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  2. I can understand Wuyou as he cant simply touch any woman. But I wonder why Manyao didnt tell him she is the princess before its too late. Cant wait to reach there
  3. Wow wow wowwwwww!!! I missed so many fun stuffs! I can't wait for tonight's episode. It's like I'm getting the much anticipated reward for the week long wait. I'm preparing myself to get another weekly shot of KKJ and DKW. ohhh ohhhh... that BTS pics of KW wearing the maskkk...daaayyymmmnnn... I'm shooketh! I don't think the scene where he wears the mask would be a dream, because KKJ is confronting him with the mask on! But, I wonder about the other scene, where the police officers lying around bloodied. Is it a dream or it would really happen when Kousuke is awaken. Hmmmmm.. I can't wait! I can't wait! Two hours more, and we are set for the saaaiilllll!!! I hope I will be able to live stream tonight as I'm still in the middle of nowhere now. Please pray that the Internet Force will be with me tonight. Hahahahahaha! As usual, I would write some spoilers right after. Be prepared!
  4. This is me calling for you. Lawyerhhhhhhhh hahahahahaha 876
  5. Hyuni out there feeding my poor shippers heart, all rationality out the window seriously. Why now?
  6. omo pinggumama went to KKY’s wedding.. was PSJ there too? maybe? maybe not? hahah probably not but that hair look like his.. hahaha yeah maybe not.. but maybe yes?? ok im crazy
  7. I really like this drama so far. I hope it stays this good and has a happy ending. But it has been a while since a drama parent made me as angry as the head manager's dad did in episode 11. Poor girl, that father should not have had kids or at least no daughters if he looks down on them like that. Ugh.
  8. Lol so many extra hhh suddenly to my name... Wow so he completely snapped out already ... im just about to go for ep.4 with my dinner hahaha 874
  9. Video Greeting during the School Festival of Shinmok High School, his alma mater. Part of the Tweet: An actor with a really good image!
  10. All the pics and gifs available here : https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=20424047&memberNo=35450008&vType=VERTICAL
  11. Hyunie changed her ig profile to one of her Marie Claire photoshoot @babyval22 we are rational shipper,right ?! Wookie's ig updates! haha Poor Bangchingu
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