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December 18, 2015


TOP 10 Best Scene Stealer in Korean Films 2015

1. Veteran - Ma Dong Seok
2. Assassination - Jo Seung Woo
3. Inside Men - Jo Woo Jin
4. The Priests - Park So Dam
5. The Treacherous - Lee Yoo Young
6. Twenty - Park Hyuk Kwon
7. The Chronicles of Evil - Park Seo Joon
8. Gangnam 1970 - Kim Seolhyun

9. The Tiger - Sung Yu Bin :star:


10. The Beauty Inside - Lee Dong Hwi


Source : https://rayspace.tistory.com/627


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August 22, 2019


Sung Yu Bin joined "Air Kiss" campaign after actress Kim Yeo Jin invited him. Next, Sung Yu Bin invited actor Yoon Chan Young to continue. "Are You Okay?" - "Air Kiss" campaign was created by Korea Suicide Prevention Center.





Woah! I didn't know that Yu Bin can play the drums :o:thumbsup:


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Sung Yu Bin is nominated for Best New Actor at the 2019 Buil Film Awards.


LAST CHILD got 4 nominations for Best Supporting Actor (Choi Moo Sung), Best New Director (Shin Dong Seok), Best New Actor (Sung Yu Bin), and Best Screenplay (Shin Dong Seok). The awards ceremony will be held on October 4th in Busan.


Source BuilFilm




'The Battle: Roar to Victory' surpassed the break-even point within 19 days. The break-even point for 'The Battle: Roar to Victory' was 4.5 million admissions. Chukkae.... :blush:  (Source Naver)

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January 8, 2019


Sung Yu Bin won an award at the 2018 Olleh TV Movie of the Year. "Small But Great Actor Award" is an award for actors that stole the audience's attention with great acting on the screen in 2018.



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August 26, 2019


From Lee Jae In instagram. Caption:


Shooting location taken with film camera !!!
Actress Yuhwa and Actor Yubin !!
Photos taken by Yubin @binibinbiririn !!
Photos came out really well !! #The Battle: Roar to Victory





From another Yubin instagram. Looks like Yubin made another instagram account for photography?? :o



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August 31, 2019


From Lee Jae In's recent interview (only SYB part)




Q : How was it on the set. What was it like working with Yoo Hae Jin, Ryu Jun Yeol?
A : When I was filming, I mostly worked with Sung Yu-bin, Choi Yu-hwa, and Kotaro Daigo. I can't say Sung Yu-bin oppa is my peers but I was happy because it's the first time shooting with him.  ......................


Q : It was impressive that Choon-hee (Lee Jae In) sat in the valley and shared water with Gae Ddong-yi (Sung Yu Bin) and Yukio (Kotaro Daigo).
A : The scene of drinking water in the valley was the first shot. The relationship was awkward with each other, but that part was actually look good. (laughs) There was a Japanese interpreter at the scene, I also learned to communicate in Japanese, Sung Yu-bin spoke Japanese well, and three of us became friends. After that, we went to the arcade together. (laughs)


Source http://star.mt.co.kr/stview.php?no=2019083013565915582


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Moonlit Winter First Poster :heart:




Korean film Moonlit Winter will close the 24th Busan International Film Festival



  • Opening and Closing by New Currents Section Directors

The 24th edition starts up with director Yerlan Nurmukhambetov and Lisa Takeba's opening film, The Horse Thieves. Roads of Time. Nurmukhambetov was the recipient of the New Currents Awards at the 20th Busan International Film Festival for Walnut Tree. Director Lim Daehyung, an awardee of the NETPAC Award of New Currents section for Merry Christmas Mr. Mo, will provide the finale with the closing film Moonlit Winter. This is the first time both directors from the New Currents section have been selected for the opening and closing films, which is one of the greatest achievements in the discovery of new Asian talent by the Busan International Film Festival. In particular, Moonlit Winter started as an independent project that was later adapted into a film using support from the Production Support Fund of the Asian Cinema Fund (ACF).


Source BIFF



  • Program note

In winter, a mother and her daughter live together alone. The daughter, a high school student, accidentally reads a letter to her mother and finds out the secret her mother has been hiding all her life. So the beautiful journey of the mother and the daughter begins. In Otaru, a quiet village with white snow, the mother and the daughter take the path of reconciliation, while building up exciting memories. The mother’s unfulfilled past love and the daughter’s new love are lying there. (I think word with the bold line is Sung Yu Bin part) :wub: And there is someone who greets them. That mournful ’someone’ who has lost her father and is living with her aunt is the secret character who will revitalize the life of the mother and the daughter. Moonlit Winter is the second feature film of the talented director, LIM Daehyung in his previous film, Merry Christmas, Mr. Mo. Just as he dealt with the issue of death in his previous flm with a humorous yet sorrowful atmosphere, the director also expresses the loss and restoration of love in a simple, loving and warm manner again. Remarkable acting by actors who are old and new or at home and abroad, and the exotic atmosphere of the landscape, all of these are in harmony, encouraging the movie’s attraction and gentleness. It was selected by the Busan International Film Festival 2018 Fund for the feature film production support.


Source : BIFF


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The upcoming film Not the Lips just finished filming today in Vilnius, Lithuania.

It seems that only Ryu Seung Ryong and Mu Jin Sung from Not the Lips cast who went to Vilnius for filming.
Sung Yu Bin, Oh Na Ra, Kim Hee Won, and the other cast had already finished filming all of their scenes in Korea.


Ryu Seung Ryong shared a group photo. He also tagged Sung Yu Bin and Oh Na Ra.

Wrap up party of Not the Lips will be held on Mon September 16th.




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August 30, 2018


Movie Review : LAST CHILD by Darcy Paquet


(Warning : Contain Spoilers)


As Last Child opens, married couple Sung-chul and Mi-sook are lost in grief. Six months earlier, their only son died while jumping into a river trying to save a friend. The boy has been posthumously recognized as a hero, and his parents have decided to establish a scholarship in his name. But the emptiness left in his wake overwhelms them.


One day Sung-chul starts to ask after Gil-hyun, the boy who was saved by his son. (The Korean title of this film can be translated as, "The boy who was left alive".) Gil-hyun has apparently dropped out of high school and vanished. But Sung-chul manages to track him down at a restaurant where he works making deliveries. Their conversation is almost unbearably awkward. Gil-hyun can hardly even look into the eyes of the father whose son died on his behalf. But we also see that Gil-hyun is desperate and completely alone in the world, living without his parents, with only a minimum-wage job to support himself. Sung-chul gives him his phone number and tells him to call if he ever needs help, though the boy just looks anxious to get away.


Some days later, however, Sung-chul's phone rings in the middle of the night. Gil-hyun is at the police station, accused by his boss of stealing the restaurant's motorbike. He insists he is innocent. Sung-chul pays for the bike and buys the boy some dinner, then on impulse - or perhaps this was already running through his mind? - he offers Gil-hyun a job at his small interior decorating company. The next day, without telling his wife, he starts teaching Gil-hyun how to apply wallpaper.




Last Child is a film you watch with your heart in your mouth, pretty much all the way through. The three protagonists are all fragile and hurting in different ways, each of them driven forward by an unbearable pain and emptiness inside them. The question is, will being in each other's presence help them to heal, or will it only intensify the pain?


Director Shin Dong-seok has rightly received a lot of attention for this, his debut feature, which premiered at the 2017 Busan International Film Festival. His directorial style is never flashy, and never distracts from the narrative, but he knows how to propel the story forward and maintain tension between the characters. The final scene seems to divide viewers, with some calling it the perfect ending, and others considering it the movie's biggest weak point (I am, I have to say, in the latter category). But even those who dislike the ending have voiced praise for the work overall.


Choi Moo-seong, who plays the father Sung-chul, has appeared in close to 30 films since making his debut in 2005, but this is a rare case where he is given the opportunity to take a leading role. He can be a somewhat intimidating screen presence, but he is also just as effective at showing compassion, and we see both sides of him in this role. Kim Yeo-jin, who plays the mother Mi-sook, first established herself with roles in Girls' Night Out (1998) and Peppermint Candy (1999), and her years of experience translate into an unusually raw and touching performance. But the youngest among the leading actors is no less impressive. Seong Yu-bin, having started his career as a child actor, has a fair amount of acting experience himself, and it's the combination of his vulnerability and our inability to read his thoughts, that most effectively pulls the audience into the film.


In the end, Last Child is not so much about the process of recovering from trauma or family tragedy, as it is a portrayal of how complicated and intense human relationships can be under extreme circumstances. You feel that the director is making a real effort to tell this story in an honest way, and that's what gives the film its considerable impact.



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Congrats to Sung Yu Bin for winning Best New Actor at the 28th Buil Film Awards :love:

It's 6th awards for his role in "Last Child" :thumbsup:







Sung Yu Bin spoke with a trembling voice. After giving credit to his family, staff and colleagues,

He said, "I will continue my acting career with gratitude."




'Buil Film Awards' Sung Yu Bin, Jeon Yeo Bin Awarded Best New Actor/Actress of the Year





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Winners Of 28th Buil Film Awards

Oct 4, 2019 / by C. Hong


On October 4, the 28th annual Buil Film Awards took place at the Dream Theater in Busan.


The Buil Film Awards are hosted by the newspaper Busan Ilbo and take place every year during the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF).


“Parasite,” which became the first Korean film to win a Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, was the biggest winner of the night with six awards.


A representative from the film’s production company gave a speech and said, “Director Bong Joon Ho and actor Song Kang Ho are currently in the United States, preparing for the film’s premiere there. We will think of this award (‘Best Film’) as being given to the hundreds of people who worked on this movie. I hope that they are happy and we want to say thank you on their behalf.”


Check out the list of winners below!


Best Film: “Parasite”

Best Director: Kim Tae Gyun (“Dark Figure of Crime”)

Best Leading Actor: Ki Joo Bong (“Hotel by the River”)

Best Leading Actress: Jeon Do Yeon (“Birthday”)

Best Supporting Actor: Park Myung Hoon (“Parasite”)

Best Supporting Actress: Lee Jung Eun (“Parasite”)

Best New Actor: Sung Yoo Bin (“Last Child”)

Best New Actress: Jeon Yeo Bin (“After My Death”)

Popular Star Award: EXO’s D.O. (Do Kyung Soo) (“Swing Kids”) and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA (E.X.I.T)

Yu Hyun Mok Film Arts Award: Jung Sung Il

Best New Director: Kim Eui Suk (“After My Death”)

Best Screenplay: Bong Joon Ho, Han Jin Won (“Parasite”)

Best Cinematography: Hong Kyung Pyo (“Parasite”)

Best Music: Jung Jae Il (“Parasite”)

Best Art Direction: Park Il Hyun (“Swing Kids”)


Congratulations to the winners!


Source (1) / Soompi


Photo Credit: Busan

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