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23 hours ago, tok-soompi said:

Keke can they work together something like the same era of the age of shadow or something like the mood for love (hk film)?  

I agree . I hope it'll happen soon. I loved their chemistry off screen . Loved their friendship , and how they tease each other:D

Honestly, I wish they'll work together in any movie or drama . I don't care about genre. I loved them in these few scenes in age of shadows.

Honestly, I was disappointed cause I waited to watch their scenes together , but it was few & short so I'm waiting for another movie may be with director Kim jee won B)

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Netizens wonder how Gong Yoo can become even more handsome by the day


Gong Yoo made his way to trending news due to a recent update posted by his label Management SOOP, which posted a series of candid photos of the handsome actor to their official Instagram account on April 14th. 

According to the caption, the pictures were taken behind the scenes at a shoot for skincare brand La Mer. Gong Yoo is seen casually sitting and posing as netizens buzz about his never-ending good looks, stating: 


"How does he look even better as he gets older?"

"I understand very well why females are obsessed with Gong Yoo."

"Wonder which woman will swoop him away." 


Meanwhile, Gong Yoo is set to appear in movie 'Seobok' alongside Park Bo Gum.


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Gong Yoo Showed off His Unrealistic Young Visual in New Behind Cuts from His 'LA MER' Photoshoot 

Who can deny Gong Yoo's young visual? No one. 

On April 14th, Management Soop released behind cuts of Gong Yoo from his photoshoot with luxury skincare brand 'LA MER.' He matched a black T-shirt with ivory pants to complete the basic styling. Above all, his visual is the one that has stolen the spotlight.


Gong Yoo showed off his marble skin, even without any special effects. He even has a cute face that makes us cannot believe he's 42 years old this year. With his tall height and broad shoulders, we have no choice but to adore him even more. 





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Gong Yoo shares snippets from his CF shoot

1. [+874, -28] Huh?? He looks like he's gotten even more handsome..
2. [+853, -32] I'm curious to see what lucky woman will get to marry him..
3. [+732, -29] It's frustrating how easy it is to see why so many women like him
4. [+50, -4] I personally prefer Gong Yoo to Jung Woo Sung
5. [+49, -3] Why is this oppa in his forties... I don't know anyone in their forties who looks like this..
6. [+44, -1] Gong Yoo and Hyun Bin were never able to join the ranks of traditionally handsome faces like Won Bin, Go Soo, or Jo In Sung, but as times have changed, their clean looks are actually considered more masculine and on trend now, especially with age.

7. [+42, -2] I think he's the only man in his forties that I'd be willing to call oppa ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ he's so cool
8. [+39, -4] I'm going to so, so, so hate it when he gets married ㅠㅠ please just live alone~
9. [+28, -11] I wouldn't call him handsome but his tall height and broad shoulders really build him up
10. [+27, -1] Why does he look even more cool these days...


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