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  1. Everything is great about this drama, the only complaint I have is the antagonist's story...I don't think they show enough of his character for me to realize his true motive. His side story is kinda confusing to me and sometimes appear out of nowhere just to show that he's up to no good, same goes with the nurse that works with him.
  2. Ahhhh what is going to happen next week!!??? I am worried about the outcome of this seeing the preview. Their spouses are now really getting on my nerves, they clearly said they want a divorce and want to leave but those two just won't let it be. What is the point of keeping them, is divorce such a big embarrassment that she rather die??? And there is no way that she is pregnant. JW needs to stop letting her step all over him and make decisions for him. But at this rate, he will probably believe her and go back to being a dull husband, I just want to slap him sometimes for being so nice! Poor JE, I really don't want to see her devastated.
  3. I don't think married couple would know from the get go how their married life would be like. Some couples can grow apart or just not sexually compatible once they wed. People grow and love will change, the spark will no longer be the same if both sides don't work on it. JE is a very simple girl, I think traditional and complacent as well so meeting JW really lure her into the path that she would never dare to walk on. Without him, she will just live her life as an unhappy housewife until her husband does something about it, but now it's too late. As for JW, he might have married his wife out of pity and he seems pretty indecisive as well, his character let the situation/environment take control of him. But with JE, she brought out the more assertive him. These two characters are really meant to be together, it's just at the wrong place and the wrong time right now.
  4. Loved the episodes this week as heartbreaking as it is. The crying scenes esp between JE & her husband was done really well, you can feel her pain when she said she loves another man. And JW's wife - what is up with the threat??? If something is not yours just let it go my gosh, it's not love even if you trap him by your side. I wish JW would be more aggressive with her and fight back and not let her have her way all the time. She's spoiled to the core. One loophole I noticed is that, why did he post public pictures of JE's back on his Facebook??? And why isn't he friends with his wife on Facebook, their relationship is just so strange to me. I guess it's a good thing everything is out in the open now so they can figure out the next step, I am still hoping for that happy ending for these star-crossed lovers.
  5. That hand holding scene wahhh so gutsy! If the husband or wife turns around, they're done!!! I can't wait to see the events unfold next week and crossing my fingers for a happy ending!
  6. Just want to drop by and say this is actually the first doctor/hospital drama that I really really enjoy. The cast is superb and the storyline is very engaging, it's hard for me to look away. Also the OST and background music is the best I've heard this year from all the dramas I've seen.
  7. I definitely think YJW's wife is having an affair on the side. Her character seems very conflicting and hypocritical. Remember how she said "oh am I the only one without a boyfriend??" - it might be a joke but who knows. She might have gone out and find one that is why she started suspecting her husband of having an affair. You only starts to suspect others of the same crime you commit because you feel guilty of yourself. Is her storyline the same in the Japanese version as well? Somebody fill me in!
  8. Yes, I noticed that segment as well during their dinner!! His wife clearly saw him as the only option at the time and he was convenient to her, just like what he said about the restaurant that she likes. There are a lot of hidden meaning to the dialogues in this drama - I love it! And CSA definitely got the flu from the artist LOL!
  9. Really like this drama so far, I thought the first 2 eps was way more suspenseful and well executed (better than Watcher) imo. I know SWY is the mastermind behind everything but the top prosecutors is definitely involved as well. It's one big giant corruption, can't wait to LTK turn good and expose him!
  10. Just finished ep 4 and I am rooting for the main couple as wrong as it sounds. To them it's like forbidden love but us as the viewers can see that they're meant to be together, it's just that they met at the wrong time and the wrong place. The bird that flew away to me is a metaphor that SJE should fly away and find her happiness too instead of being trapped in a loveless marriage. Her husband is such a d*****, he clearly did not look for the bird and just blamed her for it. As for YJW's relationship with his wife, it seems as though she's from a well off family but he still sent her tuition funds when she was studying in the States? I'm a bit confused on that but they don't seem to be on the same path in life as she is not very supportive of what he loves to do. CSA is a conflicting character, she seems like a strong minded woman but yet succumb to her husband's rules so her outlet is to have affairs but won't leave her husband. I want to know more about her past or what made her the way she is. So far the drama is moving at a good pace, I think the storyline between the two kids is unnecessary. Other than that looking forward to next week!
  11. Love the quietness aura of this drama and I love PHS - she's such a great actress! I hope she release those stupid birds hahaha
  12. I really like the main actor, he was able to portray the bad side and the good side very well. But I definitely can see why this one is not as appealing as the first one as the character development is very skewed and the storyline doesn't flow as well compared to the first one. The cult aspect isn't explored as much since this is all a scam but the acting so far is pretty good from everyone.
  13. I'm currently on episode 4, gotta say it does move at a slower pace than the original Save Me but the storyline is progressively getting interesting, there is something brewing every single episode. They have this constant eerie, calm before the storm atmosphere and it keeps me want to see what happens next. The main character's personality is a bit of a turn off at first but I want to see how he will change once he is faced with a much greater evil. And the senior actor is splendid as a two-face pastor. ps. I like the reference to BTS in ep 4 lol!
  14. I really pray that he will wake up at the end and it will be a happy ending. They're investigating one step at a time but it moves at a great pace, it's just so heartbreaking to see the family like this!
  15. The lead actor here is a lot better at depicting the facial recognition symptoms than that other guy from Rich Man. The chemistry between the leads and storyline flows better as well. The main actress is so cute, she makes a great match with most of her co-stars! It's a predictable plot & cliche secretary theme...so hopefully the two leads will give us something different this time around.
  16. I don't understand why they chose to end the drama in this direction. His motive for killing was not a very strong one and the ending seems a bit forced to me. I actually had to skip the last 6 eps because I had a feeling that it was heading towards a strange path and the actual finale with the lovey dovey and comical parts is not really necessary tbh.
  17. I know this is really random but there was a scene where the empress was cleaning her room with this orange vacuum that I have been seeing in all the recent dramas LOL! If you guys notice every single drama will have a scene of them cleaning their room with that... But if she's an empress why is she cleaning on her own??? haha Anyways - Jang Nara is so great in here esp when she's sad or angry, I didn't see much of her old dramas before but really like her in this one. Can't wait to see more as the story progresses.
  18. This drama moves faster than the wind and I can't wait till next week! There's so many subplots going on right now. I wonder what that nanny is up to and why did the late empress pass away that makes the King so mad thinking of her. And how will CJH and JNR get together in the palace, what about the younger brother of the king? Will the grandma pass away??? What is going to happen!! ahhhhhh
  19. YGS is great and so funny in here! I'm kinda glad that they casted him instead. He looks really young for his age too and match with KYJ so well since they both have baby faces. I can't wait to see their relationship develops!
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