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class="content-title"Key Updates on Rain, Se7en, Sangchu and Other Celebrity Soldiers

Key Updates on Rain, Se7en, Sangchu and Other Celebrity Soldiers

Although mandatory military service has always been a touchy subject, especially in the entertainment industry, recent events such as Rain, Se7en and Sangchu’s violations of military rules, have set forth a domino effect, bringing to light other celebrity soldiers’ misdeeds and eventually eradicating the title of a celebrity soldier.

The hotly discussed issue of celebrities in the military has not died down even after the announcement of getting rid of the celebrity soldier title. Here are a few key updates:

(skipped unrelated....)

2. Sangchu and Se7en provide receipts from various massage parlors before and after their enlistment to prove that they went for medicinal purposes

On August 8, SportsSeoul.com reported that Se7en and Sangchu provided receipts from various (regular and not adult) massage parlors to prove that they visited for medicinal purposes on the night they were caught on tape.

The receipts show the exact dates and times of when the two celebrities visited the regular massage parlors, which backs up the Ministry of National Defense’s intial statements of Se7en and Sangchu’s visits to be medicinal.

3. Sangchu and Se7en re-stationed to new unit after serving time in military jail.

After finishing their military jail time for ten days, Se7en and Sangchu were re-stationed to a front-line field units on August 9.

Se7en has been re-stationed to Pocheon’s 8th Infantry “Tumbler” Division and Sangchu has been re-stationed to Hwacheon’s 15th Infantry “Victory” Division.

Both have also been demoted from having a medium rank to a small rank.

credit : soompi news

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Battlefield: Se7en, Sangchu Sent Off To The Front Line!


The South Korean army's "celebrity soldiers" who were sentenced to detention for breaking military rules, including K-pop stars Se7en and Mighty Mouth singer Sangchu, have been reassigned to units on the front line.

The Ministry of National Defence has announced the field unit divisions that the soldiers were relocated to, following the dismissal of the army's disgraced PR unit, the Defence Media Agency. Nine of them were shifted to their new divisions on Saturday and three of them—Se7en, Sangchu and actor Lee Jun-Hyuk—will be shipped off on Friday after they finish serving their punishment.

A South Korean TV network had taped the DMA personnel out of their uniforms, partying and going on a drinking binge after taking part in a military concert commemorating the 63rd anniversary of the Korean War. Two of the entertainers were also caught visiting an illegal massage parlour.

The ministry's disciplinary committee sentenced the two soldiers from the massage parlour to 10 days in military prison, while the other five celebs received four-day sentences for carrying their mobile phones, and one star was grounded at his unit for 10 days for leaving his post at inappropriate hours.

South Korean actor Lee Jun-Hyuk and K-pop singer Se7en.

South Korean actor Lee Jun-Hyuk and K-pop singer Se7en.

(skipped unrelated.....)

Source: Reuters/TenAsia  / The Daily Chilli
Published: August 13, 2013

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itemprop="name"11 Korean boys who would be perfect toothbrush models

It's 7am and the last thing on your mind is how you must look. You stumble from your warm bed onto the cold tile of your bathroom and groggily reach out for...

Your toothbrush. Yes, it's routine and necessary, and what?! No, why would you think it's sexy?! Well, we didn't think such a mundane task could be either, until the wonderful world of Korean celebrities proved us wrong. Now behold, Korean hotties who brush their teeth in the morning and look really good doing it.

(skipped unrelated.....)

9. Se7en


source : dramafever

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*** It's good to know they survived the storm. Besides, who the hell would dump Se7en for Ryu Hyunjin? –LOL - Ye, they can't put that long relationship into a waste. :))


class="content-title"Park Han Byul Denies Break-Up Rumors with Se7en and Dating Rumors with Ryu Hyun Jin

Park Han Byul Denies Break-Up Rumors with Se7en and Dating Rumors with Ryu Hyun Jin

On August 26, Park Han Byul topped headlines for two different rumors: a break-up rumor with her boyfriend Se7en and a dating rumor with the LA Dodgers star pitcher Ryu Hyun Jin.

However, her agency, JF Entertainment spoke with eNEWS and said, “The break up rumors and dating rumors that were reported today are all false,” and “Park Han Byul is still dating Se7en and her dating rumor with Ryu Hyun Jin is just something from the tabloids.”

Earlier, a particular news agency reported, “Park Han Byul has ended her 11 year relationship with singer Se7en,” and “Although they were lovers for a long time, they decided to stay as friends when Se7en entered the military.”

However, Park Han Byul’s reps denied the rumors and said, “They are still in a good relationship,” and “Despite Se7en’s recent hardships, the couple’s love for each other has not changed.”

Regarding her relationship with Ryu Hyun Jin, her agency strongly emphasized that it is just a tabloid rumor and that it is not true.

credit : soompi news

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class="title"Se7en, Sangchu, and others revealed to have served less prison time than their original sentence5u4e3o.jpg

Se7en and Sangchu spent 10 days in military jail as everything expected, but it turns out that originally, they were supposed to serve 12 days.

An insider in the Minstry of Defense told media outlet Sports Seoul, "After inspecting the situation of the management of the celebrity recruits, it was discovered that the celebrity recruits' sentences were decreased by 1-2 days than the original sentence. It was said that the celebrity recruits' confessions were extenuated, and that was why their punishments were adjusted, but now the Ministry of Defense cannot avoid accusations that they are favoring the celebrity recruits."

According to documents that Sports Seoul received, the recruits were supposed to get either 5 days or 12 days, but ended up getting 4 days and 10 days.

A representative in the Ministry of Defense said, "We took into account the point that the celebrity recruits were deeply regretful, so the punishments were lower than the original. However, as you can tell from their confessions, they admit their faults but they blame their mistake on the environment that they couldn't help it, and we did not feel like they were actually sincere. There are no legal problems, but this seems like a case of favoritism."

source: Sports Seoul + akp / http://omonatheydidnt.livejournal.com/11691899.html

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Park Han-byeol denies break-up rumors


Actress Park Han-byul expressed confusion over recent reports saying she broke up with singer Se7en and started a new relationship with baseball player Ryu Hyun-jin of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

“The break-up rumors are confusing because I’m still in a relationship, and the excessive concern over the relationship [from the public and the media] is uncomfortable,” said Park, according to local media.

Park said she is still dating the singer.

Park has shown strong trust in Se7en and said “the truth will be revealed,” when he was caught visiting a massage parlor late at night in June.

“Park is cool and loyal,” said Park’s acquaintance in the reports. “They have been together for a long time. When the incident occurred, she had no choice but to stay silent over the questions [regarding Se7en].”

Park’s agency also confirmed that the relationship between the two has not ended and Park is not dating Ryu.

“It is not true that the couple broke up,” said an official at Park’s agency. “We were cautious on stating opinions until now, but we had to say something because of the rumors that she’s dating Ryu.”

He added, “The rumor came from nowhere, and she never met Ryu.”

Meanwhile, Park is taking some time off in Korea and concentrating on her next movie.

By Baek Hee-youn [estyle@joongang.co.kr]

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Se7en and Park Han Byul's relationship has come to an end?


It started out with the selca above. 11 years ago, when this selca was revealed and rumours spread that they were dating, Se7en and Park Han Byul denied their relationship and claimed they're only good friends. Soon after, though, they admitted that they're in love and have been dating for a while.

However, it seems like they have "fallen out of love". Recent rumours claim they have broken up, when Se7en enlisted for the military in March.
An insider said, "I'm not sure of the exact timing, but as old lovers, their relationship deteriorated and they decided to become friends [rather than lovers]. However, since they dated for 10 years, it won't be easy for them to stop their feelings immediately. They kept meeting up to the point when he enlisted, but it wasn't as lovers. Park Han Byul suffered when all these reports about Se7en came out, too."

On the other hand, JF Entertainment, Park Han Byul's management company, has released two contradicting statements. First, it only said that it's not appropriate for them as Park Han Byul's manager to speak about her private life and denied that she's dating L.A. Dodgerspitcher Ryu Hyun Jin now.
Later, it stated, "One media outlet reported that they'd already broken up before he enlisted, but that's not the truth. They're still contacting each other and doing well. Since they've dated for over 10 years, these kind of stories are coming out."

So what do you think? Are the rumours true or not?

source : gokpop

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class="news_title"Park Han Byul “still in a relationship” with Se7en

class="news_brief" Korean actress Park Han-Byul denies rumours that claim she has broken up with K-pop star boyfriend Se7en and is now dating a baseball player.

SEOUL: Korean actress Park Han-Byul has denied recent rumours which claimed she had already ended her relationship with K-pop star Se7en, and is currently dating baseball player Ryu Hyun Jin, reported Korean media.

Park said she is “still in a relationship” with Se7en and found the excessive public attention surrounding their relationship “uncomfortable”.

Park’s management agency revealed that she is currently preparing for her role in an upcoming film.

The actress’s relationship with Se7en has attracted a lot of media attention lately, after news broke that Se7en visited a massage parlour which also provided adult services in June following an external performance, while serving his compulsory stint in the military as an ‘entertainment soldier’.

Se7en was eventually found guilty of going Absent Without Leave and sent to military prison for 10 days over the incident.

- CNA/ha

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class="tit_detail"Best Celebrity Couples

Arirang TV just released the results of a survey they did regarding which celebrity couple fans thought was the best.

With so many couples in the Korean entertainment industry, it’ll be interesting to see which couples made it to the top 5 list for best couples!

Lets check out the best celebrity couples!

source : KOFAN


Yang Hyun Suk believes Big Bang and Se7en won their battles back in the day against 2PM and Rain


Yang Hyun Suk is known not to throw many compliments to his artists but he revealed that among the epic YGE v. JYPE trainee battles in the past, his artists came out on top.

SEE ALSO: 2PM to join veteran singers Lee Mi Ja and Cho Young Nam for a tribute concert in Frankfurt, Germany

During the latest episode of 'WIN', good friends Yang Hyun Suk and J.Y. Park met up for the battle between their respective trainees as per tradition.

Yang Hyun Suk shared during an interview, "We've had competitions with the solo artists and groups of JYP Entertainment. During the Rain v. Se7en battle, Seven won and during the Big Bang v. 2PM battle, Big Bang won in my eyes."

The tradition of the epic battle between YGE and JYPE trainees first started with Rain and Se7en 11 years ago and continued to become legendary with Big Bang and 2PM's battle 9 years ago.

Check back in later for this week's episode recap!

Source: Star News via Nate / allkpop

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class="title"G-Dragon visits Se7en at the military


It was revealed on the 2nd of February, that G-Dragon had gone to visit Se7en during his time in mandatory military service.

G-Dragon uploaded a picture of Se7en in his uniform, but not showing his face, in which both artists only showed their hands posing with peace signs.

Se7en had entered Korea’s mandatory military service under the “Entertainment soldier” system. However he had recently been confined in a military guardhouse for 10 days for being caught entering an illegal massage parlor with Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu last year in March.

This created a large controversy considering the effectiveness and fairness of this “entertainment soldier” system, in which many people argued that this system often showed favoritism to celebrity soldiers. Thus, the government finally came to the conclusion to abolish this system.

Nevertheless, G-Dragon displayed a sense of respect to Se7en, in which he uploaded this picture, supported with the text, “I came to see my hyung” and showed a great fondness to him.

Source: Star News / koreaboo

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I loved se7en in Goong S and would like to see more of him soon and will continue to come more often as well..

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I'm back and hoping to see Se7en in another drama or movie soon and will continue to come here more for updates as well..

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class="content-title"Celebrities to Be Discharged From the Military This Year Include Leeteuk, Yoo Seung Ho, Se7en, and More!

Celebrities to Be Discharged From the Military This Year Include Leeteuk, Yoo Seung Ho, Se7en, and More!

The public has been showing interest in the celebrities that will be discharged from the military by the end of this year following actor Ji Hyun Woo’s discharge after completing his military service on May 6.

This coming July, actor Lee Je Hoon, Kim Moo Yeol, Super Junior’s Leeteuk, and more will be finishing up their mandatory service. Lee Je Hoon enlisted in October of 2012 and is currently serving in the Seoul Metropolitan Police Special Promotional Unit. It has been reported that the actor has already begun receiving many scripts and synopses even before his official discharge.

Kim Moo Yeol, who was recently caught up in a controversy surrounding his medical leave of absences, will also be getting discharged in July as planned. His agency explained that it was not a prolonged leave and the actor was actually put on standby to return to his unit after injuring his knee.

Leeteuk is expected to be discharged on July 29. As a Super Junior member, he is the third member to enlist in the army following Kangin and Heechul. It is said that Sungmin will be the next member to enlist. Also, singer Lee Hyun of 8eight, who entered the army around the same time as Leeteuk, will finish up his service this year as well.

Might Mouth’s Sangchu was discharged from the Armed Forces Hospital last month and will be returning to civilian society at the beginning of August. During his long-term hospital stay for six months, he was accused of preferential treatment. However, a representative from Sangchu’s side stated, “After Sangchu received two surgeries on his shoulder and ankle from an outside hospital, he was admitted to the Armed Forces Hospital in order to get physical therapy. His situation is said to be bad enough to be considered for an early discharge from service due to medical reasons.”

Actor Yoo Seung Ho, who became a military assistant not long after enlisting in March of 2013, will be getting discharged in December, along with singer Se7en.

It appears that not only the fans, but also those in the industry are all welcoming the news of military discharges of these talented stars.

We hope that these celebrities that have served for two years will return with a more mature image and will actively promote in their respective fields!

credit : soompi news

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Seoul Food: 10 Celebrity Restaurants (Part 1)


Looking to have fun while you're in South Korea? We're introducing a new feature 'Seoul Food', in which allkpop helps you navigate through the metropolis of Seoul, filling you in on cool places that are creating a buzz

As most of us here are K-Pop fans, let's start off with some more obvious attractions--celebrity restaurants! Many K-Pop celebrities own family restaurants in the city of Seoul. These restaurants are especially catered to the fans as they can not only grab a bite to eat but also talk to their favorite idol's parents, purchase idol merchandise, and sometimes even leave messages for their idol to read. 

They may even be able to catch a glimpse of that very idol yourself and fangirl (or fanboy) within the same room!

(skipped unrelated.....)

Anyways. Here's our first batch of celebrity restaurants you should definitely check out!

Se7en's Yeolbong in Shinsadong


Ever want to meet Se7en in person? Well, unless you're blessed by whoever controls the K-Pop universe, you can't. #Sadface. But hey, at least you can take a picture with the next best thing! Multiple celebrities such as Girls' Generation's Yoona and Rain have posed next to the cardboard cut-out of Se7en at his chicken restaurant. Have your way with his 2D form and then order some jjimdak (chicken boiled with vegetables and marinated in a Korean fermented soybean sauce) afterwards for a good time.



Even Se7en wants to meet Se7en!

There you have it, our first 10 celebrity restaurants! Which ones would you like to go visit?

source : allkpop

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Ah Boys To Men: The Korean Edition class="pvrichtxttitle"We look at the Korean stars who will enlist, have enlisted, have been discharged and are due to discharge from their mandatory military service

Here in Singapore, the very mention of National Service (NS) is enough to elicit a sigh from most people – guys have to spend a good two years of their best years on it, girls have to surrender their boyfriends to it and parents being parents, worry about their sons’ safeties throughout the service.

Things aren’t that different in South Korea, but with two major differences – instead of conscription upon reaching the age of 18, Korean males are allowed to choose when they enlist, as long as they do so between the ages of 19 and 29. They also serve a total of 21 months instead of 2 years.

Korean stars, be it actors, singers or idols, go through this process amidst global heartbreak of girls having to bid farewell to their oppas (affectionate term for an older male). Their return to civilian life, however, usually take place with much fanfare as the stars are returned to the spotlight.

Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk was one of the K-Pop stars to be released recently in a hush-hush setting, where he reportedly sprinted to waiting transport from his company, SM Entertainment, in a bid to avoid being photographed by the fans and reporters who gathered hoping to catch a long-awaited glimpse of the idol.

(skipped unrelated.....)


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class="content-title"Singer Se7en to Be Discharged from Military Service in Late December

Singer Se7en to Be Discharged from Military Service in Late December

Following news of actor Yoo Seung Ho’s discharge from the military at the beginning of next month, it has been confirmed that singer Se7en will also be returning to civilian life late next month on December 28.

Se7en first enlisted to begin his mandatory service on March 19 of last year, when he entered the 306 Reserve Battalion in Uijeongbu, which is located in Gyeonggi Province. The singer is currently stationed and serving at Pocheon’s 8th Infantry Division.

He was originally scheduled to be released on December 18. However, due to the entertainment soldier regulation controversy that surrounded a number of celebrity soldiers last year, Se7en spent 10 days in military jail, causing his discharge date to be pushed back to December 28.

Prior to the celebrity soldier scandal, it was made known that his exclusive contract with YG Entertainment had expired, but his name still remains on the agency’s list of artists.

Are you looking forward to Se7en’s return to society?

credit : soompi news

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class="single__title entry-title"Se7en updates his SNS accounts for the first time since military release

Photo Source: SBS fun E

Singer Se7en has updated his various SNS accounts for the first time since returning from the military in late December 2014, showing his gratefulness towards his fans once again.

On the morning of January 8th, Se7en wrote on his Instagram and Twitter account, “#ThankYou #Happiness #Love,” sharing a photo of a handwriting reading the same thankful words.

Se7en was dismissed from his military duties after completing his 21-months on December 28th, and was welcomed by fans and the media who welcomed him home. The event was supported by his former agency YG Entertainment, whose contract with had expired. News on whether discussion on a re-signing or if Se7en will be moving on to another agency has not yet been revealed.


Source: Donga / koreaboo

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*** I actually miss Se7en.   :)


class="content-title"Se7en Thanks Fans With Handwritten Instagram Message

Se7en Thanks Fans With Handwritten Instagram Message

Solo star Se7en has sent a handwritten message to his fans via his official Instagram account, the first time he has reached out to his supporters after being discharged from the military.


He handwrote the message, which read, “Thank you. I am happy. I love you.” He also added the hashtags: “Thankfulness,” “Happiness,” and “Love.”

Se7en began his period of compulsory military service on March 19 2013, and was discharged on December 28 2014. The singer was released from the army 10 days later than originally scheduled after military authorities punished him for a disciplinary misdemeanor in 2013 by extending his period of service.

His fans will be hopeful that the singer can now make a quick return to the K-pop scene. His most recent release was the “Se7en New Mini Album,” which dropped in February 2012.

Many thanks to LexiKpopFan94 for the tip!

credit : soompi news

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class="single__title entry-title"9 Most Recent Celebrity Breakups


Relationships come and go, sometimes with ease, other times with a hard breakup. While the circumstances might not be clear, here are some of the most recent Korean Celebrity breakups.

It’s always exciting to find love, and for celebrities it becomes an occasion of public celebration should they choose to publicly announce their relationship. However, it becomes equally hard for them when they choose to let each other go because such knowledge becomes public as well. Check out our list of the 9 Most Recent Celebrity Breakups

(skipped unrelated.....)

Se7en & Park Han Byul

Park Han Byul and Se7en had dated since high school and made their relation ship known in 2009. They decided to go their separate ways early 2014 after 12 years of dating.


source : koreaboo

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