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  1. Hello all, I am finding this drama is very interesting as the female lead is portrayed to have strong will, gutsy, brave and all of that characters of a warrior princess. Love her! The romance with prince Dowon is sweet, she seems to be the one who is wearing the pants in the relationship but that could change in coming episodes where the prince is taking more initiatives as the King uses marriage to put Prince Dowon on his place. When it counts, Dowon will step up,.... which is nice. Another couple that I am rooting is Sa-Hee and the Crown Prince. I know that he already has a Crown Princess however this marriage seems like a political one and looks like one sided love. I feel sexual tension between Sa-Hee and Crown Prince whenever they are together, and both somehow have an understanding. I can't wait to see if this relationship is going anywhere....
  2. Waaaaa……. The video said it's not available in my country.... I cannot see and I am dying to know what were they talking about.....
  3. Funny that I don't feel sorry for Do Ran about the father daughter secret is found out (I felt a bit sorry for her dad though). She could not be more obvious, it is just a time bomb ticking especially with Da Ya out for her blood. Even if she wanted to keep this relationship a secret, at the very least she must tell her husband. One good thing that she did not listen to Mr. Wang is telling WDR the secret. Even though her husband may feel betrayed at first, likely this guy would bite the bullet for her. For the first time, I feel thankful that Da Ya went to Mr Wang instead of Mrs Wang. Cannot imagine how this will play out if the drama queen gets the news first. It would be much more complicated. Love MR and GR story, this couple is so cute. I shifted my fondness to them lately. Greedy momma would better not mess up this couple!
  4. I agree with you, Yoon Jin Yi did awesome job as Da Ya. There was time in the past I felt sorry for her and was trying to justify her behavior due to lost her dad in such a young age. However, I quit doing that as she's just simply bad. Yoon Jin Yi said in her previous role in Gentleman's Dignity, her character was not a fave one and she was hoping in this drama people will see her in a different way, in a good way. Well girl, that aint gonna happen as you're playing it so good to the point Da Ya is just a character who people love to hate....
  5. @nohamahamoud2002, What does that mean? Only one episode next week?
  6. DORAAAAAAANNNNNN!!!!! Why can't you listen to your appa? Stop sneaking to his quarter at night time.... The Vampire Day Ya is out to get your blood and you gave her plenty of opportunities to suck you dry.... Also, does anyone know where I can watch the special with English sub? Saw a clip and it looked like very funny. Unfortunately I am not able to open the KBS link one....:-( Gumowo in advance chingu del....
  7. WHAT'S WRONG WITH SECRETARY KIM????? OMG!!!! I am watching only half of the last episode and I am so angryyyyyy...... We are all know it is not going to be easy, but why is she caving in so easily when WDR's mom's giving her the talk? My heart is so broken for WDR, he was so confused. It is so obvious something happened and likely pressure from his family. He should know it right away, same way when he suspected DY gave her hard time after their lunch date. Hoping the second half of the episode is promising. Sorry all for my rant.... go back watching.....I am just so disappointed in KDR. Come on girl.....
  8. GR is amazing. He is curious but he is not pushy. It touched me when MR broke down on the bike on the way home, he was not panicking try to console her but keep going, gave her space and let her cry her eyes out. Dae Ryook is like a time bomb, he is so over the moon and giddy that he finally he got her to the point he basically spill the beans everywhere they go. With DY on their back, it's a matter of minutes til the bomb explodes. The girl needs to be busy doing something., she and MIL should involve in a charity work or something.
  9. It was said 100 but I think it is more like 50. If it’s really 100, we may get to see DR/DR marriage life, maybe baby too. Of to see the raw coz I can’t wait few more hours for the sub to come out.
  10. Nooooooo....... why do these people hang out at the same place? Seoul is huge..... hang somewhere else. I can smell the nastiness is approaching.
  11. I am pleasantly surprise that I actually enjoy watching Hong Joo. She came across as too much for me with her American style at first but now she is funny and you go girl type of girl, adding value to Mr Kang's story/scenes. But my heart is aching thinking what would happen when the cat is out of the bag. It'd better have a great twist to explain the years ago murder for Mr Kang and Hong Joo's relationship to be okay and accepted by the family. Otherwise Hong Joo might curse Freddy for sending her a wrong soulmate.... Poor Freddy....
  12. Speaking of Mr Kang,.... yes, he paid for his crime/sin, he is trying to move on with a new chapter of his life and hoping everyone will understand his circumstances. But how about the victim's family? The lost and sadness they feel all these years, the wife/mom never miss the death anniversary and still in pain when she has to talk about that moment when her husband suddenly gone. Thank God the first son grew up well and doing fantastic. Unfortunate that DY had to harbor anger toward her father for "leaving" them until she found out he was murdered. Would she possibly turned to be a better young lady if she had not lost her father? Very possible.... I can't even imagine what a mess when this family find out who Mr Kang really is. DY probably will hate Doran 1000 more times (especially when she finds out Doran is dating her brother in law which make it very possible if they get married, Doran will be the lady of the house). I have not watched the new episode yet but I am thrilled to watch the clip of kissing scene. Hoping the writers will give us a moment to enjoy the new relationship before all hell break loose.......
  13. Can someone please remind me what was the relationship between DR’s birth father and her late one? They weren’t blood brothers were they? If they’re not, then how long did they know each other and what kind of relationship did they have?
  14. Mi Ran is lost because she only has the witch of oma who is selfish, self centered and shameless. Sometimes I see Mi Ran is in between of being good or not, she is capable of doing both. If she has Do Ran's influence more, I bet she can do better. Unfortunately oma is controlling their universe right now. I am so afraid when this duo find out how much is Do Rans's needed to take care of halmoni, they might screw up things for Do Ran....
  15. Daya is dreaming,.... she can't get her hubbie to get off the bed and goes to work as a whatever/whoever at the company. How can she be the lady of Bom and Food? She is as shallow as her MIL. I am worry about the photo album Do Ran's aboji is keeping in his bedroom. This is a ticking bom waiting to explode. It's just waiting for whoever to pull the trigger.....
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