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  1. Exactly! Really!! I didn't know! Yaaaaaay! Thanks for the update!
  2. Here in the west coast (and San Diego) it was close to 2pm, way too early. East coast, where he lived, it would've been 5pm, still too early for such dark skies (here it usually gets that dark around 9pm) so likely still in China and was just a very very late post? It would've been 5am in Beijing, maybe he didn't sleep at all? I'm so out of it when it comes to American actors, I don't even know any of the recently famous ones. I know there's a joke about all of them being named Chris Something lol. And I hate to admit, I know even fewer Asian or Asian-American actors famous in the US.
  3. Probably not.... I don't watch super hero movies normally, so I'm not sure, but I'm selfish, I just want to see him in more stuff haha. It's unlikely he'd get it, I think, and school, and true it's better to go for quality over quantity... I just want to see him acting in English for an extended period of time
  4. Likely they would cast an unknown actor (at least to American audiences, I think, "discover" a new face/name). There was lots of speculation earlier about a couple of well-known actors to audiences here but apparently they're too old. So, fingers crossed!
  5. Speculation that Marvel may be going down the "discovery" route for casting Shang Chi, but confirm that the actor hired for the role will definitely be Chinese. Put out your good vibes into the universe that our guy is both put up for consideration and awarded the role. The call will be for actors in their 20s, but 19 is pretty much that, right? https://mobile.twitter.com/dramapotatoe/status/1150561571082366976 For reference, the comic-con they're alluding to is the San Diego Comic-con, to be held from July 18-21 - this week!
  6. For sure YHY is a big player throughout the 2nd part of the story, and more so towards the end. I've no idea where season 2 will end relative to the novel, but she'll get to see action either way. MSS plays a strong support role in several key turning points. While you don't get to witness her development, I loved reading how powerful she becomes.
  7. It went up on 2 July, hopefully it'll stay up, yeah! I noticed the previous version was taken down, hopefully because of its quality and not because of *ahem* other reasons.
  8. I wouldn't dare.... Hahaha I rely on one Chinese friend to translate short videos and posts for me, but it would've been too much to ask to translate 60 chapters, even though she offered - I don't think she knew what she was offering lol I tried the Yoda version for 20 chapters, it took me these two weeks to get through them. And after starting again with the translations last night, I confirmed indeed I didn't understand most of it lol. I'm so happy I almost did a dance when I saw the new chapters
  9. You're welcome!!! I'm going to watch it again tonight enjoy it!!
  10. Maybe, yeah! It was odd after a year and a half of posting 2 chapters daily. Webnovel was super responsive once the status update request was shared with them via email. Good experience, even if those of us who are addicted to reading the new chapters daily had to go cold turkey for 2 weeks
  11. Translations picked up again after 2 weeks at webnovel and aggregator sites.
  12. Bless you for sharing this!! Him reading poetry in english is music to my ears By the way, was looking for something in YouTube and came across a new version...
  13. I like how he signs them with his initials.
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