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  1. when i was a kid, i watch it during 80's which star by Andy Lau and Tony Leong.. then 90's which star by Jordan Chan and Steven Ma.. then i watch again in year 2000 which star by Dicky Cheung. I plan to watch this. Is this as good as the 80's? and 90's and 2000?
  2. i watch all 6 episode and i am now dying for ep 7 !!!!! I love it!!!! The drama is sooo cute.. even though they have yet started their relationship and yet he is trying to get close to her by showing his arrogant character... lol ... Question: 1. Does it means Aaron fall for Song Yiren at first sight?
  3. Just done watching ep 9 - 10. Ep 9 kills!!!! the drinking medicine part is awesome!!! hahahahhahaha i thought it will be censored but they didn't! weeeeeee!!!! can't wait for tomorrow's episode!
  4. I am now in zombie mode .. blame who? Blame love is sweet... hahahhahahahahahha Last night release 8 episode in one shot... i watched till late night ... Yunxi is swoon my heart... i can't take it.. the way he talk, the way he smile, the way he look at Jiang Jun, the way he got angry and the way he pretend that he is sick ... awwwwww......... gosh.. help me! Looks like i need to add him in my fish tank very soon! wakakakakakakkakaka
  5. I like the drama .... i got hooked up after watch ep 1 and now i am dying for ep 5 !!!! lol...
  6. i watched it all 24 episode last night. Nice drama ... The female lead reminds me of Love is Deep's female lead. I thought they are the same person but they are actually not. hahahahahaha.. (forgive me, they really look the same to me) ... The story plot is simple and nice. No draggy.. my first time to watch Ao Rui Peng acting. As for Luo Zheng, i know he can dance, and sing in Idol Producer and Youth with You. And i have watched a few of his drama and his acting is getting more and more improved.
  7. Finally watch finish ep 54 - 59 !!!! So happy with the outcome! Even though I am not satisfy with Bai Ling's outcome but i still able to accept it. I cried too as it is sooo touching especially the last episode .. worth my tears.. hahahahhahahahaha.. I have no regrets to watch this drama from Ep 1 till ep 59 !!!! Cheng Yi officially in my fish tank!!!!!! lol
  8. Last night episode makes me pity Little Orange. She is actually lack of parent's love, brother's love and the most is family's love. LX who doesn't know how to express out. When she sees the way how ZQ treat JJ and the brother love who ZQ shower to her.. she feel warm. She is like a tame puppy in front of ZQ. Tonight maybe, we will get to see LX no longer tolerate CT anymore as he has reached his limit (JJ's teary eyes) .. She can hurt him but don't she dare to hurt those ppl he loved and care .. especially his JJ........hah! serve you right, CT !
  9. @luvhollandlop and @Dundee Maybe the mom went back hometown to visit her family and Little Orange doesn't want to go therefore she stay at JJ's place .. due to her brother's place is very inconvenient (boys place)
  10. I wish the horrible mommy scene can ends tonight.. i don't want to see her anymore... i don't want to see LX suffering ... I wish Li Ba and Ling Ba come to his rescue ! CT needs to see doctor ! She is ruining both her son and daughter!
  11. I found out that this drama has bad mothers.. One is crazy LX's mom and the other one is selfish ZQ's mom.. I wonder how LX manage to persuade her mom (after she smashed the phone) and come back to China .. and as for ZQ mom.. episode 23 preview makes me pissed.. how can she soo selfish.. ZQ is eager to meet his mom but he never knew his mom truth character.. this makes me sad .. i don't want him to be hurt... I really can't wait for ep 23 ... cheesy moment is coming.. LX gonna direct pursue JJ !!! Not as his sister but GF !!!!! Future wife ??? wakakkakakakakka.. JJ gonna avoid bo
  12. I am a super fans of Tan Song Yi... i will watch all her dramas .... while Song Wei Long is one of my fish in my fish tank.... I need help here.. can anyone able to translate ep 18 where, at the hospital Ling Ba know his son is taking sleeping pills and confront him.. i want to know their conversation.. why he is taking the sleeping pills? How i wish my chinese is good?!!!
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