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Yg Family Official Thread

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Question: Why did you do volunteer work?
Aori F&B CEO, BigBang Member 


Seungri: Though what we did today was a small job, I hope these bring great joy and happiness and for everyone to get more opportunities to give back.

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180618 ROSÉ Instagram Update:



"#helloinstagram #adidas"


180618 Volumeup891 IG Update with Blackpink:






180618 __gamzza (Kim Heejung, YG dancer) IG update







180618 joujoumarket IG update



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[ENG SUBBED] 180617 Seungri on Mom's Diary / My Ugly Duckling Episode 92 




Seungri mentioned the Osaka earthquake in his diary. He said he was very worried when he heard the news, prayed for the souls of the deceased and wished for no more damages.




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180619 ROSÉ IG Update



180619 JISOO IG Update











"The enormous Jisoo meets the pink short-haired Jisoo

Both are Jisoos but why do you only see the big Jisoo "

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180618 Seung-chan’s Diary
Title: Neighbor
Warning: Please DO NOT re-translate or post in other SNS platforms (even blogs). Thank you!
“...Lee Si-young has been number one search for two days... I got breastmilk soap haha” 


180619 Seungri Instagram:
“The comeback is coming soon.. Let’s go for it! #TheGreatSeungri #thegreatseungritour”

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Jennie picks Jisoo as the #1 visual in BLACKPINK

But she says she won't want to be re-born as Jisoo, she'd rather be re-born as herself. 

Rosé says her ideal type is Gong Yoo. She's liked him since 'Coffee Prince', which she watched in Australia. 

She also cried with her mom when Gong Yoo died at the end of 'Train to Busan'. She also watched 'Goblin' and cried during that too.



Lisa says her ideal type is also Gong Yoo. She watched 'Goblin' with Rosé.

Jisoo says her ideal type changes a lot but she does like Gong Yoo. Except she felt like she had to leave (the room) because Rosé and Lisa liked Gong Yoo too much 


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