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[Official Thread] Song Wei Long 宋威龙

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Song Wei Long is such a kind soul.  The whole team took an evening walk. They reached a very large, millennium tree with a mini-cave in it's trunk.  For fun, host He Jiong suggested everyone made a wish to it. Maybe their wishes would come true. Here were what they wished for:


Wang Sulong  :  Dear tree cave, i hope one day i can grow to be as tall as Song Wei Long


Peng Peng     :  Dear tree cave, i hope my diet will be successful


Song Wei Long: Dear tree cave, i hope Wang Sulong and Peng Peng's wishes will come true. (Which prompted Wang Sulong to comment you are too kind ~).


** Song Wei Long did not make a wish for himself.  So very Atruistic of him.



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Strong lineup! Ding Yuxi, Song Wei Long, Chen Feiyu to guest on variety show - "Chuang".

Song Yunxia's mood

Release time: 06-02-2020  12:54

This summer’s first draft show, Youth 2 has ended, and many viewers have turned their attention to the still-produced  "Chuang" (Genesis 3). A staff member recently revealed that this year's guest performers will include Ding Yuxi, Chen Feiyu and Song Wei Long.





The editor thinks "Chuang"  should invite anyone who is popular!  It does not matter whether he is an actor or a singer, as long as he can bring attention to the show. In addition, the protagonists are still the players, and the supporting guests are just the icing on the cake.   So, as long as they look good, it doesn’t matter if they sing. However, many netizens are worried that if they go, they will definitely sing and dance. Can their business ability hold on? The editor thinks that a few of them just don't sing or dance.  But their very presence is eye-catching enough !

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Some Interesting Tit-Bits on Song Wei Long's Upcoming Dramas

(Posted on: 2 June 2020)


In drama  "Find Yourself",  Song Wei Long, who plays Yuan Song, attracted many fans with his handsome face and acting skills.  But after watching the drama, I don't understand a bit. Why is it that such an excellent actor did not go "On Fire"?


The most feared factor for an actor who suddenly becomes popular, is the subsequent lack of energy. Of course, the fire that just ignited must be "fueled by fire." Let the fire burns as much as possible.


(1) In A Class Of Her Own

Yun Shang School tells a story about the campus love story in costume. In the play, Song Wei Long



The plot of this drama is brisk, and it is relatively easy to attract fans.

And this drama also compensates for Song Wei Long's inappropriate costume image in "Untouchable Lovers".


In "Untouchable Lovers", Song Wei Long's costume, dubbed voice and stiff facial lines not only did not highlight Song Wei Long's handsome features, but also had a gloomy atmosphere.  This is much improved  in "In A Class Of Her Own".



(2) Go Ahead


The play tells the story of three children in a non-blood related family. The two brothers and a sister support one another and grow up, gradually healing their inner wounds, reconciling themselves with the past and becoming a better person.  The story of this kind of family is difficult to tell, because many do not understand the so-called in-depth discussions.


And Song Wei Long plays the eldest child, Ling Xiao. In this combination of families, the role that Song Wei Long tackles is definitely very challenging.  Because the role of Ling Xiao needs to be very layered, and the handling of many details is required. 


Therefore this drama will really allows Song Wei Long to stretch his acting skills. Everyone is waiting to see.


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Posted on: 5 June 2020

Song Wei Long once again was a guest at Weiya's live room yesterday - 4 June 2020. When I saw the items he sent to Nini, I became a fan.

Everyone is very familiar with Song Wei Long. As a new generation of positive energy, Song Wei Long's every move is a role model for fans. And Song Wei Long really lives up to everyone's expectations, as he guided his fans correctly with his words and deeds. 


No. Wei Ya’s daughter Nini, who was in elementary school, didn’t say anything when she was talking with Song Wei Long. Instead, Song Wei Long kept telling Ni Ni to study hard. This time everyone thinks Song Wei Long is very positive!



Well, Song Wei Long is the idol of Wei Ya's 8 years old daughter. Sure enough, Song Wei Long was indeed a guest in the Weiya live room again yesterday.  But what surprised the editor was that Song Weilong was a little more handsome this time. The editor really thought that Nini had good vision. Having said that, Song Wei Long came to the live broadcast room. Is he working empty-handed this time?


No. Actually he didn't. Song Wei Long was on the phone with Weiya's daughter Nini from the beginning.  They chatted for a while.  Secondly, Song Wei Long gave Nini her favorite duck. At this moment, the editor is really envious of Nini. After all, the gift given by the idol has a very different meaning.


In addition to the duck that Nini likes, Song Wei Long also gave Nini two books! That's right, Song Wei Long took out two mathematics tutorials and said they were for Nini.


Nini shouted over the phone: "I am tired of doing homework every day, and you give me these ?"  Nini's despair can be heard from the voice.  (She was hoping for an Autographed Photograph. But she got the two mathematics tutorials instead. Ha, ha)  


It’s not a secret. It’s difficult to complete one mathematical tutorial, not to mention two. So it seems that Song Wei Long really hopes that Nini can spend a little more time studying, instead of chasing the stars. The editor is really impressed by Song Wei Long’s actions.  After all, he is really using his actions to guide his fans to correct values !


In addition to the Olympiad numeral guide books, Song Wei Long also presented Nini with a special picture book.


This time, Nini receives so many unique small gifts. She really can't spend her mind chasing stars, but can only seriously study at home. After all, many artists in the circle just send autographs or group photos.  But Song Wei Long is very different. Song Wei Long sends practical gifts to guide Nini. To let Nini focus on learning. 


Such a handsome and kind-hearted Song Wei Long. He deserves to be everybody's favourite. That is why I am a fan.  How about you?

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Song Wei Long is so humble:

The fresh and beautiful Yuan Song in  "Find Yourself"  seems to be the warm sun in winter, and it shines in the hearts of many people. Everyone also remembered the actor @宋威龙99 .

As a model, Song Wei Long debuted quite early.  But in the face of the new identity of an "actor", Song Wei Long admitted that he is still a newcomer.
"This road is still very long, and there are still many things that I need to explore." he said.





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** Edited on 25 June 2020:  Song Wei Long has opted out of  Chuang because of his tight schedule


Deal!  The guest list of Chuang 2020’s guest performers is revealed, Ding Yuxi, Song Wei Long and Wang Dazhong

(Posted on: 9 June 2020)


Recently, with the end of Youth 2, most viewers' eyes have turned to the still popular  "Produce 101 China Series".  Chuang 2020 (Genesis 3)  is almost halfway up, and what the audience is most looking forward to,  are the guests who will help the stage this year. A person familiar with the matter revealed that the final confirmation list for the guest performers are Ding Yuxi, Song Wei Long and Wang Dazhong.


The confirmed list is not much different from that of Ding Yuxi, Song Wei Long, and Chen Feiyu. Only one person is wrong. Chen Feiyu is changed to Wang Da Zhong.  The supporting guests every year are very powerful. Once this list comes out, many netizens will have different attitudes towards the guests. Some netizens expressed great expectations that they are all hot actors and can bring excitements to the show.


Some netizens said it was inappropriate and thought that actors should not be invited - not in line with the sing-and-dance show. This lineup also caused a lot of netizens to discuss, around the issue of inappropriateness.


Some netizens express doubts about Song Wei Long's level of singing and dancing. However, since the program team invited him, he must have certain abilities for us to look forward to.


According to the news, Wang Dazhong, Song Wei Long and Ding Yuxi will do the recording on  June 15.  The official announcement will appear soon.

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(Posted on: 11 June 2020)


At his 20th Birthday Bash in March 2019,  Song Wei Long  made a pledge to his Fans :


-  That he will try to go to bed early.

-  That he'll not keep late nights.


(His fans were concerned about his Health.  Remember, he was having Insomnia because of all the "Bashing" he got for "Untouchable Lovers").





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Fans call Song Wei Long in the middle of the night.  He did not change his mobile phone number, saying that some fans are very caring and polite

(Posted on: 17 June 2020)


Many artists are very particular regarding their own privacy issues. As for WeChat and phone numbers, they will not be easily exposed.    They may even move if their residential address is exposed.  Even if the relationship between the fan and the artist is good, it will not involve privacy issues, as it will interfere with the normal life of the artist. There are also a series of behaviors such as chasing cars, all of which are prying eyes on the privacy of artists. To pursue the stars rationally means to pay attention to their work and to stay away from their private life. 




In real life, Song Wei Long is also a relatively simple boy.  He is very accommodating with his fans. 


Song Wei Long revealed in an interview that a fan would just called him to tell him that he is delivering him some bread. He had to explain that he was busy working. Can fans call Song Wei Long directly? He really picked it up, and patiently explained that he is working.  To be honest, this is really an incredible thing. Everyone was surprised. 


And Song Wei Long said relatively calmly, that very often a fan called him in the middle of the night and woke him up. Sometimes the caller didn’t speak.  Just asked me if he was Song Wei Long, and then remained silent. Didn’t want to hang up as well.


This is a bit against the sky? When Song Wei Long was asked why he did not change the number, he said it was troublesome to do so.  As a lot of things are bound to the mobile phone number. Moreover, he said that there are also a lot of fans who are polite. Suffice it to say that there are always idols like Song Wei Long who treats the fans so well.

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How to evaluate Song Wei Long's appearance?

Looking at this excellent head-to-to-body ratio, Dou Xiao is already considered to be a tough and good boyfriend in everyone's mind. However, looking at Song Wei Long, it really looks like someone who came out of the novel.


Regarding this issue, some people will talk about how good Song Wei Long's skin and bones are , but in the case of people in the entertainment industry who generally have good skin and bones, this cannot explain why he looks more amazing than other young hunks . I analyzed two points: ( I’m not a fan, just analyze from an aesthetic point of view, but also a pure personal point of view, do not tear)


The first word is handsome. Song Wei Long's facial features are very mature, and needless to say exquisite (because this is necessary for artists),  so he has the kind of handsomeness that his peers do not have.  It seems to be the kind of very mature and handsome. And we look at the young hunks after Danghong '95, of course they are handsome, but generally there is a kind of creamy gas (feeling some have not grown up), and Song Wei Long has no childishness, more of a mature temperament, which makes him very outstanding.


The second word is delicate . The fine lines. There are also a lot of handsome men in Europe and America, and despite their exquisiteness, most people's lines are relatively rough. And Song Wei Long, which is also a handsome type, has extremely delicate lines. Every corner and every eyebrow is as if it is drawn out with heart. One word can be thought of: clean and neat , even if it is drawn, it is not an exaggeration. Other male stars may also have good facial features, but regardless of whether they are mature or juvenile, they do not have such excellent lines as him.


And he can achieve the coordination of the above two words, which is quite rare. Most people have exquisiteness without maturity, and with maturity there is no exquisite lines, but Song Wei Long can achieve the coordination of the two, which also makes Song Wei Long both strong and youthful. Mature temperament. (God is quite skillful)


Atango was recognized as a great beauty in Hollywood when he was young. His lines are quite delicate compared to most people, but the large pile of facial features allows us to still see the rough feeling of Europeans and Americans.




On Song Wei Long's face, his Handsomeness and Delicate features are quite coordinated, which is very rare.


Song Wei Long is handsome, but delicate is very Asian . I used to think that Europeans and Americans will always have more advantages, because they have deeper eyes and more colorful colors. But now it seems that Asians can beat Europeans and Americans in "lines".



Song Wei Long's height and proportion are also excellent. I think it is really possible for him to become a popular male god like Jincheng Wu Wu Yanzu if his acting skills get better in the future.


In Short:  

In the Men's Department, no one looks more juvenile than him.  In the Juniors' Department, no one is more masculine than him.  "The Man Among The Boys", is the best description of his temperament.  And also the label of his Face Value. 


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Song Wei Long took the cover for Ellemen New Youth Fall Issue.  By Burberry of course
(Posted on: 17 June 2020)
"Five years since debut, I’ve felt satisfied but also conflicted and lost. I've led myself in the opposite direction countless times.  But through this, I gain real balance and growth"


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