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  1. OMG! I didn't know this drama really exist ... i tot it is just rumors and fanfic ... lol... can't wait for it to air ^^
  2. Ep 15 & Ep 16 has taken my heart away!!!! lol ....... he directly kissed her and keep on kiss her !! gosh!!! looks like more cheesy and kissing scene about to comes !!! gosh.. my heart dunno able to take it or not ... hahahahahahhahaha.. He really stick with her like a glue... hahahhahahahha "Even though i dunno how to say but i know how to do it" OMG...
  3. hahahahhaa Guess what, my mom has been cursing ever since she watched ep 1 .. she curse on the step mother of Ju Xiang ... then curse on the sister in law... now Yue Niang's turn... she curse again... she curse on the step grandmother, step aunties, and step elder sister... gosh.. every episode she will definitely pissed and curse them...lol.. and yet she still watch them all..... hahahhahahahhaha Last night episode where Yue Niang fall on the well, she was sooooo pissed that she scold at Ah Tao... why she didn't open the well's cover? i watched my mom react and wanted to laugh.. isn't my mom cute? hahahahahhahahhahahahhaha She watched before the drama 12 years ago and yet she still pissed even though she know the story ... her cursing on those evil ppl is like never ending... oh my god! hahahahahhaahha.. tonight another 2 episode.. hope she won't throw her tablet onto the floor... hahahahahhaha
  4. thank you @nonski and @Table122000 ... i found him in Douyin (China Tiktok) .. he really look different person ... miehahahahahhaha.. he has lots of funny vid in douyin
  5. This story has two generation's story... continue to watch it.. prepare tissue!
  6. i watch ep 1 and got hook up! The ML is damn good looking! is he a new artist? can't wait for ep 9 !!!!
  7. i am a huge fans of this origin drama (Mediacorp) as it is shot in Penang Peranakan as one of the location that time.. now the remake makes me super happy as i able to watch it again .. it is released in IQIYI with subs!!!!! But i am sad.. they didn't use the exact dialect of Baba Nyonya for greetings but they maintain the Culture.. i wonder whether did they really comes to Malacca, Penang and Singapore to shoot it or they use studio? Anyone knows? Last Sunday, a website sudden release all episode (shock me!) .. and i manage to catch the last episode of this remake raw... lol.. conclusion, the director and the writer did a good job on the ending still makes me sad as they didn't use the dialect!
  8. The trailer seems good! I am on high hope on this drama since i am a huge fans of FL ^^
  9. i have watch till ep 16 .. seriously i like it.. can't wait for the next episode
  10. At least you watch it in 2 days.. we face horrible life when we are streaming it live ... has to wait for the next week for the next 2 or 4 episode to air.... lol ... I am glad that you like it......
  11. I saw him in fake princess i found him abit cold character... but here... he got me hooked up in episode 1 and especially the female lead... she is cute, stunning (when her split character) and funny ^^... I am currently in ep 8 now.. and i still like it so far ^^
  12. i hope Season 3 is as good as Season 1 as Season 2 i am abit disappointed..... Can't wait for this to air... i really ship this couple! lol
  13. I have done watching till ep 8 ... I love it!!! Li Hong Yi swoon my heart!! His hair... omo... love it... his chinese with his strong dialect.. omo .. i like it too... oh man! there is nothing i don't like about him... hahahahahahahahha Although again, the female lead is older than our male lead... but i still like the story.. it is easy to adapt.. don't have much complicated story so far... Guess what, Li Hong Yi sing the OST!! damn!!! i love it ... his voice!!! really melt me... hahahahahahahahahha.. he is only 21 years old ady know how to steal my (Aunty) heart away.... lol Lastly, i have decided to put Li Hong Yi in my fish tank
  14. i am a huge fans of Li Hong Yi.. as he is damn pretty!!!!! lol.. can't wait for this drama to air !!!!!
  15. last night was disaster for me as I watch from ep 19 till 30 !!!! I was soo pissed in ep 24 .. Anna makes me wanna slap her... while ep 25 i cried alot.. it is too hurt.... gosh.. i got to wait for next week for ep 31???? really???