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Song Il Kook 송일국

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No Halloween Parade today!... this is sad dear h2od. Charmy is from East Coast of US and is suffering from "Sandy" storm.
Thank you dear Kona Beans for informing me and Gabi about Charmy.I hope Charmy will be  ok! 
The Classy and Classic Hyung-sik in Album of Life very nice pictures dear Kona, I love as you know SIK's elegance, he is as pictures reveal a real Gentle Man Thank you dear H2og for all you tould us about the aftemath of Hurricane Sandy, for your link and for your beautiful artwork...I realy love Jumong but Jumong is a positive character, I have not seen him linked to the dead, or the spirits of magic,.. your ideea is amazing .... although SIK enchanted me the first time in the role of Jumong. I feel that I did not understand at all what Halloween is about...thank you! Thank you Gabi. But speaking about Dracula in your poem... well, I have my own .doubts! I also have doubs.... Dracula is a figure with legendary, mythical, historical and folkloric origins like Santa Claus is just a character that has no relation to rince Vlad Tepes or his family or the History of Romanians, in my poem.


HALLOWEEN is a yearly celebration observed in a number of countries on October 31, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows (or All Saints). According to many scholars, it was originally influenced by western European harvest festivals and festivals of the dead with possible pagan roots, particularly the Celtic Samhain.The modern imagery of Halloween comes from many sources, including national customs, works of Gothic and horror literature (such as the novels Frankenstein and Dracula) and classic horror films (such as Frankenstein and The Mummy)

In my poem I refer to that character ... actually  in Romania we found only twenty years ago about Halloween  ... documented myself at the urging of Sophy and  ardently last year and wanted to combine the traditional with the modern .
Possibly .. the lyrics have not desired expressiveness, nor claim that they explains the significance of an event that I know very little...the poem was just a gift to our friends from America,Canada, England .... I would be curious to know if SIK is celebrating Halloween
Dear HWJ I believe that I wasn't wrong when I repeatedly affirmed that perfectly suits for you the role of fighter I've spent half of my life in the army ...thanks for your pictures, your artworks and link.Happy Halloween dear Sig Hadise, dear Celia,dear alex, dear metalinger, dear ardently, dear cristi,dear erinnys,dear flori, dear elisabeta...thank you for sharing! 1AZd3-13J.gif?height=400&scale=max&width 


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With joy to share our man's gorgeous Autumn pictures.

This video belongs to GeNtLe Song Il-Kook Hawaii.  Please DO NOT ALTER or ADD your own website onto the pictures or video screencaps when re-posting them.


And a video message from Song Il-Kook to GeNtLe SIK Hawaii Fanclub for their meeting on 28-Oct-2012.
This time, he SPEAKS ENGLISH 8100339070_86fa66e7b4_o.gif !!!

Like @metaltiger said, the club members felt so special that he took time and effort to speak in English. 8100339080_cbef76e45f_o.gif
No one expected this so it was a very nice surprise for them.

Now B I G G E R  !
While video is playing, move your cursor to the screen and select 720p for best quality.

The reason I didn't use YouTube here because it doesn't display true HD quality like DailyMotion, despite the fact that the original file is in HD.

Click Show to view more Screen Captures.

























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And a video message from Song Il-Kook to GeNtLe SIK Hawaii Fanclub for their meeting on 28-Oct-2012.
This time, he SPOKE ENGLISH image !!! lovely dear KONA BEANS thank you!







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Dear all SIKers, Thank you for making this forum active and awesome as always. I have difficulty loggin in Soompi recently. So I could only read your posts..

Dear Kona, thank you for all information. He spoke English well and he looks so cute as always. Love him more and more.

Dear Dana, thank you for your awesome artwork and poem. I wouldn't mind dying in his arms on Halloween night.

Dear h2og, thank you for the news and awesome artwork for Halloween.  Glad to see you here again. I'm praying for Charmy and people in east coast.

High wave to kish, ardent, hadise, Gabi, Celia, HWJ, Erinnys, and all. Love you♥♥♥♥


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@alex1999 - We kept missing each other.  Nice to see you here as well.  Thanks for your prayers.  It will be most needed since the recovery is just beginning!
I love all the artwork/homegrown media posted in this thread.  It really shows that many of you got a special talent!  A toast to @cristurbat.  I just love watching Cris' MV's.  They are very calming!  @danasibro - I admire your artwork tremendously!  It gives a lot of inspirations to people who love Song Il Kook!  
To All, 
Enjoy the rest of the week.  SIK Thread is moving very well.  KB, you just know how to start the ball rolling for all SIK fans here!  Coach Song deserves his legions of fans!  I am happy to see that all of you are very active!
Take care,h2og

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Kona sent me SIK's message to Gentle Hawaii before the meeting because I was responsible for showing it.  I was stunned when I first saw it, and I had to play it over several times to really believe it.  Then seeing it again with everyone at the meeting, it was amazing.  More than anything I felt humbled and blessed that SIK would take the time and effort to send us a message in English filmed in a beautiful setting with the highest quality video.  I know he spoke in English for ALL his fans, not only in Hawaii. 
This means you, ardent, dana, cris, hadise, gabi, celia, alex, HWJ, Erinnys, kish, charmy, hummer, and all SIKers.

One more thot:
Just curious about this woman sitting next to SIK........shoulder to shoulder.

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Hello Dear Fans Lovely Songilkook

Happy Halloween to Dear sikers 


Dear unni kona , Dear dana , Dear ardently , Dear h2og , Dear Gabi , Dear hooi , Dear hoonwoodjoon , Thanks so much for

warm photos , videos .

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Hi, everyone!

Kona, thank you for posting SIK’s video message. I was looking forward to it. The screen captures are awesome. SIK looks great and the colors of the autumn suit him marvelously.

Metaltiger, you are right, I felt like the message was addressed to me too. I grabbed it and subtitled it in Romania to make my fellow Romanian SIKers happy too. I am grateful to you, the Hawaiian fans for being strong enough and present enough in SIK’s life to make him acknowledge you so nicely, and through you, all of us, his international fans.
I was wondering too about the lady sitting next to SIK. Could it be his wife?  Anyway, she seems pretty.

Pohhoi, thank you for the 2013 SIK calendar.  I was expecting it. Your calendars are always great artworks and I like to keep them on my desk.

h2og, I owe you an apology. I think I am the only one who did not greet you properly. There are gaps between my posting on soompi and I haven’t realized you turned into a regular here. THANK YOU! Belated WELCOME! And, although your 첫사랑 seems to be someone else, may you stay with us, SIKers, as long as possible.

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Hello everyone!
Wow, what beautiful videos and photos with our Prince....
Thank you very much to all....
Gabi,Dana  super posts !
I get near the end of the series The Barefooted Youth (ep 14).I love this series....
 This picture is from Water Bloom ....
Wonderful drawing teacher.....

Song Il-gook

I love you all !

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@celiapkorean - Thank you for a warm welcome and no need for apologies!!! My visits are in gaps. Everyone is cheerful and warm here.  That's what we need in this world despite my 첫사랑 is someone else! LOL...
I am sure Coach Song is a cool guy from the Triathlon Training and I also knew him from Jumong.  I admire Coach Song very much but by some serendipity, let's just say someone caught me unexpectedly!  However, it is KB who reconnects me again with Song Il Kook because of Triathlon. It makes everything more special because I love sports and arts. As long as I can manage my time well, I will always stop by SIK Thread. 
It's extremely nice meeting everyone here...  I will not mention any names to avoid any miss since I am still new to SIK Thread.  
Best Regards,h2og

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Dear all SIKers, I will participate in Bangkok Marathon on Nov 18. I'm gonna do micro marathon (4.5 km.).  I have to prepare by jogging for 5 km a few times. Each time I think I'm going to die.  The guy I'm thinking of the most while jogging is our prince. Running alone is hard enough (mentally and physically). But SIK has done Triathlon. He is truely amazing. I really respect his dedication and determination.  He is my inpiration to join this event.

In case you would like to know about this big event. The theme is "RUN FOR A REASON". And my reason is Song Il Kook. Wish me luck^_^


Dear pohhooi, thank you for the awesome calendar. He is super cute ^_^ Is he really 41?

Dear metaltiger, I also wonder the lady next to him. Could she be his wife?

Dear Celia, I feel the same he convey his msg to his fans. I'm so proud of him. His English accent is good.

Dear h2og, I'm glad that the recovery has started. My work is related to BCP (Business Continuity Plan) and DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan). I've been thinking so much about all the incidents around us. They seem to be part of our lives lately. Hope everybody stays safe. This is most important.

Dear Hadise, thank you for your awesome artwork as always. Always love your artworks.

Dear elisabeta, thank you for cute photo of SIK. I wish to see this drama.

High wave to Kona, Gabi, Dana, ardent, HWJ, Charmy and all. Take care and stay healthy.

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@alex1999 - That's awesome. Prepare well... Make sure you do warm-ups to avoid cramps.  Banana is good for the diet.  And drink lots of water to avoid dehydration!  I will definitely cheer for you from a distance!!!
Pick the right shoes for your marathon to avoid injuring yourself! Body conditioning is most important.  Stay flex!

Here R some links for body conditioning...http://www.runnersworld.com/http://running.about.com/od/halfmarathonsmarathons/a/Marathon-Training-And-Running-Tips-For-Beginners.htmhttp://www.takethemagicstep.com/coaching/beginners/training-exercise/general-guidelines-for-your-marathon-preparation-enjoy-your-training/
P.S. I should really PM you about the details.  I am just excited to know that you are going for a marathon because of Coach Song!

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@h2og, thank you so much for your nice words and all the body conditioning links. ^:)^ ^:)^ ^:)^    Really appreciated. I will have a warm up acivity with my collegues next week. I'll be well prepared and won't get injured before Nov 18.

Those links will be useful for all of us here. I wish you guys stay healthy. Don't spend too much time sitting in front of your computer, ok? SIK is really my inspiration. Big thank to him.

:x :x :x  Love you all :x :x :x


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I want to say something about the video.
It's a request to SIK from David Lim, a Korean-born and owner of Hawaii Beauty Touch Production.
He regularly leads KDrama tours from Hawaii to Korea.
This time, he came back from Korea with the video from SIK.
David /Beauty Touch is co-producer of A Man Called God.
They're also major sponsors of GeNtLe Song Il-Kook Hawaii Fanclub.

(Hmm, why do I know so much?  I don't even live in Hawaii, LOL :-j .)

hoonwoodjoon said: Just notice something..on my last post, he's road the same bike and wearing the same helmet he's used during the Incheon races??  First to notice, cool, he sure takes good care of them..v             

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Dear Kona Beans thank you for sharing our man's gorgeous Autumn pictures and this video which touched me deeply.

Dear Hadise, thank you for your awesome artwork as always.

Very nice words about the videos of cristi and my artworks dear metaltiger thank you!

The theme is "RUN FOR A REASON". And my reason is Song Il Kook Be successful dear Alex if you participate in Bangkok Marathon on Nov 18...I know SIK will be proud to have such well trained and talented people being SIKers.As you see h20g helped you with in the same way SIK did with his students, thank you dear h2og your links are useful for all of us here, alex is right, I also with all the SIKers to stay healthy.

Dear pohhooi, thank you for the awesome calendar.

Dear Celia I also was touched by SIKs mesage but I hope some day such a message will be sent to Romanian fans and I know you and Gabi are working to make this dream to happen soon, thank you.

Dear elisabeta I liked the picture you posted from Water Bloom...I am ready to start my school again for having such a wonderful teacher

Dear Gabi, dear ardent, dear Charmy, dear HWJ, dear Hooi my thoughts and my love be with you and with SIK always my friens!

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I will also create some gifts for SIK (hoping he will receive them some day) and for SIKers videos, poems,artworks , a calendar...for the winter holidays

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