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[Short films 2022] All Viewers+: Short Buster, 전체관람가+: 숏버스터-Thursday


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TVING original

All Viewers+: Short Buster




Drama: All Viewers+: Short Buster

Hangul:전체관람가+: 숏버스터

Network: TVING

Episodes: 8

Release Date: April 28, 2022

Runtime: Thursday, 4 PM KST



TVING original "All Viewers+: Short Buster" contains 8 film directors' short film production stories.



Project 1



Short Movie:Haruki Urakai

Hangul:우라까이 하루키

Genre: melodrama, romance

Episodes: 1

Director: Kim Cho Hee


Release Date: May 6, 2022


`Haruki Urakai` tells the story of Man-ok, who was writing a script due to the burden of her next work, one day, passing through Hong Kong in 1986 and entering Mokpo in 2022 and meeting Yeo-myeong there again to learn the true meaning of making a movie.


Go Kyung-pyo as Yeo-myeong

Lim Sun-woo as Man-ok

Kang Mal-geum as





Project 2



Short Movie: It`s Alright

Hangul:잇츠 올라잇

Genre: black comedy

Episodes: 1

Director:Joo Dong-min


Release Date: May 12, 2022


A black comedy dividing various social circles prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic era into six stories.


Shin Eun Kyung as

Uhm Ki Joon as

Lee Ji Ah as

Kim So Yeon as

Bong Tae Gyu as

Yoon Jong Hoon as






Project 3


Short Movie:Booth Luck/ Rustle



Episodes: 1

Director:Cho Hyun-Chul


Release Date:


`Booth Luck`/ `Rustle` is about the mysterious things Se-yeong goes through to find out the reason for their breakup after their friends Hyun-cheol and Mi-jin break up.


Cho Hyun Chul as

Chun Woo-hee as Se Young

Kim Yong Ji as

Lee Jin ha as


Project 4



Short Movie:Non-Vigil

Hangul: 불침번

Genre: fantasy

Episodes: 1

Director:Ryu Deok-hwan


Release Date:


Non Vigil tells the story of a man who appeared in front of a private soldier who had to stand on the eve of his first vacation and had difficulties on his vacation.


Lee Seok-hyeong as Dae soo


Project 5

Short Movie:Unknown World Season 2 Episode One

Hangul:미지의세계 시즌투에피원

Genre: sci fi

Episodes: 1

Director:Yoon Seong-ho


Release Date:


`Unknown World Season 2 Episode One` is a story about the adventures of a comedian who falls in love with a spouse living in a different dimension and is on the brink of divorce, in a future where parallel universes are discovered, and a family law lawyer who takes charge of his divorce case.


Lee Joo Seung as


Project 6

Short Movie:Parallel Observation from 6 years old

Hangul:평행관측은 6 살부터

Genre: fantasy

Episodes: 1

Director:Hong Seok-jae


Release Date:


'Parallel Observation from 6 years old'  depicts the story of the protagonist hearing about a special kindergarten in the parallel world.


Gong Min-jung as




Project 7

Short Movie: School Caste

Hangul: 스쿨 카스트

Genre: drama

Episodes: 1

Director: Kwak Gyeong-taek


Release Date:


As Je-ah, an aspiring writer, observes students in her high school, she learns that there is a class similar to India's caste system and one day she encounters shocking facts about herself through Ha-neul, whom she did not know well.


Cho Byeong-kyu as



Project 8


Short Movie:The Land Mine


Genre: drama

Episodes: 1

Director: Kim Gok and Kim Seon


Release Date:



“The Landmine” is the story of a boy who stepped on a landmine while crossing the border and faced a frightening situation as he followed the soldiers who appeared while his mother was away.


Jin Seo-yeon as















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‘Penthouse’ Stars Confirmed to Star in Director Joo Dong Min’s First Short Film: Um Ki Joon, Lee Ji Ah, Kim So Yeon and More

by Changhyun Kim about a month ago



Director Joo Dong Min, the showrunner of SBS’ hit series The Penthouse, will unveil his first short film through TVING’s original All Viewers+: Short Buster.

Joo Dong Min’s short film It’s Alright (working title) is a six-part black comedy that reflects on modern society and people in the pandemic era.



The main cast of The Penthouse will also be participating in the director’s debut film. The star-studded cast includes Shin Eun Kyung, Um Ki Joon, Lee Ji Ah, Kim So Yeon, Bong Tae Gyu, Yoon Jong Hoon, and Yoon Joo Hee. Notably, it has been reported that the actors gladly took Joo Dong Min’s offer to star in his film despite their busy schedules.

Set to premiere in April, TVING’s All Viewers+: Short Buster will showcase the behind-the-scenes stories of the directors who will be making their short films for the program.



Source (1)





“Penthouse” Cast Reportedly To Reunite With Director Joo Dong Min In A New Black Comedy Short Film


The main character of the popular drama “Penthouse” and director Joo Dong Min once again unite to show off their strong loyalty.

On February 18th, TVing announced that the original web entertainment show “All Viewers +: Short Buster“, which contains director Joo Dong Min‘s short film production story, will be released in April.


Director Joo Dong Min, who received attention for succeeding in “Penthouse“, will transform into a short film director in the entertainment show.

The short film, created by director Joo Dong Min, features a number of actors Shin Eun Kyung, Um Ki Joon, Lee Ji Ah, Kim So Yeon, Bong Tae Kyu, and Yoon Joo He who played as the main actors of “Penthouse“.


They reportedly expressed their intention to participate in director Joo Dong Min‘s debut work despite their busy schedules since the end of the “Penthouse“.

Actors with solid acting skills as well as perfect teamwork and director Joo Dong Min are expected to reunite to create an unrivaled short film that has never been seen before.


Director Joo Dong Min plans to present the short film “It’s Alright” (working title), which divides various social groups appearing in the aftermath of the COVID-19 into six stories and unravels them in a black comedy format.

Attention is focusing on what kind of acting the actors, who worked together with passionate and captivating performances in “Penthouse“, will show in this short film.


Director Joo Dong Min‘s film “It’s Alright” will be released exclusively on TVing in April.

Meanwhile, in addition to director Joo Dong Min, 8 teams of directors, including Kwak Kyung Taek, Kim Gok Kim Sun, Yoon Sung Ho, Hong Seok Jae, Kim Cho Hee, Ryu Deok Hwan and Cho Hyun Chul, will appear.



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Directors Kwak Gyeong-taek and Kim Cho-hee to Join "All Viewers+: Short-Buster" Starring Cho Byeong-kyu, Go Kyung-pyo and Lim Sun-woo

Published on 2022/02/22 | Source



Director Kwak Gyeong-taek and director Kim Cho-hee will present short films on TVING Original.

On the 21st, TVING announced that director Kwak Gyeong-taek and director Kim Cho-hee will come with short films with their own colors in the TVING original "All Viewers+: Short Buster" which contains film directors' short film production stories.

Director Kwak Gyeong-taek directs a short film called "School Caste". As Je-ah, an aspiring writer, observes students in her high school, she learns that there is a class similar to India's caste system and one day she encounters shocking facts about herself through Ha-neul, whom she did not know well. Actor Cho Byeong-kyu appears in "School Caste".

Director Kim Cho-hee, who received keen attention from the audience and critics for "Lucky Chan-sil" presents a work called "Haruki Urakai". It tells the story of Man-ok, who was writing a script due to the burden of her next work, one day, passing through Hong Kong in 1986 and entering Mokpo in 2022 and meeting Yeo-myeong there again to learn the true meaning of making a movie. Go Kyung-pyo and Lim Sun-woo play Yeo-myeong and Man-ok, respectively.

Director Kwak Gyeong-taek and director Kim Cho-hee's short films will be released in the TVING original "All Viewers +: Short Buster" in April.






Tving's original 'All audience +: Short Buster'... Kwak Kyung-taek, Yoon Seong-ho, Hong Seok-jae, etc. participated



JTBC's 'All Viewers', which stood out for its original attempts, is returning with Tving's original 'All Viewers+: Short Buster'.

‘All Viewers+: Short Buster’ is a reality program that contains the short film making of film directors. From director Kwak Kyung-taek, who is known as a storyteller of the era that penetrates Korean emotions by leaving big works in Korean film history such as 'Friend' and 'Top Secret Investigation', 'Voice' director Kim Gok & Kim Seon, 'I'm going to the Blue House' Director Yoon Seong-ho, 'Social Director Hong Seok-jae of 'Phobia' and director Kim Cho-hee of 'Chansil has a lot of hallways' are making eight short films.

A source from Tvbing said, “‘All viewers +: Short Buster’, which will be produced as a tving original, will be reborn as content optimized for the OTT platform, which is currently in the mainstream. The exciting storytelling and directing in the short films that precisely target the tastes of the MZ generation, who are more sensitive to content trends, will further broaden their imagination.”

‘All Viewers+: Short Buster’ will be released in April.


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All audience +: Short Buster' A short movie theater in my hand... teaser release



Tving's original 'All Viewers+: Short Buster' unveiled the lineup poster and teaser video for the first time, raising expectations for a short movie theater in the palm of your hand.


The lineup poster, reminiscent of a poster on the wall, draws attention as the names of eight prominent Korean directors, which could not be seen anywhere else, are located in one place. In addition, the titles of the films that catch the eye raise curiosity. First, at the top of the poster are Kwak Kyung-taek's 'School Cast' and Kim Cho-hee's 'Uracai Haruki'. Next came Kim Gok & Kim Seon's 'Minemine', Ryu Deok-hwan's 'Invisible' and Hong Seok-jae's 'Parallel Observation from the age of 6', Joo Dong-min's 'It's Alright', followed by Yoon Seong-ho's 'Season Two to the Unknown'. Even waiting for the variety of movie titles, from 'Epi One' to 'Booth Ruck' by director Jo Hyun-cheol & Lee Tae-an, makes my heart flutter.


In another poster released along with this, a movie title that reveals different personalities with a busy background like a movie set not only shows the character of 'All Viewers+: Short Buster', but also hints at the genre. The colorful stories of eight directors with various charms raise the expectations of the viewers.


Director Kwak Kyung-taek's 'School Caste' tells the story of an aspiring writer 'Jea', who learns an unexpected shocking fact while observing his high school students who have a class similar to the caste system. Director Kim Gok & Kim Seon's 'Minemine' is a story about a boy who stepped on a landmine while crossing the border with his mother, and the soldiers who appeared while her mother was away and faced a frightening situation. is raising In the future where parallel universes are discovered, the adventures of a comedian who falls in love with a spouse living in a different dimension and is on the verge of divorce and a family law lawyer who takes on his divorce case will unfold in director Yun Seong-ho's 'Unknown World Season 2 Episode One'. Actor Lee Joo-seung appears. In a society where communication between parallel worlds is commercialized, director Hong Seok-jae's "Parallel Observation From 6 Years Old", which depicts the story that takes place when the protagonist hears about a special kindergarten from me in a parallel world, is cast by actor Gong Min-jung and will guide you to a new parallel world.


Director Kim Cho-hee's 'Uracai Haruki' is the story of a film director, Man-ok, who arrived in Mokpo in 2022 after passing through Hong Kong in 1986, meets 'Dawning' again and learns the true meaning of filmmaking. match Director Ryu Deok-hwan's 'Non-Vigil' is a story about having difficulties on vacation due to a man who appeared in front of Private 'Dae-Soo', who had to stand on the eve of his first vacation. Director Cho Hyeon-cheol & Lee Tae-an's 'Booth Luck', starring Chun Woo-hee, is a film about the mysterious events of 'Se-young', who went out to find out the reason for their breakup after their friends 'Hyun-cheol' and 'Mi-jin' broke up. Jo Hyun-cheol will play the main character himself. Lastly, 'It's Alright', directed by Joo Dong-min, is a black comedy that unravels the various human figures prevalent in the era of Corona in six stories. The main characters are all out and paying attention.


At 11 PM today, the first teaser trailer for 'All +: Short Buster' will be released. The video will contain warm support messages from various actors such as Kwak Do-won and Jung Yu-mi to the eight directors, along with actors appearing in short films such as Um Ki-jun, Lee Ji-ah, Kim So-yeon, and Chun Woo-hee. They show affectionate introductions and expectations for the eight directors, and are expected to excite fans who are waiting for 'All Audience+: Short Buster'.


Above all, in the teaser video, you can get a glimpse of the passion of the eight directors with distinct personalities. Director Kwak Kyeong-taek, a storyteller of an era that penetrates Korean emotions, creative mise-en-scene masters Kim Gok & Kim Seon that captures social issues, short form specialist Yoon Seong-ho who pioneers his own genre and creates a paradigm, with an unrivaled sense of comedy Aesthetics with gaps Director Kim Cho-hee, storyteller Hong Seok-jae who communicates with a new perspective, Ryu Deok-hwan who transformed from a trusted actor to a director with a warm eye, All-rounder director Jo Hyun-cheol who can do everything from acting to adapting and directing.


Tving's original 'All Audience+: Short Buster' will be released for the first time on the 28th (Thursday), which will contain eight of the best films of all time, from directors of various spectrums.








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Cho Hyun-chul directing a short film? Introduction of the director's lineup for <All Audience+: Short Buster>


Tving's original entertainment show <All Viewers+: Short Buster> (here in after referred to as <All Viewers+> is the second season of the entertainment program <All Audiences>, which aired in 2017. At that time, <All Viewers> was a short film directed by a film director and an entertainer. It contained the process of making a movie, and it was well received by viewers for its quite fresh attempt at collaboration between entertainment and movies, and Moon So-ri, Yoon Jong-shin, and Noh Hong-cheol act as MCs and play Chungmuro in <All Spectators +>, which returns for a new season after 5 years. Representative directors, producers of famous dramas, and actors are also joining and attracting attention. Here is a summary of the works they will show along with their representative works, who will create 8 short films. 




Director Kwak Kyung-taek, who debuted in 1997, is a representative master of Chungmuro, who continues to come to the audience with new films. His representative work is by far the movie <Friend>, which was released in 2001, and even though it is not a movie that cannot be viewed by teenagers, it mobilized 8 million viewers and caused a great box office hit at the time. His next film, <Fireman>, which is scheduled to be released this year, is based on the true story of the Hongje-dong fire incident. Before that, director Kwak Kyung-taek is planning to come to the audience first with <School Cast>, a short film of <All Viewers+>. The work depicts the story of an aspiring writer who learns an unexpectedly shocking fact while observing his high school students who have a class similar to the caste system. Actor Jo Byeong-gyu, who has been active in dramas such as <Wonderful Rumor>, <Stove League> and <Sky Castle>, has been cast and is raising expectations.




If you think that Jo Hyun-chul is only a good actor, you are mistaken. He majored in directing while attending Korea National University of Arts, and has experience directing several short films, including Scoliosis. Of course, he has been attracting attention as an actor for his brilliant performances in various works such as the Netflix original drama <DP> along with the movies <Chinatown>, <Tunnel>, and <Master>. He will prove once again that he is a talented filmmaker. The short film he will be directing is titled <Boothruck>, and it contains the mysterious events of two men, Hyun-cheol and Mi-jin, who were a couple, and Se-yeong, who went to find out the reason for their breakup after they broke up. The male lead will be played by Jo Hyeon-cheol, and Chun Woo-hee will be cast as Se-young.




Director Dong-min Joo, Dong-Min Joo, also joined the drama <Penthouse>. As an SBS producer, he has been directing dramas such as <Yeongaesomun> <Innocent You> <Please Captain> and <Return>. After that, starting with the drama <The Empress's Dignity> in 2018, she joined hands with writer Kim Soon-ok and started the <Penthouse> series together. <It’s Alright> (working title), a work that director Dong-min Joo will create in <All Viewers+>, divides the various social groups prevalent in the Corona era into six stories and unravels them in a black comedy format. Although it is a short film, it will be the directorial debut of director Joo Dong-min, who has only directed dramas. It is known that Kim So-yeon, Um Ki-joon, Bong Tae-gyu, Shin Eun-kyung, and Lee Ji-ah, who were the main characters of the drama <Penthouse>, are expected to mobilize to add strength.




Director Kim Cho-hee's feature film debut in 2020, Chan-sil has many hallways, was recognized for both work quality and popularity. She has already received attention once for her short films such as <Pianist in Winter>, <Our Soon-i>, and <Wild Vegetables Maiden>. Her short film <Ura Cai Haruki> is directed by director Kim Cho-hee, who is loved by both her audience and critics, in <All Viewers +>. This work, which catches the eye right away from the title, depicts the story of Man Ok, who was writing the screenplay as a burden for her next work. After Hong Kong in 1986, Manok arrives in Mokpo in 2022, meets her Dawn again, and learns the true meaning of her filmmaking. In the work, actor Lim Seon-woo, who appeared as a supporting actor in movies <Intruder> and <Romance in Love> with actor Go Kyung-pyo, was cast, raising expectations even more.







Twin brothers Kim Gok and Kim Seon, who are famous in the independent film world, have been making films together since their debut in 2001 with the movie <Look at this Person>. Throughout the 2000s, director Kim Gok and Kim Seon directed independent films that were conscious of most social issues and opposed them. Then, starting with the 2011 movie <White: Melody of the Curse>, <Scary Story> and <Scary Story 3: The Girl from Mars>, he showed a flair for horror films. The most recent work, <Voice>, a work based on voice phishing, received quite good reviews and was not bad in terms of box office. There is still no known short film that Kim Gok and Director Kim Seon will show in <All Audience+>, but since they are directors with great interest in social issues and great talent for unraveling them, I hope that they will bring new genres this time as well.





Since 2007, director Hong Seok-jae has been working as an assistant director or holding a megaphone in several films, including short films. Director Hong Seok-jae's ability to fully demonstrate his abilities is the film <Socialphobia>, which was released in 2014. This is his feature film debut, with BJ and witch hunting as the subject matter, and now-known actors such as Byun Yo-han, Lee Joo-seung, and Ryu Jun-yeol took the lead roles and showed off their terrifying acting skills. Information about the work that director Hong Seok-jae will direct is not known yet, but as in the previous work, I guess that it will be a unique story that only Hong Seok-jae can tell.





Director Yun Seong-ho is also a fairly well-established director in the independent film industry. Starting with his first short film <The Road to Samcheonpo> in 2001, he has directed a number of films such as <Galaxy Liberation Front>, <Gaze 1318>, and <Excellent Woman>. Not only that, he also directed web dramas such as <Hara Who Can Do> and <Happy Woman> series, and the latest work that drew attention was Wave's original web drama <This is how it goes, I go to the Blue House>. The drama became a hot topic by sharply pinching the realistic political side, and I wonder what kind of short film director Yoon Seong-ho will show in <All Viewers+>.




Finally, the director joining <All Viewers+> is actor Ryu Deok-hwan. Since he debuted as a child actor and has been working steadily as an actor, there are quite a few people who think he has no directing experience. However, Ryu Deok-hwan is a solid director who received a master's degree in directing from Chung-Ang University's graduate school and has experience directing <Waiting for Jang Jun-hwan> and <Unofficial Opening Ceremony>. In 2020, the short film <My Wife Gained Weight>, which was directly involved in the screenplay and directing, was released on YouTube and recorded 600,000 views. Ryu Deok-hwan, who is proud of his directing skills using his long-honed career in the film industry, is already looking forward to his new work, who will return as a director once again through <Viewer+>.



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A new teaser


[Pre-release] The birth of a spectacular shortbuster rather than a blockbuster




So far the teaser is available on Naver.


"I'm already being overwhelmed... being overwhelmed... How to enjoy a maker and a movie at the same time

It is <All audience+: Short Buster> 4/28 (Thu) Streaming only on TV!"





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Video] 'All audience +: Short Buster' comeback after 5 years... Spectacle Lineup Teaser Released




The 2nd teaser for 'All audience +: Short Buster' has been released.


On the 8th, the 2nd teaser for Tving's original 'All viewers +: Short Buster' was published on the official website of Tving, drawing attention.

The released teaser video contains a vivid story behind the production of a short film. The video begins with a message full of excitement, "Making a movie seems to be a dream come true." Then, eight short film shooting sites were drawn, and contrary to the ideal, the production environment outside the angle was unpredictable.












Actors, directors, and staff are struggling in tension to make a movie by burning their whole energy. Someone conveys a realistic feeling, saying, "Who said to shoot this movie", giving a foreboding of the arduous filming.


In addition, the directors raise expectations for each short film by saying, "It's a war," or "I can't breathe," as they say, "I can't breathe."

In particular, actors from the best-of-breed lineup appeared and threw their bodies away and performed great performances, heralding the birth of a short buster that is stronger than a blockbuster.


Meanwhile, 'All Spectators +: Short Buster' will be released for the first time on the 28th as a movie X entertainment collaboration content, a real struggling production machine in which 8 directors with various spectrums create short films from various perspectives.





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Tving's original 'All Viewers+: Short Buster' released the first still cuts of 8 short films with colorful stories.




The 8 still cuts of 'All Viewers+: Short Buster' capture the attention of viewers with a preview of the story of the movie with a variety of themes. Starting with 'School Cast' with director Kwak Kyung-taek and actor Jo Byeong-gyu, 'landmines' directed by Kim Gok & Kim Seon and actor Jin Seo-yeon, 'Unknown World Season 2 E-One' by director Yoon Seong-ho and actor Lee Joo-seung, director Hong Seok-jae and actor Gong-min Definition From 'Parallel observation from the age of 6', each story is drawn with just still cuts, raising curiosity.


Next, director Kim Cho-hee and actors Go Kyung-pyo and Im Seon-woo will draw together Haruki Urakai, director Cho Hyun-cheol and director Lee Tae-an will co-direct and actor Chun Woo-hee will perform passionately, and director Ryu Deok-hwan and actor Lee Seok-hyung will play "Non-Vigil". Director Joo Dong-min contains actors Shin Eun-kyung, Um Ki-joon, Lee Ji-ah, Kim So-yeon, Bong Tae-gyu, Yoon Jong-hoon, Yoon Joo-hee, and the grill 'It's Alright'.


In particular, 'All Spectators +: Short Buster' throws a new message to modern people who have experienced the COVID-19 pandemic era as a story unfolding in a parallel world. The eight short films will deliver a deep resonance with novel and thrilling stories and new messages drawn by directors, such as 'real awareness', 'untact satire', 'unpredictable future' and 'dystopia of the new normal'.

Above all, it adds meaning to the fact that a portion of the proceeds from 'Total Audience +: Short Buster' will be donated to the development of Korean films.

Teabing's original 'All Audience+: Short Buster', filled with works that accurately penetrate the present era, will be released for the first time on Thursday, April 28.


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  • 2 weeks later...

All viewers+: Short Buster’s integrated poster released




Teabing's original 'All Viewers+: Short Buster' released the first integrated poster, raising expectations for eight short films.


The 'NOW SHOWING' neon sign draws attention to the poster, which draws attention with the sensuous design with symmetrical design, including MCs and movie posters who will shine 'All audience +: Short Buster'. Last season's MCs Yoon Jong-shin and Moon So-ri and newly joined Noh Hong-cheol give off a relaxed yet intense look, making them look forward to their chemistry. In addition, movie posters and works are connected with a message that penetrates 'All audience +: Short Buster', which is 'A short movie theater in my hand!', raising interest.


Another poster released at the same time contains a film that allows you to see eight short films at a glance. Each film is overlaid with a variety of colors that blend the genre and personality of the work, increasing curiosity. The title of the movie and the appearance of the main characters in harmony here make 'All Viewers +: Short Buster' more eagerly awaited, which will show various stories with one theme of 'Parallel World'.


'A Short Movie Theater in My Hand' Teabing's original 'All +: Short Buster' will be released for the first time on Thursday, April 28.





New teaser



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"I want to hire director Wong Kar-wai"... 'All viewers+: Short Buster', 8 parallel world sortie




Directors like Ki Ra-seong from Chungmuro gathered for 'All Audience+: Short Buster'. For some, it was an opportunity to regain their original mind, and for others, it was an opportunity to discover new talent. The reaction of movie fans to 'Premium Spectator + Short Buster', which offers a variety of dishes with one ingredient, is hot.


On the 26th, an online production presentation of 'All Viewers +: Short Buster' was held. The event was attended by Producer Ahn Seong-han, Yoon Jong-shin, Moon So-ri, Noh Hong-cheol, Kwak Kyung-taek, Kim Gok Kim Seon, Yoon Seong-ho, Hong Seok-jae, Kim Cho-hee, Jo Hyeon-cheol, and Joo Dong-min.


First, PD Ahn Seong-han said, "It has been resurrected for the first time in 5 years since 2017. The difference from last season is the theme. Season 1 dealt with 10 episodes with social themes. "If you use the same ingredients for different recipes, you'll get different dishes. I'm looking forward to seeing 8 different works."




'All Spectators+: Short Buster' contains the short film making of film directors. Jong-shin Yoon, who was the MC of last season, and Hong-cheol Noh join Moon So-ri to share various stories. Eight parallel worlds, each with different colors and personalities, meet the viewers. The eight short films in 'All Viewers+: Short Buster' throw a new message as a story unfolding in a parallel world to modern people who have experienced the COVID-19 pandemic era.


In particular, fresh materials taking place in a parallel world such as 'real awareness', 'untact satire', 'unpredictable future' and 'dystopia of the new normal' stimulate the curiosity of movie fans. It is expected to convey a deep resonance with the new message drawn by the directors of the eight films.


Regarding the particularly splendid director lineup, he said, "I wanted the director's personality to be different. We wanted to have a director who is active in various fields such as commercial films, shorts, and dramas. I felt it,” he said proudly. At the same time, Yoon Seong-ho, Gam Deuk, expressed his hope, saying, "I want to have coach Wong Kar-wai in the next season."


Jong-shin Yoon, So-ri Moon → Hong-cheol Noh, 3MC's love for movies







What are the charms of episode 8 of 'All Viewers+: Short Buster' as seen by Jong-Shin Yoon and So-Ri Moon? Yoon Jong-shin said, "I wanted to do a program where the creator, the director, could see it all. The director's personality is so clearly visible in the short story. The focus is on the creator and director. I also learned a lot as a creator."


Also, Moon So-ri, who has participated in the actual film production, said, "Although OTTs have diversified, there was a question about whether the colors of the works also varied. A masterpiece does not necessarily contain the director's thoughts. Looking at the short films, the director's personality is revealed. When I see it, I feel like crying, 'That's the taste of making a movie,'" he said. He wanted to be cast as an actor, but due to scheduling adjustments, it was regrettable that he missed the coveted script and character. In particular, if director Wong Kar-wai was cast, he trembled, saying that he would definitely want to appear.


Noh Hong-cheol, who joined this season, expressed his satisfaction, saying, "There is a coach I personally contacted because I like him so much. I am so happy to meet great coaches." Moon So-ri said, "Noh Hong-chul's reaction is really flashy. Also, I'm very curious about the process of making a movie. I felt that he was genuinely enjoying it, not of a variety show reaction. Noh Hong-cheol, who also said he was curious about film production while participating in the program, said, "If I sell 500 million bread, I will make a film. Personally, I want to invest in director Cho Hyun-cheol. Director Cho Hyun-cheol has good connections, so I hired actor Chun Woo-hee." What is 'Total Audience+: Short Buster' to the directors?


In this way, 'All Spectators +: Short Buster', which will provide comfort in their own way in the current situation of Corona 19, will be released for the first time on the 28th.




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It's fun to choose 'All viewers +: Short Buster'


Perhaps in the true sense of the word, it can be remembered as a project in which each experimented with the attributes of OTT media and cinema. If 10 film directors, including Lee Myung-se, Bae Jong, Jeong Yun-cheol, Lim Pil-seong, Lee Kyung-mi, Lee Won-seok, Bong Man-dae, Chang Director, Yang Ik-jun, and Oh Myeol, who participated in <All Viewers> broadcast on JTBC in 2017, screened a short film of less than 12 minutes on TV. , this time revealing new works through Teabing's original content.





I was wondering how long is an episode of these short films. 12 minutes? I thought maybe 20.



All viewers +: Short Buster] A video that makes you think for 24 hours... A world like you've never seen is coming! | highlight





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All audience +: Short Buster' premiere today (28th)




The historic first meeting between MCs Yoon Jong-shin, Moon So-ri, and Noh Hong-cheol will take place.


In Tving's original 'All viewers +: Short Buster', which will be released on the 28th, Jong-shin Yoon, So-ri Moon, and Hong-cheol Noh, who formed the production of 'Shin-so Hong (Hong-cheol Noh + Jong-shin Yoon + So-ri Moon)', met for the first time with the directors who will lead the short film, and gave a pleasant and sincere talk. The doors of the short film theaters that were closed during the pandemic are wide open.


On this day, Yoon Jong-shin, Moon So-ri, Noh Hong-cheol and the directors radiate a unique chemistry from the first meeting and give laughter. It relieves the tension of the first meeting at once by revealing the funny (?) anecdote that Noh Hong-cheol, who had received an offer to appear in a movie from director Kwak Kyung-taek 10 years ago, waited for a casting call but did not arrive in the end. Here, the fatal tone of director Kim Cho-hee, who came from studying abroad in France, made the MCs super immersed (Cho-hee Kim + seep) and announced the opening of 'Cho-hee Kim World', making the first meeting even more curious.




In addition, actors Ryu Deok-hwan and Jo Hyeon-cheol, who showed off their presence on the screen with their captivating performances, will transform into short film directors and show a different charm. In particular, Ryu Deok-hwan, who said that his first directing work was 'Waiting for Jang Jun-hwan', draws attention by revealing an unexpected relationship with Moon So-ri of Hongshin So Production. Jo Hyun-cheol also made the scene laugh with the temperature difference that crosses shyness and boldness, raising expectations for the reversal of the two directors.


In addition, directors Kim Gok & Kim Seon, who were co-directed, reveal the story behind the creation of the stage name and confess an episode that almost became a completely different name from the current one. In addition, the two directors' similar and strangely different tendencies raise curiosity about the short film 'Landmine' that they co-directed.


On the other hand, director Joo Dong-min, who made his first short film debut with 'All Spectators +: Short Buster', surprises the MCs with his unexpected appearance unlike the drama 'Penthouse', where provocative scenes such as infidelity and crime were poured. Noh Hong-cheol, who was watching this, said to Joo Dong-min, "I am very curious about the director's married life" and asked what kind of answer he would get.


On the other hand, this meeting will also provide a time to get a glimpse of each director's personality at a glance. Spreading the 'five-character talk', which shortens the director's directing style to five characters. While various directing styles were being discussed, it is said that Moon So-ri, who previously worked with director Hong Seok-jae, described him as “the most difficult director” and made everyone laugh.


In addition, director Jo Hyun-cheol's response, "You're a tyrant," followed by the directors' bizarre responses turned the scene upside down. As we are curious about the sincerity of the film directors that we have never seen anywhere else, we look forward to the first public release of 'All Viewers +: Short Buster', in which their tendencies will melt as they are.


The birth of a shortbuster stronger than a blockbuster Teabing's original 'All audience +: Shortbuster' will be released for the first time on TV at 4 pm on the 28th.




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  • larus changed the title to [Current Short films 2022] All Viewers+: Short Buster, 전체관람가+: 숏버스터
  • larus changed the title to [Current Short films 2022] All Viewers+: Short Buster, 전체관람가+: 숏버스터-Thursday

[All Viewers+: Short Buster] is a lot of hallways/ I miss Manok and Dawn | Director Kim Cho-hee's 'Uracai Haruki' Preview




How do you shoot romance after 3 days of meeting? Here, too, learning is learning | Episode 1 Pre-release





Man-ok meets the dawn... 'Uracai Haruki' released on the 5th




Director Kim Cho-hee opens the door to Tving's original 'Viewer+: Short Buster', which contains the short film making of film directors.


Director Kim Cho-hee, who showed off the aesthetics of bitterness with an unrivaled comedy sense through the movies 'Chansil's a lot of hallways' (2019) and 'Our Sooni' (2013), is supported by female audiences in their 20s and 30s.


n the midst of this, 'All Viewers+: Short Buster' tells the story of a film director, Manok Manok, who arrived in Mokpo in 2022 after passing through Hong Kong in 1986 under the theme of a parallel world, meets 'Dawn' again and learns the true meaning of film making. 'Urakai Haruki' is presented.


Actors Im Seon-woo, Ko Kyung-pyo, and Kang Mal-geum will appear in 'Uracai Haruki' to bring the comedy sense of director Kim Cho-hee into the movie.


Lim Seon-woo and Ko Kyung-pyo, who worked as Man-ok and Yeo-ryeom characters, respectively, expressed their love for the work, saying, "It was great to be able to shoot with director Kim Cho-hee, who always makes films with individuality, and the scenario resonated with me a lot."


He also said, "I think the biggest attraction is that you can enjoy the retro 90s and Korea in the 2020s." Director Kim Cho-hee's short film 'Huraki Urakai' will be released on the 5th at 'All Audience+: Short Buster'.






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'Penthouse' director Dong-min Joo makes his short film debut in 'All audience +: Short Buster'




Director Joo Dong-min is making his first short film debut.


The poster and trailer for the short film 'It's Alright' directed by Joo Dong-min, who appeared as the second runner in Teabing's original entertainment series 'Attendance+: Short Buster', which contains the story of film directors making short films, were released on the 9th, raising expectations.


Previously, 'All Viewers+: Short Buster' opened the door to a short film theater with 'Uracai Haruki', directed by Kim Cho-hee and actors Im Seon-woo, Ko Kyung-pyo, and Kang Mal-geum. 'Urakai Haruki', which tells the story of film director Manok Manok, who arrived in Mokpo in 2022 after passing through Hong Kong in 1986, meets the dawn and learns the true meaning of filmmaking. Film-like things that take place in a familiar space are attractive” and “Director Kim Cho-hee’s sensibility is also unique”, and heralded a pleasant start.


As a result, the second runner, director Dong-min Joo's work is also highly anticipated. 'It's Alright', directed by Joo Dong-min, who captivated Korea with the drama 'Penthouse' series last year, is a black comedy that unravels the various human figures prevalent in the era of Corona into six stories. The main actors Shin Eun-kyung, Um Ki-joon, Lee Ji-ah, Kim So-yeon, Bong Tae-gyu, Yoon Jong-hoon, and Yoon Ju-hee are focused on 'Penthouse' for the first short film directed by Joo Dong-min.


In the midst of this, the trailer that was released draws attention with the appearance of actors who will portray various human groups living in the era of Corona. Everywhere in Seoul, facing the 5th pandemic, the mask, which has become a necessity of daily life, has a sense of individuality. Actors from Bong Tae-gyu and Um Ki-joon, who are reminiscent of a virus, to Kim So-yeon's bizarre posture with her colorful mask off, Shin Eun-kyung wearing a protective suit and disinfecting her body, Yoon Jong-hoon being chased by someone, Yoon Joo-hee wearing a red mask, and Lee Ji-ah creating a mysterious atmosphere. Their colorful appearance arouses curiosity.


In the poster released together, you can get a glimpse of the people facing the 5th pandemic. The six phrases 'Thank u, Mask', 'Counterattack', 'Vertigo', 'Real Mask', 'Blood Rain', and 'Save us' placed on one side of the poster raise curiosity about director Dongmin Joo's 'It's Alright'. are adding I am looking forward to seeing how director Dong-min Joo will portray the humans in the pandemic  and his first short film, which has also achieved viewership ratings and came to take over the short film industry.


Director Dong-Min Joo's debut short film 'It's Alright' can be seen in Teabing's original 'All Audience+: Short Buster', which will be released at 4 pm on the 12th.






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:star:Spotlight: Young Bright Stars of Tomorrow:star:


Chingus, let's show our love and appreciation for the bright young child artists in K-dramas. :heart:


Let's celebrate their talent in our new Spotlight: Young Bright Stars of Tomorrow.  :partyblob:

Don’t forget to vote for your favourite Former K-drama child artists. :piggydance:




 Re : @confusedheart @partyon @Sleepy Owl @agenth

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Watch: “The Penthouse” Cast Depicts Pandemic-Related Hardships In Daunting Short Film Trailer



May 9, 2022
by S. Cho

The stars of “The Penthouse” will soon be reuniting!

In February, it was confirmed that various cast members would be starring in “The Penthouse” director Joo Dong Min’s debut short film “It’s Alright.” The black comedy film follows six different stories as people navigate the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will air through TVING’s original “All Viewers+: Shortbuster,” which captures the processes of film makers creating short films.

Joo Dong Min’s short film debut will feature “The Penthouse” stars Kim So Yeon, Uhm Ki Joon, Lee Ji Ah, Shin Eun Kyung, Bong Tae Gyu, Yoon Jong Hoon, and Yoon Joo Hee.

Ahead of the film’s release, TVING has unveiled a dramatic poster and trailer. The poster depicts the characters faced with different situations during the pandemic. On one side, there are six phrases that presumably refer to the six different stories within the film. They read, “Thank u, Mask,” “Counterattack,” “Vertigo,” “Real Mask,” “Blood Rain,” and “Save Us.”




The trailer showcases the harsh reality of the pandemic as citizens of Seoul suffer all kinds of hardship. As the characters bring out their masks, rapid tests, hand sanitizers, hazmat suits, and other COVID-19 prevention essentials, a news reporter reads out the daily death toll and discusses the increasing severity of the virus. The clip takes a scary turn as the pandemic forces each character into mysterious situations that may lead to an unfortunate end.


“It’s Alright” will premiere on May 12 at 4 p.m. KST through TVING’s original “All Viewers+: Shortbuster.”






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