sure if you guys can see this but I hope we can see this in the uncut version too. Its in slow-mo. Look at the way Sifu is caressing Xiao Gu on the waist! For a second there i thought Xiao Gu was ready Sifu's lips.. :wub: In the interview they said they filmed this kiss scene the 2nd day they started shooting TJOF. They were so hot and sweaty (I would be too... Not from the weather though. lol), their mouths were covered in fake blood and they felt like throwing up. 


    How I wish I could paint well. I would definitely paint and share it to Wallace and LY and maybe they'll forward it or share on weibo. :D631037005HcFuPjw1eu93nrjlklj30vn0hsgok.j

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  17. @Bella-Chimura I think she did lose some weight also she lost some baby fat due to time. She was cute in a childlike way before in Legend of Lu Zhen. Now, she’s really pretty and cute at the same time. Especially in TJOF and Legend of Zu. I got my mom to watch Legend of Lu Zhen and she loves it! She loves Chen Xiao and LY’s chemistry. LOL My mama is a drama addict too. 

    Make sure you make it up to your lover! 

    @YangD Im jelly too. I like how LY grabs FGG and makes sure Wallace kisses her. I love how you guys hate Frida standing next to Wallace lol He’s getting hotter every time i see him. OMG.. I’m drooling over the pictures of the banquet.  

    “oh no you are too late now, Nan Xian  Yue already borrow it to put on his head.:lol::lol:..too bad haha….hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" LOL!!!!! You just cracked me up so bad!! OMGGG

    @tlt OMG that little GIF is too adorable! Did Wallace blow a kiss at LY? :D 

    @thundergirl3  “LOL, can you imagine my other BZH if I told him I wanted to join the Concubine club. This will definitely be his reaction below. He'll projectile vomit blood on me!!!”  OMG HAHA!!! I laughed so hard at this comment! Good thing i don’t have a significant other currently. Or else they're going to be so jelly!

    @miaka fy HAHA I am really loving this Concubine Club idea!! Thank you dear Miaka Jie Jie for sharing him. :D

    @mmrod_04 @Asianfemale “That frida girl is pretty but the more you look at her she gets boring and her looks just not attractive anymore. But as for liying she's one cute little lady. The more you look at her the more adorable she is.” 

    “WTH??!! Why is Frida, Li Chun, NMT .......whatever she goes by! Standing thisclose to Oh So Hot Wallace???!!! Get away from him!!!!:angry: Is it me? Or does it seems like Wallace is trying to put some distance between him and LiYing, he looks like he is trying to hide behind What's Her Face.. Frida, but when he & LY interact  with each other, they both seem to light up. 

    Let's hope What's her Face is just a decoy, to take off prying eyes away from WH & LY (please,please let them be a couple!)” 

    You guys are soo funny! Frida portrayed her role too well. We all HATE her character. As for the person, I'm sure no one here actually hates her. Only her character! We only love in the forum. <3 <3 <3 :wub:

    @thundergirl3 “On a more personal note, I find it's pretty funny because the Concubine Club have invested a lot of time and emotion in this drama, and sometimes it's hard not to get caught up in the obsession, however if you feel that we're too intense just say it how it is and we'll agree to disagree on some things…” LMAO!! I love how your comment went from really serious to our club. I burst out laughing when i read “Concubine Club”!!! 

    @BaiZiHua I haven’t heard from you in a while! Welcome back! You are right! All of us sisters in this Concubine Club are extremely sweet and kind.

    “HQG said it was okay for BZH to have extra wives on the side (bwahahahahaha).” Yup! I was there when HQG said this. I can attest to this. Since she will be blind, deaf and mute for years, she doesn’t want Sifu to be all alone. We concubines can definitely help BZH and HQG with some household chores!! Maybe we shall divide the tasks. 

    @Bella-Chimura I will take take the second position thank you very much! :D 

    BTW, who keeps voting for these two young boys?! They’re in a group i think. They were guest stars for Up Idol episode 4. I’m sure they’re like under 16. yikes! Children should not participate in a man’s competition!! LOL Hua Ge is back to the #1 spot. Please keep voting!! :D


    @Bellybutton @Mikki- @miaka fy @LuMNaL @Bella-Chimura @thundergirl3 You're very welcome! I had to translate and didn’t have time to read all of you guys’ posts so i needed some time to catch up to this thread. Whooh! Finally caught up. 


    Special thanks to FGG! Truly talented and creative woman. 

    OMG.. Yun Yi and Yun Yin or whatever their names were.. They were actually two people?! Holy cow!! I am blown away now. lol

    Look at Frida staring at her lover (not Wallace)

    YESSSS. You guys make a better couple. Let LY and Wallace be a couple!


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  18. Sorry for the delay. Finally finished translating the interview! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDyJsXDDoOc

    **Left off at 9:52**

    Lady: Honest and lovable/cute! Isn’t it peaceful?

    WH: I am pretty naive 

    Caption: Can you really say that you are naive?

    LY: Yeah, when he said the wrong lines, he will stick his tongue out (OMG Wallace does that? :D)

    Caption: I really want to see!!!! 

    Lady: So cute! I was informed that yesterday you two shot at Chang Sa. There were fans taking pictures of you guys *snap snap* similarly (?) Are you guys the type that has small actions (movements)? 

    WH: Yes yes. 

    Lady: You must have forgotten right? 

    WH: I know, I know. Because when we are filming, i turn over to look at them, everyone one of them was like this (loll at him imitating the fans). What are you guys doing? Watching us film and they are working hard to take pictures. 

    Lady: So in order for them to not do that… You just let them… (Wallace interrupts)

    WH: They’re really showing off. Nonstop

    Caption: A different side/face of (Male) God! Get!

     WH: Its like they have never taken pictures in their entire lives. Its like they've never seen a camera. 

    LY: They’ve never seen you in their entire lives. 

    WH: That’s right. Its like I’m not a person living in this time period. 

    Lady: Really? Then that means they really thought you belonged to/came out of a painting. 

    LY: You really rarely show up. You didn’t know?

    WH: No way, I only hope that it would be quiet when filming. When you're filming, you have to get into character. That’s something thats pretty fun. 

    Caption: He only wants to be a silent (Male) God.

    Lady: Did the two of you have a deep impression while shooting the most difficult scene? What was it like generally? 

    HW: Cannot count it all. It was very tedious everyday. We even film at Guang Xi. It was very scary. The weather was hot, I have never experienced such heat. Moreover, we had to frequently bask in the sun. Caption: The filming and basking in the sun for one day was like training in the military. 

    LY:We had to fight, hang in the air (using strings), and had to bask under the ray of the sun exactly like they do in the military. 

    Lday: You guys had to endure a lot because of this movie. Before you two accepted the script, did you look over the rules/regulations? (I think she asked if they have read the novel before accepting the roles)

    LY: I did read it. 

    Lady: When you read it, did you feel anything?

    LY: I read it for three days straight, i did not leave the house. I was always reading. I read it all

    Caption: (She’s) Pretty hardworking 

    Lady: So do you think that your own thoughts/understanding (after reading the novel) compared to Xiao Gu’s of the novel was any different? 

    LY: I can honestly say that it was very similar. But i didn't have her transformation toward the later stages. She’s very resilient, perseverant, and persistent. She has many friends. She has Sifu. When she received a lot of love, she was very happy. She views the world as the sunshine. 

    Short clips plays..

    LY: When everything was shattered, she has to accept the changes. She cannot let these emotions change her too much. She feels as if everything was all a lie. She doesn’t want to believe in anyone. 

    WH: She becomes a little more scary. 

    LY: Yes. 

    Clip plays:

    Lady: Earlier LY has mentioned, the role Xiao Gu in this movie, on her journey, she received a lot of help from many friends. Her character attracted a lot of love from other male characters. Why do you think they attracted to her?

    LY: She’s very perseverant and persistent. She doesn't want to accept her fate. She's always thinking positively and marching forward. 

    Lady: Back then we saw “Shan Shan Comes” (Boss & Me), I realize that you were very compatible to play lovable and cute roles. 

    Caption: Small sun

    Lady: Currently, do you want to try and take on different type of roles?

    LY: A little. At the time, I was The Legend of Zu, I portrayed a character who is both good and evil. Later on I play a math genius (or nerd), who is a very clever. These roles/characters isn't really cute. Back then, i hope to have a simple movie to gift to myself. Because humans are hard. To be able to have the most worthy thing is something simple. (Can’t seem to translate this even though I understand it LOL) 

    Caption: Zhao Li Ying’s “Shan Shan” reminded her of her most beautiful simple role. 

    LY: That’s why I think back then no matter how many roles i take on, I myself am able to save (keep) the state I was then. Later on in this profession, I hope I myself, can portray a role that will breakthrough (T_T She’s using big words. Sorry guys.) I want to try different type of roles. 

    Lady: Last year Hua Ge had a long time in the series “Battle of Changsha”. He allowed us to see a role that is very dynamic. Its like you have not decided to stop participating in roles with costumes. So this time, you accepted the role BZH, which point attracted to this character? 

    Caption: The man that.. (icon covered up a word) in the soldier costume. 

    (On a side note: LY’s laugh around WH is so cute. She’s always smiling at him, looking at him. So hard to resist his perfect face.. These two need to hurry up and start dating. :D Ok, sorry. Back to translating now.)

    WH: (Now that you mention it), it isn’t little (the number of roles he took on with costumes) The list is pretty long, i want to take a look. Back when we filmed Chinese Paladin 3 and this (movie genre Xian Xa), a lot of young people really like. 

    Caption: Lovable White Tofu. Very compatible with the roles that require costumes.  

    WH: Therefore, i think why not shoot another time. I think filming a Xian Xa is pretty interesting. Moreover, my colleague recommended this series to me.. The whole storyline almost like I have said it over one time. I felt that it was very meaningful. I have not finished reading that novel. I have not finished reading that novel but they told me the whole storyline. They also said there was a lot of audiences felt that my icon/physique can play the role of BZH 

    Caption: Super compatible! (Saying WH is really compatible with the role BZH)

    WH: So i thought I should give it a shot to see what happens. 

    Lady: That’s probably what caused Hua Ge to agree to the role. I believe you two have brought the first BZH and XG. I believe that this has potential and is extremely fitting with the images in the hearts of the people who loves the story. Today, thank you the both of you for coming here and being out guests. Thank you. I welcome you both back again.  


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  19. @tlt I agree. I saw that interview as well. Wallace seemed very genuine when he said those things so i will choose to believe him. 

    @Bella-Chimura you're welcome. :D 

    @Cupcakeninja I've just recently watched LY's series and some clips/interviews but I don't think she's very touchy with her male co-stars. I do watch her current show Up Idol and she is kind of touchy with the other female celebs. Honestly, I feel that she's comfortable with Wallace so the interactions were natural and wasn't awkward. She wasn't touchy with Chen Xiao (Except for the photos of them touching each other's hands on the set of Romance of the condor heroes).   

    The next part of the translation to this interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDyJsXDDoOc

    Continuing from where i left off at 6:30 ish

    Lady: Although the both of you in the series did not speak of, did not admit, resists (from loving one another) and even kill the other person, the other person kills you. 

    Caption: Kill back and forth, what exactly were they killing?

    However, we still found one scene, i found one scene in the trailer, where both of your bodies were full of blood and were even kissing. Was that scene reverse/backwards or was it beauty? (Again, not sure how to explain this part)

    LY: Earlier the reporter had said what that kiss was about. I answered we didn't shoot that kind of kissing scene, we were only sucking blood. (LOL at the Lady’s expression.)

    WH: Sifu was poisoned.

    LY: Had to suck my blood. (look at them finishing each other’s sentences! <3) 

    Lady: Thats why the audiences admire you two! We’re only waiting for this kiss scene but its only a blood sucking scene. (OMGGG I KNOWW I KNOW LADY T__T) 

    WH: Thats right. 

    Lady: What kind of situation was it?

    LY: Because at the time Sifu lost control/mind 

    Caption: Sifu did you roar loudly?

    WH: Ive been possessed (or became a ghost)

    LY: An old illness has relapsed! hihihi (HAHAHA She’s totally messing with him) 

    WH: Its also crazy. Its going along with the novel 

    LY: This is a very important detail

    WH: Moreover, we shot that scene just right after we introduced filming (??) 

    Caption: Just stared filming and is already afraid of the kiss scene of Wallace Hou “qualmish”

    WH: We were so afraid of filming that scene.

    Lady: How come the actors presently all like to shoot the kiss scenes first? Its because you want to develop/grow the emotions right? 

    WH: Its not really because of that. Thats a good thing. 

    LY &WH: I feel that with the super hot weather, along with mouth full of blood, you really feel like throwing up. 

    WH: The both us of, our bodies were drenched in sweat, and our mouths were full of blood.

    Caption: It turns out, movies only trick people. (Meaning movies don’t really show the truth and often shows hides the truth)


    Lady: When first decided the roles of the two of you in this series, because we know about the fans who really really idolize the novel Hua Qian Gu, so many people have said that the you two resemble the characters that they’ve imagined. But i think that to meet the expectations of the viewers, the pressure must have not been low. 

    LY: In a thousand people who've read the novel, there are a thousand different faces.

    WH: Honestly, in the novel, you try to find the person that completely resembles the chapter, but its very difficult (Its hard to find someone in real life who can completely resemble the character in the novel) You only need to find an actor who relatively fits the icon.

    Caption: Doesn’t fear the rules, only needs to put all energy to do the best. 

    LY: We all have our own separate imaginations 

    WH: We all have to visualize. They (the readers) all inspect/consult our physically  

    Caption: So cute ~

    LY: And we were both left to think about it together. haha

    Lady: When you were both on set, did you research into, discuss,  and imagine the script?

    WH: We’ve never research into the basics. I feel that it is very strange. Its very easy to work with each other. I always feel like she is Hua Qian Gu, i am Bai Zhi Hua. It doesn’t ruin the anticipation. Overtime we film, its always smooth/easy. I also want to add, we have not worked together before, shouldn’t we try to get to know each other more? But we definitely didn’t need to get to know each other more. 

    Caption: Smooth cooperations would mean that you can understand/feel one another?? (Hummm. Not sure)

    Lady: I see that currently, the filming of Li Ying, I found out that during the set that you were really quiet and you sit there quietly reading the script. Therefore, the two of you during the set were actually quiet like that. Did you read the scripts together? 

    Ly: Sifu sits over there with the fan blowing, his face full of sweat. I also sit there looking at Sifu with the fan blowing. Looking at him sweat. 

    Lady: I can remember another scene. Because the weather was really hot, the two of you didn’t really joke around and was just sort of like that. 

    Caption: “Doesn’t speak” the daily lives of the master and pupil: looking bewildered/sleep/using the fan. 

    WH & LY: Occasionally, yes, (we do mess/joke around) 

    WH: When we are not filming, we usually sit straight.

    LY: Sleep, sit straight. 

    Lady: Thats why if you do joke around, then Xiao Gu will tease Sifu more or is it Hua ge who will tease our Li Ying more? 

    WH: I tease her more. 

    LY: Sifu is very funny (or is very fun). He is a very honest person

    Lady: Honest and lovable/cute! 

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  20. OMG the leaked pics are sooo hot and steamy!!! 

    @Mikki- Thanks for that info! LY sure is making it look like there is something.

    @eyeglass400_stv I tried to translate the interview and boy was it hard! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDyJsXDDoOc

    Sorry if some of it makes absolutely no sense. Took a few hours just to get here. lol 

    Lady: Hello everyone, welcome to the Hope Program. Our guests today are two actors I really like, Wallace Huo and Zhao Yi Ling. Welcome you two.

    LY & Wallace: Hello everyone.

    They just briefly introduce TJOF.

    Lady: Both of your latest work, “Hua Qian Gu” has been accepted by readers on 9/6. Can you both briefly introduce your characters from HQG? 

    LY: In HQG, I play the role HQG. 

    Lady: WOW! such a simple introduction. 

    WH: In HQG, I play the role BZH. HQG’s sifu. 

    Lady: So the both of you are master and pupil. The level of interest for this series is extremely high. A lot of people have used four words to describe this movie: “ngược tâm, ngược phế”  (Not sure how to translate this part. Kind of like master and pupil relationship is deemed taboo and goes against social customs) “Reverse/backwards heart, reverse/backwards abandon/remove”. Just how much reverse was there? Can you let us know more a little about it?

    LY: It is really reverse/backwards..

    Lady: That is why the two of you… (LY looks over to Wallace laughing while giving him eye contact.)

    Random captions says: “Seducing the person facing her” and “How did I get such a pupil?” (Li Ying calls out Sifu for hinting for him to help her out with the question.)

    WH: Because I feel. How can I say it? The feelings between master and pupil in this movie currently seems like it is inadequate (little). In this ancient series, I try to prevent from this type of emotions/love. Contradictorily, caused that person to be in a lot of pain.   

    Caption: Master and pupil suppresses and lingers on his love for her in his heart and does not speak of it. 

    LY: Cannot express.

    Lady: So that is one the reverse/backwards point (the four words mentioned earlier). That is he loves her but cannot say it. 

    LY: Loves her but it is difficult to say. 

    Lady: Its strange, at that time, the both of you have a lot of works that also is very reverse/backwards. Earlier Huo ge also mentioned this movie is very reverse/backwards. So you acted through the most painful role in a movie with so many reverse/backwards. Why? (I think she meant why did you choose such a hard movie to act with so much emotions)

    WH: A lot of films have a little love that is pretty reverse/backwards. (Not sure if i make any sense here LOL) I am able serve the viewers. This is a pretty popular film. But the way the reverser/backwards for example.. (Im not sure how to translate this part so ill skip it.)

    WH: I asked FGG why did she write such a novel. It is really reverse/backwards. Even I say its reverse/backwards. I feel like we will be more strict. I think if these types of people are more simple or are you really serving the Television, then i will do the reverse/backwards. I can see it completely. But then I see that once i am done acting, i say how can you do that? She said that might be partially be her own feelings added into the novel.

    Lady: What do you think Li Ying? This is very tedious compared to your previous works. A love so miserable/painful. What is the biggest difference? 

    LY: That is “bu ke shuo” (HAHAHA)

    WH: That is the feelings being repressed, extremely hard to accept. 

    LY: Extremely repressed. Really repressed ( LOLL repeating what Wallace said) 

    Lady: So the main reverse/backwards point is that you repressed so much that it becomes reverse/backward. (I think she meant you try to repress your feelings to the point it backfires)

    LY: That word (repress), does not sound good (uncomfortable to hear). Change to a different word. 

    Lady: Its like something you hide inside your heart.

    WH: I think everything is hidden inside the heart.

    Lady: It can only be seen through the eyes and through actions. Actually, when we saw the trailer, the eyes cannot.. 

    Caption: Suddenly think of the expressions in the eyes 

    LY: The expression cannot be shown through the eyes.

    WH: The eye expression full of love that should not be shown. 

    Lady: Then how do you know that he loves you?

    Caption: The affections between master and pupil. Everything depends on feelings.

    LY: This you have to watch from the beginning. Watch from the beginning. He is little by little gathered/combined to become whole. It will prevent you to not seem them as close. Meaning you wont be able to see them interact intimately. Nothing will violate form of communication. The interactions between the eyes. But you can feel their affection. 

    Lady: Both of you won’t say it. (Admit it)

    LY: Its because we cannot say it. 

    Lady: But we see.. When we saw the trailer, the two of you really didn't exchange glances much like you both mentioned. On contrary, there were a lot of scenes about love and killing. Example there was one scene that personally left me with a deep impression. When Sifu takes a sword and stabs Xiao Gu. Xiao Gu bravely accepts the punishment. What kind of situation was that?

    LY: Ending/Severing all connection or relationship 

    Lady: When filming that scene, what were your moods?

    LY: Very hot! (I think LY was slightly embarrassed by her answer and WH quickly helped her answer.)

    WH: It was very hot everyday. 

    LY: All sweated

    Lady: So at the time, you guys were very hot. However during the time, I felt like the both of you reached a high level of emotion. So you must have felt very stressed out. 

    LY: Everything just went naturally. 

    Lady: Was that scene from the movie considered to be the most reverse/backwards?

    WH: No, that scene doesn’t count. 

    Lady: That wasn’t the most reverse/backwards? There’s still something more? How so?

    LY: How can I put this? Over 50 more scenes. 

    Lady: That is too many then! I only said that was the scene that left me with the deepest impression. There was another scene where Xiao Gu is laying on the ground and Sifu is right there. A lot of swords stabbed her body. 

    WH: That is one of the scenes from there. 

    Lady: How did you film that scene? 

    LY: Soul evaporating nails 

    WH: Yes, the soul evaporating nails. That is when she made a mistake. The punishment had to be given by me.. I’m using Sifu’s right to say that when the pupil makes a mistake, Sifu will take on the responsibility of not teaching her well. Therefore, I helped take on the remaining 61 soul evaporating nails and pierce them into my own body. 

    LY: At that time, I (HQG) didn’t know anything. 

    WH: Thats right. 

    Lady: These two scenes was when you injured her the most right?

    WH: I feel that injuring her doesn't mean taking the sword and stabbing her. Also, I feel that this is when you cannot express your innermost feelings. Emotions in the heart cannot be spoken out out. Cannot admit it. After that, he resists (his feelings for HQG). That is something that was most painful. 

    *Will add more soon*

    OMG Look at Wallace all drunk! Awww.  


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  21. @Cupcakeninja YES! If someone finds the link first, please share their Bu Ke Shuo performance. <3 that song! I said that earlier too. If they're only friends i’ll also be content. 

    @Bella-Chimura Ooo!! Thanks for all the detailed info! I think the ending for the series was too rushed. All those things happened and then BAM they ride off into the sunset and we don't know how or why HQG became like that. Too much was missing. I was expecting to see BZH go crazy too. I wish they dragged this series out to like 60 episodes. TJOF fans would not mind at all! If BZH was a lot worse in the series then it won’t make me happy either. Darn. Man HQG goes through tragedy all over again even after she died. FGG can’t seem to give this character a break!  

    “They married, and earlier, HQG feel so lonely because of her disablity. But she said, as long as she can hold BZH hand or sleeve, she will be feel at ease.” AWWW! I always loved the holding on Sifu’s sleeve. So cute. :D

    I can read Viet but it would take a long time to translate this 15 min interview since my Viet is a little rusty. If anyone wants me to translate, let me know. :) 


    @tlt I saw that part too! Li Ying was being honest I believe. Wallace was just trying to make it seem like they're not into each other so there won't be any rumors. hihihi 

    @thundergirl3 haha no wonder we are so hooked on this thread. Our fellow asian friends and family aren’t into TJOF. :/ Its a shame bc this has become one of my favorite series.  

    @litia Really? I am on her Weibo but do not see the post of her liking HuaYing stuff. 

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  22. @Cupcakeninja LOL Girl, i am so down to go to Taiwan. 

    @BaiZiHua HAHAHA! What your boyfriend doesn't know won’t hurt him! Have a wonderful weekend girl! 

    Wallace Huo Concubine Club sounds good to me. :D PS: I’m going to assume all of us in the concubine club are girls. If you’re not a girl, its ok too. haha

    @tlt haha yep. He must have been drinking that sake!! I agree with you about the William and Charlene affair. I don’t think anyone is dumb enough to come in between another couple and have the world hating on them. Why ruin your idol image over some fling? Plus, Wallace is single. If you’re gonna have a fling, have it with him! 

    @thundergirl3 *High fives back* :rolleyes::rolleyes: Great minds think alike! I really like to discuss about the series on here since there’s not many people i know who has watched it and is willing to have a discussion with me. 

    @jolin_chan William Chan ain’t got nothing on Wallace. Sorry to William Chan fans. I’d rather Li Ying be good friends with Wallace than for her to be dating William. If Li Ying claims Wallace, we will all happily forfeit this competition and let her be the head wife and we’ll just stay happy being his concubines. :P

    @Bella-Chimura Thanks for explaining that part to the rest of us who has not read the novel. Wow, so much happens after DG dies. Sounds like this series would need another 10 episodes to fully cover the rest of the novel. Gawddd dang! HQG became blind, deaf and mute? That is a fate worse than death. Why on earth would they let her take the pill to regain memories in exchange for her to become like that? I would rather never regain my memories but be able to see, hear, and talk. HQG leaves him hanging? LOL I can’t imagine her doing anything with him if she's like that. Poor ZR. He traded his soul. OMG. I knew I liked him from the beginning! :D

    @YangD LOL at the Before and After picture of BZH!!! 

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