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  1. What!! Oh my.. I'll have to watch for it! I'd seen a poster for abominable and told my girls if they happen to play the Chinese version at a local theater, I'm there lol. Totally had not expected this movie to be screened outside of China, much less in the states, but money is money Sorry that I've also sort of disappeared, my all-consuming (and off-topic - sorry!!) obsession with Gong Yoo has left me in a kdrama and movie daze (the local CGV cinema has been showing Train to Busan on the big screen and I about died when I found out) and I've been neglecting this wonderful guy here. Can't wait for longer hair and actual screen time with new content! I'm sad that indeed LoA in August was just a rumor/assumption, but it made sense, given the ban. In the meantime, I finally finished Nightfall and it was awesome to read it all the way through with CFY in my mental images, and not he-who-shall-not-be-named. I'll still watch it, especially if they see it through to end and keep some of the amazing fight scenes in it. Fingers crossed!
  2. Agreed, ladies, so many pics! And his hair is looking better, oh yeah!
  3. Full English translation is finally done at webnovel and aggregator sites
  4. Good points I like what I've seen about The Untamed, may check it out! I've been soooo deep in Gong Yoo heaven I haven't paid attention to anything else recently lol. CFY where are you?? Hahaha Thanks for all the pics. I'm surprised the mobs at the airport subsided. He's not even wearing a face mask. This is definitely okay, just surprising.
  5. I vote that he keeps his hat on at all times! he looks quite nice with it. I thought he was there for some ad/promo event, maybe some shoot? Any new news on when LoA may be airing? I know it will not be announced more than a few days in advance, if at all, just curious if you wonderful ladies have come across anything new.
  6. So true, right? I mean already nepotism is evident in more than a few projects, I hope he gets to do more things that are more independent from his family. LoA will be good to watch, I agree, I can't wait either (though just thinking of the weird colors on the costumes and his long hair makes me want to roll my eyes already lol.. Sorry!!) I hope this time at happy camp he comes across more relaxed. It would be good to see that evolution in him soon. It's great that he's a shy guy, but the awkwardness has been a bit painful to watch in happy camp lol.
  7. Looks like a competition? Sounds similar to the singing ones where the contestants get matched up with professional singers as coaches. Curious as to what it'll look like for acting, if that's how this works too.
  8. Okay... That's pretty freaking cool can't wait to see this! Thanks so much for sharing!
  9. New clip from the national day movie! Hilarious tub scene, tho, what's up with that!!? https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4402709002041729
  10. True... This was me for a while, now I have it long but it's always in a ponytail. I'm too lazy for long hair haha
  11. Aww no worries!! My friend digs around on her own as well, if she finds anything I'll let you ladies know
  12. Oh! Post them, I'll get them checked out!
  13. Yes, they only paused for two (painful!) weeks. Webnovel will be done translating it in two days, if nothing else happens. Fingers crossed that the aggregator sites pick it up as quickly as usual! I download the epubs from asianovel to read offline and make annotations.
  14. That'd be great! Put him in long hair again, please! If he's done filming the movies for now, I hope that hair starts to grow out very soon...
  15. I saw that when dw went to the Philippines there was a post on IG I saw that mentioned October of this year. I hadn't heard February but had heard June or July of next year. Either way, we're awaiting eagerly!! Webnovel will be done with translations on Monday, can't wait for that either!!! That makes sense why even that snowman movie would screen in October, since it elevates the beauty of the country. It wasn't making sense to me otherwise. Ahhh it's all propaganda, sadly. Thanks for the link! That's crazy.. I didn't realize historical dramas weren't allowed to advertise at all. Fans do a lot of legwork anyway, and I suppose that even if they were to advertise a premiere date, it's still not firm so why bother, eh?
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