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  1. I've seen people complaining about this season being not up to par with season 1. The absense of handsome oppas is not helping as well. However, I'm completely swept away by the cast's performance. From the main characters to the chicken that one of the villagers wanted to boil. Min Cheol as one of the main character is very refreshing as I love the little details that he adds to his performance. Like the way he calls Eun Ah's name when she tries to chase him away from the bar. Also, the scene that stood out to me is when Min Cheol slaps his own face and asks his sister to hit him, just like how their father asked to be hit too in the past. Yeong Sun appeared deeply shaken by the fact that Min Cheol has taken after their father. Chairman Ko and fam are definitely shady. I enjoyed watching the last scene. We get to see how Elder Choi take advantage of the Pastor's ambition to manipulate him into thinking he has healing powers.
  2. Hi, I am new here. Am I the only one who feel like ep 13 is anti climatic. It's like they bring the water to a boil and then just dumped a bucket of ice cubes into it. One more thing, anybody here knows what is Han Jonggu's status. They talked about him several times in Ep 13. If they keep him alive then there must be a reason for it. I pity him in an odd, twisted kinda way.
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