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  2. Hello @Cali_Mish ! So nice to welcome a fellow fan to this thread. I became his fan after watching Noble, My Love which led me to watch Five Enough and I was hooked since then. He’s more popular than ever, thanks I think to his exposure from becoming a regular member of I Live Alone (a show which has consistently remained number - reality entertainment program). I also hope he is offered many more interesting and quality drama roles and really look forward to Level Up. Hope you got to watch his last I Live Alone segment which aired on MBC last Friday with so many lovely nuggets of Sung Hoon, thorns and all (he’s even constantly picking up other people’s litter!). He makes me really proud to be one of his fans and also wish him even more future career success, and health and happiness in his personal and work lives.
  3. I’m still very positive that we are going to get a happy ending. Must I remind you, this is rom com and not melo. I don’t know why the writer is pulling this plot now at ep 15, but I’m sure she has her reason to do that. So far she hasn’t disappointed me yet, so I do have faith in her. I know we all don’t need to go through any kind of breakups right now. And it’s just a preview, things could actually go on so much easier than we think. For now, I think we have that DM’s mom story to cover, then the exhibition, then happy ever after ending for our couple! And if they can’t seem to find more things to add, just have them look at each other for the rest of the drama, and we’d still be happy! LOL. Don’t worry guys!!!
  4. I dunno what are they trying to prove with too many skinships. Perhaps to show PMY is single and game to have skinships in her drama? Lol. If Mr Neighbor gets too jealous of her drama skinships, 50 Shades of SeoJoonie will happen once Miss Neighbor wraps up drama.
  5. Kim Go Eun, Yoo Ah In, President Moon Jae In, And More Congratulate Director Bong Joon Ho For Winning Palme D’Or May 26, 2019 / by S. Park Celebrities and public figures congratulated Bong Joon Ho for his amazing achievement. On May 25 local time, Bong Joon Ho’s “Parasite” became the first Korean film ever to win the Palme d’Or at the 72nd Cannes Festival. South Korean President Moon Jae In congratulated Bong Joon Ho in a heartfelt message. The president’s full statement is below: ............ Yoo Ah In attended last year’s Cannes Film Festival after appearing in Lee Chang Dong’s film “Burning.” Along with a picture of Song Kang Ho and Bong Joon Ho at Cannes, he expressed his pride. He also added hashtags, “Parasite,” “Song Kang Ho,” “Bong Joon Ho,” cinematographer “Hong Kyung Pyo,” and “Korea.” ............ “Parasite” is a family black comedy film about the unemployed family of Ki Taek (played by Song Kang Ho) and the strange events that unfold when his oldest son Ki Woo (played by Choi Woo Sik) enters the home of CEO Park (played by Lee Sun Kyun) to interview as an expensive tutor. Source (1) / Soompi
  6. Song Joong Ki And Kim Tae Ri Confirmed For New Sci-Fi Film Funded By Huayi Tencent May 27, 2019 / by K. Lew Upcoming film “Lightning Ship” (literal title) has received a hefty investment from Huayi Tencent Entertainment. On May 27, the film’s investment distribution company Merry Christmas revealed that Huayi Tencent Entertainment had invested 5 billion won (approximately $4.2 million). “Lightning Ship” is a science fiction film set in the backdrop of the universe. Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Ri, and Jin Seon Kyu were confirmed to star in the film. It will be directed by Jo Sung Hee of “A Werewolf Boy” and “Phantom Detective.” Huayi Tencent Entertainment is a joint venture company between Huayi Brothers Media Corporations, a major Chinese film studio and publicly listed company in Hong Kong, and Tencent Holdings Limited, a global IT company and entertainment firm headquartered in China. Along with the investment, Merry Christmas has also acquired the distribution rights in China for the film, which the company explained would be an opportunity to shed new light on Korean films in the Chinese market. CEO Yoo Jung Hoon of Merry Christmas stated, “Huayi Tencent is an entertainment investment company that represents not only the Chinese market, but also the Asian market. We are very glad that their investment increased the possibility of distribution in the Chinese market and showed the high possibility of success for ‘Lightning Ship’ in a global market. It is very meaningful that they have joined us in the vision to create a super IP (intellectual property) which will expand to various content such as webtoons, dramas, games, and more, beginning with the film ‘Lightning Ship.'” Huayi Tencent director Hu Jun Yi shared, “With the unique world view and strong story, as confirmed through the scenario, as well as our trust in director Jo Sung Hee’s direction abilities based on his previous works, we are very happy to support Korea’s first space sci-fi film with an amazing cast made up of Korea’s top actors.” “Lightning Ship” has wrapped up its casting and pre-production and will begin filming in July. It is slated to premiere in 2020. Source (1) / Soompi
  7. 2 more ep and they’re breaking up? wow writernim must ran out of ideas~~ the amount of skinship in the drama is insane lol.. sometimes im asking myself,
  8. Ughhhhh, I don't want them to break up! If they do break up, it better be only for a day if even. I swear to god if they do a break up and then a time jump where they don't see each other for a year or something, I will blow a fuse. Morning after scene, woohoo~ And KJW putting his make up applying skills to use I see! Any idea on what the present is?
  9. [2019.05.27] anhos_ (KHJ's Friend) Instagram Update 골프여행 치고 마시고 치고 마시고 당분간 금주. by Toujours Henecia
  10. The online community Nate Pann has responded to a user’s claims that the website blocked her IP address and deleted the posts about Hyolyn’s alleged school bullying. On May 26, an anonymous netizen (hereafter referred to as “A”) uploaded a post on Nate Pann claiming to be the victim of school violence perpetrated by Hyolyn. Hyolyn’s […] The post Nate Responds To User’s Claims Of Deleting Posts About Hyolyn’s Alleged School Bullying appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  11. I dont think its matters as much since they dont have much time with 2 eps left lol
  12. Another thoery There are 2 killer one with white mask another is black mask. I think White mask (who killed Yukiko) possibly be Kang Woo's brother and White mask (who is in suit) is chasing Bang Je Soo and his criminal fellows. I hope we will get a hottie series killer like two previous seasons (Junho or Lee Tae Ri is awesome)
  13. You got so excited you forgot to unquote the gif LOL Based on their body language, I think its from life experience.
  14. Don't worry Everyone. As long as Psj is still in cheongdam, we shouldn't worry about everything. Psj seems full in love with pmy. He can do everything for Pmy'.
  15. Hey Tae Ju, shocks everyone especially evil people like Chairman and Mi Ok by..............get dating an idol hahahahaha !
  16. I adore this drama so much. The plot is thread bare and full of tropes but I don’t care. The leads are tooooo cute and I adore the real Veronica Park. I am so invested in Gal Her and Min Ki’s happiness both together and apart. Something about the drama is addictive (it’s so an easy watch) and I anticipate each episode.
  17. What takes you so long to upload this? i’ve been waiting so long u know. i wonder if he learned this grinding ,pressing style from watching 18+ movies or is it based on his real life experience?? Duhhhh I’m thirsty
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