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[Official Thread] Arthur Chen FeiYu [陈飞宇]

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Flight from Shanghai, our monochrome boy :rolleyes:. Credit as tagged.










Newest added!




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Adding one more link video
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4 hours ago, epinklyn said:


Yaayyyy!!! No wonder he's been singing it in all the universities & colleges that they have visited! The song  and the music arrangement really suits his vocal character.


4 hours ago, epinklyn said:

Cant wait for this scene LOL



I know why hahahaha! (Psst... me too!)

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Cant believe this kid who speak and sing softly and calm is the same kid who play cruel cold blooded NingQue :sweatingbullets: *standingOvation* for you Arthur!


Btw after couple times re-lisening this song, how come i have a sad feeling? I can picturize the miserable YuHuai that feel guilty for leaving GengGeng without any news :tears:. What about you guys?

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