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[Official Thread] Song Wei Long 宋威龙

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The TV series "In A Class Of Her Own" starring Ju Jingyi, Song Wei Long, Bi Wenju and  Wang Ruichang experienced three changes to it's Chinese name: 


1)  At first it was called:  "Cloud School"

2)  Next it was renamed:  "Cloud Love Song"


3)  Now it has just been changed again to :  "PRETTY SCHOLAR".  The drama will be launched on iQiyi.  Is this an indication that it will be screened soon ??  


(Posted on: 17 June 2020)

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Fans have always been curious about Song Wei Long's education.  Did he go to college?  Or did he not?

(Posted on: Wednesday 17 June 2020)


Song Wei Long was born  on March 25, 1999 in Dalian, Liaoning  and is an actor and model in Mainland China.


After watching Jet Li's video, 9 years old Song Wei Long insisted on studying Martial Arts at the Henan Shaolin Temple.  He was there for one year. 


On his return, his mother wanted him to have some foundation on cultural studies.  So off he went to  Wen Wu School.  He aspires to be a Physical Education Teacher then. But because of his outstanding physical looks, passers-by would always sneaked up to him, when he was on his way home from school.


A video taken by his friend, attracted the attention of photographers and soon he was on the way to be a model, and then into the entertainment world.



Song Wei Long later graduated from Liaoning Provincial Institute of National Arts.  In 2018, Song Wei Long was only 19 years old, but he shuttled through various studios and participated in various variety activities, making many people think that Song Wei Long did not go to university.  The Liaoning Provincial Institute of National Arts he graduated from belongs to a technical secondary school. Song Wei Long said in 2017 that he gave up the art test . Song Wei Long once said frankly that many things cannot be learned in school, he wants to be aside....."
Perhaps one day, when he is ready, he will return to complete his university studies.   Until then, let us enjoy and support the performance he has put up for us - on the screen
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New Youth | Song Wei Long: Becoming an actor is an adventure  ELLEMEN Rui Shi 2020-06-17 17:21:56

(Posted on 19 June 2020)


(Reading Song Wei Long's reminiscences in this interview, will enable one to understand him better.  Why he seems so "silly and foolish" at times.  He was young and new to the industry - lacks exposure.  Imagine being 16 years old and being thrust into the world of "Stars" when you are not yet a "star" yourself.  Must be "terrifying")



At the age of 16, Song Wei Long signed with a brokerage company.   He admitted that his state of mind for the past two years is very bad. He had insomnia.  Was helpless, anxious, unable to calm his heart, as if pressed by a boulder, out of breath.


But he gradually found his fulcrum in his performance.  He began to like the identity of an actor. He said that he pulled himself with the force of the opposite direction to maintain the balance of the body and the stability of the forward pace.  Whenever he met a favourite character in his works, he felt that he could understand the character better. He was not satisfied with himself.   But every time he make progresses, he feels more at ease.  Every thing has cracks, and light is entering.


The cover characters of "ELLEMEN New Youth" Fall 2020 issue officially released Black and white striped tops, blue long-sleeved shirts and black and white striped shorts are Burberry's very adventurous dreams





If he is caught in long hours of work, Song Wei Long is more likely to be helpless and anxious than angry. Entering a business is an accident, and becoming an actor is an adventure.


"Lucky", Song Wei Long described himself this way. At the beginning, I took some photos and posted them on the Internet. "I got everyone's attention on the Internet, and then the company paid attention to it. It was by accident, I was lucky."


On the afternoon of signing with Huanyu Television, Song Wei Long's parents accompanied him.  "Nothing to talk about, I felt like going out to society, to make some money. I thought it was that simple."




On September 14, 2015, Song Wei Long shared a six-second video on Weibo, and then was somewhat at a loss to write: "I don't know what to say every time I post a selfie." This is the earliest Weibo of Song Wei Long we can see. Today, almost every day, netizens leave a message "Archaeology", "End of Archaeology" and "Completion of Appraisal" below. They leave a message with satisfaction and then leave to confirm Song Wei Long's handsomeness was consistent before and after his debut.


Looking back now, the caper and innocence of Song Wei Long's Weibo in 2015, as well as the accompanying essays that said they didn't know what to say, were honest and transparent. "At the beginning, I just went to work for the sake of my parents and to make money," he said.


The first official duty was to participate in the sixth issue of Hunan Satellite TV's variety show "All Members Accelerating", playing the story character: Wang Xiaojun Wang Xiao. He stretched his neck and looked around, wanting to see what the star on TV looked like, and then was so nervous, he forgot his words. "There is a link where Shen Mengchen asked me for directions. I was a bit nervous and forgot about it at that time, but I still tried hard to remember."


That was the first time Song Wei Long saw a star. "Stars are pretty, but they are not all pretty. They all have some charm."  He is about to become a star, although he doesn't know how to be a star.


In 2016, Song Wei Long became the "Little Brother of Everyday" on the Hunan TV talk show "Everyday Up". "Although I made my debut in 2015, if I asked myself, what do I think is the first step in the entertainment industry? It must have been counted from "Everyday is Up". After all,  I have watched such a famous program since childhood. I know a bunch of good brothers who are fighting, and they are all out now. I said one you must know, Peng Yuchang!"




The 17-year-old Song Wei Long didn't know what he should say on the variety show. He couldn't respond.  How to take the call-taking was a skill.   So he laughed.  Every show was laughing. "Laugh all the time, smile at everyone. Whether you are tired, happy or not. If you can go back in the past, I really want to hug myself who has been laughing."  He said.


Smile with a gentle self-protection shield against others. Song Wei Long often showed shy smiles on the set, disguising his 17-year-old nervousness. "The biggest shortcoming of the first two years was that I was very nervous, I would forget words, and I wouldn’t know what to do. I would just focus on my tensions and paid too much attention to my surroundings. I’m afraid I’m not doing well so that everyone has to repeat it. The feeling is so strong that I am not in the show."


Song Wei Long regarded the movie "Dream Breakers" filmed in July 2016 as his first truly devoted character,  thus discovering the charm of performance. "Very serious, and realising his own shortcomings, he will think about a lot of things in his heart, to change."  He played indifferent in appearance, sensitive and fragile in his heart, lonely and full of innocence.  "When you interprete a person's inner strength or body qualities, they will have a deeper interest in performance."

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A Continuation of Song Wei Long's interview in Ellemen New Youth Fall Issue


(Posted on: 19 June 2020





The brown suit jacket, red long-sleeved shirt, brown sweater and brown suit jacket are all Ermenegildo Zegna color-matching sneakers Salomon XT-6 ADV



My 21st birthday in March this year (2020) was spent at my home in Dalian. My parents made a table dish. "My mother's fried fish is delicious. Any fish can be fried."


"Do you think you need a sense of ceremony for your birthday?"

"Feel like I don't need the ritual. I may just pass by, and I can pass by playing games. Others may forget it if they don't remind me. But if someone gives me a birthday, I feel quite happy."


At his 20th birthday party in 2019, he asked his fans: "What do you like about me besides appearance?" The handsome appearance was given by my father and mother. Song Wei Long had a faint obsession in his heart. He was not willing to be seen only by this point. He hopes that both the audience and the fans will see the inside of him, see his role, and see his progress in performance. Just like the birthday form, he likes the sincere love of family and friends.

"I really like this year's birthday because I received many letters from fans.  These are very valuable gifts.   The people you think are important, also value you." He said.



Below are some of his Fans' responses to his interview:

  • Longlong is a kind, filial, and very handsome big boy. Longlong constantly wants to improve himself in his acting. He walks step by step from his young age. He understands, and experiences everything in life. Watch it with your heart. You can do it, you are great! Super handsome, don't be afraid of anything, do yourself well. Be brave and move forward with the light ahead. May God bless you!

  • judy1 1 day ago

    Song Weilong Come on

  • Long Long must pay attention to rest. Sleeping too late is bad for your health. You are great and will always cheer for you.

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In the first half of 2020, the total number of online broadcasts of star TV dramas with an average of more than 100 million is currently five.


They are:

1) Sun Li Luo Jin's  "We Will Find You A Better Home".

2) Huang Xuan Tong Li Ya's "Perfect Partners".

3) Wang Kai Wang Ou's "Hunting"  

4) Dilireba Huang Jingyu's "Love Designer" and of course 

5) Song Qian and Song Wei Long's   "Find Yourself". 



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(Posted on: Tuesday 23 June 2020)


It is currently reported on the Internet that "In A Class Of Her Own" will be broadcast in early July 2020, as well as Qinghai Satellite TV and Henan Satellite TV on summer broadcast.  If it really starts in early July, fans will soon be able to see "In A Class Of Her Own", starring  Song Wei Long and Ju Jingyi, as well as look forward to what kind of fireworks the two will have!


The "beautiful" in the Chinese title: "Pretty Scholars" not only means that the scholars are worth playing, but also represents the young people's mental state, full of vitality, courage and inspiration, wanton life, and beautiful life. The play shows the story of the growth of a beautiful teenager in costumes from a unique perspective and in a creative way. In the storyline, there are laughs, tears, laughter, and sadness. The play is currently a rare record of the growth of young people on the campus of Gufeng. It has both intimate friendship and the love of the loved ones, and it also appreciates the hard life of the people, and the responsibility of the four heroes on the cloud. The new story core uses modern elements to perform costume interpretation, forging the "sweet pet" rhythm and "light ancient style" style, interpreting China's broad and profound Confucian ideology and culture, through the characters in the play to carry forward the passionate young people with lofty ambitions, great love and heart for the family and country.  Not afraid of difficulties and to uphold the spirit of justice.  On the whole this is a multi-element emotion, multi-angle story of youth campus inspirational drama.


"In A Class Of Her Own" is produced by Gong Yu.  Wang Xiaohui is the director, Dai Ying is the chief producer, directed by Zhi Lei.  Screenwriter Zhang Yanbin, screenwriter by Wang Xinyi, Hua Sushan and others.   Ju Jingyi, Song Wei Long, Bi Wenjun, Wang Ruichang leading the roles.  Also starring Chen Yilong, Zhu Shengyi, Zhang Xin, Wang Jinsong, Zhang Shuangli, Gong Beiyi, Zhang Haowei, Yu Bo, Wang Ce, Yang Zihua, Wang Haojun and other powerful actors  Very worth looking forward to.


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(Posted on: Sunday 28 June 2020)


Song Wei Long is such a practical and caring person.  He says that he does not insist on ceremonial things, such as "fans waiting for him at the airports".  He has even issued an advice to his fans a few months ago, saying "not to wait for him at the airports, as the Pandemic is still not yet over".


He felt that work is work and life is life.  Fans' lives are important too.





Song Wei Long's ability to bring goods?


"Song Wei Long's current development is actually very good.  A new drama of his will be broadcast soon, capturing many fans after 00. 


In addition to film and television, the company is still taking care of his fashion business and product endorsements.  Song Wei Long is actually quite cheerful in private and is very easy to get along with.  Among the newcomers, he is still very competitive, and the film and television companies will focus on support and some new movie resources. 


But because he threatens the traffic of his same age group peers, his competitors began to circulate articles which ridicule his physical appearance - on a lack of youthfulness and his love history."


Actually he only had 2 Girlfriends so far:

1) His Puppy Love (Classmate) when he was 16 years old.  When Song Wei Long became an Actor, she tried to use him for fame. Eventually left him for another man.

2) The Brief (3 months) Interlude with Actress Lin Yun.  It was Lin Yun who chased after him.


In both cases, he was too Young to know what was happening.



(The entertainment industry is indeed scary.  Funny.  I thought most other "Stars" are even worse -falling in and out of love once too often.)

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(Posted on: Thursday, 2 July 2020)


Congratulations !!  to Song Wei Long and Song Qian.  :rickroll:  :hwaiting2:  


In the first half of 2020, the ratings of the national television network of the TV series are positioned as follows :

1. "Find Yourself"  starring Song Qian Song Wei Long
2. "Perfect Partners" Tong Liya Huang Xuan
3. "We Will Find You A Better Home"  Sun Li Luo Jin
4. "Ming Dynasty" Tang Wei Zhu Yawen

Are you on the TV series? [Shy]
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(Posted on: Friday, 3 July 2020)



Doing Charity On The Quiet :

Song Wei Long together with his fans, quietly make a Art Class Donation to The Fourth Primary School of Changshun County, Guizhou.


So that students can learn more about the art world, cultivate hobbies, enhance their insights and abilities, broaden artistic thinking and let children learn the nutrition of art.

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