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  1. Happy birthday Arthur, May all your hopes and dreams come true, we love you so much. Can't wait to see what the future brings! ❤️
  2. LOL... Will believe it when it actually happens... So may baseless rumors, we don't have a trailer yet but there's a premiere date!? Doubtful,
  3. Poor Baby!! Bet he misses the annoying paps as well lol....
  5. The way am so happy about this yes!! No more lipsync thank God! Artistic integrity should be priority!
  6. Girl me too. This project his hella secretive its refreshing but at the same time frustrating lol.....
  7. He looks absolutely incredible❤️. Look at him rubbing shoulders with the elite in the game, you love to see it. 2021 gonna be huge for him.
  8. So used to seeing him in dark, black outfits for a sec there I thought this is was old and didn't like the suit lol... . But then at a closer look it's actually very stylish and I love it, realised that it was a new event he can wear any color ❤️. And absolutely love how all these Dior outfits fit him perfectly y'all don't know how annoying to see ill fitting outfits especially suits, tuxedos, the jacket is too big or the pants are too big smh!
  9. Very handsome baby and Arthur's airport style has been on point so good. ❤️ Can't wait to see him at the Dior fashion event tomorrow for the 2021-2022 winter collection!
  10. Hey ladies, so do y'all remember when Arthur got the "Dior 1 Air Jordans" sneakers/ kicks from Kim jones he even posted them on IG I think, really cool kicks but did y'all know that they cost over 2000 dollars wth????? Lol.. Wow And today at the inauguration event for Joe Biden a relative of kamala Harris nephew in law I think had on these same kicks and he has been trending made me curious to google them and my God they cost 2000-2500 dollars(one of the most expensive sneakers). And soon we will see Arthur put his own graffiti( his abstract art,) on the same shoes hah
  11. The very handsome baby!!!! ❤️ Can't wait to see him, I mean the shots for the ad his been killing it lately. I adore his airport style, so cool, chic and casual awesome really Y'all notice that he has another bodyguard (*I think) lately, the tall dude tho Arthur still a giant lol...
  12. Ok ladies serious question, what's the difference between a brand spokesperson and an ambassador? Also y'all heard of rumours regarding Arthur and Yuan Bingyan filming drama? (saw this on YouTube under a Marcus Simm video hmmm?) so many freaking rumours so annoying smh!
  13. Oh well, gotta have to wait and see. I know Arthur said he has an upcoming project to be filmed soon.... Maybe this month or Feb!
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