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Song Il Kook 송일국

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Song Il-Kook's supporting Kim Jang-Hoon on Anti-Desertation Project in China


Official news is here.  

The Kim Jang Hoon Forest will be created in China

Kim recently participated in an event to combat desertification. According to Kim’s agency, Kim planted about 12,000 trees in Inner Mongolia and Ningxia.

The government of Ningxia named Kim a member of the Antidesertification Committee in Ningxia and an honorary president of the Antidesertification Association. In March next year, he will also be named an honorary ambassador at an event in Ningxia. The government has named the forest after Kim’s name.

The government of Ningxia is treating Kim as a national guest, saying, “This is the first time that a celebrity has done something to combat desertification. Thanks to Kim Jang Hoon, we named the forest after him.”

The government also asked Kim to hold a concert at a concert hall in Lanshan, which can accommodate up to 25,000 people. It promised that it will provide everything he needs to hold the concert.

Kim will fly to Shanghai from Ningxia on November 8 to set up a schedule for his concerts in China and come back to Korea. He will perform “Nothing” on KBS 2TV’s Music Bank.

Source: Korea.com

Related News:
Chinese Forest named after K-pop Star (link corrected)
Kim Jang-hoon to Donate 300 Mln Won For Afforestation in China
Chinese Forest Named After Singer Kim Jang-hoon

And something entertaining: Kim Jang Hoon's music video "Nothing" features Paris Hilton


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Guest elisabeta

Hi, I greet all SIKers!
I am very happy !
Currently testing in our country we pursue DRAMAFEVER.
how many k-dramas ...can we see and Album of Life?
Now I watch in very good conditions, super image  Jumong.
I enjoy every scene .

I love these pictures....

I love you more friends !

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It took me a day to compose this post, a little bit at a time... Thanks to the "Save Draft" feature.

@gabisikfan, haven't seen your posts lately!  We miss you.

Elisabeta, I'm glad to hear Dramafever is now available in your country.  Their subs are high quality.  Even with commercials, it's nice to have a break every 15 minutes.  What more can we ask for?

, so sorry I got your name written wrong.  "Bistro" is like a "cafe restaurant". I know almost every scene in each of SIK's dramas from Album of Life onward. However, I have to confess that I didn't watch Desert Spring with all my heart, although SIK was young, fresh, and gorgeous.  Unlike Album of Life, of which I went through 55 disc without subs and still enjoyed it.

Alex, watching "26-year" preview makes me want to see BSB playing opposite SIK on the same screen.  I can see BSB as another "Yeom Moon", a handsome villain you can't hate.  About the picture of SIK and the man, the truth is many of us are not taller than him, I can certainly replace him with a picture of you running, Alex.

Torrent link for the above QoM program here: DevilSob

Celia, I visited your post!  What a great way to spread the words! 4838347466_1074e08cd8_o.gif Hopefully your readers will give Alex some words of encouragement too.

Hadise, thanks for posting additional pictures of SIK in China.  So the project Kim Jang-Hoon in is Korea-China Cultural Youth Association and the Green Wall.  I guess he asked SIK to join him as a supporter.

Ardent, the BD/FM DVDs and @pohhooi calendars are not available yet.  They're just taking orders now.  I'm hoping to receive them by December.  About his activities, I think it's possible that he's taking a break to care for the babies.  I'll just wait patiently.  Are you super busy lately, lady?  Your posts look like you were in the hurry.

And metaltiger, there are so many wet scenes of SIK, it will take us a while to go though all of his movies and dramas to capture them.  My fav wet scene is, of course, the Michael King on Ko Olina beach and at the swimming pool with the dobermans ;;)  seducing agasshi Jang Mi.

Speaking of which, I really like this video made by MJJackie.
Wet, sexy, and seductive Michael King.
And "Whatever Happens" by the late Michael Jackson is just fantastic!


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@h2og, yes, I was thrilled to see addicts up; and reliable DevilSlob uploaded this week's KBS Variety Programs.
I finally sat on my couch and watched the entire show last night.  With his shy and quiet personality, Song has yet to be comfortable in a reality show like this, and he couldn't take the joke about the band being disbanded.
BTW, your slideshow for Alex is awesome!  I love it!

Like metaltiger said, this scene cracked us up :)) .


:))     :))     :))

Yeom Moon animation by Ruri.

G o,   A le x,   G o !


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Guest h2og

Hope you enjoy Autumn sceneries.  Fall Foliage is a wonderful experience!  Have a great weekend, Everyone!!! 
P.S. Just want to share a new discovery - if you use photobucket, they have a basic slideshow tool to show tons of pictures in one post! That's how I made Alex's slideshow. It sure makes the forum more interesting...

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Guest danasibro

Nice video, I like all her videos...do you kow her? and nice artworks for alex dear Kona. Gabi comes every evening on forum to read the SIKers posts but she told me she has some problems and also we had the idea to open in Romania a fan club and now she has a lot of things to do...
Photobucket!, very nice autumn slide show dear h2og, thank you my dear I will search for
photobucket....this weekend I have no time but very soon


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Guest danasibro


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KONA, you're right.  I'm very busy preparing for a month vacation to the Philippines this January, next year.  You know, buying stuff for my family and friends when I come home and filling up the packages I'm going to send for Christmas, they are eating lots of my time, apart from watching and downloading Album of Life.

I rewatched the drama from the beginning and tried to figure out what the story is all about.  From my own perception, looked like it's a story of two families, the wealthy and a kinda poor one.  The well-off family was composed of a grandfather, his son and daughter-in-law, and his three grandchildren, the eldest was a naive girl, next a brat-like younger student sister and the youngest was an innocent looking boy. The other family was composed of a demented grandmother, his son and daughter-in-law with two sons, the older one was a highschool teacher and the youngest (SIK) who was like happy go lucky, irresponsible guy.  Their fortune turned upside down when they evacuated from their hometown during the war.

The story was interesting and it's frustrating that there's no English subtitles.  I could only grasp some portions of it but I just compensated myself watching SIK and doing some screenshots.  I'll post some later.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for all the news, photos and updates about our man.  I hope we see him on screen early next year.  He usually starts the first quarter with a new drama.


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Guest sig-Hadise

hello dear Fans Lovely Songilkook

My unni kona , thank's for a Full Information about a trip Song il kook to China .... Song Il Gook is really a

supporter in the
Association ?

Dear Alex , Good luck and Keep trying 

Dear unni kona , Dear Dana , Dear Gabi , Dear elisa , Dear Alex , Dear h2og , Dear ardently

I enjoyed of your post , Thank you .

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November 04, 2012

MBC's "Hallyu Dream", narrated by Song Il-Kook


The 2012 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival

Posted on September 23, 2012 by Schwartz Teacher
This weekend Gyeongju hosted the 2012 Hallyu Dream Festival. The event is a major promotion of K-Pop artists, and has been marketed explicitly to foreigners for the sake of Korean tourism. By and large the event has been too rich for my blood. The two major events, Friday and Sunday night, were star-studded performances by multiple famed Korean groups, and were sold out, leaving only hopers to wait in line for spare tickets. I took part in the third event, on Saturday night, with a much smaller audience- the Cover Dance competition.

Cover dancing is when a group of people, for fun and exercise, dance to a recording of a popular song. I’d never heard of this phenomenon before I came to Korea, but from what I can tell, it’s an important part of K-Pop’s popularity. Shortly after I started at Dongguk University, I saw a cover dance performance (labelled on the poster as “musical”) where students performed cover dances for a large group. Not all of the songs were K-Pop, though none were of Western origin.

The competition consisted of thirteen teams, from eleven countries, from six continents. (the United States, Brazil, Hungary, Australia, Nigeria, India, Thailand, Japan, the Philippines, Japan (2), Russia (2). I don’t know enough about K-Pop to distinguish them based on the songs they covered. However, as to the dancing technique and outfits of the teams, I paid quite a bit more attention, and was quite surprised by what I saw.

I don’t especially like K-Pop. I don’t hate it, but the genre music as a whole doesn’t really appeal to me. Watching the cover performances, however, I felt keenly aware of the fact that there was far more at work here than mere sound. Spectacle was an important, inherent part of each performance. I’m not familiar with the original videos on which the performances were based. Regardless, the cover groups moved with an intensity and coordination that required immense dedication and practice. This was no mere imitation of industry standards. They had taken the music and were dancing to it at their own personal beat, creating something that, if not wholly original, was still a markedly individual act of expression.

Where I felt this most keenly was when gender was involved. Several groups consisted of women, but were covering bands consisting of male performers. Even the ones that covered women groups, there was surprisingly little sexualization. Only one group (one of the Japanese) dressed and performed in a way that indicated a primary focus on sexual expression. There were elements of it in all of the acts, but by and large all of the performers were trying to communicate something else. What exactly is difficult to put into words (such is the nature of interpretative dance). Aggression, cooperation, continuity, synchronization, acrobatic motion…really, it’d be easier to just watch it yourself. I was particularly impressed by the Hungarian group, which was outright butch- I don’t use this word with negative or lesbian connotations. Rather, I’m unfamiliar with any other word in the English language that can better describe non-masculine aggressive behavior without making an inherent value judgment.

Many of the performances, between costuming and deliberate dance step, demonstrated ideas to me that I’d never really considered before as having any kind of genesis in pop music. The performers in the Thai and Indian teams were just about gaudy- again, not a word I mean to use negatively, it’s just that I’m not familiar with any positive equivalent in the English language that works as well. One of the performers on the Thai team managed to do his hair up in such a way that the emcees asked him how exactly he did it- no clear answer was forthcoming. Understandable given that the emcees spoke English and Korean, and had to speak to many of the teams with the help of an interpreter.

The entire performance was filmed by Arirang TV. Unfortunately, I don’t know when or where the footage can be viewed, though the emcees explained at multiple points that they were saying certain odd lines (like “after the break”) for the benefit of the recording. I rather expect that it will be available to view easily at some point. In addition to the cover dances the K-Pop groups Rainbow and A-Jax also performed. Their more professional performances were a marked contrast- definitely more sexualized for one. Rainbow got big cheers from the section of the theater filled with Korean servicemen. The main singer for A-Jax knew exactly what his fans wanted as well, outright taunting them with the slow unbuttoning of the shirt covering his manly, manly chest.

By and large, the focus was definitely on the individual performers. I really liked the way one of the Nigerians put it, when he was asked why they did cover dances. He compared it to distance running (which apparently he does professionally). He said that you need anger to motivate yourself to continue through all the way to the end. With cover dance, he could let loose and simply express himself, and that made him happy. It’s a curious thing to see so many people engaged in an activity which they clearly love with a relatively minor award at the end- Korean Public Transport Cards, though presumably the Korean Tourism Board funded their trip here. These were the top thirteen teams out of nearly two thousand. It showed through in their sheer poise and dedication.

Cover dancing as a whole, I think, encapsulates a lot of what makes Korean pop culture popular internationally. Even though its very existence is a copyright violation, the Korean government outright encouraged cover dancing through this competition. While you can certainly dig through to deeper, more cynical motives, this is an industry and culture that is extremely perceptive to the desires of their international fanbase, and rolls with what the fans want instead of dictating terms.That attitude alone is a far better advertisement than anything money could buy.

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Guest h2og

High wave to all SIKers!!!  Everyone is awesome here. I am glad that I discover you all. Thanks to Coach Song!

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You're awesome too, h2og. Your slideshows are really inspired. =D>  I feel like telling you again Wellcome to our SIKer family!

Kona, thank you for posting Schwartz Teacher's article on the 2012 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival. I am really interested in the phenomenon and I like ST's writing.



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You surprised me with your post H2og.  I was wondering where the firecracker sound was coming when I opened this site.  Lol!  Thank you.

KONA, I like the commentaries of Schwartz Teacher.  Is he a journalist by profession who lives in South Korea.

BTW, I received the goodies sent to me by CHIYOKO.  She had given my Birthday Card to SIK personally and our man promised to read the message inside.  Thank you so much, Chiyoko, if you are reading this.

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Hi, dear SIKers!
What a beautiful surprise, dear H2og! I love your autumn slideshow and this one is really splendid. It's the same program in photobucket?
I'm sorry I didn't comment last days, I'm very busy; but I'm reading all your posts and enjoy them. Soompi is in top of my list when I open google search. You're awesome, ladies! Thank you for your existence !
I miss Charmy and Mr. Hummer. How are they doing?
LOve you all, SIKers!

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Guest h2og

Dear Everyone,
I waited for this weekend to post this photobucket slideshow to make it more meaningful for this forum. For those who visited this forum before, I edited the slideshow to include the lovable triplets!  I can keep adding pictures of emerging Soompi SIKers in the slideshow via photobucket. It's very interactive! It's all fun!!
Dear Celia, Ardently, Gabi & KonaBeans - thanks for loving this slideshow!!! The pleasure is mine to get to know the members of this forum!  I chose Veterans Day for celebrating our friendship with fireworks because of Coach Song!  His courage is worth emulating!
Take care and enjoy!
P.S. November 11 is Veterans' Day in the US.  Coach Song is very patriotic with South Korea to risk his career by taking his stand in Dokdo!  He exuded courage just like every single soldier who went to war for his/her country! His love of sports also brought so many people together just what Olympic Games is all about! Run for a Reason - Sports instead of War!  Take the Triathlon Challenge! Do Mini-marathons! Walk for Life!
Let us pray for peace in every nation!  The sacrifices made by all these soldiers (dead or alive) should not go unnoticed... To all world leaders, strive for peace! 

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Guest h2og

Today is Happy Pepero Day (Valentine's Day) in South Korea.....

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Dear all SIKers,

Sorry for not posting earlier. I have been so busy lately. Apart from practicing running, I have to prepare my trip to Korea. I will go backpacking to Korea with my family at the end of year (Dec 22-31). This is quite unplanned. My daughter just told me that she would have a week off at school during the last week of Dec and she would like to go to Korea in winter (actually we plan to go to Korea in March next year.) There are so many things to figure out. If you have any places to recommend, kindly let me know.

Kona, thank you for the torrent link. I have watched the first part of it and it is hillarious. SIK really has sense of humour after all. His voice sounds like heaven. Love love his voice. It is so powerful especially in historical drama. BSB in 26 Years looks very charismatic. As I understand, he will play a good guy. I agree with you that he can be a villian that we could not be hated. He did it in 49 Days. I did not know him at that time but I did not hate him at all. I kind of like him being a care taker of the lead actress (like in Jumong, sometimes I think Sayong may be closer to So Seon No than Jumong!!) e.g. Shining Inheritance and Dong Yi. If he is in the same screen with SIK, it will be double treat and I may be dead in front of the T.V. I was nearly like that in EoTS and Jumong.

h2og, thank you for your wonderful slideshows. They are so nice. Thank you for your encouragement as always.

Dana, thank you for the calendar. Really love musculin Michael King.

Sorry that I could not mention all of you here.  Just wonder how Charmy is? Love you all and take care.

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Guest danasibro

Thank you dear Kona Beans  for MBC's "Hallyu Dream", narrated by Song Il-Kook  I love to hear SIK's voice.
thank you dear Gabi for coming on soompi although I know you have family problems and are bussy with the Romanian fan club. Thank you dear SIG Hadise for sharing, I hope you will finish all the problems you have to solve this days!
Today is Happy Pepero Day (Valentine's Day) in South Korea.....thank you dear h2og for your information dear h2og... I think dear alex 1999 I am glad for you will go backpacking to Korea with your family at the end of year . For me Korea is only a dream but I saw a lot of videos about the beauties of South Korea and I love the musik of this video

.Valentine's Day is every day on soompi but today it came also to South Korea bechause of my dear friends Kona Beans, of Sig Hadise, Of Ardently , of charmy, of Gabi, Of Celia, of alex, of h2og, of kish, of metaltiger, of pohhooi, of cristi, of elisabeta, of erinys,....and all the other lovely friends....thanks to all


Why does the sight of you SIK fill me with pleasure,
Like a spotlight that shines on a glorious treasure?
It can be, it must be the power of love that I feel,
That ties me in bonds that seem strong as steel.

How could anyone anytime anywhere ever know?
Could feelings be kept, blossom, focus and grow,
Sweet touching dreams that I dreamt in my youth
Until now when they turned up on you as a truth?

 When I think of you, dear sweet SIK you fill my mind;
And no more thinking room on this subject I can find.
It is sad I've never had such exiting thoughts before;
I'm lost in you, charming actor, the love dream I adore!

You SIK are one in a million, my most special one;
Your radiant smile is magic... as bright as the sun;
And that is why, my darling, whatever else I do,
No matter what, sure ,I'll just keep on loving you!

this is a video about my love for SIK made a year ago


and this are my first videos...


It was like in his dramas he lived his own life and love...

Sik is the ideal lover of the teen dreams
Which will not ever meet me it seems!
SIK's look and smile startles my heart
I can not never stand from fans apart

For all that you mean : romance and innocence
A magic smile, a mouving dinamical presence
A deep penetrating look; sad, happy or hot
My special SIK, I admire you and like you a lot !

All the love you deserve to you my favorite actor and star
Although unfortunately for me you are so young and so far
!May be my message will come closer to you
Embracing you with love as in my dreams I always do!


and this is a video made for soompi SIKers last year... you can sea dear h2og there are some SIKers wich we also miss on soompi emanuelle, sophy, zara, aljie...I will made one more this year as a Christmas gift.
Our job, education, age, appearance country even where we were born  are not important for SIK and Sikers..but what we carry in our hearts!


Awesome slideshow dear h2og and really inspired like Celia said, and surprising like ardently commented.


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