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  1. Sorry guys! My understanding of Mandarin is probably at level I at most. I saw some google translated one i weibo thiugh.
  2. @phoenix81 Yey! We have more friends. Thank you for sharing those videoes. He was so cute in back to the field. I think he did a great job being a translator. It required a lot of concentration and language skill.
  3. Thank you so much for sharing with us. How was CFY and LHR ‘s acting?
  4. Yey! Feiyu dubbed himself but LHR used the voice actor though. I saw a post from the voice actor n weibo. May be LHR does not have a time to do it himself as he is so busy now shooting aboard.
  5. They are still kids. They may be just closed friends. It is very normal to be strolling together if you meet each other in a foreign country. I am doing the same with my friend, same gender or not. I will even had a good dinner with him/her. If they are dating each other it is also normal. They are at the same age, having similar interest and somewhat similar background. I feel good that they can still be like normal people, going for shopping with friends, dating etc.. It is much better than sacrificing all of your personal life to please (crazy) fans.
  6. Hello! there . Have anyone seen my motherland yet? How was it? Any news/review regrading CFY performance?
  7. Here you go! Credit to original facebook page as tag
  8. LOL! I saw some clip from Happy Camp. He was hit on the head because HDJ slip his hands. His expression was priceless.
  9. Ah! He looks so happy in this clip. I think that being with his dad and his good friend helped him relax.
  10. Well, Think of it as an experience for him. The crazy fans are too much. They do not give the idol any personal space. They also post rude things. I think it is a form of violence. Our societies around the world became so violence. Verbal violence is very easy especially when you are hiding behind the social media. People would say rude and inappropriate things that they will not dare speak to a person face to face. So they will use verbal violence against anything and judge even before getting all informations. If you do not have a thick skin and care too much about opinion of others, you will end up very depressed.
  11. @caranitaGlad to see you back. You are so lucky that you can see his new movie. ^^I really wish to see both him and Liu haoran in that kind of costume. LOL. I saw many snap shots of him at his school. Hopefully, he can enjoy some private and normal student life. Oh! Well..
  12. I started watching Ever nigh again. I ended up watched 8 episodes today. I missed his Ning Que so much! His acting is very good and I can feel like Ning Que from the novel has become alive. Hopefully, Legend of awakening will be aired soon.
  13. @epinklynThank you SO Much for all the photos.He has so many events this week hasn’t he. Love it! Hopefully, he will have a new drama soon.
  14. LOL For his love of shoes, he will protect them at all cost. He can really relate to Ajun in this way. PS I really like his Ajun voice.
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