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Kim Dong Wan 김동완 - the singer


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Previous Oppayam's selca edited with trans
#Shinhwa #Kim Dongwan #Good-looking #Cool #Where this is is a secret #signature #Oh yeah #I became a squid #selfstigram #bellflower juice #recommendation #thankyou #I love it♥ Shinhwa is, as expected, right♥ Thank you for the picture and signature. I became a squid and where this is is a secret ㅋㅋ
The message underneath his signature says “Hope your cold gets better soon.”
Credits: seul_seul74 + Kim Dongwan Tumblr (Eng Trans)
Yokshi Professor Kim, giving recommendation on cold remedy ;))
I'll become a squid too if I meet him :)

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진짜 오랜만에 보는데...
언제 봐도 똑같은 김동완이ㅋㅋㅋㅋ그리고 기호형님과 지혜 반갑습니다~
#신화 #김동완 #타이푼 #미스터타이푼 #이태원 #힙합 #클럽 #힙합클럽 #다이스 #클럽다이스 #이브 #shinwha #kimdongwan #tyfoon #mrtyfoon #itaewon #hiphop #club #dice #hiphopclub #clubdice #clubdiceseoulcr. mistertyfoon IG

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진짜 오랜만에 보는데...
언제 봐도 똑같은 김동완이ㅋㅋㅋㅋ와줘서 고맙다~
#신화 #김동완 #타이푼 #미스터타이푼 #이태원 #힙합 #클럽 #힙합클럽 #다이스 #클럽다이스 #shinwha #kimdongwan #tyfoon #mrtyfoon #itaewon #hiphop #club #dice #hiphopclub #clubdice #clubdiceseoulcr. mistertyfoon IG

[15.01.09] Kim Dongwan at Club Dice with Rapper Mr. Tyfoon and Choi Kiho
It’s been a really long time since we’ve seen each other…But Kim Dongwannie, who is exactly the same whenever I see him ㅋㅋㅋㅋThanks for coming~
#shinhwa #kimdongwan #tyfoon #mrtyfoon #itaewon #hiphop #club #dice #hiphopclub #clubdice #clubdiceseoulCredits: mistertyfoon + Kim Dongwan Tumblr (Eng Trans)
Trans :
[150109 IG Trans]

We're seeing each other after a really long time .. Kim Dongwan looks the same as always kekekeke (omit irrelevant)#shinwha #kimdongwan #tyfoon #mrtyfoon #itaewon #hiphop #club #dice #hiphopclub #clubdice #clubdiceseoul at CLUB DICE Seoul 
We're seeing each other after a really long time.. Kim Dongwan looks the same as always kekekeke thank you for coming
cr. malpabo

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Guest linakyon

"Oppayam looks so adorable in that pyjamas... but doesn't he usually sleep without his tops on, he should have made it realistic on the vcr too... "icwudt, realistic hihihi ;)) But totally agree!! After all he was the one who said ' Don't you know how much the fans want to see our(front)' ;)
Good to see he has some free time to spend with friends and going to the mountains :D
@hkana IKR I feel that girl, a squid, an octopus and the list goes on...Not even photoshop could save me lol  

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@linakyon Our Dongsan  :x  Hahaha yes the other members might oppose him and don't want to do it but he himself should be true to his own words   :(|)
Blame Oppayam for being gorgeous even when making derp faces *sigh* lol! But you're equally gorgeous, dear! :x
But if I were to take a selca with Oppayam, even though I would look like a mop, I don't want him to make silly faces ^#(^  argh scratch that, it's fine whatever pose he's doing as long as I get a selca together huhuhu

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Guest linakyon

@hkana  And let's be honest, this man doesn't need to hide anything, pure eye candy ;))Remember I wonder if SHCJ could find the pyjamas, well they didn't but they did find the toothbrush he used =))  That's some impressive skills :Dimages?q=tbn:ANd9GcR4bIgsq7pn9NEf2Pwr0TO
cr mag7921
IKR, even his derp faces are gorgeous.damn it! awwww thank you >:D< Don't say that, I'm sure you wouldn't look like a mop! Exactly, I think I would ask him to make a flower boy pose xD And perhaps I would take a step or 2 backwards so that my face would look smaller, but then, if I ever meet him I think I wouldn't do that. The closer the better :x Perhaps face to face? hahaha *smacks self* 

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Guest adikkeluangman

- janga:Oh, DW of course you can get married. Even Kim Tae Woo the giant maknae of g.o.d already got two babies. I always thought that DW will be the first to get married in Shinhwa.

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@linakyon OMGGGGGGGG they found the toothbrush! lol lol lol  =))  Amazing!!  :D
I went to the twitter page of the credited name and saw they found a similar pyjamas but different design.  The bears look similar :D
cr. mag7921
Daebak! :D
@adikkeluangman  He sang this song at the concert and all the fans shout 'No!' :))   For me,  I always have a feeling Andy will be the first and Wannie will be second... He sounds really want to get married, so he maybe he'll be the first :D  *preparing my heart*
@linakyon Since you're both at similar height, you can go for the cheek-to-cheek pose but I vote for the face-to-face, works better! :-bd ;)

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Guest linakyon

@hkana OMG =)) They are amazing :D
hahaha :)) Should I?Actually I/we should do both for research purposes *greedy* hihi ;)) Oppayam is lucky I don't like to wear heels so I wouldn't be taller  xD

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Guest linakyon

@hkana hahaha xD Indeed! And I forgot one little detail, if he wears insoles he'll definitely be a few cms taller than me so no problem :))
Exactly it's all about perspective,which reminds me of this xD B4lUp-OCAAA38Vf.jpg
cr wstarnews
cr sportschosun

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@linakyon It is! :))   Isn't Kim Woobin like super tall *pats Minbong*   I love Minwoo's confidence  :-bd  With his talent and charisma, he's like 2m tall to me :)Just saw D9 Luda's video on youtube, it makes me kind of want her with Minwoo :D
Cries. dies. thuds !!!
OMG he caught me staring!!!! XDDDD
cr. yanneskie

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Screencaps from Cknia CF BTS
Wannie is shining :)  Gorgeous :x  8->


cr. Mongryong___lee


cr. eyul95
I see many Wanjin :D


cr. but_1121


cr. sea0749


cr. dongwah

Download the video - 1080p :
http://bigmail.mail.daum.net/Mail-bin/bigfile_down?uid=uYSXhVP9uOVYyoURd8VD9if3jXCdoIpjhttp://bigmail.mail.daum.net/Mail-bin/bigfile_down?uid=KG7ILtIbugelsTbWuB9rabcoLznX-37ncr. Mongryong___lee
More screencaps and gifs :

Oppayam is so funny in this scene - the way he holds the guitar and the way his legs lift up when he's running hahaha and his expression lol lol... Such a different image with the first picture sigh lol


cr. labeul__

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Hi guys, how are you?  Hope you're all okay after all those gorgeous fanpictures and hilarious fancams... Not helping that Oppayam uploaded some pictures huhuhu...
Selca stick King, Mr. Kim.   For bigger pictures, click the link...
tumblr_nicsijTks81rmwtr0o1_250.jpg tumblr_nicsijTks81rmwtr0o2_250.jpg

[From the Administrator]Shanghai, Mr Kim, selfie stick- 2015-01-18 Shinhwa Company Facebook update 2
cr. malpabo

[From the Administrator]
This is the life of a true Shanghai citizen~ ha~ (Dongwan is studying English???)
- 2015-01-18 Shinhwa Company Facebook updatecr. malpabo
cr. hmw7914 ig

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150117  Pudong Airport, Shanghai
cr. 受一一醉天平 weibo 
cr. 阿濛_fallinJin
Airport fancams, not realy sure which one is where :P
http://www.meipai.com/media/226459287 http://www.meipai.com/media/226448853 http://www.meipai.com/media/226345908 http://www.meipai.com/media/226346419 http://www.meipai.com/media/226630808 at the end of video hahaha

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Press Conference / This Love omg so gorgeous
cr. on pic
Media Pics ⇨cr.Easy音乐世界
cr. ThankYouShinhwa

tumblr_nic0tuoLvn1qefckho1_250.jpg tumblr_nic0tuoLvn1qefckho3_250.jpg
tumblr_nic0tuoLvn1qefckho2_250.jpg tumblr_nic0tuoLvn1qefckho4_250.jpg
cr. Cynthia via kimdongwan tumblr

Dongwan bumped into a passerby in Shanghai and apologised to her in Chinese (cr 桂桂_反省線急行) http://www.meipai.com/media/226881909 
cr. tuchoong
At the hotel  http://www.meipai.com/media/226884852

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