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  2. I hope its fake too. I dont know about others but I have rarely seen leaked news like these to be fake. They only get leaked when its almost confirmed I might be wrong though... Yes its obvious that he doesnt wants to do anything too serious but I hoped that he would find some middle ground and do something which is neither too serious nor too light, a combination of both maybe ? but he seems to be interested in romcoms.only
  3. Going to check it out after a few more episodes airs so that I can watch a bit to see if I like it.
  4. 190510 SNSD’s Sunny IG Update: With Shinhwa Eric and #4WheeledRestaurant Cast in LA When I was in LA, I had a delicious dinner and lots of ice cream with the oppas and chef-nim who worked hard!!!!! Everyone worked hard!!!! The show is so fun ~ I want to run to Mokran (t/n: chef’s Lee’s restaurant) whenever I watch it ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Fighting for the rest of the episodes!!! #4WheeledRestaurant #Mokran #ChefLeeYeonbok, #HeoKyunghwan oppa, #Eric oppa! I’m just looking around ㅋㅋㅋㅋ (John Park oppa could not join us because he met up with his family!!! Now that I watch the show, I realize see everyone was praising. All worked hard!!) See previous photos of Eric and 4 Wheeled Restaurant cast with Sunny in LA back in March here >> https://ericmun.tumblr.com/post/183378159274/190310-shinhwas-eric-chef-lee-yeon-bok-and-heo Source: 515sunnyday Translation: eric_munleader for EricMun.tumblr
  5. It is 32, we had 1 and 2 today 3 and 4 tomorrow So it will be for 2 months It is 32, we had 1 and 2 today 3 and 4 tomorrow So it will be for 2 months 678
  6. watching animal vids in the morning is the best 682
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/BxxmbwBFFGu/?igshid=1hlhbs2d74hr1 … [TRANS] #ParkShinHye IG update 230519. I heard it's a trend these days... I want to try it too.. #Goodnight
  9. Whanis...??? I don't know what event is... ¿¿??
  10. 190523 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update “Caption this!!” “Exploring the beautiful scenery~~ We love the earth~” “Embracing mother nature”
  11. @samzz I don't know what's DH intention of posting Chanel product, either she really loves the brand so much, just for publicity stunt bc lee donghey still have a huge follower in China, or she just want to make peace to the brand ambassador but whatever it is we should thank DH for patronizing Chanel product, it's a great help to the current product ambassador in SK. Who knows one day Chanel see her effort, invites her to some of their events. And it seems she tried everything she can do in her social media account, she tried the app to be a kid, very unusual of her. Well at least I can challenge her, try to be more creative and aim to at least surpass that number followers in IG lol.
  12. 680. @nohamahamoud2002 so cute when L asked to dance. SHS born 89 and L 92. Actually only 3 yrs gap, but i think L look so young. So the gap look like widen? Maybe if i join the thread i also will only squeal on how cute L is... haha... Btw noha is this 16 eps? So tonight will have 2nd ep?
  13. And and and.. apparently his selection of script criteria includes psychology now. I.. i.. i... just dunno what to say anymore. Wookie is making things very difficult for me to remain rational. Sighs.
  14. Eric went checking out on the neighboring food truck when theirs didn't have many customers, that show great leadership skill as well as good business sense 190503 [Top Media] RECAP + Q&A #4WheeledRestaurant EP.03 - Shinhwa’s Eric: (W)rapper Eric’s Rare Reversal Moment Was Born! Hello, your content blogger is back. Did you watch last night’s broadcast? Yesterday Eric had a lot of nicknames. Let’s go see what nicknames they were. Go! Go! On a rainy day, to-go orders are many many many As many to-go orders as there are customers. Turning down Kyung-Hwan’s offer to help, Eric walks on his own wrapping road! Wrapping, Wrapping and more Wrapping He, who is Shinhwa’s rapper, now becomes Bok’s Food (w)rapper As he showed his great dance choreography, he now shows the sharp wrapping for food. You’ve earned the nickname “human wrapper”! Not stopping for a moment, even organizing the order slips Working Hard! b Although there was a shortage of dumpling and rice… It was a relatively smooth for the second day of business! What is the menu for tomorrow? After Jjajangmyeon, there is Jjampong, babam! This time, the menu is Jjampong and Bok-mandu making a comeback! Is it the same place? Of course not The location this time is a food truck hot spot! We’re starting our first dinner service in North Hollywood. A teacher and his disciple preparing hard for business. They are using whirlwind technique to make the water pour out faster. A handsome disciple, even when pouring water. Wait a moment! That’s right, everyone. He succeeds becoming the chef’s favorite student!!! (clap clap clap) Eric has been always good at noodles boiling. GOOD. How far will Eric’s noddle boiling skills develop? It’s time for business! Because of abnormal weather in LA, it’s raining, it’s cold… It’s like a disaster T_T Finally, a customer is approaching!! Each of them is in charge of a particular dish. Can I get an order? The one who doesn’t get one will be sad…. The happiest man in the world = Eric when there’s an order for Jjamppong Inside thoughts when there is no customer: Come, come. Please come. When there is a customer He feels happy because of them. And we are happy to see Eric like this Isn’t that such a cute moment? But it’s too early to be excited. There’s a kill point coming up soon^^ Looking at the direction of customer’s hand, he thought it’s a Jjamppong order, but it’s false… Disappointed Eric showing a cute grumbling… Yeah, this is the killing point. Save this scene right now ♡ Still, I have my work to do! Rapper’s wrapping At this point, he’s pretty much the master of packaging (clapping) Wondering why the food truck is empty. Agent Eric goes spying himself (walking lightly like a cat) Secret Service Agent Code Name: Noodle Lover Honestly, isn’t it so fitting for him? Without anyone noticing, He succeeds his spying mission very naturally. With this, he got a new nickname Yeomtamrik (Spy-Ric)! Next week, with the information obtained by Spy-Ric that chicken is popular in the neighborhood Bok’s Food truck is going to prepare for chicken too! Will they be able to attract many customers to the truck again? And the Ric-pisode Q&A_3 that went on yesterday! What kind of questions did the Orange Princesses ask this time? Shall we take a look together? Orange Princesses and I are crying.. We, Koreans, live and depend on rice too ㅠㅡㅠ To relieve stress, It’s spicy chili Jjampong! Of course! A human-(w)rapper-like answer There’s even a Mandu-Ric like answer! Since we don’t have yellow leek in Korea, I guess Orange Princesses were curious about it too! Wow, from that up there, we can see how cool Eris’s personality is Although they wrapped up so many dumplings… He only ate… 2 pieces ㅠㅠ He is certainly proud of Bok’s Food! Why was it cold on this day.. I hate the weather ㅠ Why you did that weather That’s right. The secret of sharp wrapping is to minimize unnecessary movements. Isn’t this answer so cute?ㅠㅠㅠ Because there were only dumpling orders, so Sad-Ric..) Don’t cry! Don’t cry! Of all the nicknames (he got so far), without fail Eric’s pick this time is…. Onion-Ric again! #[Ric-pisode] "4 Wheeled Restaurant - American" #Check Ric-pisode_EP3 Q&A in FULL (t/n: since Q&A for EP3 are in this recap, no separate Q&A post this time) The fact that he has gotten so many nicknames, It means that he has a variety of charms does he? Great feeling (thumbs up!) Source: Top Media Translation: EricMun.tumblr
  15. Why do people always richard simmons about the setting of the dinner time KBS1 daily ... its for the AHJUMMAS .. not for us. You just need to brouse over the 1st last and a couple of eps in between when you are bored to see how they are developing THE SAME AS PREVIOUS TEN dailies ... We will probably get her having a random affair with the assistant/old friend and her brother scoring a hole in one with the ahjumma thus proving that SHE wasn't the one woith the problem at all.
  16. Hi! Im new here - been watch over and over again kookmin videos on youtube so.. today .. as usual watch kookmim videos. Then i search jeon so min. And watch her videos then i come across Happy Together episode where JSM as one of the guest.. i totally forgot that.. so here's the TEA - JSM said in this video that she come seek to Fortune Teller about her lovelife... the fortune said that she will get married within 3 years.. AND !! Valuable information. She said that Fortune Teller describes that Man // what kind of man she will be meeting to ?? - someone who earns by talking , his family very well-off but he doesnt look fancy on the outside, and he would quietly approach her.. kinda fit KJK criteria right Start at 7:25
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