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[Drama 2020] Once Again, 한번다녀왔습니다


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March 27, 2020 


Lee Min Jung Returns to Weekend Dramas With "Once Again"


By William Schwartz on HanCinema.net




While Lee Min-jung is most often remembered as being the wife of major star Lee Byung-hun, the actress is a fairly strong talent in her own right - just on a smaller scale, with a very different kind of programming. So it is that she's making a comeback with the early evening weekend drama "Once Again", where she has been cast in the leading role.


Lee Min-jung, for all her charms, has often suffered from a disjointed career in terms of projects. Her big break came in "Boys over Flowers", where Lee Min-jung played the fiance of the lead actor played by megastar Lee Min-ho. But where other breakout stars in "Boys over Flowers" moved on to major high-profile roles, Lee Min-jung hovered in an odd niche. Her successes were mediocre by comparison.


Regardless, Lee Min-jung has still had enough name recognition as a star for productions to be willing to take chances on her again. None of her films or dramas did particularly poorly, they just never left much of an impact. But "Once Again" has many factors working in its favor. The timeslot is an obvious one - early weekend dramas often get much stronger ratings than their later airing peers, even if they seldom get comparable hype.


But with "Once Again" Lee Min-jung will have a chance to work with director Lee Jae-sang, who was responsible for such hits as "The Joseon Shooter" and "Father is Strange". Moreover, the subject matter of "Once Again" may be a better fit for the actress. She plays a pediatrician pushing for divorce from her husband who's in the same field as she is. Lee Min-jung may have real-life experience to draw from in that regard, given past tension with Lee Byung-hun.


"Once Again" also has the benefit of a very strong lead-in. "Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life" ended with ratings over thirty percent. However, it didn't quite beat the record set by "Mother of Mine" last year. "Once Again" will get its chance to challenge that benchmark when it premieres on March 28th.



~~~~~~~~ kaoani_whiteball_01.gif All The Best!



"Once Again" is directed by Lee Jae-sang, written by Ahn Ah-reum, Yang Hee-seung, and features Lee Min-jung, Chun Ho-jin, Cha Hwa-yeon, Oh Yoon-ah, Oh Dae-hwan, Lee Cho-hee. Broadcasting information in Korea: 2020/03/28~Upcoming, Sat, Sun 19:55 on KBS.


Photos: Lee Min Jung


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Lee Min Jung And Lee Sang Yeob’s “Once Again” + Choi Jin Hyuk’s “Rugal” Both Premiere To Higher Ratings Than Predecessors

Mar 28, 2020
by E. Cha


Both KBS 2TV’s “Once Again” and OCN’s “Rugal” are off to promising starts!


On March 28, Lee Min Jung and Lee Sang Yeob’s new weekend drama “Once Again” premiered to strong viewership ratings. According to Nielsen Korea, the first episode of the drama scored average nationwide ratings of 19.4 percent and 23.1 percent for its two parts.


Not only did “Once Again” manage to break past the 20 percent barrier in its very first broadcast, but it also easily surpassed the premiere ratings of 17.1 percent and 19.6 percent achieved by its predecessor “Beautiful Love Wonderful Life” (the drama that previously occupied its time slot).


Meanwhile, Choi Jin Hyuk’s new sci-fi thriller “Rugal,” which also premiered last night, scored an average nationwide rating of 2.6 percent for its first episode. Although “Rugal” wasn’t able to live up to the 4.4 percent rating achieved by the finale of “Tell Me What You Saw” (which previously occupied its time slot), it did beat the average rating of 2.0 percent achieved by its predecessor’s premiere.


Finally, after setting a record for the highest premiere ratings ever achieved by a JTBC drama, “The World of the Married” saw an impressive rise in viewership for its second episode. According to Nielsen Korea, the March 28 broadcast of the new drama scored an average nationwide rating of 10 percent.


Are you watching any of these new dramas? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Check out the premiere of “Once Again” with English subtitles here:




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Viki/Kocowa  are subbing it. Kocowa subs it first 100% because they do not rely on volunteers. The first 24hrs is free on viki and Kocowa but like I said Kocowa is subbed 100%.  After that you have to return to viki and maybe see it subbed 2 wks later for those that do not have the plus plan.

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Wow, except for the parents, all of the children’s relationships are on the rocks. The eldest daughter is divorced, the only son is divorced, the second daughter bickers with her husband constantly and the youngest daughter just dodged a huge bullet with the creep she married in a ceremony but fortunately they didn’t register their marriage. 

Da Hee should have recognized that the guy she was going to marry was a richard simmons. I saw that right away. Furthermore, he kept bossing her around and I have to wonder if her mother didn’t meet him. However, I suppose he looked good on paper to the parents so they figured Da Hee couldn’t do better. I’m just glad that relationship abruptly came to an end because I didn’t want to keep watching the jerk in more episodes.


 I’m hoping that some good relationships are shown even if it’s among the family members. Right now it just seems that there are no healthy relationships to enjoy among the adults.

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JTBC PLUS | 2020. 03. 28. 10:01 PM

"Once Again" has favorable start with rating of up to 23.1%




"Once Again" heralded the birth of an amazing weekend drama without flaws.

The weekend drama "Once Again" (KBS2 TV) had a good start as its 1st and 2nd episodes airing on March 28 respectively gained the viewership ratings of 19.4% and 23.1% (according to Nielsen Korea, national standards). The detailed development depicting the generation gap in divorce issues and the smooth coordination of actors like Chun Ho Jin, Cha Hwa Yeon, Lee Min Jung, Lee Sang Yeob has conquered audiences' hearts.

This episode drew the attention to the divorce story of four brothers and the stingy father Chun Ho Jin (as Song Young Dal) - who is the backbone of the Song family and is always busy taking care of the chicken restaurant. The eldest son and the first daughter were divorced, the second daughter is about to divorce, and the youngest daughter broke off her engagement after just one day. The Song family's pitiful story brought viewers both laughter and regret.

The drama's realistic side has doubled through the image of the eldest son Oh Dae Hwan (as Song Joon Sun) who doesn't think divorce is important, Oh Yoon Ah (as Song Ga Hee) who screams that divorce is a trend and their mother Cha Hwa Yeon (as Jang Ok Boon) who is pessimistic by questioning whether the divorce is something to be proud of.

The acting swinging smoothly between seriousness and wittiness of Chun Ho Jin and Cha Hwa Yeon in the role of the stingy father Song Young Dal and the strict mother Jang Ok Boon is just enough to captivate small-screen audiences right at episode 1. The scene of the two being sad but hesitant to make a short phone call to the child who was about to get married has depicted the image of Korean parents who always care about their children, thereby making viewers feel sad.

The married couple Lee Min Jung (as Song Na Hee) and Lee Sang Yeob (as Yoon Kyun Jin) - who are the only beliefs of their parents - also attracted attention with the image of quarreling. Outside, they are perfect but when they get home, they turn into nagging and lazy people. Above all, Lee Min Jung shows the look of being tired of the anger and excessive care of her mother-in-law Kim Bo Yeon (as Choi Yoon Jung) - who loves her son unconditionally, thereby bringing empathy when portraying the contradictions between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in reality.

The cast's acting as if they became one with the characters has shined and get viewers more immersed in the work. Also, the directing methods, which especially portray genuine daily life, and intriguing plot have helped the drama to win audiences' hearts.

Reporter Park Jung Sun park.jungsun@jtbc.co.or
Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive 

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I have watched subbed dramas on fastdrama.  


6 hours ago, hell59 said:

Is any website subbing this drama, it looks interesting!


I liked the first episode.  I felt bad for the youngest sister who found out that her newlywed husband was cheating on her. =( 

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Oh my! I wonder what she told him here because he looks surprised. After watching the clips for today’s episodes I can see why she will eventually ask for a separation or divorce. They lost a baby and I think she’s trying to get pregnant again but he didn’t show up for the appointment. I kind of think he’s running from the issue and he acts way too happy-go-lucky at times and I think it has led Na Hee to examine how much their relationship has deteriorated. Maybe she’s thinking it’s better for them to end it. I’m wondering too if it’s difficult for her to get pregnant because when she saw him in the corridor in the hospital playing with two kids, she seemed introspective. Perhaps he likes kids and if she can’t have kids then she feels it’s also another reason they should part ways. This is my conjecture though in the absence of English subs.

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9 hours ago, celebrianna said:

Oh my! I wonder what she told him here because he looks surprised

On the phone they agree to meet at a pastry shop where she asks him for a divorce but on one condition/request. @celebrianna



I just saw Sunday's episode raw and it was really heartwarming, touching and funny.

I am cheering for all the characters.  I am cheering for the matriarch mama as she deals with 3 kids who have come back home due to divorce/ annulment.  

I am cheering for the 3rd child- Na Hee... whose marriage seems to be struggling ever since the miscarriage.  (I felt so bad for her.) 

I am cheering for the rest of the siblings as well. 


It was so funny when the 3 siblings all came together to teach that lousy jerk a lesson.  The lousy jerk being the former newlywed husband.  He was a real creep criticizing Da Hee in front of her mom. 


Even after the 2 episodes, I think this is going to be a really heartwarming drama.  It kind of reminds me of Gentlemen of Wolgeysu.  I loved Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life... but I think I am going to like this one as well.  

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