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Park Min Young 박민영 - Upcoming drama: Cruel Office Romance (2022)

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Guest 1L2S2M_33

Hi everyone new here, Hi @Eileen531 I'm here now, thank you for inviting me to post in this thread and not just lurk;)

I'm just happy reading all the posts in this thread. There are bumps along the way that made me feel a bit sad and upset while reading but it can never outweigh the feeling of pride for the greatness you guys had for your love and faith for PMY.  I'm all smile just witnessing how you protect her specially on sensitive issues. She's one great girl with great souls backing her up, the reason she's up fighting is not for the few who wants to bring her down but for those like you guys that give her strength to keep up and move on.
Being in hiatus was an act of braveness on her part and I salute her for that, the biggest battle we have is not against the people who try to destroy us but it's  the battle within one's self. What she had been through all these years is remarkably note taking, I believe that the love and support of her family, true friends, loved ones and faithful fans played a big part when she stood victorious.

When I see her posters in her latest project I see her as "The Braveness of Min(young)", the wonderful still shots of her simplicity exudes confidence and she stands out best because of the aura she possess. Simply amazing:)

Sorry if  I'm talking too much;) I just miss PMY and am glad to read/see updates from her (thank you @dandelionjd) and her LET interview, her smile speaks it all. Happy for her.

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Just want to share  http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MjM5NzY0MzEyNg==&mid=208187439&idx=1&sn=0394960a8acbf2062057df985361b167#rd "Pu Minying , although she was a Korean girl, but so far, ma

15.10.06  instagram

I'll go to there again.. as today missing #phuket mom and me, sunset which is like a picture Minah+Steven my only one sister wedding! Bless this two, two rainbows floating in the sky kya April, 2015 #

Guest Eileen531

Wow @1L2S2M_33, nice seeing you here and great post. Very clever the Braveness of  Min(young).......  She is a cool cookie and such a role model on how to live a good life.  You said it family, friends, and true fans are the reason this beautiful girl gets up everyday and enjoys life.  Aren't we lucky to have our bias be such a person with a sweet nature. I'm so happy she came back with A New Leaf, so we could begin to see her embracing her career once more having missed her for so long. We even get to see her on SNS more which is a plus. 

Thanks for the weibo update @dandelionjd and the article.  Thanks for the video @PiyuMiUmesha, the date of interview says July 1st....is that when this was shown or actual date when interview took place.

I feel like we haven't seen any recent bts pictures lately @OksanaS, did our girl go missing again without us realizing it.....hmm? Those photos of them going out to eat at Starbucks doesn't show a date, right?   Did the fan who took them say when she saw her and staff there? 

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Hi hi hi my fellow dance-2-raccoon-emoticon.gif?1302774069

being busy with RL and miss this thread so much...

Argh those wacky face, i like her expressions, thank u @labyrinth525 &n @OksanaS for updating my's news. And welcome for @1L2S2M_33, hope u'll always visit this thread :D

Do u know how many cosmetic endorsements that minyoung endorsed? Here we go:

1. Berrisom (2009)


2. Anna Sui (2010)


3. ANYA Cosmetics (2012)


4. A'PIEU (2012)


5. Leaders (2015)

All pics & video are credited to the owner.

Wow so many cosmetic CFs that trust minyoung to endorse their brands. :wub:

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Guest 1L2S2M_33

Hello hello!, I'm happy to see updates again. Thank you for all the photos and BTS pics @OksanaS, and the gifs and interview @PiyuMiUmesha. hope to visit often:) @dandelionjd, thank you;)
She's always lovely in every angle, love her wacky side the most. Cute!

@Eileen531 thanks to you;) i felt being close to her through this thread, I learned more about her. I agree with everything you said.

hope to be back again:)

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Guest Eileen531

@vvxen, I have been back reading the Pmy thread for fun and many times there's things I missed.  I came upon familiar names like Mimi26 and another that I thought could of been you in an earlier form.......lol was your default name originally vivacious vxen?   It just cracked me up how carefree the name was, and if not you I apologize but as soon as I read the name you immediately came to mind. lol  Thanks. 

@1L2S2M_33, (tag is out again).....Pmy's whacky side haha and her laugh were always so endearing. These traits are what I love about her.  Plus she's smart and her interviews are never dull.  I remember at the Healer Press conference all three leads were interviewed and towards the end the MC asked what does Healer represent or something like that...........and immediately you can see the wheels in Minyoung's head turning......the two men (sorry guys) were stumbling no clue what to say........but Minyoung brings up what the writer's from the production team spoke to her about.......lol they told her about her 2 co-stars broad shoulders........and just the way she delivered the little conversations and she wrapped it up nicely by saying Taebak Mountains......and they all burst out laughing.......She made the interview end on a high note with all good feelings.  Such a personality.  

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@Eileen531 Yes dear, that was my old username haha. I couldn't access that account for some reason so I had to create a new one. Now that you mentioned it, I was still young and carefree when I decided on that username and it makes me cringe whenever it comes to mind now. :lol: You can say that the inaccessibility was a blessing in disguise. :D

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found this video on old pages.


This is phone call from Leeteu k and Eunhyuk on Sukira Radio to Jessica. At that time Sica and Minyoung were together. Just lolling with these two men, how they wooed minyoung kkkkk

L and E: WE LOVE PARK MIN YOUNG. MILKY WHITE SKIN PARK MIN YOUNG (2:46) yell-raccoon-emoticon.gif?1302774081


Never saw minyoung on variety show. Just thinking, it will be hilarious if SIca and Minyoung join Running-Man.

How do u think guys? thinking lupine


@Eileen531 unnie oh so notice that id too hehehhe, when back-read this thread, i saw id that sounds familiar with @vvxen too. So it confirms it's you vvxen, u're truly one of supportive fans on this thread :D

@PiyuMiUmesha those lovely gifs, keep it coming dear :wub:



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@vvxen u're right kekeke even they treated minyoung a little bit different with sica(maybe because at that time they are in same agency). They treated minyoung like their bias and they are fans ahhaha.


Ofiicial still of BOTM

XieYuFei :wub:


cr.BOTM official weibo

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Guest Eileen531

@vvxen,  Haha this is great to know, thanks for the confirmation.  Oh to be young and carefree.....those were the days.  Weren't we all a bit vivacious at one point in time?  So you go along way back of being a fan of Minyoung. I think that is what's so sweet about her that she has loyal fans and thankfully her base is growing.   You saw that too @dandelionjd, while back reading......you are more polite than I am as my curiosity got the better of me.  Nothing dull around here that is for sure.

Thanks for the gifs and the radio clip. I heard that clip once before but didn't remember who the radio people were, I'm not up on all the idols groups names. They fawned all over her being able to talk to Minyoung almost forgetting about Jessica and their guest on the other line.  It was a hoot, thanks for sharing.

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