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  1. Finally ENDS ... and I am sad... b'cos no more Doraemon .... Gonna miss Gu Wei Yi and Suto Mo alot... this drama makes me smile and feel cheesy alot .. each episode definitely makes me smile and laugh ...especially Gu Wei Yi's character... He really try his very best to get Suto Mo notice him, and he did lots of childish, and crazy stuff for Suto Mo.. something which he won't do for others ... this makes me touched.. I am very touched by his sincerity... and his eye only set to Suto Mo .. no one else but suto Mo... and what ever he want to do, he will seek Suto Mo's approval first.. take one good example, he wanted to purchase a new dish washer.. but got rejected by Suto Mo.. the most funny is Suto Mo ask him to pick in between Yuan Yuan (irobot cleaner) vs Dishwasher ... hahahhahahaha .. the way he look at yuan yuan is dorky adorable.. ^^ He tries his very best to understand Suto Mo but he fail when he doesn't know why is she angry on him.. he even try to copy his buddy by being drunk hopefully Suto Mo will comfort him ... too bad, his mission fail ... hahahaha Conclusion, Gu Wei Yi is a dorky adorable Doraemon to Suto Mo ^^
  2. Just watch another sweet moment clip.. so cute... he tried to block her and even hide her from Doraemon !!!
  3. Thank you @themarchioness and @DontEatMyKimchi for the translation .... no wonder he got angry and walk off.. hahahahahhaha He easily got jealous, easily angry.... so cute!!!!
  4. The more i watch the more i richard simmons off with Kang Mi Rin's husband and her mother in law... Mi Rin should walk out from the house and bring Da Bin along.. leave the husband alone and makes him have a horrible life.. he should be lucky to have such a wonderful family whereby the mother in law is kind enough to take care of him and the house chores... As for the chairman.. if he hates In Sook so much, he should not make her as CEO in the first place. Looks like next week's episode, Mi Ri is resigning and leaving the company. I think she found out who is Han Tae Joo ....
  5. @RPM nono.. it looks story seems to touch my heart.. i will end up crying it... and there is the part (mention on the trailer) .. the girl unable to follow him to go overseas .. they break up (i think).. that part is hurt.. therefore i will cry again.. gosh.. i am such a cry baby...
  6. I am watching this!! got to prepare tissue as i think i will end up crying ..... hahahahhahahahaha
  7. This week is until episode 12??? when is episode 13 gonna release??? next week???? i thought they release on Wednesday and Thursday?
  8. i watched ep 1 last night and ends ep 12 today.. i got hooked up after ep 1 ... this drama is soooo nice... now i am dying for ep 13 !!!! lol .. can't wait to see how he confess it!
  9. Hi Today i receive notification that i earn trophies and i was wondering what are this trophies about???
  10. So the drama ends .. there won't be another ending right??? B'cos i heard that they will release another version of ending.... will they??? ------------------------------------------ i rewatch again ep 49 - 52.. i agree with most of you... if LCY able to just let XF go and give her some time .. she won't kill herself for her people and for him.. so now, no matter how much he waited.. XF no longer come back.. but will meet him in after life.. this is sad... Listening to LIttle Fox sing by Ye Li (The ost).. now i get the whole meaning of this song
  11. Finally done watching the ending .. i cried .. Thanks to PXR and CXX for making me cry... Even though the ending is not what i want .. (i want LCY to live alone in a miserable life) but the ending ends it well.. I am disappointed with Ah Do's death. I thought she died as a shield to protect XF from failing... again, they change it... The part where she ask him whether he still remember the 3 wishes that he needs to fulfill, 1. Asking for 100 fireflies, 2. Chongyuan unable to step in Xiyuan 3. Promise me, you got to live well ... i bust in tears.. gosh.. I will rewatch this series again... b'cos it is worth to watch it. it is my first time watching CXX's drama, he is such a good actor that able to seduce me. He makes me hate him so much till i fall for him that much as well.. hahahahahha.. not bad huh? PS: Anyone has his weibo id? As for PXR, my first time watching her drama as well... she is so adorable where her eyes able to tells us how much she loves and hate LCY.. i like her bubble character as she is soo cute.. PS: Anyone has her weibo id? Hope to see more dramas from both of them.
  12. you are not alone @HuanHuan Dong .. most of us here do hate him but do love him at the same time.... hhahahahhahaha I found this fan made about Ah Du and Xiao Feng's Sisterhood
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