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  2. 648 I slept and wake up and think again of what my exboss doing to my current boss. I feel so unfair. My current boss is too patient. This about how to held events. Of course as government fond we must to follow financial minister rules in doing events. There are rules of how to held event in hotel, how to pay the participants and speaker, and etc. We held 2 events at the same time. Event A from 21-22 of May and event B from 21-23 of May. My current boss is one of the speaker and he speaks for 4 hours in the schedules and in the statement letter from our head boss so according to these, of course I must to pay him for 4 hours. She protest and said my current boss hours of speaking are too much. She is not wantig to signed the responsible letters of the event. So in every responsible letter there are 4 people who must to sign it. Her my exboss as a comitment officials, me as a treasurer who will pay, my current boss as the department head and other boss (lol) before we held events, I always ALWAYS. Learning financial rules of how to setting events. and not only learn by myself but also I always consulting with our internal auditor. We all, her, my ex boss, me and auditors are certified officials to do this budgetting things. She knows me I work for her for 4 years before she moves to other department. Never I will set an event before I learn about the rules. She protest that I paid my current boss too much for 4 hours. She said he doesn’t speak for 4 hours. Yeah technically it is a kind of less than 4 hours. So tentative schedule always a bit different. BUT what Makes me sceptic in her is she used to be doing the same thing almost like my current boss. She even once not speak because of some conditions but we still paid her. She also made,once, my current boss speaks for 4 hours but she stated that I must to paid my current boss for 2 hours and the rest 2 hours are for her. At that time my current boss wasn’t a department boss, he was still a sub boss. A level lower than her. Nah based from this I feel she plays dirty. Too dirty to my current boss. I really want to give her a mirror and ask her to looked at herself before she acts. I am too lazy to face these people. Really. Don’t they learned their lessons at the earthquake moments? I really need to care about my beauty because I must to face these people everyday
  3. 김현중, 반려견과 즐거운 한때... "쉬는 날 공놀이" (출처 : 매일경제 | 네이버 TV연예) http://naver.me/GhtxySNo Kim Hyun Joong having a happy time with pet dogs .. “ Playing ball on day off “ Kim Hyun Joong, recent happy state with pet dogs “Playing ball with Art and Matic” 김현중, 반려견들과 행복한 근황... "아트 매틱이랑 공놀이" [★해시태그] (출처 : 엑스포츠뉴스 | 네이버 TV연예) http://naver.me/xc52LMIB trans by SP
  4. More like two super close best friends who love to hang out bc being with eachother is super fun and enjoyable Honestly reminds me of those girl guy bestfriend dramas lol. How does ur boss seduce u without him even trying much except that just the fact he has completely become his natural comfortable self bc ure the only he can see?????????
  5. Dear All... One of the most toxic thing happen to a shipper is when you start comparing OTP. I already in this "shipper" games thing since 2009. I already saw soo many fan ship crumble because of this comparing stuff so please do not compare our Kookmin with "the" other OTP. If they start compare our OTP with theirs and say bad thing about Somin, we feel hurt. They also feel hurt too when we start comparing. So we should be more mature and enjoy our Kookmin moment only without comparing. Just lets all of us be happy in our Kookmin Clan. . BTW, I keep wondering what Kookmin need to stay close together? Look how close they sit together when there was soooo many empty space. Joongkok...I hope you found your other piece of puzzle.. I'm happy for you. https://www.instagram.com/p/BxsZH-bB356/?igshid=1rrkdxs7q7qgr
  6. Todays episode just like yesterday’s was amazing loved watching bad guys getting punished enjoyed every second of it, aw poor KNJ asking why that happened to him lol I mean considering your past history and your present actions gotta day that karma is coming for you ooops loved how OSH is standing up for herself and her family reunion was amazing to watch they are all together once again finally everything is setting back to how it should always have been Cho Aeras shocker reaction was so funny she’s like I didn’t do it yeah you did stop acting innocent
  7. You are not alone @lsemun99 I also can’t bring myself to watch SN even though I want to support JHI. After watching SYJ and JHI in SITR, it’s really hard to move on....
  8. I think its the future eps!!! hopefully he would realise that he has loved her from the beginning jahdakjsks Theres also the cover pic for the ost no.4 where Avataronica and Dom goes for another new date at the moviesss squeeee!!! looking forward to the garlic couple jdisjssj
  9. There are a couple more instagram accounts to follow: This has some really sweet kookmin moments from many episodes. Another one came up recently and is super cute
  10. I agree with you, @Oww TooCute, on your observations about JHI. He also seems tired. I miss seeing his bright smiles during the SITR presscon. Hope he’s not working too hard. I actually rewatch the SITR presscon after I saw the SN presscon coz I miss this couple so much, and I really could feel the difference. Maybe the MC there also helped to liven the atmosphere, but I also felt the happy vibes not only between the director, SYJ and JHI but also with the reporters. @Oww TooCute nice to see you again here. Glad that this thread is alive again!
  11. I'm disappointed about it as well and I'll sound like a psychopath too but I really wanted to see how what kind of "art piece" did the murderer create with Yukiko 'cuz I want to know and see just how twisted the guy is. Recently they started blurring everything out. If I remember correctly in the second part of the first season OCN received a warning for graphic content and the director at that time decided to still go with his direction to stay true to what he wanted to show. They even changed the rating to 19+. I guess they don't want to do that now, maybe too much of a loss in ad revenue.
  12. She take off the hat , because it’s expensive Love how the husband save himself @lu09 the way SH plinking, you would think she saying break her neck mom forever , I give you green light
  13. This is very much my wish! I really like them. My favorite character aside from our leads is the blind brother. I would like to see a good storyline for him, too.
  14. Hello dearie! Hope all is well with you! Fighting for ur RL! I really didnt expect Wookie to play his 101 ost during the fan meet but when i heard it, im really glad to see he chose this song for this video. For some reason, watching this brought tears to my eyes. It could be how well fitting this song is to this video and all but this is <3 for me. On the other hand.. Ctto Chicken and pizza has made its comeback.
  15. Has he brought her flowers yet or is this from a scene we haven't seen yet? *I haven't watched yesterday's or today's episodes yet* Anyways I'm looking forward to the scene whenever it happens
  16. More scan pics. at https://timeofsung.tistory.com/m/3
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