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Uhm Tae Goo, Esom, Chun Ho Jin, And Kim Young Min Share Their Thoughts On The End Of âSave Me 2â

Uhm Tae Goo, Esom, Chun Ho Jin, And Kim Young Min Share Their Thoughts On The End Of “Save Me 2”

Jun 27, 2019
by C. Hong

The cast of OCN’s “Save Me 2” recently shared their thoughts and feelings on the drama and its upcoming finale.

“Save Me 2” is the sequel to “Save Me,” which was based on a webtoon series and told the story of a woman trying to get out of a cult religious group. “Save Me 2” follows a similar storyline, about the inhabitants of a small town that is thrown into chaos when a false religious group sets up there.


Uhm Tae Goo plays Kim Min Cheol, a once-promising judo athlete who has been in and out of prison in his life and returns to his hometown to find something strange going on. He said, “Thank you to the director, the screenwriter, and all the cast and crew on set. It was not a short time we spent together, but I’m glad that I was able to work with such amazing people.”

He added, “More than anything else, I also want to sincerely thank all the viewers of ‘Save Me 2,’ who cheered Kim Min Cheol on.”

Chun Ho Jin plays Choi Kyung Suk, a stranger who comes to the village to set up a religious organization. He said, “So the day to bid farewell to ‘Save Me 2’ has already come. I’m glad to have made such an amazing project with amazing people. I hope that all the members of the cast and crew will stay healthy. Thank you to the viewers who stuck with ‘Save Me 2’ until the end.”

Esom plays Kim Young Sun, the younger sister of Kim Min Cheol. Because she has a bleak outlook on the future, she is easily approached by the pastor Sung Cheol Woo (Kim Young Min). She said, “Thank you to the cast, from whom I had a lot to learn, and the director, writer, and crew, who worked hard to perfect each scene. ‘Save Me 2’ was my first genre production and it was an honor to have worked with such great people. I am also grateful from the bottom of my heart to the viewers who loved ‘Save Me 2.’ Please keep watching until the very end.”

Kim Young Min plays Sung Cheol Woo, an ambitious pastor who undergoes a dynamic change. He said, “Thank you to the viewers who showed their love and support for ‘Save Me 2.’ It was a big support to us on set. I hope that the days will go by quickly until I can meet you all again. Please tune in to OCN dramas in the future.” Cr soompi

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Thank you @0ly40 for sharing the article: i love this cast!:heart:


It was a tough ride for the characters and for us viewers but it was so well done!

Episodes 1 to 4 felt like an introduction but from ep 4 to ep15, there wasn't a weak point. Everything flowed perfectly: the writing, the directing and the acting were cohesive and steadily good to tell this straight story of human monsters,  scary on horror scale.


Ep 16 was more an afterword: the biggest part of the plot were already covered,  it dealt mostly with the consequences of the revelation of the scam: the destruction of the lives of the villagers. Few characters, the youngest managed to get their lives back on track while the elders collapsed completely   

I like the few time jumps because chaos was everywhere, I didn't know anymore for who to cry and became just cold but wasn't ready to move on before we see the characters after their separation. That's the moment i was resigned to the fact they wanted to hide and that the writer have said everything that could be said about them.


Min Cheol and Young Sun were deeply scarred but they found each other in a very sweet way.        

I loved how he totally took on his role as the head of family and made up for his old ways. His arc was really worth the wait. I hope to see Uhm Tae Goo in other roles.


There's so much to say about  how corruption ate inside this little community but i think the drama spoke for itself. 

I'm just  grateful that there's place on South Korean TV for this kind of deep social drama.

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