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  1. I love Yo Seung Ho and have been waiting for this drama. The 1st and 2nd episode are fun to watch. I'm glad the rating is starting well. The leading lady is also okay with me. They look good together.
  2. The ending of the third episode kinda surprised me but did not amuse me. Bo Gum's expression is a little bland for me when he said "I miss you". The longing in his eyes is lacking unlike his expression when he said that to Kim Yoong Jung. I also think it's too early for him to say that to his boss when she clearly said to him that theirs is just an employee and boss relationship. He should keep some reservation out of respect and wait till her feelings for him fully develop. Even in real life, no matter how much you like someone, you can't confess that easily. You have to muster a lot of courage to do that. It came out of his mouth so easily. Boy likes girl or girl likes boy but feelings are being suppressed till the time they are ready to explode. Aren't these the reason why we like Korean dramas? Secret love, jealousy, love-hate relationship, they are the spices that never run out of taste. My anticipation and excitement are gone now. As always, i will continue to watch this drama and pull through to the end, if only because of PBG.
  3. I think after Love in the Moonlight, he decided to finish his Bachelor's Degree and did not accept any project.
  4. I am watching "Wonderful Mama" and am very amused of his character here. He was in his late teens, a womanizer, carefree and a brat. He's the youngest kid among three spoiled and extravagant children of a wealthy loan shark widower. PBG is very cute and funny here. I can't see the real Park Bo Gum that he is now. 48 episodes. Not bad for me to spend my day while waiting for the next episodes of Encounter. I can still watch him everyday.
  5. No, he's not. That's how you act when you feel giddy and nervous in front of your crush. Girls are like that and it's not different with boys, too. To add, they can even talk and look silly, or lose focus, become absent-minded, rattled. Many of us experienced that, even I.
  6. Just watched episode 2 and was very happy on the development of the drama. Now, they are really acting. I can already see the growing chemistry between them. Good actors are always trustworthy. Sometimes, negative comments help the drama, too. It makes the actors work more and try their best to live with the audience's expectations. Of course, to die-hard fans like me, it doesn't matter if there are flaws in the drama. I just want to see Park Bo Gum and that will make my day. But this time, no more romantic fantazies like what I had with Kim Yoo Jung and him in Love in the Moonlight.
  7. You are right. SHK has been married and divorced and PBG is an adventurous, carefree guy. His warm personality will melt her cold heart.
  8. "Boring, awkward, age gap" lots of comments i've read in this drama. Many reasons for these. Song Hye Kyo is Song Joong Ki's wife and Joong Ki is Bo Gum's close friend. For PBG to express his attraction to Hye Kyo in this drama, he has to set aside their current real relationships. He has to immerse himself to his character and look up to her as just another beautiful mature actress. I remember Secret Love Affair and Something in the Rain. These are both May-December affair dramas but turned out to be beatifully executed, passionate and sensous. Can PBG kiss SHK passionately in this drama? Can he express deep emotions through his gaze and facial expressions to his leading lady? I'm hoping this is not a mismatch. I love both of them, really. They are both good looking but the audience can't fantazise with them because of their true relationship. Maybe if Song Hye Kyo is still single like before and not in a relationship with SJK, apart from the fact that she just recently got married, their love team might work. Still, I trust that they can pull this through. This is a test on how great these two actors are.
  9. I'm not watching the last episode anymore and be stressed more. Gosh, the ending is so frustrating. I hope Seo Kang Joon will be careful in accepting his roles next time. Dramas like this will just ruin his career. This is the worst drama that I have watched. I can't even feel the chemistry between Seo Kang Joon and Esom. Is she supposed to be older than SKJ in this drama, like Son Ye Jin in Something in the Rain?
  10. I watched this drama because of Seo Kang Joon. He's a good actor and I praise him for giving his best to this rubbish drama. Still, he was not able to make me like his character here being stupid and mean. My heart goes to his fiance who did nothing wrong but to love him faithfully.
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