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Kim Dong Wan 김동완 - the singer


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Guest linakyon

@hkana That's right , :)) So this means we can 'blame' him at our hearts content muahah >:) 
Time to sign off :)  May Oppayam appear in our dreams to make them sweeter  :-*

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by kim247 on December 18, 2014

Is it just me, or is he aging backwards?
The ever-handsome vocal of legendary KPOP group, Shinhwa, is going solo into 2015 and has given us a little taste of what is to come. In the teaser for his new song, He_Starlight, Kim Dong Wan duets with a female singer as very emotional scenes of hurt and longing play out, to be explained and completed once the full release comes on December 23rd at 12:00PM KST. There is one thing I’m sure we can all agree on: The singer/actor looks good and seems to be getting younger and younger.
Dong Wan released single, He_Sunshine, earlier this year and will release the mini album of both songs before the year ends. We will see a full return of solo activities and a full album in the new year. Dong Wan and other members of Shinhwa had solo careers during their hiatus while all members got their mandatory military service out of the way, to reunite in 2012.
*teaser video*SOURCE: 1theK

cr. 24-7kpop
#Shinhwa′s #KimDongWan Drops ′He_Starlight′ Teaser with Mysterious Actress http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/en/article/83426/video-shinhwas-kim-dong-wan-drops-hestarlight-teaser-with-mysterious-actress … who do u think that girl is?

cr. mwave
Shinhwa′s Kim Dong Wan Drops ′He_Starlight′ Teaser with Mysterious Actress

2014.12.18 14:08  CJ E&M enewsWorld Grace Danbi Hong
Stirring up curiosity, Shinhwa′s Kim Dong Wan unveiled the teaser video for his upcoming song He_Starlight. 
The music video teaser for He_Starlight was released on December 18 as Kim Dong Wan watched the woman he loves leave. 
He_Starlight was rearranged from his previous digital single He_Sunshine, creating a different atmosphere. The teaser also featured a female voice that′s still wrapped up in mystery, revealing that He_Starlight will be a duet song. 
"For He_Starlight, which will be released on December 23, we rearranged it to bring out a different mood compared to He_Sunshine," stated CI Entertainment. "A very calming song featuring the perfect collaboration between Kim Dong Wan and an actress who is so loved by viewers was born, so please anticipate the collaboration between Kim Dong Wan and this actress and continue the support and interest in Kim Dong Wan′s He_Starlight." 
Kim Dong Wan′s He_Starlight will be relesased on December 23 at noon (KST). 
Kim Dong Wan will be holding his Starlight concert on December 31 at the Jamsil Student Gymnasium to countdown to the new year with his fans. 
*teaser video*
Photo Credit: CI Entertainment

cr. mwave

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Guest tdk1995

I'm so happy for him. I think he originally wanted to become a rock-ish singer, and now he is. (:

I think I'm going to purchase a CD, something I haven't done in a looooooong time.

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Hello @tdk1995  :-h  Welcome to the thread :)  Me too.  So happy and proud of him  :x  
Less than 10 hours till He_Starlight release!  Oppayam, why so beautiful? Your eyes T.T  Starlight! :D

[Trans]RT @CIENT_Co: #KimDongwan revealing the main jacket for 'He_Starlight'. D-1 2014.12.23(Tues) PM 12:00 release! 
cr. CI ENT + malpabo

And wooooooooot <:-P  Finished recording 7th song for Shinhwa album! Oppayam's English!!  :-bd

CI ENT힘이난다! 으쌰으쌰~ 신화 7번째 곡 녹음 완료~^^ 프로젝트D 고마워용~ 
Thank you 'Project D' for the 팥죽! I feel so energetic! Just finished recording the seventh song of the upcoming Shinhwa album~^^from D.W.

cr. CI ENT
Confirming our suspicions that he is the admin ;))

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Guest linakyon

@hkana And it's in a few two hours!!! Can't forget the tissues T_T
It has to be him that wrote that :x  I'm so proud oppayam, please continue like that :D
Already 7 songs for Shinhwa :D Wow! Oppas are on fire :D
Azuki beans porridge is so yummy! Kudos to fans >:D<

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@linakyon They looked so yummy!  It was so nice of the fans to send the food support ^^ Shinhwa fighting! 

The mystery's been solved :D  


[Trans] RT @CIENT_Co: [KDW News]

#KimDongwan With #JunSomin 's 'He_Starlight' will be released at noon today. Please give it lots of love. 
Cr. CI ENT + malpabo
In 10 minutes! Meanwhile aww Woodong :x
민우가 "내 스타일이 아니라서"라며 신발을 다섯개나 주고 갔다. 이것이 바로 '츤데레'!????!
Minwoo gave me five pairs of shoes just because they were "not his style". This must be '츤데레'!???!
- from DW
cr. CI ENT

"츤데레" describes a person who looks cold on the outside but actually has a warm personality ^^ RT @CIENT_Co: (cont) http://tl.gd/n_1sjd2pe  (cr. malpabo)


[TRANS CI Ent's comment]"Please send 4 boxes to the office. CI ENT, 2nd Floor, 124-19, Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu." cr.  myshcj

:)) :)) =))

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He_Starlight (With 전소민)  
On Mnet : http://www.mnet.com/track/3957184
On melon : http://www.melon.com/album/detail.htm?albumId=2295824 
naver : http://music.naver.com/album/index.nhn?albumId=472755&trackId=4611183 

Heard the audio on youtube but I'm waiting for the official M/V from their official channel T.T

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He_Starlight jacket picture - HD 

[Ci Event]

Kim Dong Wan digital single 'He_Starlight' release event!
Every major music websites have released 'He_Starlight', a digital single by Kim Dong Wan and Jeon So Min.
▶멜론 http://me2.do/FZF8wp1e▶네이버뮤직 http://me2.do/xrBCu9Vw▶지니 http://me2.do/IgR4dQP1▶다음뮤직 http://me2.do/Fr30WuKE▶올레뮤직 http://me2.do/xXcwhy9b▶벅스뮤직 http://me2.do/F86u9CtA▶소리바다 http://me2.do/x0JXAqFk
Tag your friends and click on Like, 3 people among them will be rewarded with a Kim Dong Wan signature CD.(Until Dec.31st, Winners Announced Jan.5th)
#LetsListen #Everyday #HowManyTimes #StarsInTheSky #TheyGottaBeThere
cr. CI ENT
Shinhwa's Dongwan drops new sentimental song 'He_Starlight' ft. Jeon So Min
December 22, 2014 @ 10:53 pmby mssylee 
Shinhwa's Dongwan is back with his new sing "He_Starlight", a sentimental track with gentle piano instrumentals featuring the lovely voice of actress Jeon So Min.
As it was mentioned previously, "He_Starlight" serves as one of the two pre-release songs for his upcoming mini album and full length album next year. And with the release of "He_Starlight", fans can wind down during the cold winter nights with a cup of coffee as they anticipate the new year to come, meaning Shinhwa and individual activities from Dongwan! 
Check out the track above!
cr. allkpop
Isn't he amazing?  The same song but the feelings are totally different T.T I'm crying. You sounds so hurting, Oppayam.  T.T
So beautiful T.T  I love both versions.  Is that a cello? Gosh so pretty.    

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Heard the whole He_Starlight from youtube. It's really remake from He_Sunshine, I feel like I am trolled by KDW. LOL =)) I really didn't expect he_starlight will have same lyrics as he_sunshine, hahaha. But, they're great, it has totally different feeling from he_sunshine.But where is the MV? What if they filmed only for teaser? :pCI Ent, don't forget to release the MV please :P
*btw, I am officially out of my cave, manseeeeeee!!!!!!! From now on, I can be more active in fangirling activities LOL :)) *

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@achil !  :((  I miss you  :((  Yay fangirling resumes woot woot :D
I kept refreshing youtube last night huhu... Waiting for the MV too T.T   Maybe he knows a lot of us are waiting so he sent us his greetings video ^^  So many updates in 24 hours, Oppayam you're the sweetest.

cr. dongwan kim
The placard says :
"2015. Go back to the time when you had no worries or cares & Merry Christmas ♡"Dongwan: Hyesung ah~~~~~!!!!! Jung PILGYO!!!!! MINWOO YAH!!! I too can’t help….
- 2014-12-23
updatetranslation by malpabo.tumblr.com

Aww thank you Oppayam.  *waves to him back*  You brought the book to the mountain ^^  Why are you so cute?  The way he waves his hands and bows ^^  Hip hip hooray for Kyodeng and Woodong :D
cr. 79_0216

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10675520_746882158737195_271437494775628CI ENT간식반응이 오늘 유난히 좋네요~ 콘서트 4번째 연습 힘이난다. 으쌰으쌰~ 동셩연애 여러분 캄사~
I've never seen people rush for the snack lately! I feel so energetic for the fourth band practice. Thank you '동셩연애'!
- from D.W. 
The food support was from Dongsyung.com fanclub :  https://twitter.com/kd11211127/status/547416960011493377

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Guest linakyon

@achil chinguuuuuuuu :D Wohooo <:-P  Fangirl to your heart content :D

@hkana So many updates, glad I had some time to check the forum before going to party all night long :D
Ahhh..They didn't release the mv yet, I fell asleep last night after hearing the digital release on youtube xD
Same lyrics, different feelings and I'm in love with both :D The duet was a great idea, their voices combine well and they don't over shade each other :D
 Itunesssss release the single~~~~ My money is ready! Speaking of  money, no updates on CI online store, right?

LOL the name of the support, 동셩(DongSyung) 연애(date, go out, have a relationship) :))
Fighting!!! :D

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@achil @linakyon Will we get the M/V? huhu.  Maybe closer to New Year? ^^

@linakyon Kkkkk that's the meaning of the fan support?  ;)
Ikr, Oppayam can do more collaborations with female singer in the future.  He_Starlight sounds so soothing and pretty.  The acoustic strings and drums, ahhh magical... 

Yes, itunes please ^^  No, I believe there isn't any update yet... 
Have a great time at the party and have a blessed holiday, dear!   :x 

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