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  2. I was only able to sneak in half of today's episode during lunch at work, but boy does the mood feels so much better having CM back! Both alive and regaining his identity as CM. It's funny how the notoriety of plastic surgery in Korea and some biometrics made it quite easily believable everyone LOL. I'm happy we're finally getting a bit rom-com. I loved how CM said he'll be immortal as long as he has SY and the Abyss . Also, him moving a sleeping SY into his arms/shoulders in the taxi was super sweet. Looking forward to more!! So, did I hear right that Seo seemed to call the older prosecutor "father"? Hmmm... I'll need to finish the last half when I get home later.
  3. https://belsmultifandommess.tumblr.com ...............good bye...GOT....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .....and...GOT...continue in k-drama land...!...the asian version...!!!!!!!!!
  4. Thank you for the stills and videos from the roadshow, @epinklyn. You're the bestest of the best! Arthur is still his awkward self, but he's getting better and better in public interactions! Having to do nationwide promotion like this is good for his social skill. And we can hear testaments from those who met him in those events how polite and nice he is :). I hope he's gaining new fans from this, and that it will gauge interest for the movie! Showing in summer means it has to compete with blockbusters. Someone on twitter predict that the movie will pull USD 20 million -- can't tell whether it's a decent number :). Whether it will be a hit, or a modest hit, it's more important that Arthur expands his horizon as an actor BTW, regarding the weibo awards, like I said it's more like a popularity award. (Usually used for PR purpose hehe). Last years, it was held mid June. So it's likely My Best Summer will premiere first, then the next week, the weibo award!
  5. Preview! Our boy is awake Joon seok gonna confess to the detective I guess this is start on his redemption and choosing to own up to his wrongdoing! I think he and his mother gonna start over and begin their healing. wonder if eun joo really can do that but her boy is so young, I think he have learned his lesson can be a better adult after this. Jin pyo is a lost case...
  6. ...off topic...and of course ...thr last season of GOT....!!!!!!! .........1.....the music......the perfect Ramin Djawadi...! ....2....the dragons.......https://madeleineengland.tumblr.com/post/185006150538/game-of-thrones-meets-the-lion-king ....3....the dog...https://www.denofgeek.com/us/tv/game-of-thrones/280946/game-of-thrones-ghost-and-season-8-deserve-better
  7. @DontEatMyKimchi, I like how in that first picture she only has eyes for him. @Mapleoaks5, you're welcome! I'm glad you're finding it helpful. Some things are inevitably lost in the translation and I know translating is difficult work, so I try not to nitpick too much, but sometimes... I just have to speak out!
  8. No, I doubt that LS abandoned her son, rather that he must have gone lost. From my point of view, RG witnessed something terrible to the point that he got amnesia. I also don't think that DM's mother meant to abandon him. She just stated the obvious: she wasn't his mother which was true and since she was under pressure, she left him behind as she had rushed somewhere. No, I have not written any analysis about these paintings so far. I can only say that the painter wanted to show how colorful soap bubbles are. If you pay attention to the soap bubbles, you will notice that they also function as mirrors. There are some reflections in those... but a transformed reflection. This created world full of colors is linked to happiness and cheerfulness, yet the opposite happened. Moreover, soap bubbles are often used by children hence we can say that these paintings reflect innocence and childhood. This explains why CSA has associated these to happy memories. On the other hand, it was as if the painter had lost herself in this colorful world full of soap bubbles making her forget the reality. She had a son by her side. No wonder, if LS quit painting and decided to get rid of these paintings. She never wanted to lose herself in the paintings.
  9. Li Zhongshuo Information Today 00:03 Last comment from iPhone client  Lee Jong-suk short legs counterattack was molested Aunt Lee Jong-sukL Han Ying Jun Express seconds to shoot video
  10. ................Your Tarot readings......... they're coming true............
  11. .............But you and me... a man has to be able to look his son in the eye.........
  12. Stoner Stoner May 20th at 19:50 from the iPhone client S & 2019 CE / S Film Making. 5 in. 1 Cr YTB Yura So L Stoner stoner video microblogging
  13. I can't get rid of the idea of ghost-double-date with Thun/Met and Khem/Ngoon.
  14. Ha ha...so it seems like SY is starting to feel something for CM from those clips? More OTP!!!
  15. B1A4’s CNU met up with his fellow members Gongchan and Sandeul while on leave! On May 21, the idol posted a set of photos on his personal Instagram with the caption, “It’s been awhile. You’re all eating and living well, right?” The shots show CNU in his military uniform with his arms around his members […] The post B1A4’s CNU Shares Adorable Pictures With Gongchan And Sandeul While On Military Leave appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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  17. I like the actress Na Hye Mi very much, if I watch it will be for her romance with the messy guy, who is so funny The housewrecker is soooo provocative I guess she will try to get pregnant as she knows the wife can't conceive
  18. Blossoming Taleen May 21, 17:25 Last comment from Suk❥iPhone client  Lee Jong-suk doll  Lee Jong-suk jumped to a Di evening
  19. I'm so excited for this. I love our main couple together and I love how visually compatible they are. I'm in a mood for good melodrama at the moment. And.. I love that Jimin is getting lots of recognotions ever since Miss Baek tbh
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