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March 13, 2020


"I've Been There Once" Lee Jung-eun, a Strong Girl-Crush With Song Da-eun and Kim So-ra


Source: Chosun.com via HanCinema.net




Lee Jung-eun, Song Da-eun and Kim So-ra are bringing girl-crush charm with a drama.


The new KBS 2TV drama "I've Been There Once" revealed a shocking image of Lee Jung-eun (Cho-yeon), Song Da-eun (Ga-yeon) and Kim So-ra (Joo-ri).


"I've Been There Once" is a fun and heartwarming drama about the gap between parents and their offspring when it comes to divorce and finding their own true happiness.


Lee Jung-eun plays the mysterious character of Cho-yeon, while Song Da-eun and Kim So-ra play Ga-yeon and Joo-ri, who look up to her. While the performances of the three are greatly looked forward to, the way they enter the market steals attention.


They are dressed fancily from head to toe with leopard prints, scarfs, accessories and hair with an excessive bump.


These characters feel sick of the bar they run and change their business to making Kimbab, opening a joint in Yongju Market, where Song Yeong-dal (Chun Ho-jin) runs his business. However, they become 'public enemies' with the people of the market.


Meanwhile, "I've Been There Once" is written by Yang Hee-seung and directed by Lee Jae-sang.


The drama begins on the 28th of March at 7:55PM.









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Posted (edited)

they're so cuteee :lol::P











via LMJ Baidu Bar

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