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[Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] No Boundary 玉昭令

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Cr mydramalist


Chinese title: 玉昭令
English title: Yu Zhao Ling

Genre: Suspense, Historical, Mystery, Romance, Fantasy

Episodes: 32

Director: Steve Cheng

Broadcast Period: 3/30/2020 -



Guan Hong

Zhang Yi Shang


A story that follows an upright goddess and a constable with a cold exterior who join hands to solve crime and find love along the way.

During the Song Dynasty, Bao Longtu who governs Kaifeng has become known as the new 'Bao Qingtian'. Duanmu Cui  descends to the mortal realm and establishes her own sect with the intent to vanquish demonic forces who seek to harm humans. The 4th rank imperial guard Zhan Zhao receives orders to help Duanmu Cui, thus beginning their journey against ghosts in the pugilistic world.

**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**





Coming soon...

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Have grab the first 10 episodes...dunno if that is good but the rating in MDL is really high

I like Darren and the story seem really in my taste too...DuKQ9Vu.jpg

me reupload it.


Sure forbidden love between human and goddess is always something I like...Specially a goddess who go in the human realm to make a new sect...for her o.o Jianghu? demon...ohh Darren look super handsome here. Constable x Goddess....ohhhhhhh


credit to the owner 


Look great!! 

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the scriptwriter weave together ghost stories , romance , funny 

ep1 i rate it 9/10 , subsequent episodes 7.5/10

mostly studio or the filmset city scenes , don't remember got any natural outdoor scenery

lead actress change new costume almost twice every episode

bad guy(girl) can easily be guessed , later she will forcefully convert her lover into darkside king

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I’ve watched 2 episodes. I don’t know the female lead, but I like the male lead who was the boy from Cheng Hua 14th year. He looks a bit young to play the character, Zhan Yan, here. Is he supposed to be the famous Zhan Zhao from Bao Qing Tian? The story of the Duan Mu having some kind of disability to feel emotions reminds me of Jin Mi in Ashes of Love. The interaction of diety and mortals makes an interesting story. I don’t like the sound - sometimes loud, sometimes soft. Can’t hear the speech properly.

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From what I understand , 1000 years ago when they were mortals , the human army invaded a walled city and won.

The female lead's husband died first and she brought his casket into the final battle and she also died in battle.

Most characters in present timeline were also there back then.

After the battle came a magic item that elevated the winner side into immortals and the immortals used their new power to banish the loser side into the netherworld.

The female lead couldn't condition to the lost of her husband in her revived immortal life , the other immortals erased her memory and sealed her emotional function.

The bad guys in present timeline are trying to gather the fragments of the magic item to break the seal and escape from the netherworld.


from the interview video above , it's to expect the later half of the drama to be very negative tone in romance


Thanks heaps for your explanation, please put into spoilers next time as some people may not want to know ahead of time the background info (though I was thrilled with your explanation as I welcome spoilers).

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please put into spoilers! thanks
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@omiki my thoughts exactly, when I saw that part about locking up memories of 'love debt', the first thought that came to mind was AOL! and thanks to @杨过是大哥哥 I have a hint of what's to come, though frankly, I don't like the tone of the theme song (opening)... it seems to suggest something to me about the ending and I am a sucker for HE. The FL reminds me of the actress from Dance of the Phoenix, Yang Chao Yue, gives me the similar feel, with her acting. Got mistaken initially, but realised it's not the same person.

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