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  2. Kim Jae Wook is My Life You guys can look at HERE..soop management upload lots of KJW latest gorgeous photos on naver
  3. "If you want to, you could find a million reasons to hate life and be angry at the world, or if you want, you could find a million reasons to love life and be happy. Choose wisely."
  4. OMG, now that you mention it....oh yeah her legs indeed were between his legs, ant they were tooooo close to his erm, asset Since the legs were covered under the blanket, there's no need to really put her legs in between his right? Oh these 2 shud just date for real already.....
  5. new post by soop on naver regarding our leading man~ https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=20340694&memberNo=22903361
  6. Old Moment. RM FM 2014. Look carefully... KJK teasing SJH & then SJH teasing back to KJK (She is looking KJK without talking). LOL And LKS as as third wheel ...
  7. *** "Arthdal Chronicles" will premiere its first of three parts on June 1 in tvN’s Saturday-Sunday slot. I will watch it for JDG. I really hope the story will deliver.
  8. when can we get the dvd? tooooooo longggggg I cant waittttttttt pleaseeee release it by 1st WWWSK anniversaryyyy
  9. @tensaitekikuroneko Love your post about Ryan vs typical K-drama male leads! I would like to add another point, although this might be more of a comparison to real life. I love that he doesn't belittle Deokmi's passion for fangirling. He may not share it, but he respects that it's important to her and he tries to learn more about it, and he pays attention when Deokmi talks about it (like a recapper commented, his eyes didn't even glaze over once! ).
  10. Live Stream: Lee Suzy's Pop Music Square http://onair.kbs.co.kr/index.html?sname=onair&stype=live&ch_code=25&ch_type=radioList&openradio=on SHS's choice of song : by Brown Eyes played first... SHS's closest buddy on the set? Her secretary role. KMS's closest chemistry on the set with? Noona Shin Hye-Sun SHS couldn't change her answer after hearing it. SHS says wishes she were married, should have 3 kids by now by her original plan.... KMS's choice of song: just released by Lee Moon-Se - playing now.... (cut short by ad)
  11. *** Media outlet 'Dispatch' has also released these photos where they are on a casual evening date to a cafe in Hannam-dong. It looks like that So Ji Sub was the one who went inside the cafe to order drinks while Jo Eun Jung waited outside. It's reported that he ordered an iced Americano for both of them while the couple enjoyed a simple date strolling the streets. SJS looks so tall walking beside her. Check out 'Dispatch's latest photos below.
  12. Dubbing stage already, so it means the CGI part is done right? https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4374652748316212 The comments at weibo said that the dubbing part is the last part of production and usually its fast, between 1 week-1month. Really hope we could get a trailer at Reba's birthday...
  13. Sames! I totally thought they would at least give us a little more DongFeng action!! I can't read it but to me it looks like some kind of promotion? Maybe wallpaper for your phone or something??? No clue
  14. Live Stream: Lee Suzy's Pop Music Square http://onair.kbs.co.kr/index.html?sname=onair&stype=live&ch_code=25&ch_type=radioList&openradio=on SHS's choice of song : by Brown Eyes played first... SHS's closest buddy on the set? Her secretary role. KMS's closest chemistry on the set with? Noona Shin Hye-Sun SHS couldn't change her answer after hearing it. SHS wants to be married, should have 3 kids by now. KMS's choice of song: just released by Lee Moon-Se - playing now....
  15. hahaha... @Lawyerh ~ I don't remember oppa names or scenes either.. only plot gist and that too for some dramas only. otherwise, most dramas I forget after watching!!! 660
  16. Nahhh Watching drama won't hurt hahah 662
  17. Thank you for the GIFs (I love GIFs!!) and eng sub. You all are awesome. Btw, may I ask for the link to watch the subbed ep? I forget in which page the link was mentioned. Thanks all!!! Regarding the doomed "engagement" of WJ-ZR (it's gonna be loo~~ong ): I am echoing what have been said before. He is just not that into ZR, and I personally think ZR should thank ZM for releasing both she and WJ from the doomed wedding. If ZR got her way, ZM didn't show up to save WJ, and ZR-WJ ended up married, ZR and WJ would have to face a lifetime of unhappiness. Why unhappiness, some might ask? She would be married to the person she love, some might argue. She might love him (I still stick to obsession underneath it al. Sorry all who disagree ), but deep inside, he loves ZM. ZR knew this. In prev versions, 86 and/or 2000 if I am not mistaken, she even confessed she knew that WJ love ZM the most, but she hopes with their marriage, WJ will eventually love her (a big no no for me. If he doesn't love you in the dating phase, I am not sure marriage will change it to the better). One of the worst things for a married couple is to have to live with the shadow of his/her past someone. For ZR-WJ, WJ will never physically cheat on ZR, but emotionally? He might wish he could but he would not be able to forget that one true love that got away. As years went by, the married couple might grow to accept and be comfortable with each other, but that one true love that slipped away will "live" in the marriage, be it inside his deepest secret and/or inside her suspicion. To live one's married life in constant doubts is awfull. As a spouse who would spend days and nights with him, ZR will know that ZM will never leave his mind and heart. And it would be the worst case scenario for ZR. It will be like drinking seawater to satisfy her thirst: the more she drinks, the thirstier she become. The more she wants to be sure that he loves her, the worst it would be. She will spend her life wondering if or when WJ is thinking about ZM, suspecting if he is still missing ZM. Suspecting if he thinks about ZM. Suspecting if he ever truly love her or just doing his duties as a good husband. Being unable to trust your spouse is another big no no in a relationship. The (worst, in my opinion) thing is that she already "got" the ultimate price (for lack of a better word, apologies if this sound shallow) : the man himself. What other tangible proof she can have to soothe her restlessness? To allay her suspicion? I suspect she wouldn't ever be sure if her husband truly love her or just tolerate/pacifying her. He can say that he never cheats on her (and he won't cheat. WJ is too principled to do that), he would say loving words to calm her down but ZR would always wonder if ZM still resides in his heart. Does he say the words for her or for that memory of ZM? Having the person but not the heart is a lose-lose situation for both person involved. A recipe for unhappy marriage, which would quickly (I suspect) create embittered WJ and ZR down the road. I have seen more than one example of this case. Her husband/wife was "forced" to abandon his/her former relationship. They got married because they are compatible, but years later, the wife/husband is still prone to bitterly lash out at any mentions of his/her former love and/or descend into destructive lifestyles. He/she never cheated on her/him and never even contacted his/her former love. But s/he seems to live in doubts about her/his spouse's love. And it's sad. So, it's very naive of WJ, and ZR, to think that they can be happy with their "marriage" should the wedding got through. The depth of his love to ZM will make it an uphill battle for WJ-ZR to thrive (and not to mention all the lies this union would be built upon). My personal opinion folks. No ill intention whatsoever to any parties. Peace all
  18. PSJ don't need to sent a coffetruck. He can deliver americano to his neighborhood every daaaayyyyy
  19. I’m looking forward to this drama as this will be Kim Go Eun’s first drama in a saguek role and am excited to see her chemistry with Lee Min Ho. It will be interesting to see how much world building Kim Eun Sook will spend in each world and how she will meld the two different parallel universe together. I can’t wait to hear more casting news in the coming days to see which actors and actresses will be joining KGE and LMH in the drama. Also interesting to note per article below that Kim Eun Sook may have pitched the drama to KGE as KGE is currently taking classes in LA at the moment and will have to quit once production starts. [HanCinema's News] Kim Go-eun to Quit Language School in Los Angeles to Prepare for "The King: Forever Sovereign" Kim Go-eun's prior language school commitment, when taken into consideration with her light acting career since "Goblin", suggests that she may not have been actively seeking out a new role. It seems likely that "The King: Forever Sovereign" screenwriter Kim Eun-sook, who also wrote "Goblin", may have pitched the former "Goblin" star on the positives of the project during her last visit to South Korea. "The King: Forever Sovereign" is expected to air on television sometime next year. Cr Hancinema
  20. OMG ... SHS just did that guerilla date clencing fist to Myung Soo again. And at the break, he is going to touch her head and change to pat her shoulder instead. I'm dead now.
  21. YES! 100% agree. I couldn't have said it much better than you did. RG-DM are not your stereotypical kdrama characters in spite of this drama being your standard rom com. They blew away my expectations! I'm so not looking forward to next week when this drama ends.
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