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[Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2019] Put Your Head on My Shoulder 致我们暖暖的小时光

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New eps tomorrow!  As I wait in excitement, I thought I'd share the top three reasons why I find GWY's character utterly charming.


First, I like how GWY is always listening, observing, and paying attention.  Even though he doesn't always have a lot to say and those around him might even think it's just that he can't be bothered to care about others, we know that's not true.  He just focuses and spends his energy on the things that matter.  And it's because of that that he will not only win Situ Mo's heart, but he's already won mine.  Whereas Fu Pei is all about the grandiose gestures (which inevitably results in him making promises he can't/doesn't keep), GWY is all about the little gestures.  But just because they are "little," doesn't mean they are any less meaningful.  In fact, I find them more meaningful because his gestures are always based on what Situ Mo really needs.  Each time GWY delivers, he is able to do so because he listened, he paid attention, and he was able to figure out what really mattered. 


Second, even though at first blush GWY might seem like your typical male lead in a school drama -- you know the type, the one who's a perfect student and perfect in every other way of life -- that's not necessarily GWY.  As we've seen (or you will see), he even gets scolded by his professor!  But more than that, he's utterly clueless about how to win over a girl.  I find it rather precious, actually.  It's like he's had his head burrowed in a book for so long, he's completely lost as to how to function in a social setting.  From that perspective, that actually makes the drama more realistic, IMO.


Third, I really like how he's dealing with the whole Fu Pei-Situ Momo business so far.  Sure, there's a part of him that experiences jealousy at times.  That's to be expected.  But apart from that, he doesn't hesitate to call out Fu Pei for the way he's behaving -- because he knows how much Fu Pei's actions upset Situ Mo.  He also gives Situ Mo the space to grieve when she needs it and the time to figure out how she really feels about Fu Pei.  I appreciate that he's not pushy about it and, instead, is just being her silent support.  We should all be so lucky, really, to have someone as dependable as GWY by our sides.  ;) 


Anyway, those are just some of the reasons why I'm enjoying GWY's character so far. 


And lest you all thing that I'm not loving Situ Mo just because I didn't dedicate an entire post to her character, allow me to reassure that's not the case.  I like her just as much as GWY, actually.  But her character is more straightforward and so there's less to say.  But I will add that I absolutely adore how spunky and bright she always is.  I also really appreciate the fact that despite her innate kindness and forgiving/generous nature, she makes sure to call Fu Pei to the carpet when he deserves it.  Situ Mo may have been silently waiting for him all this time, but she's no pushover either.  I like that.

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New eps tomorrow!  As I wait in excitement, I thought I'd share the top three reasons why I find GWY's character utterly charming.   First, I like how GWY is always listening, observing, and

@pad-hari Hard to say how the drama will adapt the novel.  The excerpts I shared above are from the "A Love So Beautiful" novel.  In the drama, those characters (Xiao Xi's boss and co-worker) also exi

(Continuing from ~0.46s...)   Q: How similar are you to your character Gu Wei Yi? What are the similarities and differences? LY: I think we are perhaps similar in appearance but differ

I love love this drama. Simply love out OTP. They are very well acted out. I love how GWY set his lab mate (girl) straight n told her to leave his house immediately.  Love how he try to find all sorts of excuses to make MoMo stay. I love his subtle smile at MoMo and his adoring gaze at her.  Gosh ... this boy is over the moon with her. 


Hahaha ... he sleep kissed her and I bet he thought he was dreaming.  So dreamy look on his face when he look at MoMo.


I love how the Prof & his lab mate guy tried to help him to confess to MoMo. The scientific equation just kills me. His mathematical workout is a graph with a heart - so adorable.  The guys were like "how can she don't get it?" Aren't geeks confession simple special and so romantic. :lol: Lastly the poetry taught by the prof also went flat. That seriously cracks me up.


This drama is full of funny moments.

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4 hours ago, visiopeia said:

This week is until episode 12??? when is episode 13 gonna release??? next week???? i thought they release on Wednesday and Thursday?


Episodes 9-12 were released for VIP members on Wednesday this week.  Because VIPs get four episodes released on one day, they only get new episodes once a week.  Regular viewers, who are four episodes behind VIPs, get new episodes on Wednesday and Thursday (and subbed episodes are released on Friday and Saturday). 


Episodes 13-16 will be released for VIPs next Wednesday. 


(If you read up the thread, you'll find older posts containing explanations for the how episodes are being released for this drama as well as a link to a calendar that lays it all out.)


1 hour ago, Simran Mehta said:

Hi I really like this show but on YouTube after episode 8 there isn't any complete episode with subtitles.. anyone knows where I can see it ?


If you are looking for raw/unsubbed episodes, you can send me a message and I can tell you where to find them.  If you're waiting for subbed episodes on YouTube, 5 and 6 will be released on Friday and 7 and 8 will be released on Saturday.  As far as i know, WeTV's official YouTube channel is the only place with subs currently.

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So a funny thing happened yesterday.  When I went to watch Episode 9, I realized I'd never watched Episode 8.  HOW.  Oops.  Anyway, I quickly rectified that and after having watched Episode 8, I have some additional thoughts on Fu Pei.  I also have something to say about a new character that we were introduced to.  Since episode 8 won't be released with subs until Saturday, I'll put my thoughts under a cut:




Meeting Fu Pei's father helps us, I think, to understand Fu Pei's character a little better - and in particular, how he treats Situ Mo.  I still have some lingering questions though.  I hope we'll learn more as the drama goes on, but with Fu Pei shifting into having his own love line with the best friend, I wonder if the drama will even bother to elaborate on that part of the story.


Also in Episode 8, we meet Situ Mo and Fu Pei's high school classmate who is an intern at the same ad agency as Situ Mo.  Because she's one of the girls who'd cried over Fu Pei being with Situ Mo I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.  But so far, apart from coming across as spoiled (she clearly got the intern position through nepotism and she leaves Situ Mo to do the work any time they're tasked with a joint project), she hasn't stirred up any trouble.  In fact, the one time the three of them went out to dinner, she has enough instinct to sense there's something going on and the tact to excuse herself to allow them space to figure it out.  I am really really really hoping she stays as she is currently and doesn't become a problem for Situ Mo.




As for this week's VIP episodes (9-12), I have made sure to watch them all (LOL) and have much to say.  But I'll start with just a few things (also under a cut for spoilers):




- I thought Episodes 9 and 10 were super cute but Episodes 11 and 12 were more of the, "Gahhh, you're killllling me," type and that's because instead of just being open about how they feel about each other, they're letting jealousy get in the way and it's resulting in them sending a lot of mixed messages.  I reiterate: They are killing me!  


- Meanwhile, while Situ Mo and GWY are still struggling to figure things out, I can't believe Fu Pei and Wang Shan have already managed to cross that hurdle.  *facepalm*  I am happy for them though -- especially Wang Shan.  She's a really good friend and a good influence on GWY who needs someone with her determination, strength, and patience.  


- Before Fu Pei and Wang Shan could be together, there first had to be all the "stuff" between Fu Pei and Situ Mo.  A highlight for me in this week's episodes was definitely the scene where she not only rejects Fu Pei but clarifies to him how she fell out of love with him after a prolonged period of time.  It was such an emotional scene, and one that was equally heartbreaking and beautiful for its rawness and honesty.  I really liked it.  


- I also really liked watching GWY getting dating advice from his professor and the other Whiny Guy in their lab.  It's hilarious, but it's also adorable watching these bookworms put their collective heads together to figure out how to woo a woman.  I can only shake my head at the "love notes" GWY wrote for Situ Mo.  Did he really expect her to figure them out?  LOL.


- I know this is random, but I love how they both talk to the Roomba vacuum as if it were a real life being.  Situ Mo even treats it like GWY's child sometimes.  To be fair, he really does love that thing.  Haha!


- I really hope that one day Situ Mo learns about all the things GWY has done for her without her knowledge.  That failed snowman . . . it was really sweet watching him make it, but it was also soooo sad watching her open the freezer drawer and stare at the puddle of water with sticks and leaves in utter confusion.  


- Finally, another random note, but I really wish the drama would figure out what season they're in.  They keep going back and forth between shorts and winter coats, but it's not like they're suggesting a passage of time either.  :P 





Anyhoo, those are just some thoughts... sorry, if they don't make sense right now.  I promise they'll make sense once you've seen the relevant episodes.  If anyone's interested in quickie recaps for the VIP episodes, I may be persuadable... (since the VIP episodes are a week ahead of the regular episodes)... but if people are content to wait, I’ll direct my time elsewhere. :) 


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Actually MoMo fell out of love with Fu Pei when he told the lady restaurant owner that MoMo is not his girlfriend. Even when he stood her up so many times at crucial moments of her life, she forgave him and made excuses for him.  However when he denied her gf status ... that was the last straw. GWY has slowly ebbed his way into her heart - he is always there for her when she needed help the most. 


Watching FP father ... can understand why he always runaway. I doubt he will ever change his ways even if he hook up with MoMo. MoMo is too giving in to him. MoMo needs someone like GWY. Someone who will look out & after her.

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Cute Comparisons: Put Your Head On My Shoulder and A Love So Beautiful



Put Your Head On My Shoulder based on the novel by Zhao Qianqian has recently aired. Some elements may seem familiar to people who have seen A Love So Beautiful back in 2017 and you'd be right on the money because both stories are from the same author. 



How else are they similar? Well, let me tell you. Both revolve mainly about the school romance of the lead male and female.  Both lead males are depicted as handsome, smart geniuses while both the lead females are cheerful and spunky. 



Also, there's the height difference between the lead male and female that's very evident in the two shows.  Put Your Head On My Shoulder's Lin Yi is 187 cm. tall and Xing Fei is 172 cm. tall.  A Love So Beautiful's Hu Yitian is 188 cm. tall and Shen Yue is 160 cm. tall. 


Another thing that dramas like these can't seem to avoid is how the female lead tends to crush on the male lead.  This is strikingly true for A Love So Beautiful which drew many comparisons to It Started With A Kiss.  While there's nothing wrong with that, it does seem to get repetitive at times especially if you watch a lot of campus dramas.  


In Put Your Head On My Shoulder, however, the female lead had a crush on another friend initially, and it's the lead male that starts expressing his interest as the reluctant roommates gradually fall for each other. Yes, it looks like the innocent school romance starts off with the cohabitation trope which ought to be interesting! 


While both dramas have their own appeal, it would stand to reason that Lin Yi's character would be sweeter as the one doing the pursuing and not the other way around. A Love So Beautiful was memorable and sweet for so many reasons, Put Your head On My Shoulder is halfway through its run, with the same formula, it might prove to be another success. 



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On 4/19/2019 at 12:38 AM, Simran Mehta said:

Hi I really like this show but on YouTube after episode 8 there isn't any complete episode with subtitles.. anyone knows where I can see it ?


you have to wait, eng subs still in progress, but in dailymotion you can search

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