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  1. Guys! what happen to the theme of the forum? I do not like the dark screen .
  2. I agreed with you. It is rather unfair for him to loose his job for this incident.
  3. I agreed. The staff tried to do his job in the extreme heat. He is not right to beat that guy. However, what could he do if that guy threw stone at him first. So both are at fault of using violence.
  4. They put some quote from the so call “fans” of CFY. I do not know where they got it from. However, even if those people are his fans, they are only few people and do not represent all of his fans. For example we are also CFY fans and we do not dislike LYX . So, like you said calling his fans to be responsible for someone else posts or calling him to control it is ridiculous. So I suspect that there is someone or group that try to make the issue big in order to preventing HYX from being success.
  5. Not sure! Seem like some of LYX fans accusing CFY fans for dislike LYX and asks CFY to control his fans. They are pointing their fingers to CFY. In the meantime, some of them also bring up “American” thing again. Common! The kids is just 20 years old. Most of his fans incluiding us are much older than him. How can he control us? It is ridiculous. If a certain fan has problems with another fan post on weibo, it that person problem. It has nothing to do with the artist at all. By saying things like the artist has to take responsibility for “fans” action, it is unreasonable. Therefore, I think it is fishy.
  6. I saw on weibo that some of ?LYX fans are not very nice to Arthur. However, I hope that the majority of fans are rational. There seems to be multiple attempts to cause fans of HYX actors/actresses to crash to each other. I read about the green hairpin that Yang Zi and Wu Yi Fan fans crashed with each others. This may be a deliberate attempt to destroy the popularity of a series. So a little crashes between fans of HYX feels fishy. Of course as CFY international fans I have no way to express our opinion, Oh Well!
  7. Guys! I am guilty of watching the unofficial clip from those obsessed fans every day. I notice that our Arthur broight not many Clothes. He has only a gray, 2 black and a white T shirts. So he really need to watch them often. I think that is why he became a representative for OMO Detergent.
  8. @tothestarsIt is probably unrelated to LYX. I read on weibo that he something like a poem related to hard work and qoute from farewell my concubine.
  9. Good news! Arthur,s followers on weibo are now 9 mil! Yesterday, I watch the live broadcast and saw our boy easily fold the T shirt neatly. So he must be familiar with doing laundry. No wonder he is a presenter for OMO. LOL
  10. It has a mistake, as LOA was filmed before I and my mother land . So He played Lu Ping at age of 18 not 20.
  11. I am thinking that many of his fans are also in OUR age group. (You know what I meant. Wink) so they are more restrianed when provoked. Also, in Thailand, he gains many male/wuxia fans from Ever night. So not many of his fans will engage in war between fanclubs. This is a good thing. I think that his fans will accept him any roles with good script and unlikely to demand only a main role. He gains more followers since LOA has been aired. Now he has 8.9 mil followers and growing. Our Flynig Tiger is flying well.
  12. @caranita @tothestars Ok We can call him Flying tiger from now on.LOL His own name Fei Yu has pronunciation similar to Flying Fish, right? I always think about fried fish when I saw MTL translation. Flying Tiger is more firece than “Fried Fish” fow sure.
  13. I saw that he made his online ID for the game as Beijing Chen Fei Hu. So Can we call Flying Tiger as his nick name?
  14. Ladies! I think we are in the same age group. LOL