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Sung Yoo Bin 성유빈


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October 4, 2019


From Yoona Fancam. Thank you :)



We can see from the first minute, Yu Bin had a chat with his "mom" (Jeon Do Yeon). :D

Sung Yu Bin and Jeon Do Yeon worked together in film "Memories of the Sword," tvN drama "The Good Wife," and film "Birthday."


At minutes 2:00, Yoona's flower fell on the floor and Yu Bin helped her. :)

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Cute Captions :mrgreen:



Viewers are more excited~, Kim So Hye - Sung Yu Bin, shy age to hold hands~



Holding hands in a tenderly way~




Hand shy of Sohye nuna who is 1 year older






Shy man Sung Yu Bin who is 19 year-old






Director Lim Dae Hyung - Kim Hee Ae - Yuko Nakamura, viewers are more excited~




Link arms are pounding~




Holding hands



Why is it so difficult~




Fresh 20s, people who see are more excited






Here's the Video :mrgreen:




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2019.10.11 Moonlit Winter Press Conference Q&A (only SYB part)




Q1. Please give a brief greeting and introduction.


SYB : It's early, but I'm also nervous that many of you (reporters) are here, thank you. When I first saw you, I felt calm and good. I don't know how you see it. Thank you so much for coming.


Q4. What do two young actors (Sung Yu Bin & Kim So Hye) usually think about love?


SYB : I think the first thing I saw after reading the script was a flutter and love. I don't know what peers my age think about love, I think I can't put a standard because any kind of love is different for each individual. It's a beautiful movie. I think there's nothing different from Kyung-soo and Sae-bom couple. I just think love is a beautiful thing.


Q10. I wonder what they (Sung Yu Bin & Kim So Hye) were like to each other on the set.


KSH : Sung Yu Bin is younger than me, but he looks mature and made me comfortable like an older brother, I think I learned a lot because he has a lot more experience than me. I played a lot of pranks during filming, so I felt comfortable. It was really fun.


SYB : I remember when we first met. Nuna and I didn't know each other, I was wondering if I could be close to her. Even though I didn't know her, I seemed to be able to get close quickly because nuna made me comfortable. Nuna felt comfortable and I continued to be comfortable too. Even when I was acting on the set, I felt comfortable, I think I had a lot to learn. Kim Hee Ae sunbaenim was very nice too, I felt comfortable because she was like my mother.



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2019.10.24  Moonlit Winter's filmmaker shared a photo from filming in Otaru, Japan. (Source)







2019.03.06  Sung Yubin at wrap-up party of Moonlit Winter. (Source)







2019.10.21  From Kim So Hye's IG Update



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