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  1. I can't tell you how many times I've watched that clip.
  2. Booo but that's alright, no delays in filming, please! We need that drama asap! I felt bad when I dropped Legend of Awakening, I just couldn't deal with the weak FL and their insipid romance. So I am most definitely eagerly awaiting new material! I totally understand what you mean. The image that came to mind was that very specific scene in MBS where he's with his mom in the tenement and he's on the phone with Geng Geng. Maybe it's because it's Seven Tan in this drama and that connecting it back to MBS for me hehe. My girl friend said to me, SWL is the kind that looks be
  3. Hiiii!!! Our boy will be in it, so absolutely will be checking it out! I'm loving all his recent editorial and cover shoots, he's looking very good these days - especially today's with the pics from Bazaar. I'm hoping we'll have a video like last time he was featured, though unless he's again quoting famous writings, I'm not sure it'll be as amazing as that one was. I still watch it occasionally I'd been lurking and watching kdramas, cdramas this year had been mostly misses for me, but Go Ahead is sooooo good! And while Song Weilong is some amazing eye candy, I can't help but wonde
  4. Forever sad that this scene didn't make it into the film - for the visual and the song!!
  5. Hiiiii!! I've been lurking haha. I agree with you, these actors, the writing, the production - they're all on another level! I love how this drama makes me feel like i'm right there with them - it's not many that accomplish this. I know the drama is getting some criticism about it veering away from the family as the core of the story, but I think it's very much in tune with that Li Dad told ZQ... as you grow older, your family changes, and that's exactly what we're seeing. Also hoping it remains strong for the long-haul, but so far, so great! I love, love, love this so
  6. I am loving this drama beyond words, I'm not even skipping the credits at the start or end because they're so emotional even on their own, but there's something that's niggling at me. As I was watching ep 6 today, it struck me that there isn't a single adult female character with any redeeming qualities (yet.. hope springs eternal). A good female character doesn't negate the importance, the love, and support of the two dads. I'm glad they're representing the two dads as completely capable of raising a loving family - kudos to the production and the censors for gifting us this dynam
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