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  1. Hope that he has a good time doing this new series and it will be aired soon!
  2. I love that he looked so happy, playful and relax during his last trip. Being in the beautiful mountain area may be very good.
  3. Happy Chinese New Year, Xin Nian Kuai Le! Everyone Wish you and our Arthur a great year!
  4. I wonder why there is no official news about his new movie yet?
  5. From what I understand, brand spoke person has more responsibility more than brand ambassador. Not only he represent the brand but he also has a deep understanding about it.Therefore he can speak about the brand and its many products.
  6. I heard about this too but there is no official announcement yet.
  7. There are many haters. He does not have many bad things . So the attacks were all about his family, his nationality, his look, his rich which is ridiculous. I think it stems from jealousy. He sang lives very good on the star night and got hot search. So I suspect that his rivals company tried to discredit him with the new year concert. Lipsync or not he sung well and it is his own voice.
  8. I think that his lips and voice were in sync though and you can here his voice louder when he shouted “L”. But in Hunan concert many artists did lipsync for many years. It may be the normal practice of the channel to assure that everything went smoothly. However, I wonder why he was picked and attacked.
  9. Happy New Year to everyone! Thank you for being here in our little forum about Arthur. This is my safe place reading news about him. I give you all my hug!
  10. https://youtu.be/-AtLXUtwMIY Youtube link for CFY ‘s performance.
  11. Can anyone translating his emoji language to English, please? I cannot understand them.
  12. Ah! Seeing the pictures from ever night. I really miss NQ SS and everyone.
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