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  1. Yeahhhhh,..... it's a bitter sweet ending. Sucks for SB, but great that no body else's died (TT .....BI)... I think if the writer meant to end it this way, they needed to make sure viewers have attachment to SY's character. They can't just hide SY with a reason that her soul is weaker than SB and expect viewers be okay that SY get the benefit of SB's hard work. They could have made the two souls in and out take turn all those time, it could be easier to except that at the end, all back to their original place,.... whether it is the rightful place based on merit or not (up to viewers to de
  2. The wagon scene is priceless,... I cannot take my head out of the gutter. Imagine laying in a small narrow box, moving for hours.... doesn't matter if you directly faced CJ or back faced him,.... it should be a party.... woooohhhhoooo!!!! Why did they make it looks like they never bicker and awkward which each other? https://www.soompi.com/article/1454139wpp/mr-queen-heads-into-finale-on-no-1-ratings
  3. I'm not an OBGYN, I am a mom of 2. My experience during both pregnancy I was super active; running, tumbling, doing heavy sports and yes the "aum" too up to the end of the pregnancy... were not a problem. Of course, every woman is different but all of those that SB did were not necessarily bring harm to the baby. Human body is designed in a way that being pregnant is not an illness. You still can do many things, even do wonders....... "aum"....
  4. @insertusernamehere, Thanks for sharing the translation, the waiting for sub is killing me....
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