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  2. Me too. For me, most re-watchables ones 49 Days and QSD. My favourites, i never been bored of watching them. And i love to re-watch Ms. Temper, ASC and first half of Bad Love too. BTS pic from photoshoot for Prelin.
  3. I would love to watch this but I cant take another drama base on an evil mother in law lol as the premise.
  4. I hope this project is still progressing. Normally if the confirmation time takes long like this it’s because something happens with the production.
  5. 【REPORT】 Park Shin Hye, Japan fan meeting for the first time in about a year and a half! From the bulletproof boys' group to TWICE ... also show off the dance learned in 2 days KSTYLE |18:06 May 20, 2019 Park Shin Hye, who is also popular with the latest drama "Alhambra's Memories", will visit Japan's fan meeting "2019 PARK SHIN HYE Fanmeeting In Tokyo [Voice of Angel]" for the first time in about a year and a half at Yamano Hall in Tokyo on May 11. Park Shine appeared while singing the famous ballad "I'm Here" from the OST of "Remembering Alhambra". The blonde bob hairstyle matches the beige pantsuit well, giving it an adult appeal. "Hello, Park is a cine." Thank you for coming in 2019 PARK SHIN HYE Fanmeeting In Tokyo [ Voice of Angel] ' "the First greeting in Japanese. Masayoshi Furuya of MC has appeared, and it has been revived for the first time in seven years since the fan meeting of "I'm About You." "I'm nervous after a long time in a fan meeting, but in the 15th anniversary of my debut, I wanted to make something special to remember and I sang a song from the OST of the drama," said Park Shine. Furthermore, while looking over the audience, "I can see a lot of familiar people's faces since I started fanning. There are also young people who came anew." The subtitle for this time is "Voice of Angel," and we talk to the fans not only by approaching the appeal of Park Shine's voice, but "Because there is also a section where you can hear the story and voice of everyone." As the word says, we have already invited three fans to the stage here and watch the pics of Park Shine to give a drama name quiz. All of them were correct and made a good start. Next is a corner that looks back on the work so far while watching together the scenes where Park Shine's narration was impressive in the drama. Famous scenes of "Mysterious Handsome Man", "The Heirs", "Doctors", and "Memory of the Alhambra" appeared one after another. Park Shine talks lively episodes at the time of shooting. A cute figure that embarrasses herself in the child role of "Stairway to Heaven". A voice card is presented to fans at the end of the corner. The message was uttered with a lovely voice, "Mr. ○ ○, always fine, Cho Ayo". The end of the first half is a song present. "In black" (Mystery OST)-"STORY" (Heirs OST)-"Dream Dream" (Pinocchio OST) and medley show the three OSTs that I have sung so far You did it. In the second part, Park Cine, who has been dressed in a floral dress, reappears after having a happy video when traveling to England. He sang "I am a love than a memory" of Lee Moonse from the OST of the drama "Don't worry, I'm an idiot." Glamorous, elegant and intoxicating. From here, there was no MC, and a corner where Park Shine advanced like a radio DJ began. "I wanted to hear your voice, so I introduced the letter you gave in advance and decided to sing the song you requested last." The first letter says, "To balance work and femininity Consultation from the fan that "I am troubled" Talk directly to the fans in the audience, and cherish and encourage you, "You are qualified to be loved anytime and anywhere." Other than that, "I want to see the criminal role," "I also want to try the action while young even at the age of 1!" Or happily answered, or give specific advice about makeup. As a way to relieve stress, pinch the belly of your domestic cat. Sweat walking around the Han River. He recommended eating good food. The song that sings the savi in response to the request is "My Dear (Japanese version)", "Is You" from "Alhambra's Memories" OST, "Nostalgic" from "The Stairway to Heaven" OST, "I Want to Meet", Recent Favorites The song "Let's Go Picnic", "I love you", from the OST, "The day I came to love". Finally, at the end of the corner, I sang "I love you" by Lee Sung-hwan, the music of Park Cine's debut, with a sweet voice. We receive from fans and we cry ... Storm of excitement Next is the corner that was most exciting for this fan meeting. A game in which Park Ciné wears earphones and dances K-Pop, and six fans divided into 3 groups see the choreography and assign the artist name and song name. Starting with the girl's "Genie", Apink, a bulletproof boy group, TWICE, AOA, EXID, Wanna One, EXO, and 12 songs of dance of BLACKPINK are shown one after another. Originally, Park Shine has a reputation for dance, but it is good anyway and cute. Because the limbs are long, a little shake is also dynamic and looks cool. It was funny to see that it was not easy to get hit, and it was interesting to hear the hints in Japanese such as "The famous idol of SM!" In addition, the four fans of SISTAR and MAMAMOO, etc. are also given to the audience seat fans. A total of 16 songs. It's amazing because I learned all this choreography in 2 days! With excitement cold, there are announcements of presents here. We are going to offer fans the pantsuit suit that we wore in part, "in commemoration of having spent with you". Such a star, I have never seen .... The fun time is in no time. I heard that it has already been 2 hours and 15 minutes here, "Eh," surprised Park Shine. "I tried to do a lot of things today, but did you enjoy it? I wanted to make this kind of fan meeting a time for everyone who loves me, rather than showing me. If you don't have it, I don't have this time. In the middle of the stage, Park Shine confessed that there was a fan who was listening to the song while crying and "I got crying myself." The fans are thrilled as they say, "Thank you for being my strength," while making the eyes soaring. And finally, another surprise. "I can not see the faces of everyone in the back seat, I want to see you alone" promises a high touch after the final performance! Fans are overjoyed by unexpected news. The last is OST medley again. Sing three songs of "arm pillow"-"the day I came to love" ("I love you" OST)-"Lovely Day" ("You're Beautiful OST" OST) It was Park Shine who went. Park Shine called Real Goddess from fans. This time, the theme was VOICE = voice, and of course, many songs were shown and people talked directly to the fans and listened to them. Make me feel the closeness of the distance to the fans again ... Park Shine in a spring outfit was refreshing like the wind in May. Interview: Misu Mochizuki @Kstyle_news (link: http://news.kstyle.com/article.ksn?articleNo=2117652 …) http://news.kstyle.com/article.ksn?ar … google translation
  6. Nexflixjp IG Story(2019.05.20) #Nexflix #피노키오 #Pinocchio #ピノキオ #匹诺曹 #박신혜 #ParkShinHye #朴信惠 #パク・シネ via @Style_H_
  7. as for Sindy, I think her character learned how to really live in real world with her working in gallery and doing something that she likes, like designing merchandise for gallery. As for her obsession with Si An, she will still be his fan but not like kind obsessed stalker fans. She will learn how to fingerling in "healthy way" . Not gonna lie, but her character really grows on me. I like her now and I was so proud of her when she stood up against her mom's ridiculous decision.
  8. 190521 Pizza Hut China Weibo Update with #LAY =====
  9. @gm4queen same song hye kyo is so much older than her husband song joong-ki, i d like when she is way too old than him. Between eun bin and daniel ages are not sooo bad they are perfectly fix. I know they r young love Yeh i really want to know what he is saying what do u mean next time..... when next time just say it now. Plus i want him to say something from his heart what he totally want. Cant wait in future
  10. If you guys think the deleted video was BTS ep 5-6 part 1 or 2, i don't think so since i can find and watch it. Hmm still wondering which video was deleted and why only on Youtube that video was deleted. I'm dissapointed with how TvN promoted this drama back then.
  11. I hope the longer teaser is subtitled before the premiere episode tomorrow night. Their 1st encounter is both relatable and cute
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