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[Drama 2020/2021] If you cheat, you die, 바람피면 죽는다


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It's almost everything is revealed in today EP. 


1. It's pretty obvious that BSJ was killed by KYJ's step mom unless there is a further twist on last EP;


2. A secret prayer room was about KYJ's dad and her step mom who were lobbying A-class actresses to politicians (including The president). 


3. The story is more on the revenge side (between daughter and her father and step mum) rather than against her own husband, writing against to her dad so that she can prove how evil character of his dad all these while. His dad instructed Mr Ma (NIS) to put up fire in the warehouse because KYJ was tied up inside, but later Mr Ma received instruction thru the phone, to save KYJ but got himself burning the face thru the fire accident. KYJ Dad and step mom were traumatizing her throughout her life. Her revenge started since the day when her biological mum passed away. That's why even her marriage was a fake one to tape down his father's crime.


I love KYJ's assistant since Day 1 as he rescued her at the library. I hope that there will be a happy ending for KYJ and his assistant, not with her cheating husband. The assistant understands her so well and would save her whenever she needs help. Her novel will be published and become popular eventually (probably on last EP), his assistant will shield her and follow her very likely, and make her smile again probably on last EP :D


The drama will probably go by two extreme ends, either you like it , or drop it halfway as story line is too slow, the plot is not exciting at all. I followed thru is because of FL and 2nd ML, other than that, I find that it may be a waste for FL's acting talent, quite tiring to see her gloomy, unhappy, serious and sad face most of the time or throughout the whole show. WIll there be a sunshine simile for her on last EP, Let's see.

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I rarely get so angry at a show ending but cliffhanger for a show that doesn't have ratings to stretch it past one season is just dumb....RickRoll'D you writer, RickRoll'D you....The show should have been about Soo Ho and Yeo Joo....wasted cast in the hands of a RickRoll'D poor writer


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On 1/28/2021 at 3:50 PM, monalisa said:

what was the real reason for killing BSJ?

The real reason to kill BSJ by FL's step mom was because BSJ was a greedy and ambitious actress and she was dreaming to take over the first president wife role and the step mom (her agency) realised that she was soon to be out of control as mentioned in EP 15. 


The open ending was left for our own interpretation and imagination, and i would personally like to believe that she did like to go out with SooHo ;)  (the assistant) when we seen her hesitant face in replying him ( i guess most of us prefer this ending). FL is so unpredictable - she loved and protected her husband all the while even though she knew that her husband cheated on her until she couldn't forgive him because she thought that he would send someone to kill her (which i think it's probably from the rich pretty girl, MR)


What I don't like is that the writer did not give her the chance for her character development (self growth) or allow her to escape from her past traumas because of the cheating dad and husband. She is obviously still in pain when you look at her sad eyes....I rather give her a chance to start a new life with her assistant. A fresh start would be more meaningful than repeat the cycle, killing/murder again. 

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Sorry, I had to edit my post. It slipped my mind that not everyone had watched the final episode yet. Actually, KYJ's marriage is not a happy one. It's obvious she knows her husband has been two-timing her with not just one but two women, and GMR could very well have been the 3rd woman. So, I have no sympathy for HWS.

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