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  2. He too nice to go through divorce rather suffer himself. Imagine if MinMin didn't show up to stole his heart. Poor WJ.
  3. PENTAGON released a moving MV for a song called “Genius” on April 22 at midnight KST. The lyrics were written by Hui, Shinwon, Yuto, and Wooseok, and the song was composed by Hui and Shinwon. “Genius” is a motivational and moving song about pursuing your dreams and trying your best despite your fears. The MV […] The post Watch: PENTAGON Tears Up In MV For Moving Self-Produced Track “Genius” Featuring Their Fathers appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  4. TWICE is back! On April 22, the girl group made their comeback with their new mini album “FANCY YOU” and held a V Live broadcast at their showcase. “FANCY YOU” consists of six songs and was written by many talented songwriters, including Charli XCX. Jihyo, Momo, Sana, and Chaeyoung participated in writing the lyrics and […] The post TWICE Talks About Writing Lyrics For New Mini Album And Preparing For Comeback appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  5. Since he a forgivable person that why MM felt in love with him madly even sacrifice a lot for him. I think he just love her as much she love him. It just deep inside of him not showing his love. I also like all those scene that when MinMin hold his hand and she like to hold his hand a lots.
  6. I think seulgi know about KSH since she said let's stop pretend not recognize each other, and told him that she forgave him, so he should forgive philip too.
  7. I have not watch the full episode yet, been busy. Thanks Chingus'sreading the comments and gifs. Hopefully, it will be a good week for the good guys
  8. Hahaha...I'm the one who started it. I love reading your input. Please keep them coming. I know I'm blind sighted of all the ruthless and cunning things she does in the beginning. I just love the OTP too much. Now that I think about it, WJ is such a incredible forgivable person. What more he even fall head over heels in love with her. I don't think such a human exist in this world.
  9. So I finally watched the last episodes 1. Father Kim's bad boy hairdo made me chuckle, he looked like my old [female] English teacher 2. I had to look twice who this is lmao In general it was a fine finale made with the agenda to have a second season, so I was not surprised there were no serious goodbyes etc, we will see them all again. Also everyone needs to apologize for thinking Father Han was behind Father Lees death Hopefully S2 won't be too far away as I still wait for a life sign of Secret Forest S2. And Kim Nam Gil you PS: if you need some weekly comedy mixed with drama, Special Labor Inspector Jo Jang-Poong is a nice one. Doing some pr here
  10. Ep 75 was a good one, certainly much much better than what we had over the last two weeks. Looks like the writers are off the slump. As @lu09 said, finally everything is out. Almost everything except the truth on evil mother & son, and as a minor storyline, the whereabouts of LSH's father. From the preview, we may yet see Esther vindicating herself if she becomes the crucial snitch against AR & NJ. Makes me look forward to tonight's episode.
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  12. Thank for stopping by! I quote you on that! She likes( I want to believe that and not forced to) help. Such beautiful soul! We just have to pray that her Guardian Angel will continue to protect her with the grace of God!
  13. Watched with subs. Finally everything is out. Chairman did the DNA test and it came out negative. Grandma as usual had her regular dizzy spells. It seems like they pulled this Sh""t up so that the chairman focuses on this matter instead of what's going on in his company. The fact that AR told the chairman in his face that she is the one who told NJ to do this "Eldest grandson thing" says it all. This is just stupid. Now that these trio have taken over the house, it seems like the chairman and grandma will be camping with the OH family in the near future if they escape from the trio alive lol. Well, as long as NJ doesn't remember the OH family house belongs to him lol. So it was glasses guy who was the traitor. At least, the other two workers seemed nice enough to defend their boss and don't believe this Sh"t that is going around. Since LSH now knows that he is the eldest grandson and that AR and NJ are working together, he is bound to clean up his family's mess. This mother and son duo just digged their own graveyards lol. You just don't touch his family members . Look at the work of art he learned from this duo and applied in the hospital when he rescued sleeping Snow White lol. He learned how to avoid the CCTV and pretend that he wasn't there. And did NJ just told the people cleaning LSH office to sterilize it lol? Even his touch and his breath? Dude, how do you clean that up? So Snow White woke up from his dreams . Too late buddy. Now if you can do all of us a favor and start talking on how you ended up holding that thing in your hand while your sister in law was lying in blood, it would be great. @newyee thanks for the preview as always. I was late at work today and didn't get to watch the full episode lol. @chrissydiva It was hilarious how he ran from the hospital lol. The only redeeming thing about granny today was that slap that she gave to NJ at the end. It was so satisfying. @nohamahamoud2002 Thanks for the clips.
  14. About both met writer in LA. Correct me if im wrong. On March,when there a news HB got an offer,isn’t the writer want to meet him personally to discuss about this drama but they haven’t meet each other yet. And the writer just check his schedule with his agency. So,i guess they never meet each other before that. I really want to see them in this drama too. Like i said before,it is not because of the rumor i want them to pair up. But because Negotiation is not enough for me. And both didn’t have any upcoming project. Pirates got delayed. Boston 1947 : not sure its true or not but i think the other guy also accept drama offer. And moreover,both said they really want to act together in different genre. And HB clearly said he want Yejin to be his leading lady for his next project. So,this will be their only opportunity to act together as per their wish.
  15. 9.3M Followers now! If only the same number voted in the Baeksang awards!
  16. With you on that one. I think we definitely get a sense that the 6 sects, including Wudang, and Ming sect are all... very, very flawed. On a side note: This is MV of a photo shoot by Yukee and she looks AWESOME here! Pretend you're watching ZM - certainly Yukee here is bewitchingly cool! https://www.bilibili.com/video/av47431422/?spm_id_from=333.788.videocard.0
  17. I'm feeling depressed now just what happened in Ep 13 Not only one but Two shocking moments. I'm totally disappointed why Jisoo died was there really no way left for writer but then more shocking for me Kang seong Mo (The real player of this drama). Now don't tell me there's more surprises are there in upcoming 3 episodes . The way My favourite character turned out I'm feeling sad. By this way Loving kang seong Mo and sacrifice herself for him totallymore painful. The way plot turned out I really don't like it. Real trigger for Kang seong Mo
  18. 190418 TBS Haya Doki!- Taemin 190422 FULL Shabekuri 007- Taemin Taemin cut
  19. Hope to see her receiving the Award! Well deserve. She doesn't only hand her donations, she genuinely enjoys to invested her time to humble doing voluntary work and help others in need to feel better, showing she cares! God continue to bless you always. Don't ever change, unless for what you believe it will make you happier!
  20. I’m so so happy and very excited to see them together on the screen, even for just a few minutes !! let's hope now for a new drama!!!
  21. Hahaha come on you all, I know most of us here love our OTP but ZM was pretty ruthless and cunning in the beginning, for Wudang people to be wary of her I think it's normal. 1. ZM is a Mongolian princess, daughter of probably in this version anyway the best general the dynasty have. I think anybody will be wary 2. ZM did poison all the wulin people to make them kneel to the dynasty and she cut their fingers if they lost the mock fight. We will never know whether she will kill them eventually but there is a possibility. Also Wudang is just being sympathetic to their peers, just because is not your finger being cut, doesn't mean you can't feel the pain 3. ZM also try to poison ZWJ and party, if not because of ZWJ knowledge of medicine/poison pretty sure she will succeed 4. In addition she did crippled 6th uncle bones, even if later on she heal him and 3rd uncle it still doesn't negate the original act. 5. ZM did ordered her subordinate to injured ZSF badly, the fact that ZWJ never mention it, it's just shows what a forgiving person he is. So yeah Wudang uncles not receptive to ZM is understandable, she did a lot of shady stuffs. Also during this time, I think SYQ is so done with all these young women leading his son and nephew astray, he also hated ZZR so much by this point, you should see how he rolled his eyes so hard when ZZR came to Wudang in earlier eps lol The one that irks me more is the scene where ZWJ's uncle try to kill ZM in shaolin and the fact most of the Ming sect is dog piling on ZWJ. The fact that they believe Cheng Kun's words more than what they see with their own eyes regarding ZM-ZWJ just shows me how racist Ming sect are by this time. They rather believe a known despicable person all around that kill their leader, raping/killing XX's family and a freaking traitor to your people than ZM, just make me want to throw them all off a cliff
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