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  1. Wow! Great pictures and great VDO. I feel that he looks more and more handsome in each magazine shooting! 555
  2. Yeah! I think he will get better and better with a good training in his desired school. I was just in my mama bear mode. LOL If someone be malicious against my kid the way all those people are to him, I will be as angry. The world today is so cruel and people hide behind the keyboard attacking other only because they can do so. I only wish that we all can enjoy the art of filming and acting of all these hard working artists and left out the bitterness in life. The world will be much better if people have compassion toward other in their heart and feel happy when someone else has a good fortune. So I am upset to see such comments that stem from jealously/envious in people heart. I hope that he can remain cool and calm about it.
  3. These people are so lame. They probably are jealous of him having good parent, good education, good looks, good opportunity and so on. They disregard that he also made a lot of effort to become a good actor and so far he has been working very hard. I bet that most of them do not have a very happy life. They just use the internet to express their violence or their dissatisfaction in life by bashing other for no reason. The reason that they are using is so lame too. Poor baby, he has been such an easy target. I think that SYR may have a non-Chinese citizenship too. She has been migrated to Canada right?
  4. His citizenship was a topic that someone used to bash at him unfairly. Well! These people are so narrow minded and are jealous. There are many foreign born / foreign citizen Chinese actors/actress in Chinese entertainment industry and they have to pick the occasion that a child is successfully past his entrance examination to bash him out for this. Grrr...
  5. Congratulations to CFY! He past the entrance examination. Yey!
  6. Yep! That one. I like it.They both look good. They look like ordinary kids in the small town/farm.
  7. Have you seen the leak picture of CFY LHR and CKG in Dunhuang? I really like it. I wonder if we, the international fans will be able to see this film or not.
  8. All the pictures that he posted must be secret code.LOL We have to crack it in order to understand.
  9. I wonder what does he think these pictures represented.
  10. Happy Birthday 19 year-old boy! Wish you happiness and success!
  11. Happy Birthday Chen Fei Yu! Wish you happiness and success in everything you do. I believe you can be a great actor because you works hard for it. I admire you and will always support you. ^^ Enjoy you day with your parent and friends!
  12. Well! Because we are fans of introvert, low key, guy, so we have to rely on other fandoms. LOL I also suspect that his fans including us have tendency of valuing privacy, so we end up have no news.
  13. CFY ‘s birthday is 09/04 right? I wonder if he will still be filming on that day. May be he can celebrate with his parent on the set.
  14. It does not matter. He will be targetted anyway due to being the son of Che Kaige. If the magazine want to shoot him, why not? Out of the 4, he is pretty good at being a model. All of his fashion shoot are beautiful. This title does not have any true meaning anyway.
  15. I love it so much. It was artistically so good. Love everything about it.
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