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  2. Thanks give live streaming..but my line conection too worst.. Just loading and black screen only.. So I just read in here.. Tq for live recap
  3. I'm still following Abyss, but just casually and without urgency... It's not as much fun and not urgent to catch up because I'm watching on my own pace since I have no one to discuss it with anyway in the main thread. Most people are not liking that the drama is lacking romance and to be too graphic with the violence... I myself find it alright and been enjoying all the confusing mysteries. Well, I love mysteries and investigations, so the drama is right up my alley. I watch Voice too, so gory graphic scenes don't disturb me much... Just that most people on the main thread are expecting light fantasy rom-com due to the promo trailers and still hoping for the writer to change the story a bit .... For me, since it's a crime mystery involving serial killer, then of course a lot of explanation will be held until the end for that "a-ha!" moment... 674
  4. DM and RG are standing in his 'art room' and they look at two pieces of artwork that are now hung on the wall. They both exchange words about the artwork and he touches her in a very suggestive manner. The scene changes and someone is tailing DM's father, it looks as if someone is spying on him. He runs into the lift in fear and meets EG, whom he tells to hurriedly close the door. (Laughs, it feels like a horror movie scene) The door is about to close when a hand sticks right through the door which is about to close, and it is none other than Sindy. (connection lost) In the next scene, Sindy is having dinner at their house (perhaps she still has not gone home yet?) and she even asks for a second helping from EG. DM and RG are in RG's car, for some reason, he is blowing at her wrist (or kissing it). I think he has sent her home. She leaves for her 'penthouse' and RG runs after her, pulling her into his embrace. They stand locked in each others' arms. I think he wants her comfort.
  5. LOL at the DM's dad thinking he's in a horror movie when Sindy is stalking him. And I love that Ryan took DM home after work ... to get a re-match of that card game.
  6. Thank you so much. I didn't read your answer but we were at Gaetgol Ecopark today, too! How can I go to the bridge? Kakao map doesn't find it. It should be good to reach with public transportation because we have a toddler with us We want to go to Ilsan Lake Park with the trees, where JH gave SH the ring too
  7. New chapter up for Hao Jiejie (Good Sister)- my English modern AU HSDS fanfic https://archiveofourown.org/tags/倚天屠龙记 | Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber (TV 2019)/works?page=1
  8. I want to describe all of below gifs using the dialogue from this drama. "이 세상에 딱 너랑 나, 둘만 있다고 생각하는 거야 " "Imagine that there're only you and me in this world . Looks like I'm watching two little kids having a good time together.
  9. Good to know the plane has a WiFi lol. I was surprised that he is behind Chen. No wonder HY got that amount of loan. Dori and Gun are back . Enjoy your trip.
  10. Fans have been on edge for the announcement of SYJ and HB's new project. Numerous reports state that the pair has agreed to star in Love's Crash Landing. However, the source of the confirmation is the production company and not either star's agency. I checked the MSTeam site and there is no announcement. Unless the stars are extremely cautious until contracts are officially signed, one would think they would be happy to confirm the project. Production companies have often jumped the gun on announcements to show potential cast members the popularity of the show idea. Also, stars pull out when contract terms cannot be finalized. I also note that a few international fan sites have cheered for the pairing but panned the premise of the series. We shall see.
  11. 2017.11.10 パク・シネ、AbemaTV #ParkShinHye https://abematimes.com/posts/3198334
  12. I've been to the grounds of the Soma Art Museum (where this was filmed) several times over the last week. It is hard not to let the imagination run wild when you walk through these walls.... ahhhhhh... this maybe a long term problem.
  13. Gosh, I just watched the instant noodle ad and now I feel like one.. LOL Ok, starting now. Thanks to my streaming, I hear the voice and watch the scene later ... OK, they are still sitting at the sofa from last week's scene. After a chat (which I couldn't understand), he suggests they leave together, which they do, with their arms wrapped around each other. They go to RG's place and yes, them meet SA and his mum in the lift, as fate would have it. SA informs the mother that this is his 'hyung' that he likes and he introduces the mother to RG. SA and the mum leave the lift. But just before that, RG informs SA that the latest piece of artwork has been restored well. DM passes a compliment about SA and RG pretends to get jealous. SA shows the artwork to his mother but she doesn't look happy to see them, perhaps it is from a past that she doesn't wish to relive? To distract the mother (who looks unhappy), SA suggests that they eat. SA's mother sighs.
  14. I will surely contact you when I’m going to Korea @roshzanna! I miss our couple in one frame seriously huhu
  15. @Lawyerh don't worry i won't he is still sexy to me hahaha 672
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