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  1. Because people before Secretary already believed that they dating, for that reason Min Young so much time didnt confirmed her join to the cast.
  2. No I wouldn't, because one day when the truth comes out many shippers hearts may be broken so what is all for? Like she said , “If, in the future, I end up meeting a great guy and have good news to share, I’ll go public with it. But what’s for sure is that I’m not getting married [right away]. Right now, I’m at a point where I’m focusing on this career that I love so much.” I'll be waiting for this day, and will be very happy for her.
  3. Аs I know she hate talk about her personal life, if they dating? I don't think so...She had secret dating with LMH and when it was opened she take a long break for 2 years to calm down all rumors...it was long two years for her fans...and when she is come back she acting so careful to not start new rumors The truth is I must say that on BTS Min Young is very cold with PSJ You may see what you want to see, but I feel only that she didnt relax like it was in her previous projects. And later she said that she was afraid of rumors. And this cold atmosphere is so clear there. Everywhere she was so joyful with her partner but not in Secretary.. That is what I see. I hope in HPL my happy, joyful Min Young come back.
  4. What I mean is that about PMY always was such rumors, but only that one time it became the truth I do not think she decides on another secret story after that scandal. Now she's an adult woman and will not play such games
  5. yes PMY is always said that her last work and co-partner is the best! In 2013 she spend many times with actor JJV there was a rumors about them, both said that it just friendship But they always ride together in University.
  6. His famous like a model but I'm talking about different thing You may be a very famous like a model in world but no one knows you like an actor. Min Young knows here not like a model, K-pop star but only like Actress. And I'm asking if he is popular in the world like actor (like Lee Joon Ki)
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