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  1. What the heck happened? Why is KMS not wearing the ring when they kissed after the proposal? Is it a missed by the editing team or is it connected to the last scene? Thank you to our recappers btw. Appreciate all you did throughout this drama. One more episode chingus.
  2. Thanks chingu Wahhh a wedding but I hope the staff who uploaded it didn't get into trouble though.
  3. Finally caught up with this thread. Whoah 202 pages!!! But sadly this is the Finale week and 'will gonna miss this drama. After rewatching previous episodes, just noticed the following (correct me if I'm wrong): - one of the ladies who's admiring LYJ in the Spanish Embassy party is the same actress who played one of KMS's friend who's getting married and asked KMS to go on a blind date (?) - when KMS shared to OJR the first time she met LYJ, LYJ came from KMS's left and sat but when LYJ was remembering the same incident, his scene showed him coming from KMS's right. - after LYJ talked to Mr. Jung, Ms. Bong and KJA about their (Him &KMS) relationship, KMS ran after the three showing PMY wearing her wedge shoes. Sorry I don't know how to posts pictures to show these. Anyway, I might binge watch this again after it's airing. And just like some of you have already stated, this is a feel good drama and every cast had done their part well. One of the best romcoms I've watched. Also, thanks @nonski for the bi-weekly shout out. Will try to join you guys this Finale week. Thank you all for your posts. it had made my WWWSK drama watching more enjoyable.
  4. You just said it chingu The awaited kiss made the pages in this thread fly Let’s see what the rating would be. Will the cast be preparing breakfast as promised? Still squeeeing
  5. The kiss we’ve all been waiting for Squeeeeeeeeee ... Thanks again to our recappers @nonski @dojoed @jeonghyang @kaoriharang
  6. @Ahpheng you’re here! So happy to see your strips again. Thank you. Have finally caught up with this thread. After being away for a day, the pages are flying and the next episode hasn’t aired yet. Loved all your discussion. I’m learning something just by reading your posts. Thanks everyone.
  7. Another long week of waiting I might just watch episodes 1-6 while waiting or read/look at the newly released webtoon chapters. Who’s with me?
  8. Someone posted in Twitter that the writer for this drama was replaced by two tvN writers that may have caused the slight change in phase or tone? Wasn’t able to LS today so I really didn’t see it. I’m just reading away the recaps of our great chingus here. Thank u very much@nonski @jeonghyang @Kasmic @dojoed @kaoriharang
  9. Thanks for the live recap and gifs chingus. Really appreciate it since my LS sucks tonight. Can anyone share other LS sites? Thanks in advance. Anyway, agree with all of you regarding that ending. After a bit angst, they gave us that! This drama is a true roller coaster ride and I’m loving it. Can’t wait for tomorrow
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