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Comments about Sung Yubin's acting in Moonlit Winter :


As usual, Sung Yu-bin keeps his position faithfully, not too much or too little. (Kim Hyun Min - Film Journalist, Writer)


Sung Yu-bin who has already been recognized for his acting ability in Chungmuro, breaks down into Sae-bom's boyfriend (Kyung-soo), adds strength to his pure charm. (MK, Reporter Han Hyun Jung)

The characters in the movie didn't have so many lines. In this work, which is mostly told through props such as actions and smoking, so that subtle facial expressions, actions, and acting ability to show emotions well in cold conditions are important. In this matter, not only Yoon-hee (Kim Hee Ae) and Sae-bom (Kim So Hye), but Kyung-soo (Sung Yu Bin) and Jun (Yuko Nakamura) were also excellent. (MHNS, Reporter Lee Sol)

Sung Yu-bin, who kept his place and gave me soft feelings in the film, was also great. (Blogger)


The pure and clear acting of Kim So-hye and Sung Yu-bin became another axis that led the film. A warm and pleasant smile was made all the time. After the movie, I was so curious about the story of Sae-bom and Kyung-soo as well as Yoon-hee. I thought it was such a good acting. They are actors that seems to be remembered for a long time. (Greentea, Kakao Brunch Writer)


Although it was set as a character who lives in peace without any worries, Sung Yu-bin's acting as Kyung-soo who active and devote all his care to help his girlfriend, Sae-bom was also good. I belatedly realized that he was an actor with a voice that make people listen carefully. (Nocutnews, Reporter Kim Soo Jung)


Comment about Kyung Soo character in Moonlit Winter :

Against this deep theme, I thought that the character of Kyung-soo would be sad. Although the character seems to be intended to help the exploration of Sae-bom's love, and to express love that extends to himself, his family, and others (exactly friends and opposite sex), it was actually a character that shows the strength and character of love. (MHNS, Reporter Lee Sol)





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Cheer On Students Taking The College Entrance Exam :star:






It seemed like Kim Sae Ron went to "Moonlit Winter" VIP premiere yesterday.

I think she came to support Yu Bin (they're friends) as well as Kim Hee Ae (Sae Ron's senior labelmate).


From Kim Sae Ron's IG Story Update.



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From Choi's IG Story Update. (191115)







Sung Yu Bin with a cat doll. A gift from fans :love:





Nice to meet you, Kim Hee Ae nim, Sung Yu Bin, Kim So Hye, and Director Lim Dae Hyung, the stage greetings was so good.
Especially Sung Yu-bin who has been acting since movie Punch as a child actor.. thank you for the pictures..
I hope you'll be victorious as a lead actor in the future... wish


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November 19, 2019



<< Sung Yu Bin, Jang Yoon Ju, Jeon So Nee >>


Sung Yu Bin will appear on JTBC's program called “방구석1열,” where people who love film gather in one room to talk about film and the humanities. (방구석1열)


This time, the program will talk about independent films.


Special of Independent Films Part 1! "Maggie" and "House of Hummingbird."
Lee Joo Young, director Lee Ok Seop (Maggie) and Kim Sae Byuk (House of Hummingbird) as guests for this episode. It will air on November 24.


Special of Independent Films Part 2! "Last Child" and "After My Death."
Sung Yu Bin (Last Child) and Jeon So Nee (After My Death) as guests for this episode. It will air on December 1. (?)


Jung Jae Hyung, Jang Yoon Ju, and Jang Sung Kyu as the MCs.


Photo Credit. Jang Yoon Ju

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Sung Yu Bin's IG Update


On November 21, Sung Yu Bin shared photos of him with Kim So Hye and actress Hana Kino from behind the scenes of Moonlit Winter.

#Moonlit Winter  #Kim So Hye  #Hana Kino  #Behind the scenes










Source (1) (2)

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2019.11.22  Sung Yu Bin's IG Update


Choi Yu Hwa (Sung Yu Bin's co-star in "The Battle") wrote in the comments, "Ah I gotta go see Moonlit Winter!"

Sung Yu Bin liked Choi Yu Hwa comment and replied with a thumbs up emoji :thumbsup:



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