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  2. @rori0711 Helloes chingu long time no chat. I hope your well Thanks for the article on SJJ... after stirring so many fans of MOA and causing such criticisms she's FINALLY came out and gave us more answers. Im still bitter with her and I say good luck finding producers to support her. I hope the casts doesnt return lol! but then again it wont be the same if they dont. Frankly I dont think they will they deserve better respect than what she did to them. Apart from HB, the director and the CGI team I dont see anyone else whom would be keen enough. What balance? there were NO balance of the leads roles. I think I need to read more on what SJJ was raving on about during her conference.
  3. CFY in Dior for MBS PressCon. Simple yet dashing and charming
  4. Me in like every Oppa drama I watch lol that doesn’t include romance. FYI hahaha but I have to say...sometimes I’m worst than this lol 770
  5. I AGREE!! my heart melts when I hear her calling him that, it's so cute and endearing.
  6. Aaaaaaarrrggghhh!!! KJW looks soooooooo HOT!!!!..... High Five, @staygold....I don't care much about PMY but KJW is makes drooling.... +2
  7. @J13 That's the one will filming in June, but he'll start filming another new drama this April 29th with this girl I love CXX PXR chemistry,but I want to see him with other girl too but actually I want him pairing with Li yitong hope they'll have project together. Sr.weibo
  8. thats really sad. I hate how some ppl feel so entitled over celebrities. Glad PSJ has learned to not take it personally.
  9. I just so worried he lost his ambitious! he love acting but he not really into the actor's life and he still cannot adjust his private life to public life! he is not fame hungry! he not working for money! the only motiviation he has is the satisfaction from his acting and get recognized! If he don't have it.. I am not sure will he carry on! I always fear he will step in Won Bin path!! but.. Let's hope it's won't happen! He still very young!! This is my favourite from the magicain! Beautiful but sad... just like him! beautiful and fragile! he is amazing and truly beautiful actor! just love him by looking at this picture! I want to see more of him! go get the lightstick!!! its awesome! haha
  10. but honestly i feel like PMY was conscious of bts during WWWSK only.. in bts HPL, she was extra giggly and carefree, not to mention all touchy2 with her costar.. so to non-shippers like some of my friends , it seemed like PMY didnt like PSJ lol..
  11. First time i see this BTS!!! Still not forgetting my other favourite version 1986HSDS
  12. Eh? Never watched frozen flowers. But yes. Movies are open, so they can do all these. There are quite a few movies that I know of that talks about these topics. Some were found by accident lol. Just there trying to find my oppas’ movies thennn “Bam!” It appears. Lol 766
  13. Where did you find the special episode? What show did they appear on? Crossing my fingers they’ll sub it!!
  14. Hi both... looked through the list, but not so sure - if i remember correctly, there was a 7days queen shipping, but not sure if it was on the drama thread or the shippers paradise... hahah.... ... and who is the lucky lady? haha Ok ... I have a question... why is everyone, except PMY's DM's character at least, are wearing baggy clothes! Ryan clothes seemed to be overly big, unless he wears his shirt, then i saw SJ is wearing clothes that are also overly big.....
  15. 764 you mean like frozen flower movie?
  16. @cenching of course, I am!! +2
  17. The bromance part was making me puke so I skipped that. The writers are wrapping up the story ever so slowly. SH going to prison and SJ dying and SY discovering shes 3 months pregnant then HB being committed. What else? The End.
  18. yes..i remember the knetzn's comments on bts video during wwwsk. most said psj could not hide his feeling to pmy..
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