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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2020] You Are My Destiny 你是我的命中注定

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Here's the full translation before the passionate deep kiss!  XY: It's you. JX: You left your mobile phone with me. XY: Thanks. JX: Why are you so hot? Are you having fever? XY

This one belongs to Wang family chat, Group chat name is "Wang family's pregnant woman is most important"   Granny - What do you guys want to eat for dinner tonight? Jia Xin - Want to e

XZL updated 2 posts in his oasis account today (7 Aug 2020)


邢昭林: 今天拍夜戏,三个小时拼完了

XZL: Filming the night scene today, finished it in three hours 




邢昭林: “杀青10+天,然后转战现代。开始准备降体重,降到189cm68kg”

XZL: "Finish filming 10+ days, then move to modern time. Start to prepare to reduce weight, down to 189cm68kg"


His fan replied to his post and asked him if he has grown taller. Isn't his height 187cm? He replied saying that he stopped growing since primary 6. 187cm was written wrongly.


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